Erica Goes Professional

Written by Bungholio79 / Aug 28, 2002


Erica Goes Professional - By Bungholio79

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Erica Guzman is your typical suburban house wife. At thirty years old, her primary concerns are managing the four children and maintaining the homestead while her husband works long hours to fund their upscale lifestyle. She exercises every afternoon to keep a nicely toned body that she never sees as skinny enough. The 36D-26-33 figure weights in at a mere 120 pounds. Her perfect life is the envy of every hard working American.

Until now nobody would have believed that she was capable of infidelity and profane sexual debauchery. Once the twins were born people began to question her about the mysterious details of her lifestyle. As her husband, you think I would have known the true Erica much sooner but it came as a huge surprise when our twins were born. I fainted in the delivery room when the nurse approached me with two dark black children. The nappy hair covered heads stuck out from the white blanket like a neon beacon. Every person in the delivery room knew of Erica's infidelity at that instance. My masculinity was reduced to nothing. I fell straight to the floor right in the middle of the delivery room.

I awoke to a state of perpetual uncertainty and confusion. My sweet little Erica had been growing another man's children inside of her precious womb. I had spent the last nine months, along with her, nurturing the developing seed only to discover at the last minute that it didn't belong to me. How could she have betrayed me in such a serious way and with a black man none the less? The humiliation of facing friends and family overwhelmed me. Couldn't she have picked a little less public method of revealing her infidelity?

I had to confront everyone in the waiting room. Many had traveled for hours before camping out in the maternity ward lobby to patiently await the birth details. The predicament sent my head spinning in circles. Should I tell them that everything went fine and I am now the happy father of two healthy boys or should I announce that Erica is a complete slut and fucked a black man right under my nose?

The first option sounded like the way to go for the time being. I bit my lip and pretended to share in everyone's excitement. It wouldn't be too hard to slip out the back door before the kids were brought out for display later in the day. By the time I saw any of them again, the situation would be clearer in my head. Besides they were all her family members and friends since my relatives still lived on the east coast.

I slowly made my way to the recovery room to confront Erica before heading home for the afternoon. The loud laugh of my wife could be heard from the hallway outside her door. She was carrying on a telephone conversation with someone named Stanley. I overheard her describing the birth statistics into the receiver. The enthusiasm in her voice displayed an energy that I hadn't seen in years.

I rounded the corner and entered my wife's room. She shared the small space with another mother so I didn't want to make a huge scene. She whispered something into the phone before hanging up. My head began perspiring in response to the uncomfortable situation we faced.

"John, I am so sorry that you had to find out this way. I wanted to tell you sooner but the time never seemed appropriate. You must be feeling so hurt right now."

I dropped into a visitor chair and began openly weeping. Her neighbor perked up to witness the real life soap opera playing out in her room. It seemed impossible to regain any kind of composure. I felt as if someone had reached into my chest and ripped my heart out. Everything we had been through together was for nothing after this. It would be impossible to every take her back into my arms. She had shared the most intimate parts of her being with another man. How could I ever forgive her infidelity?

I responded in a sniffling voice. "How could you betray me like this? Especially with a black man. Now anyone can spot my inadequacy with a simple glance into our baby stroller at the dark black twins. They will represent your infidelity and serve as a mark of disgrace on your virtuous Latina body. Was that the babies' father on the telephone earlier?"

Erica displayed a very angry face in response to my somewhat racist comments. In retrospect it wasn't the correct thing to say but I had to verbalize my intense feelings. After all, I had married a half Mexican half Italian woman who was extremely sensitive to racial issues and bigotry. I should have expected her to respond with a strong rebuttal. She starred me right in the face and pointed her finger before embarking on a huge titrate.

"For your information, I don't know who fathered those two beautiful babies waiting for me in the other room. Your innocent little wife's hole has seen more black cock than a urinal at the Oakland Raider's stadium. Over the past year I have spread these legs for any black man that has asked for it. I tried to keep track but lost count around sixty."

Erica made an evil grin as she confessed the details of her new found sinful life.

"You must face the fact that your wife is now a slut for black cock. I am not going to keep it a secret any longer. You will need to accept my decision or give me half of everything you own in a very messy and public divorce."

I barged out of the room and headed for home. Erica could explain the situation to her family without me to fall back on. The car trip home provided some time to relax and contemplate the day's unbelievable events. Maybe it was better for the two of us to be completely honest in our relationship? There were many times that beautiful women had tempted me into impure thoughts. This could be an opportunity to explore other components of my own sexuality. I decided to sleep on it and wait until Erica returned home from the hospital before making a rash conclusion.

The next two days went by without a single phone call from Erica. There was a message on the answering machine from some man that I had never met. A quick tap of delete button fixed that problem. Another one of her mysterious male friends probably left it to schedule a meeting.

She finally returned home with our two new children on Friday. Her demeanor indicated the anger she still held towards me. I broke down and apologized for the inappropriate behavior displayed at the hospital. She had me convinced that there was no excuse for storming out of the room and leaving her to face an unhappy family. In the end, she still remained the woman I loved and married. The vows demand that I support her through bad times as well as good. Our relationship had seen dark times before and this was just another bump in the road. I had no idea what I had just signed up for.

