Wife's First Black Experience

Written by Buff Naked / Oct 11, 2000



In 1995 my wife Renee and I were on our honeymoon outside of Las Angeles, we were staying in a campground 20 mins north of LA. We were trying to relax from the 100' heat in the rec room at the campground in the air conditioned tv room. We decided to indulge in some of the alcohol we brought with us and after several drimks, the heat was forgotten as we enjoyed the cool air conditioning. In the room down the hall, we knew there was a pool table, shuffleboard and other things for campers to use . My wife excused herself and went down to the bathroom. After about 10mins, i wondered what was taking her so long to return, and decided to go look for her.As I walked down the hall, i heard several voices coming from the poolroom, and stopped to look in there and , to my surprise and delight, my wife renee was in there. She was watching 3 big black guys play pool, and I noticed she had her drink with her, which one of the guys quickly refilled. I decided to see where this was going to go, curious and excited at the possiblity. My wife has a great figure.36c-28-36, 5'6", hazel eyes and dirtyblonde hair. As I leaned on the door-jam one guy noticed me and smiled, I smiled back and drank my beer, He then went up to my wife and whispered in her ear, obviously telling her I was here. She said they had asked her if she wanted to play pool with them, she is not a good player and said she would watch, instead, she said for me to play them. It turns out, I am not as good as i thought either, as I lost 4 games straight. I decided to encourage my wife to play, as I was beaten badly and figured she could do no worse. She, like me lost 4 games in a row. The biggest of the guys then asked her if she was up for another game, Renee replied she wasn't sure, because the thrill had gone out of it. Jerome, the bigest black guy, said why don't we make it more interesting then? And smiled at me.My wife asked how? Jerome replied, for every game lost , the loser had to remove one piece of clothing. Now my wife usually wouldnt gofor this sort of thing, but she was drunk and being around 4 men, she was starting to get horny. My wife looked at me and smiled...O.K. but you have to remove your shirt first to give me a head start, and, she also said she gets the first 10 shots in each game. Jerome redillyagreed and I took a stool off to the side to see where this would go. It didn't matter how many shots she took, or even that Jerome had removed his shirt, because after he sunk the eight ball in the 4th game, my wife slowly slidout of her panties and offered them to jerome.He took them , placing them on top of her other clothes. Jerome said now, you can try to win your clothes back. Renee asked what if she loses again? Jerome smiled and said for everygame youlose you must do my bidding...
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