My Wife Confesses About Her BBC Lover

Written by airieal / Jun 14, 2007



The first time she told me anything about it I found a club card in her bag. When I asked her about it she broke down and told me the truth. I know it's true because she wouldn't let me have proper sex with her for at least six months. She would let me lick her cunt occasionally and that was after she had been around to her friend Jane's house for the evening.

My wife's name is Tammy, and we have been married for about three years. Sex used to be great at first but it was about the time that she met her old school friend Jane that things had started to go wrong in bed, she wouldn't let me have sex, and I thought that she was just off it for a while so I just let it pass and didn't really hassle her about it.

After I found the card she told me the whole story. Apparently it started when my wife Tammy, and her friend Jane were planning to go for a drink to get reacquainted. Jane suggested that they should go somewhere different than the usual pubs that they would normally think of going to, and Tammy agreed.

The two women ended up in a part of town where all the blacks hang out, at a club called The Continental. They got very drunk and were giggling about the way the people dancing were rubbing themselves up against each other in a very abandoned and suggestive way. The music was very hypnotic and loud and the two girls started to dare each other to get on the dance floor. Jane went on first on her own, and just started to sway and generally clown around. She was soon joined by a young black male, who just stood in front of her and snapped his fingers, clapped his hands, and swayed his hips in time to the music. After a while the two dancers got closer and closer until Jane was waving her arms in the air, while the man half bent, and held her hips lightly as she swayed.

Soon, as my wife watched, the man moved his hands up Jane's body, and his leg slid between her thighs. As they danced they moved and rubbed against each other in a very sexy way, and the atmosphere in the club got more and more sultry. By this time men were approaching Tammy to dance, but she declined the invitation and instead watched hypnotized as her friend became more abandoned by the minute. Eventually Jane disentangled herself and came back to talk to Tammy. Jane was flushed and breathing heavily as she spoke "God I feel horny" she said, "I wanted to fuck right there on the dance floor". My wife was shocked by her friends words and actions, but she had to admit to herself that even just watching what had occurred had stirred her own passions in a way she would not have thought possible.

The man who had been dancing with Jane came over to ask the girls if he could buy them a drink, and Jane accepted the offer, Tammy acceded not wanting to appear impolite. The alcohol were soon coursing through the girls' bodies, and the music seemed to get more insistent as by now both girls were on the dance floor moving and swaying to the rhythm, their eyes wide with excitement as they whirled. Neither one knew what was happening to them, every sense and feeling was more intense than they had ever known. They felt so alive and excited, yet at the same time inhibitions were disappearing fast. The man who bought the drinks had taken off his shirt, and his ebony torso glistened in the subdued lighting as he moved between the two girls, putting his arm round each of their waists in turn. This appeared to set up a sense of competition between the two friends who responded in subtle almost imperceptible ways, pushing slightly this way and that, in an unconscious attempt to gain unknown initiatives. Jane moved in closer to the man, stepping up the action by returning the physical contact in the dance they had enjoyed earlier in the evening.

This time my wife Tammy felt left out by this although she could not understand why, but by this time she did not care. She moved to the bar where any number of men were prepared to fill her glass, and she downed three drinks in quick succession, all the time not taking her eyes off the gyrating couple on the dance floor. As she watched another man moved to join the couple, and she could see Jane sandwiched between the two men.

The contrast between the men was striking, the first tall and fine featured, the second shorter with thickset neck, and bulging muscles underneath his thin shirt. As Tammy stood mesmerized, the shorter of the two men started caressing Jane's shoulders and casually undoing the girl's halter neck from behind. Jane was starting to object to this but the taller man started kissing her full on the lips, and in the midst of the dilemma Jane did nothing. The top came away, and Jane's gorgeous full breasts were fully exposed.

Under normal circumstances Jane would have instantly covered herself, but the alcohol had done its job well, and she barely noticed the covering had gone. She carried on kissing the black stranger in front of her, and the stocky man behind her had removed his own shirt, so all three of them were topless. My wife gasped as she saw it all happen so fast, yet in slow motion she observed the contrast of the two black bodies pressing in on the paleness of her friend's nakedness. What she thought she saw next astonished Tammy even more! The man behind had unzipped his pants to reveal his erection, but the light was so poor, and it happened so fast that Tammy only glimpsed this before everything was hidden in the folds of Jane's skirt.

All the while the dancing continued as before, and now Jane's arms were high in the air again kissing the first man as she danced. Her breasts were totally naked, and her hips were swaying while being held in the hands of the man behind her. It was obvious to Tammy that the other girl didn't really know exactly what was happening, or had lost all control, or both!

As one of the beams of light that were scanning the dance floor passed over the three dancers, Tammy could see that Jane's skirt had ridden up at he back and was being held up by the man's body pressed against it. Now it was obvious, and she saw clearly that the man's cock was between Jane's legs, and being held and rubbed there as she danced. Tammy actually glimpsed the thick black shaft as all three moved and swayed together. Suddenly Tammy realized that someone was pressing against her from behind and her attention was pulled away from the scene she had witnessed. As she looked round she realized that they were only two white women in a room full of black men! Two of the blacks were holding my wife's arms

It seemed obvious what would happen, but instead of being frightened by the prospect the alcohol and the fact that it was inevitable, took the responsibility away, and what was left was pure excitement! Tammy was breathing heavily now as the situation dawned on her, and she wanted to see her friend. Suddenly she was confronted by a scene she would never forget!