We engaged in a tight embrace to signify our deep love. I squeezed her warm body against my own. Her breasts felt unusually large and firm against my chest. They were bulging from the fresh milk her body had begun producing for the new offspring. She ordered me to fetch the two babies from their crib in the other room. I brought them in and held them to my wife's bare breasts. The two black boys happily sucked up the white substance through her large nipples. Erica sighed in relief as the pressure inside her bulging mammarys subsided.

Initially, I had no idea how to explain the situation to our other two children or close friends. Over the next month we faced the barrage of questions from everyone we knew. We relayed a factious story about my inability to procreate due to a low sperm count. Supposedly, we went to a fertility clinic where Erica's egg was accidentally inseminated with the wrong test tube of sperm. The story seemed to convince the majority of people but they may have been too uncomfortable to question us.

After the mandatory six week period of abstinence, Erica and I were ready to engage in sexual intercourse again. It was about time because my hand had begun to develop calluses from pleasuring myself. At 125 pounds, she lost almost all of the pregnancy weight so her curvaceous figure had returned. The extra pounds were deposited in her breasts and butt. Her rear end had transformed into a beautiful bubble butt. The excitement of having sex with such a gorgeous woman was almost enough to put me over the edge.

She had me go to the store and purchase several boxes of condoms. I protested the idea of using a rubber to fuck my own wife, especially since she had started taking birth control pills again. The threat of abstinence finally convinced me to follow along with her orders. I went to the grocery store and picked up the supplies for tonight.

That evening we put the kids to bed early. The twins had grown on me so much during the past six months that I now accepted them as my own children. I tucked then into the crib and kissed them both good night before heading off to the bedroom.

Erica was sitting upright on the bed wearing nothing at all. Her large breasts had slight sag from their weight. My eyes followed the curves of her body all the way down past her round butt. The yellow and grey striped mattress complemented her tan skin wonderfully. She had already cracked open the bottle of champagne and was almost done with her second glass. We finished off the remainder together before opening another. Her tolerance is extremely low so she fell into a drunken state in no time. She has a tendency to get loud and hold nothing back when under the influence. I had to quiet her several times to prevent the kids from waking up.

I quickly moved closer to collect my prize. She forcefully pushed my face away after I planted a kiss on her full lips. "Get down between my legs and eat out my pussy," she demanded. Both of her hands grasped me by the head and guided me down to the waiting hole. Nothing ad been inside of there since my wife gave birth. The sexually charged atmosphere reminded me of the feeling of virgin territory. It felt like it was the first time for the both of us.

My mouth made contact with her engorged labia. The large lips were the familiar gateway to her precious little hole. I pushed my tongue past the entrance into her damp pussy. It felt extremely tight as I explored deeper. The juices tasted sweet as they entered my waiting mouth. After a few minutes of chaotic lapping, I settled my tongue on her erect clitoris. Her body squirmed with every oral flick. She dropped her head back and screamed out in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, suck my tight little pussy hole you bastard. Lick every last drop of my juices," she screamed right before plunging into a deep orgasm. I sucked the fluids that pumped into my mouth from the powerful muscle contractions.

She then ordered me to lie on my back. After unrolling a condom over my cock, she mounted my six inches. Her pussy was unbelievably tight for a woman that recently popped out two kids. My hands held onto her ass cheeks as her beautiful body bounced up and down. I tried to focus on something besides sex to postpone my orgasm. The intense stimulation was too powerful to ignore. I screamed out as my cock exploded into the rubber receptacle. Erica continued to ride as if nothing happened. My spent cock went limp to her surprise.

She lifted her body from my cock and sat on my face. I kept my hands on her ass cheeks while sucking her vagina. She rammed her pubic region into my mouth and wouldn't give me a chance to catch my breathe. I couldn't tell if it was deliberate or alcohol related.

"Eat that pussy because that is all you are good at. That pathetic little cock of yours can't please my sexual appetite. I need to get fucked by a real man's cock."

I continued the oral stimulation until Erica reached another orgasm. I moved up to kiss her good night but she pushed me away. We just fell asleep in each others arms.

The following week we engaged in the same behavior pattern. Our sex always began and ended with me eating out her pussy. It became obvious that she had taken complete control in the bedroom. I was helpless to protest anything that she ordered me to do. She even made me masturbate her to orgasm with a vibrator. My entire purpose in the bed was to satisfy her every need. My own pleasure had become secondary to her needs.

That Friday I arrived home from work around six o'clock. Erica was feeding the kids in the kitchen when I entered the house. Her appearance indicated that she had some plans for this evening. She had on a khaki pair of stretch pants with a blue tube top. I spotted the panty lines from her thong through the tight material. When she turned around my eyes were immediately drawn to her enormous breasts stretching the top to its limits. This outfit would capture the full attention of any man on the planet. I knew she planned on getting laid tonight.

"So where are you heading off to this evening?" I questioned.

"I am going out for dinner and dancing with a friend of mine. Didn't I tell you about it earlier in the week, dear? Don't wait up because I expect to be home late."

Her gorgeous ass had captured my attention so I merely nodded in agreement to her comments. How did she squeeze into something so tight? It must have been the new health club membership that she somehow talked me into. At least I knew that she was using it with some regularity. Who could argue about a body like that?

