The Rest Stop

Written by Arieboy / May 22, 2007



Mel was a young sweet thing of 24 when I met her after many flings of nastiness with Lil. Mel was a short brunette of 5'6? and tiny tits fitting nicely into a B cup, with very firm nipples and one of those real small aureoles surrounding the very girlish nipples. Mel kept her twat shaved meticulously, a very tight twat indeed, not that it had not been used, it was just a naturally nice tight little pussy.

I met Mel who was 17 years my junior at a club where I was hanging out hoping that I might hook up with someone young, innocent, and someone with a hidden penchant for being very kinky. After talking with Mel for about two hours amid the high decibels from the ruckus loud music, I was figuring out that Mel had some very interesting proclivities for sexual exploration. The question was; would this young sweet thing fall for a man my age and succumb to my charms? Before the club closed I had watched Mel dance very erotically with numerous men, many of them black wherein she wasn't holding much back in the jungle moves on the dance floor, this was tipping me off to Mel's lack of prejudice and got me wondering if she had ever had any black Cock.

As the last call came I asked Mel for her number and asked if I might take her out the next night which was a Saturday, Mel obliged by writing her number on a bar napkin and saying, ?You be sure to call me, you owe me a dinner, like you said, if I am worth eating then I am worth feeding as well.? My first thought were to get Mel into a talkative mood and dinner might just be the place to do that accompanied with a few strong drinks. I have to admit, I am the type that goes for two things, the things with a woman that really turn me on, one is waiting for one to come home filled with another man's sperm and the other is taking a woman on journeys where they preform something nasty, taboo, and just gross is the opinions of many of the up tight moralist, stuffed shirts and skirts. I love to see and experience a woman fucking men in situations that are a little precarious to say the least and I like the men to be, well...well, the kind of men that women don't usually fuck, nasty, rather gross men, overweight, slobish. Hell, it's either these kinds of men or black men that are precociously endowed. Long ago I stopped psychoanalyzing myself as to what was such a turn about this, I decided to just enjoy and go with the flow, if I was fortunate enough to have to flow going in my direction.

During dinner, Mel at my encouragement had several drinks along with the feast of many varieties of wild game that was served, from rattlesnake to wild Australian boar. Mel was adequately impressed with my choice of restaurants and my pointing her towards exotic alcoholic beverages. After dinner I took Mel to my apartment and began making out with her, soon I was sucking on her young succulent shaved pussy, fingering it til it swelled as I hit her G-spot and she finally squirted, wow, it was her first time, as exciting for her as it was for me, as it always is when I can get a woman to squirt and soak my bed. Soon, I was fucking that tight pussy and talking my nasty fantasies (my realities as it were) it Mel's ear. Mel was loving my dirty talk about having her fuck large black cocks, fuck strangers in truck stops, and in porn flicks and I was really encouraged when she wanted to fantasize about being 15 and having me pick her up from high school and fuck her in the fantasy, virgin pussy. Mel was indeed nasty enough for me to begin taking this a step further, indeed!

During the following week Mel was over at my place damn near every night fucking my cock all night and making it known she wanted to squirt more and more, Mel was getting hooked on sex with an older experienced man and was ever so happy and excited that I was also very nasty and amenable to any fantasy no matter how bizarre it might sound. On Thursday night I asked Mel if she would like to go out on Friday night and actually do something nasty...I use the word nasty loosely and perhaps a metaphor for my sexual turn on's. Mel indicated that she wanted me to surprise her. I asked Mel if I thought of something real nasty if she would do it or be hesitant or even chicken out? Mel assured me that if I thought it up and I were nearby she would feel safe and would do anything I asked of her, she told me it was my evening to do with her as I pleased and that I would be the boss and director of whatever it was.

All day Friday my cock was pulsating thinking about what I would do with Mel that would be hot enough for her and very hot for me as well. I finally came up with the idea, I would take her to a rest stop I knew to be notorious for just about everything, I knew about it and so did the state police who often patrolled the place looking to catch adults in sexual activities, although they rarely caught anyone unless the parties were just down right Stupid.

After I had decided to go to the rest stop, I called Mel and told her to wear a tight dress and not wear any undergarments for our date, Mel, gasp and told me I must have something really erotic planned, and that she could hardly wait. I picked Mel up around 7 pm just as dusk was falling, we stopped for a bite to eat and a few drinks for her...and I headed for the rest stop of somewhat ill repute. I ask Mel if she wanted to know what I had planned as we drove along the interstate, but she insisted that she wanted it to be a surprise. Oh, it was going to be a surprise alright, but would her bold words of doing whatever I ask fall short of fruition when I got here there and began trolling for nasty men to fuck her young tight twat?