As Tammy watched, Jane was with the two blacks in the same dance, and, the first man who was kissing her, started to unbuckle his trousers, and let them fall to the floor. I know it's a clich?', but the black cock was huge, not massively thick, but very long. Jane had not seen this happen as her face was upturned to receive the man's kisses, but now the man put both hands to her face and gently pulled her head down in the direction of his erection. This angle allowed the stocky man behind her to have full access. As Jane was given a full view of the first man?s long black cock, the second man pulled her skirt right up, and pulled her panties to one side.

As my wife, Tammy explained to me, "time seemed to stand quite still", "everyone knew what was going to happen", "but it was as if we were allowed an exquisitely poignant moment of anticipation". Tammy felt quite sick with excitement, a mixture of fear, and an emotion she did not recognize swept over her. Jane's breasts hung down, as if pointing the way to the long black cock in front of her, but the feeling of her cunt being exposed from behind made her turn her head slightly to the right. The stocky black male behind had a thicker cock than the other man did, and as Tammy watched she saw the enormity of the crown with a sliver of spunk at the top. Then she almost could feel it herself as it was buried into her friend's cunt, and she knew she wanted it too! Even though Jane had been enjoying the erotic play as she danced, this sequence of events happened so fast that she was literally taken by surprise, but as the thick black cock filled her she knew that she had expected something. The lust of her burning cunt overcame any resistance she may have felt, and her head turned again to the cock in front of her. Tammy saw the moment's hesitation from her friend, and was so excited that she willed Jane to respond. The young black man's massive cock was in her face as she turned, and there was an audible gasp of relief from the others in the room as her hand came up to touch it!

As Jane's hand closed over the throbbing shaft everyone knew that the line had been crossed, there would be no going back now. My wife said that she knew it too, and as her friend's head came up, and her mouth opened to receive this ebony offering, Tammy also knew that she was lost also. She told me that it felt like she had lived for this moment in time, and that it was like she had been traveling and had arrived at last! Jane's lips closed over the enormous shaft, and the black man's head went back in ecstasy, as he felt the white bitch at last sucking on his pulsing erection. He felt the power that he needed over the white man after the degradation he felt had been suffered for so long by his race. The man buried deep in Jane's cunt felt all this too, as did all the blacks in the room, as the movement of her head on one cock transferred through her body to the thick black cock deep in her body. Jane also understood all of this, and it made this the ecstasy it deserved to be.

As the two men busied themselves at their pleasurable task with Jane, my wife was in the midst of a dilemma, she did not want to spoil the moment, but she did not know how to proceed. Should she strip and look too eager, or prolong the anticipation? Instead she turned to the nearest black male and, looking him in the eye started to unzip his fly! Then she moved to the next, and so on until every black cock was exposed, and erect!

They were all around her now, and it was time for action, so she knelt down and at the same time, exposed her lovely breasts. Soon a circle of black cock surrounded her, all pointing in her direction, as soon as she had seen them all she beckoned over the black with the biggest. Tammy's description of the man beggars belief, in her own words "it was as if it wasn't real" she said "I am not exaggerating" this black cock was longer and thicker than any cock you could ever imagine", "it was thicker and longer than my arm"!

"I suppose with so many to choose from there was bound to be something exceptional". Hearing my wife talk about this I must admit I wanted to lay her right down and fuck her right then and there, but she would have none of it and her explanation continued....

She looked up at the man as he towered over her. Here she was on her knees, and knowing that there was no going back now she reached out her small white hand to his cock. God this was it. It was really happening. She was totally helpless. As she felt the huge thing in her hand, her whole body throbbed. Every sense was heightened. She could smell, and feel, the big blackness of him. It overwhelmed her, the enormity of what she was doing hit her and she knew that she would do anything, and everything required of her. She lay down on her back, and the man knelt over her, his cock looked even bigger from underneath. Slowly she guided his huge glistening black knob down to her pretty mouth.

The man's cock was so big she could only get the tip in her mouth, and it excited her beyond anything she could have dreamt of. As her lips closed on the tip of his cock he lost control, and thrust himself forward and his erection slipped over her. Her mouth was half way down the huge shaft. When the rest of the blacks saw what this lovely white girl was capable of they went wild. They tore her clothes from her body, and some of them were spurting spunk over her before they could do anything else. They picked her up and carried her to a table, and spread her legs wide. One of them tried to fuck her, but she managed to stay in control. She pushed him off, and beckoned to the huge stud whose cock she had only managed to lick due to its size. He hovered over her for a while as the others gaped in astonishment wondering if she would be able to take this huge weapon, apparently no black girl had been capable of it.

Tammy wanted it so bad by now that she spread her legs as far as they would go, and tried to relax. The enormous head of his cock would be the first problem, and she felt a moment of fear as she felt it touch her cunt for the first time. He pushed slightly, and she felt herself spread a bit. Then he pushed a bit more, and she could feel herself starting to give. To expedite matters the black with the second biggest cock approached her head, and as she looked up at it her hand automatically reached for the shaft, as she had seen Jane do earlier in the evening. Then she started sucking this cock in earnest, and she could feel herself getting even wetter. The huge cock trying to enter her cunt suddenly pushed hard and amazingly he was in! Soon it was buried so deep into her that she could feel it up in her belly button. Due to the alcohol, she felt she could suck and fuck all night.

Apparently she and Jane sucked and fucked every black in the room many times over. She says she wants more black cock, and will do anything to get it. I love her for it and it makes me want her all the more....
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