After dinner she gave me a kiss before heading out the door. She convinced me to let her drive my new car for the evening. That left me home alone with four children. The older two were fine watching television while the twins demanded constant attention. I still couldn't get over the fact that I was caring for another man's offspring. At least the real father remained unknown to Erica Imagine having to face the guy that knocked up your wife with his potent black sperm. I would have to act cordial because of the legal obligation between the two, but still I could never shake his hand or go out for a friendly drink.

I had the older two asleep in their beds by nine o'clock. The twins needed their evening feeding still so I made up a bottle from the fresh breast milk Erica had left in the refrigerator. They lapped up the entire supply within a matter of minutes. It must have tasted better than it looked. After a final diaper change, the two were tucked into the crib for a night of rest. I retired to the bedroom for some quality time with the television. There wasn't anything exciting on, so I fell asleep to an old western movie.

I awoke from the familiar sound of the front door opening. A quick glance of the alarm clock indicated it was four in the morning. Several minutes later Erica stumbled into the bedroom. Her staggered walk indicated she had consumed some alcohol this evening. I remained completely still to appear asleep. My drunken wife fumbled around to get her clothes off. I noticed she no longer had the thong panties on. She must have taken her pants off somewhere and forgot to put them back on.

Erica crawled into bed next to me and went to sleep. An odor of beer, cigarettes, and sweat filled the bedroom air. She was lying on her side with her back towards me so the smell of her hair couldn't be avoided. I slowly placed my arm around her naked body and kissed her good night. A groggy moan acknowledged my polite gesture. I noticed a bright red oval on her neck. In the pale moonlight it looked like a hicky. She quickly dosed off into a deep sleep.

My curiosity wouldn't let me fall asleep until I knew the truth. I slowly folded the bed sheet over my wife so her bare butt was exposed. The light from outside the window revealed a shiny coating on her rear thighs. I moved my head in closer to get a better look at the source. Her vagina was clearly visible between the round butt cheeks. The large lips were bright red and hung loosely from her body, a stark contrast to her usual tight box. Further examination revealed that her hole was completely stretched out and had been draining a shiny substance. It appeared that someone had fucked the shit out of my wife's pussy and didn't have the decency to help her clean up. She must have been in a hurry to forget her thong.

I positioned my nose close to the large hole to confirm my worst fears. The sweet odor was unmistakable. Some stranger had dumped his sperm into my wife. All of a sudden her body moved and she thrust backwards towards me. Her cum drenched pussy rammed into my open mouth. The salty tasting substance entered my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow it down. Erica then rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide open.

She responded in a drunken voice. "What are you waiting for? Get down there and clean out your wife's vagina. I met a guy at the club tonight and he left you some dessert down there."

Her hands grabbed my head and pulled it towards her pussy. It looked even worse from this angle. The hole hung open and reeked of sex. I obeyed her orders and began lapping up the creamy filling. It had a sweet taste that actually wasn't that bad once I became used to it. I continued to suck and lick until the entire contents had been removed.

I pulled off my underwear and moved my cock towards her pussy. It slid into the well used hole with no trouble whatsoever. Her lover must have an enormous cock because I could barely feel a thing after he opened her up. Erica showed no signs of pleasure from my pathetic attempt to give her sex. It was hard enough to keep myself stimulated without the added pressure of satisfying my wife. I finally reached the realization that no matter what I did it would never compare to the guy I had cleaned up after. If I was left with the sloppy seconds then I had to perform for my own gratification. There literally was no way to offer any kind of vaginal pleasure from my average sized cock.

The twins began crying from my own passionate screams. Erica told me to quit screaming like a bitch and cum inside her like a real man would. She then grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me into her stretched hole with all her might. Her hands continued to guide my body until my cock exploded inside. I swear the cum splashed back against my dick from the force of the blast hitting her cervix. Her hands pressed against my chest as she ordered me to tend to the needs of the black twins. I gave my cock one final squeeze before heading off to change some diapers.

When I returned to bed I tried to pry out the dirty details of Erica's night. In her drunken state the information flowed like a river from her mouth. Apparently, she went with her friend Rebecca to a downtown dance club. A young black man had been checking her out ever since she walked in the door. They went back to his place in the city and fucked like animals. He drilled her pussy with such force that she thought he was going to split her in half. When they were done he told Erica that she was a great little piece of ass but had to leave ASAP. He didn't want any strange chick staying over night at his place. He escorted my wife to the door and kept her panties as a souvenir of his married conquest.

The story just confirmed that Erica was indeed a transformed woman. She had gone from an innocent little housewife to a complete slut that would fuck a total stranger from a night club. I found myself responding to the tale with excitement rather than disgust or anger. The mental picture of Erica spreading her legs for a big black kid made my heart race. I could almost hear her screaming as the huge member penetrated her body. I wanted to see the action for myself in person.

Over the next few days Erica and I discussed the possibility of me watching her take another black cock in the flesh. The idea seemed to excite her. She had enjoyed humiliating me with the creampie incident and wanted to see how far she could take it before I would say no. We agreed to set something up for the end of the month. The two of us were going to leave the children with her parents and tell them that we were taking a weekend getaway.

The week before Erica's private little party we went out shopping for her outfit. She settled on a brightly decorated summer dress. The yellow material was accentuated with pastel colored flowers. It fit her body loosely but I could still spot the feminine curves protruding from the cloth. The profile displayed the outward curve of that beautiful bubble butt. A white pair of clog shoes finished off the conservatively sexy look. I wanted to jump her right there in the fitting room.