We finally arrived after about an hour of driving and parked. The rest stop was filled with cars, campers and lots of 18 wheelers with their engines running. I parked in a dark secluded spot and began kissing Mel and finger fucking her building her up for squirting. I got on the floor and sucked her clit as my fingers worked her pussy. I was wanting to get her almost there...near orgasm and then stopping so she would be hot enough to go for about anything or anyone I picked out for her to fuck, or better yet, someone she would go up to and ask to fuck her.

Finally around 10:30 I figured it was about time to get started on the nasty quest. I left her in the car to go take a leak, the toilet was per usual, in one stall there was one guy blowing another and sharpie writing on the wall of dated that night of men wanting to fuck a guy's wife or girlfriend with directions to a particular car or truck. When I walked out I motioned for Mel to come over to the adjoining male female toilets. Mel walked over shaking her ass like a prostitute, she was looking so fucking hot as she walked toward me. I told her to stand there with me by the maps and the vending machines and find a man she wanted to fuck, and when he came out of the toilet to go ask him if he'd like to fuck her, and to make sure to tell him that she was not a hooker but a hot wife looking for someone to fuck her as her husband waited in the car for her to finish.

Mel caught on right away and just walked away when a trucker came out of the shitter zipping his fly. Mel went over and spoke with him, he and Mel were just standing there bullshitting and laughing when soon he patted her on the ass and pointed toward his truck. Almost immediately Mel and the probably 6'3? 250 trucker were walking away toward his truck. I watched from the shadows and Mel climbed up into the darkened truck. I went over and positioned myself close to the truck, actually hoping I could hear something, like Mel or the guy making sex and fucking noises, but no such luck. Yet I knew that Mel had climbed up into the sleeper cab and soon the man would be fucking Mel's cunt and dumping a hot load of cum inside her. I was so damn hot just thinking about what he was doing with her in that sleeper cab.

It was close to an hour before Mel emerged from the cab, she looked a mess. She did not know I was watching her as she made her way for my car. On the way I intercepted her and asked her if she had fun. Lil told me that the trucker was very nasty and horny but a pretty good fuck, but more than that she felt so bad?in a good way and she told me she was really hot. I asked her if she had cum, she told me: ?Yeah, I came and came about the whole time he was fucking me, the whole time thinking how hot this would make you, but I was hot too, I love this nasty stuff.? When I got her back to the car I reached beneath her dress and felt her pussy, it was dripping wet with the truckers cum and her juices, fuck as you know feeling the freshly fucked by another man's cock pussy how instantly hot it makes you and how you think you will cum in your pants.

As we sat there me playing with the wet pussy, I asked if she would like to do another guy or just go back to town and fuck all night. Mel replied: ?No, I would like to fuck at least one more nasty man before we drive back, just follow me and I'll get one.? Obviously Mel was really into this, more than I had ever expected. Again I stood in the map and refreshment area as I watched Mel look for another cock to pump her tight pussy. About that time a black man of about 35 was going into the toilet and Mel motioned as if saying, I'm going after him. As the man emerged from the toilet Mel walked up to him and began talking, soon I watched her and the man disappear behind the building, I sneakily followed. There was Mel on her knees before the black man and obviously sucking his cock, but it was much too dark for me to see the size but at the moment that was not important. After a few minutes of sucking him, Mel and he walked towards a newer Lincoln, the two climbed inside, I could see them fairly clearly in the shrouded light. They began kissing and who knows what, yeah, I know he had his hands all over that pussy. Pretty soon, they both got out and go into the back seat. I knew it would not be long before they'd be fucking. I waited about 5 minutes then gently walked by the car, sure as hell, there was a naked black ass pounding Mel's pussy and this time I could hear her moaning and him talking, although I could not make out his words. I decided not to watch as I wanted to just think about what he was doing and how his cock was feeling and as well, how good this was feeling in Mel's already fucked cunt.

Nearly an hour went by before Mel got out of the car. Here came Mel walking toward my car again, she had a big smile on her face and was nearly skipping. When she got to my car, we got in and she told me to feel her cunt this time. I reached down and my God, it was really soaked with her inner thighs also very wet and sticky. Mel asked if I wanted to get into the back seat and eat her, of course I did. As I sucked her freshly fucked pussy, she told me the details of what the men had done with her from the time she had entered their vehicles, including what they had said. After eating her and making her squirt, I could not wait to drive back to the city, I mounted Mel and fucked her wet cunt over and over again, my cock sliding in the tight but very messy Pussy.

Mel and I are going have many fun weekends.
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