Teacher's Blackening Pt 3

Written by Moozer / Jun 5, 2007



It was too dark for Dee to see anything, which heightened the sensual nature of her rear entry fucking. Reggie thrust his dick balls deep in Dee's pussy making a sloshing sound. It was the previous cum load.

Reggie's pounding dick was pushing Dee forward. With each thrust against her cervix, air rushed out of her lungs. She could only grunt, but the pleasure was immense! She felt her cunt walls squeezing Reggie's dick as she pushed back against her black master. Dee was becoming a black man's ho. She was bonding to her black man in a way that no white woman could bond to a white man. This was Dee's new world! It was there to explore and take pleasure.

Reggie withdrew his dick and placed his thumb and then his two fingers in Dee's sloppy wet pussy. He withdrew his cum-coated hand with his own black baby seed sperm. Placing his cock back in Dee's pussy, he reached over and placed his thumb in Dee's inviting ass. Dee took a deep breath as she felt his thumb easily slide past her puckered spincter. It was quite unexpected. Pat her wimp hubby had never tried anal sex before. Reggie continued pumping his cock in Dee as he replaced his thumb with two fingers and twisted his hand. The sensations were too much for Dee as she had an orgasm again. Soon Reggie had three fingers deep in Dee's now slackening ass.

Reggie withdrew his cum lubed dick and positioned it at Dee ass. "I'm going to fuck your ass, bitch. You'll love it like you love my black dick in your cunt," Reggie whispered. Reggie's dick easily slipped past Dee's sphincter as the white, virgin-assed teacher gasped in pleasure. His cock slowly slid in balls deep. "That's right, bitch. You ass-fucked now, bitch. You a black man's slut ho," Reggie's whispered words were mesmerizing to Dee. She could feel Reggie nut sack slapping her cunt as he pistoned in and out of her ass. Reggie stopped and slowly withdrew. He slipped his dick into her cunt and began fucking her harder. He pulled out and slipped his dick back in Dee ass and resumed the fucking. For 10 minutes Reggie's black fuck stick switched back and fourth between Dee tight ass and wet pussy. Soon each stroke was longer and longer until Reggie started to alternate on each thrust between Dee's ass and cunt. The sensation was so intense Dee could not tell which fuck hole that Reggie had entered. She went over the edge! "OH My GAWD!" Dee moaned.

Reggie suddenly thrust and froze. A load of black baby making seed shot into Dee's ass. Reggie squeezed off his dick, withdrew, inserted it into Dee's cunt, and shot two more loads. Before Reggie had dumped his entire cum load, he shot four loads into Dee cunt and five loads into her ass. She collapsed on the seat. Reggie withdrew and sat back. The white teacher bitch had taken all his loads in all her fuck holes.

Dee knew this was just the beginning of her blackening. She could never be satisfied with Pat's pathetic four-inch weenie. Reggie knew that Dee, his former teacher, was now his hot bitch and black cock ho. What was in store for her? The black pimp and user of women knew the answer to that question.

What about her wimp husband? Dee thought of Pat. Could she tell him? Would she continue to see Reggie and not tell him? Would Pat find out? Dee could feel her wedding band on her finger of her left hand.

Reggie pulled out a cigarette. He lit it. He inhaled deeply and exhaled. Handing it to Dee, Reggie said, "Smoke!" It was not a question. It was a demand. Dee had never smoked. She took the Menthol Kool and put her lips to it. She tried to draw in a drag and exhale, but it was a pathetic effort. "Hey bitch. Take a drag on it...now open your mouth and take in some air...that's it baby...now hold it...now exhale." Dee did as instructed. She felt like coughing at first. But soon the smoke filled her lungs and a warm sensual feeling spread out over her body. She exhaled and looked at Reggie for approval. "Take another. You need practice," he said. Dee took several tokes from the cigarette before she began to feel better.

"Menthol Kools! Get some. Next time show me how my ho smokes!" Reggie commanded.

Reggie dressed and opened the door even before Dee was ready. Two black dudes passing by stopped to watch Dee slip her clothes on and get out of the car to cat calls. She did not feel embarrassed at all. She told herself she was a ho now and looked seductively at the two young black men. She looked at their tenting pants and wondered if their dicks were like Reggie's.

"You want some of that?" Reggie asked the two brothas. Money was exchanged and one the brothas slid into the seat beside Dee. Reggie watched the car rock and roll. He took a drag on his cigarette and exhaled. He smiled at the thought of pimping out his fifth grade teacher. What a night!
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