After we finished shopping, the entire family stopped in the food court for a quick bite to eat. I parked the stroller at a table with Erica and took the other two for a hot dog. The mall was very busy that evening so we had to wait in a short line. I looked back to check on my wife and kids at the table. There were a couple of young black guys standing in front of her carrying on a conversation. I could see then starring at her large breasts and luscious thighs while pretending to listen. One of the guys began jotting down some information on a piece of paper and handed it over before leaving the area.

We returned to the table with the food and drinks. "Who were those guys?" I questioned with a puzzled look on my face.

"They were just a couple of guys that had noticed me walking in the mall. One of them even gave me his pager number. Black guys always hit on me when I take the twins out in public. I guess they are some kind of advertisement for a white female that enjoys black guys."

We stopped at a few more stores before heading for home. I purposely fell behind Erica and the twins with our other two kids. My eyes were fixated on her perfect ass stuffed into a pair of tight blue shorts that barely covered her butt. They were made from a blue stretch material that hugged every curve. The cheeks swayed from side to side as she pushed the large stroller. I swear she was deliberately sticking her ass out further to attract attention. Any male head would immediately turn to follow her body as she passed by.

A group of black kids were walking right towards her. They made several lewd comments as they passed by the stroller. All of their heads spun around to get a view of her shaking ass from behind. The group walked right by me before turning around and following. The three kids had no idea that I was related to Erica so they didn't hold anything back.

The tallest kid was the loudest. "That white bitch is too fine. I bet you that I could get into those tight little shorts right here in the mall. Look at her half breed kids in the stroller. She must be a slut for black cock," he proclaimed.

The kids proceeded to follow her through the mall corridor. Eventually Erica came to a complete stop and began talking to the group. I stopped in front of a store and pretended to gaze at the display. My location was too far away to hear the conversation so I just stood and waited. She whispered something in the ring leader's ear before they busily ran off in the other direction. My scheming wife then approached me with the stroller.

"Can you please take the kids to the minivan while I take care of something? I will meet you out there in a few minutes."

I just stood there with the stroller in hand as Erica walked off towards the department store. After rounding up the other two children, we headed towards the exit. I fastened the kids into their seats for the journey home. The radio provided entertainment while we patiently waited for Erica to arrive. The kids fell asleep after twenty minutes. I pulled the van up to the front entrance of the store and threw it into park.

An hour later a disheveled Erica emerged from the doorway. Her long brown hair looked messy in contrast to her typical appearance. Her tight shirt had visible wrinkles like she had slept in her clothes. Her hips shook from side to side in the tight blue shorts as that perfect bubble butt stuck out behind. My wife displayed an unusual step in her walk. It looked like she was trying to keep her thighs from making contact. I could tell that she received one heck of a drilling from someone.

The door flung open and she jumped into the front seat. The side of her head was moist from sweat. Her seat reclined back and she closed her eyes to take a nap. I looked over at her gorgeous body. The blue shorts had risen from the seated position. The bottom of her bare ass pressed against the leather chair.

"What took you so long? We were waiting for over an hour," I questioned.

"I was getting an early start on this weekend's activities. Don't worry; I brought my little hubby plenty of dessert. I sure hope you saved some room."

With that said she placed her feet on the dashboard and leaned back in her seat. I looked over for a perfect view of her crotch. The wife's mound poked through her well toned thighs. The blue material illustrated the detailed outline of her vagina. A definite wet spot began to form around the fleshy bump.

"Take a look at this mess," she ordered while pulling the blue cloth to one side of the vagina. The unbelievable sight caused me to gasp out loud. My innocent little wife had revealed the irrefutable evidence of her infidelity. There was no disputing the fact that Erica had transformed into a total freak. Right there before my very eyes was her stretched out hole filled to the brim with thick white semen. I could tell that multiple men had contributed to this cum dump.

She quickly pulled the material back over to conceal the well fucked hole. I noticed that her underwear was missing from her body. When I inquired further, she informed me that her panties are always offered to her new lovers as a trophy of their carnal conquest. At that moment I knew my wife had crossed over to the other side of normal and was dragging me alongside.

I pulled the minivan into our driveway without even slowing down. Erica jumped from the seat and helped me wake the kids. We entered the house and directed the young ones upstairs for an afternoon nap. The twins needed a diaper change, a task which my loving wife assigned to me. I began to protest until she removed her shirt revealing the bare D cup breasts. A quick glance of her large nipples was all she offered. My eyes practically popped out as I focused on her swaying ass bouncing towards the bedroom.

The cries of her son pulled me from the blissful state. I quickly changed the soiled diapers and carried the twins upstairs to bed. They finally fell asleep after fifteen minutes of steady rocking. I headed towards the master bedroom to service Erica. The uncertainty of what she would require created an instant erection in my pants. After today, I knew there was nothing that she wouldn't do to satisfy her deep sexual desires. She seemed to enjoy humiliating me and testing the limits.

There she lay on the bed, stretched out on her back completely naked. Her legs lifted into the air when she spotted me in the doorway. I removed my clothes before approaching the disaster the young men had created between her legs. The musty smell entered my noise when I reached the bed. The stretched vagina hung wide open so I could see deep within the pink tunnel. The walls were lined with the thick semen deposited earlier.

I moved my head in to sample the creamy cocktail. A surge of energy flowed through my body as the liquid made contact with my tongue. It had a very strong taste in comparison to my previous sample. Erica massaged my head while I licked her hole clean. My tongue dove in and collected the warm contents before returning to my mouth. I swallowed the semen without any protest. My wife's foot made its way down to my crotch to play with the erection.

"Okay let?s switch positions so I can get a taste," she ordered.

I rolled over onto my back and helped Erica straddle me in a sixty-nine position. The stretched hole was rammed into my face as she took the hard cock into her mouth. The cum began to flow from her pussy into my mouth. I licked it up happily as Erica worked my cock like a professional. She started getting wild and yelling out in pleasure as I sucked her clitoris. "Suck out that hole. I want every drop of cum licked clean," she commanded.

Her oral movements slowed as my own orgasm approached. All of a sudden Erica lifted her body up so she was sitting on my face.

"I have a special present for my little cum eater. You better enjoy it with no question if you ever want to stick that little dick into me."

I barely had enough time to nod yes before she spread her ass cheeks wide apart with both hands revealing her butt hole. It was bright red and swollen from earlier today. A small drop of cum leaked from the well used opening. She slowly lowered her butt onto my face. I reluctantly stuck my tongue into my wife's spread rosebud. The fresh cum had a very distinct flavor from the moist surroundings. I didn't want to imagine what was entering my mouth.

She began squeezing the hole together with her powerful glutes. The cum would pump out with each muscle contraction. I just kept swallowing down the warm contents. My perverted wife had allowed a group of complete strangers to ravage her anal cavity and was now forcibly emptying her sperm filled bowels into her faithful husband's mouth.

Erica reached over and began jerking my cock with her small hand. "You did a great job of cleaning up the black sperm from my body. I sure hope you got everything from my fertile body." She leaned over and placed her large lips over the tip of my cock. Her hand continued stroking the hard shaft at a fast face. Within a minute my dick exploded pumping the bubbling sperm into her open mouth. I squirmed as my cock twitched from the intense stimulation.

Once my load had been sucked free she sat up and moved towards my face. I could see the creamy sperm leaking from the corners of her mouth. Erica's lips made contact with mine in a powerful kiss. My mouth opened to accept her warm tongue still coated in the sticky substance. She pushed my own semen into my mouth as the kiss continued. She must have stored the entire load in there just waiting for the chance to return it. We maintained the embrace for several minutes while our bodily juices mixed. Eventually the two of us dozed off into a deep sleep.

The next several days were rather uneventful in comparison to the previous weekend. My wife told me that our special weekend was going to be a complete surprise and I wouldn't know any of the details until they actually occurred.

On Friday I dropped all four kids off with her parents before returning home. The ride home provided an opportunity to contemplate my current predicament. I had no idea what Erica had planned for me but it definitely would be over the top. You can imagine my response when I pulled into the driveway and parked next to a strange car. It was a brand new BMW coupe with dark tinted windows.

I parked the minivan and headed for the main entrance. The front door creaked open as I entered the room unsure of what would emerge. There were voices coming from the living room area. The noise stopped when I stepped into the room. Erica was seated on the couch next to an extremely large black man. The guy had to be at least 250 pounds of pure athlete. His huge muscles bulged through the tight stretch shirt.

"Hi my name is Paul," the guy said as he shook my hand with a vise-like grip. I tried not to break eye contact first but his enormous thighs attracted my attention. If his entire body was so large, I couldn't imagine what size cock he used to drill my wife. It must be pretty impressive to control her wild tendencies. She just sat there listening attentively until Paul finished speaking. He definitely demonstrated complete control over Erica. She attended to his every need right in front of my face.

We both gazed at her ass when she walked into the kitchen to refill Paul's drink. She wore a skin tight black dress that displayed every detail of the body covered beneath. The gorgeous butt swayed from side to side. "Dam, I love your wife's bubble butt. An ass like that is hard to find on a white girl," he whispered.

I finally realized why this guy looked so familiar to me. Paul was a defensive lineman for our local professional football team. He happened to be one of my favorite players from the franchise. I was totally impressed that my wife could setup a date with a professional football player. She was hot enough to attract a man that could get any woman he wanted.

I formally introduced myself to Paul and expressed my deep admiration for his professional career with the team. He thanked me for the complement and extended an invitation for us to attend a game as his personal guest. I accepted before offering my Erica to him as a present. "I wound be honored if you would screw my wife. Feel free to use her body anyway you would like. Consider her your own personal property," I instructed.

"I would love to take your wife. A lot of fans offer their wives to me but very few are as sexy as Erica. I fell in love with that hot Latina body from the moment I spotted her last week in the grocery store. She was bent over a cart displaying that gorgeous as I had to ask her out on this date. I must warn you that most women can't resist my dick once they get their first taste. You will lose all control over her after she has a chance to experience my cock." After the twenty minutes of small talk I went upstairs to change into something more casual. A simple button up shirt and khaki pants were fine for the evening.

I returned to the surprise of my life. The two of them were seated on the couch once again but this time they were engaged in some passionate kissing. Their twisted tongues could be seen darting between each others mouth. I quietly entered the room and sat down in the recliner chair. Erica looked over to give me a powerful look. It was clear that she didn't want any interruptions.

Her hand slowly crept down to his waist line. I could plainly see the outline of a huge cock through his pants as she stroked it towards erection. A teepee started to grow in the crotch of his pants so Erica unfastened his belt and zipper. Her hand went deep inside to retrieve the black tool. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw his freed manhood. The black thing was as dark as coal and thicker than the 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi sitting on the coffee table. The shaft was about fourteen inches long even though the erection wasn't complete. Erica gasped when she saw the huge cock. "Holy shit that is one big black dick. There is no possible way that you could fuck me with that monster. That will never fit into my little pussy hole," Erica moaned.

Her hand remained idle on the huge shaft while they continued to kiss. Seeing my wife in the arms of another man actually excited me. I wondered how many other guys were lucky enough to get into her pants.

Erica began jerking the huge shaft with her hand. It looked tiny next to his dark flesh. Paul reached over and placed his hand on her firm butt. He squeezed and gently spanked it while his package continued to grow. He was definitely an ass man with his eyes on my wife. Paul guided her onto the carpet. There she was on her knees with both hands wrapped around the shaft. Together they barely covered the entire girth. It was only a few inches from her face. She just starred into the tip of the cock while Paul laid back to enjoy the view.

"Eric I need you to come over here and do me a favor. Your wife's hands are more than full so you have to remove her clothes," he ordered.

Mesmerized by the football player's words, I walked over to strip my wife naked for her new master. I placed my hands on her ass to start the process. The black dress was made from a stretch spandex-like material that clung to her curvy body. I started to pull it over her bubble butt and continued beyond the large breasts. The motion ended with me throwing the dress to the floor. To both of our surprise, Erica wasn't wearing a bra or panties under the outfit.

Paul motioned me back so he could fondle her D-cup breasts. In the meantime Erica had begun licking the black cock. Her mouth was stretched open to capacity just to accommodate the head. Her eyes displayed a strange gaze almost like she had fallen into a trance. The hands continued pumping the huge shaft while Erica attempted to lick around the tip.

"Eric I want you to get your wife's cunt ready for my cock. Get down between her legs and eat her out," Paul demanded.

I quickly dropped to the floor and inched my head into her crotch. Her body was now straddled over my face while she continued to service Paul. Erica's vagina was practically dripping feminine juices when I move in to explore. Regardless, my tongue thrust up into her waiting body to prepare the hole for her new lover. I looked up and spotted Paul's enormous shaft thrusting in and out of my wife's mouth. That thing could never fit into the little opening no matter how much I licked. It would be like giving birth again. I stuck three fingers into her pussy as I sucked on her clit. An thing I could do to prepare her small opening for that monster would help.

"Okay make way there Eric. I am going to introduce your sweet little wife to a real man's cock. You can have your turn when I am done breaking her in. That tight little cunt is going to tear right down the seam. Take a look at this."

Paul stepped away from Erica's face with the gigantic black pole protruding from his body. It had grown to eighteen inches with the thickness of a soda can. My wife just stood there in shock at the thought of that shaft drilling into her. Paul removed every piece of clothing from his body. Erica and I were left starring at 250 pounds of rock hard, chiseled muscle. Every detail of his body was perfect.

Paul grabbed Erica's shoulders and gently pushed her back onto our coffee table. I moved the drinks just before she laid down completely. The chair I selected had a perfect view of her vagina. I wanted to see every last detail of this unbelievable penetration. Erica raised her legs up so her knees rested against her large breasts. This position displayed the underside of her curvy butt.

Paul was busy putting on a condom he had removed from his wallet. It obviously was designed for large size cocks. It still only covered half the long shaft. Paul looked at me before stepping closer to his new prize.

"No offense to your wife but I always use a condom. You can't be too careful nowadays. I have no idea who or what has been in that pink hole. Plus, I can't knock up some chick and destroy my favorable public image," he commented.

Erica sure didn't seem to care. She had not made a single comment since he striped earlier. His right hand was now positioned between her legs massaging the opening to her most sacred possession. The look of pure lust filled her face. This guy was about to ram that gigantic prick into my wife right in front of my face. At least they would both be protected against disease by the rubber sheath.

By this point Erica was openly rubbing her swollen hole in anticipation of the largest cock she had ever seen. She spread her vagina lips wide open and grabbed the penis with her other hand. "Paul I want you to fuck me with this big black prick. I have never even dreamed of a cock like yours."

Paul continued forward while my wife aligned the head with her waiting vagina. The bulbous tip parted the lips and entered into her body. Erica screamed out as he inched further into the tight canal. "Oh god.... You are fucking huge.... Take it out..... Please take it out...." The football player ignored her pleas and continued digging in. After his cock was halfway inside, he slowly backed it out for another stroke.

Paul grabbed both of Erica's ankles with his large hand and pushed them up past her head. The lower end of her teardrop figure was now completely exposed. Erica placed both hands on his firm chest while he plowed into her vagina once again. The outer lips were stretched paper thin around the cock. He managed to get a little bit deeper on this stroke. At twelve inches he had reached the back of her vaginal cavity. The head was now poking against her cervix.

He gradually picked up speed until his cock was steadily fucking my wife. I could see her inner vagina lips sticking to the thick shaft as it pulled free of her body. It was coated in a thick white substance that resembled cottage cheese. Her body had over secreted something to accommodate the large organ. Erica would release a loud yelp every time he bottomed out inside her hole. She planted both hands on his firm ass cheeks to steady herself in the awkward position. I just watched the enormous back muscles flex as he rocked back and forth. Every detail could be seen in his chiseled backside.

Erica moved her hands from his ass to her own breasts. He was drilling in with such force that the large tits were hitting her chin. She began uncontrollably screaming out from the intense pleasure. The large cock simultaneously stimulated her clitoris and g-spot the entire time creating a euphoric sensation deep within her soul. Her upper body twisted back and forth under Paul's enormous frame.

"Fuck me harder Paul. Ohhhhh....... Ohhhhhhh......... Bury that cock into my pussy. Ohhh my god, fuck me.... Please fuck me," my innocent wife moaned.

Within seconds her body shook from an intense vaginal orgasm. The powerful convulsions resembled a seizure. Paul held her tight until the orgasm subsided. He then removed the huge black cock to allow her pussy to breathe. The poor hole hung wide open for the world to peer deep inside. A clear liquid began flowing from the pink cavern unto our brand new wooden table. A puddle was forming underneath her backside.

Paul quickly rammed back into her quivering pussy. Within a few minutes she moaned out as another orgasm swept through her body. At this point her hands were gripped around the top of the table to prevent her from falling off. The remainder of her body was either numb or tingling with orgasmic pleasure. The room echoed with her loud screams and moans. I hoped our neighbors wouldn't hear and call the police.

Erica experienced back to back orgasms for the next hour. Paul demonstrated complete control over his black tool. No matter how hard they fucked he wouldn't slip over the top. Their bodies were covered from head to toe in sweat. He finally released her ankles allowing her legs to drop. His large cock slipped free as he backed away and sat on the couch.

"Okay it is your turn to ride my cock baby."

Erica slowly stood up and limped over to the gigantic black man. He guided her onto the couch and lined up his cock with the hole as she sat down. Her hands rested on his broad shoulders while she bounced up and down on the black pipe. His large hands were all over that perfect butt. I knew he wanted to plow into that precious little brown star.

"Paul I want you to take off that condom and let me ride that veiny cock of yours. I need to feel the bumpy details pressed against my tight pussy," Erica pleaded.

She wanted to ride that huge dick bare-back. I couldn't imagine that a microscopic layer of latex made that much of a difference. Maybe it was just the thrill associated with the risk of a strange cock unloading inside of her body.

"I don't cum inside of new pussy. I don't want some little pregnant groupie trying to get at my money roll. You have to earn my trust before getting my seed in your cunt. There is one place that I will fuck unprotected," he proclaimed.

Erica had no idea what the football player was asking for in exchange. She replied to his comments with a blank stare. "Where would that be?" Paul smacked the firm butt cheeks with both hands. "Right between these perfect buns girl. There is plenty of room in there for my entire cock. I will even allow your husband to fuck my newly claimed pussy. That would be a first for me. A black bull like me never shares his territory with another male. Consider it an honor."

Erica jumped at the chance to drag be into the action even if it meant taking that monster up the ass. I quickly hopped from the armchair and proceeding to strip. There was a hesitation to remove my underwear because my five inch cock would look pathetic next to Paul. I eventually overcame the fear and dropped the white briefs revealing my own rock hard penis. It looked more like one of Paul's fingers. He chuckled at the first sight of my naked body. The identity of the true alpha male within the room was painfully obvious. My own wife whispered a comment into Paul's ear before displaying a large smile.

Paul waived me over to the couch and ordered me to sit next to him. He passed Erica's well fucked body over to my lap. I caught a glimpse of that once tight little vagina hole. It now hung open from the hour long fuck session. Her skin was slick from the layers of sweat. I kissed her on the neck to get a taste of the salty mixture. Her gigantic breasts pressed tightly against my chest as she began to lower unto my cock. I felt some warm liquid drip onto me from her pussy. Unfortunately, I couldn't see beyond the wonderful tits.

My cock slid right into Erica's pussy with a single motion. There was no friction whatsoever. It just dangled around in the gapping void. My wife placed her hand down between her legs to verify that I was actually inside. "Dam honey, I never realized how small you really are," she whispered in my ear. If it didn't get any tighter I would definitely go soft.

Paul removed the large condom and threw it to the living room floor. It glistened from my wife's vaginal juices. He walked over to his pants again and removed a small red tube that he emptied onto his shaft. It must have been some type of lubricant. I could sense that his large cock was dangling within a few inches of Erica's butt hole. "It is time baby. I want you husband to hold open that hole for me," Paul commanded.

I placed a hand on each of Erica's butt cheeks and spread them as far as possible. "Okay Paul, ram that big cock right into my wife's asshole. I want you to fuck her so hard that she wakes up the neighbors. Bury every inch of that black monster in her sweet little stink star," I begged.

Paul placed the large purple head against my wife's anus and slowly applied pressure. The gateway to her anal canal gradually adjusted to the enormous object. I began to feel the large cock pressed against my own as he passed the entrance. All of a sudden Erica's pussy was as tight as a virgin. The huge cock in her ass had eliminated the void. I could feel the inward stroke through the thin layer of skin that separated the two openings. The length seemed unbelievable as it rubbed past me. It was probing deep into my wife's bowels. I felt his heavy balls slap against my inner thighs as he bottomed out inside. The entire length of his manhood was nestled within my wife's anus.

Erica was pressed tightly against my body from the weight Paul had placed on her backside. We both remained completely still as he bore on with amazing stamina. The large breasts provided an excellent cushion between us. Paul showed no mercy. His cock was sliding in and out with full force. He must have been tearing her insides apart. The motion was penetrating through the thin layer of skin and stimulating my cock. I felt myself approaching an orgasm. My mind tried to focus on other issues to avoid the embarrassment of cumming while parked inside Erica's pussy.

Erica began wildly making out with me as Paul plowed her from behind. Her lips were alternating between my mouth and neck while random moans and grunts were released. It sounded like she was screaming right into my face. There was a string of drool hanging from the corner of her sweet mouth.

Erica quietly whispered in my ear between her labored gasps for air. "Paul is the greatest fuck ever. I can see why he plays with such confidence on the football field. Don't worry. I still love you honey even though you could never match up."

With that said Erica lifted away and began screaming out for more. "Fuck my asshole harder. Oh please ram that big cock deeper." Paul responded with a newfound energy. He was now removing his cock from her love button and ramming the entire length into her with a single motion. Her butt hole no longer provided any resistance to the black fuck tool. My hands were resting motionlessly on her bouncing hips. The sweet sweat coating indicated how enjoyable the whole experience was for her.

All of a sudden Erica's back arched and she fell into a full blown vaginal orgasm. Her tan body convulsed between Paul and I. Her pussy was squeezing my cock like a custom tailored glove. The massage was too much. I couldn't resist the physical temptation any longer. I began pumping my load into Erica's used vagina with unbelievable force. She cooed as the thick sperm splashed against her inner walls. My hands wrapped around her body as we both experienced the gut wrenching orgasms brought on by Paul. I could hear his prideful chuckle from behind my wife's ass.

My cock quickly went limp after depositing the load in Erica. The short rod slid from her hole which snapped shut from the pressure on the other end. Paul wrapped his gigantic black arms around Erica and lifted her from my lap on the couch. She was now dangling in the air with her ass still impaled on the huge shaft. Her body twitched from the orgasm delivered earlier. The minor muscle tremors were still visible to the naked eye.

Paul sat down into my favorite arm chair with Erica still attached. Her feet made contact with the large leather arm rests. I admired her glistening body. Her large tits and neatly trimmed mound now faced me once again. She placed her arms on Paul's firm chest to guide her body along the black cock lodged in her ass. I sat there in awe as my sweet wife rode that enormous dick like a professional.

I spotted a stream of cum forming around my wife's slit. Paul's cock had begun to force out my deposit. A single drop fell onto his leg. The contrast between my white ejaculate and his black skin made it that much more obvious. "Shit Erica your cunt is leaking all over the place. I don't want your husband's cum touching me," Paul complained.

An angry Paul placed his huge bicep behind Erica's knees and pulled her back towards his body. She now lay against his chest with her legs stretched out towards them at a forty five degree angle. Her beautiful v-shaped figure was now in full display. Paul bounced her body up and down on his cock. Her mouth released an endless series of unintelligible moans and gasps.

"Cuuuuummmm, cuuuuummmmm, in my asshole. Dump that black semen into bowels,? Erica screamed as she rubbed her ass against his pubic region.

Paul yelled out as his large black balls began pulsating between his legs. I could see the thick sperm pumping through the shaft into my little wife's hole. His must have been holding out for a while because his dick pumped for at least sixty seconds straight. Erica motioned me over to help remove her spent body from her black lover's lap. I lifted her off and the long shaft slid from her butt hole with a loud sucking sound. It fell against his leg with a loud plop. A thick white and tan coating covered the dark brown skin.

I placed Erica on the couch directly across from the arm chair. She was practically unconscious and very incoherent. Paul looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Hey baby come over here and clean me up. You left a mess on my cock. You don't get any more until you clean up after your self," he whispered in a deep voice.

A dazed Erica slid from the couch unto her knees and began to crawl to her new master. She lifted her head into his lap and began licking the soiled shaft. She hungrily gobbled up the thick white clumps that hung from the flaccid shaft. My nasty wife was enjoying a combination of cum, sweat, and feces. I couldn't believe she would lick something that had been buried over eighteen inches into her own anus. The room was filled with loud slurping sounds from Erica's busy mouth.

My eyes were fixated on her superb butt wiggling right in front of my face. The round cheeks stuck out from here body revealing the puffy mound nestled between her legs. Anyone could have spotted the bright red swollen holes from a mile away. They hung wide open from the enormous cock that had penetrated Erica's being. They showed ext eme wear and tear from the hour long fuck session Paul had initiated. It resembled something you would see in a medical book. Her thoroughly stretched vagina reminded me of her body right after giving birth to the twins.

The image drove me crazy so I had to move in for a closer look. I crawled up behind Erica's spread butt. She didn't notice me at first because of her preoccupation with the spent cock. She held the limp dick in one hand while licking it clean with her mouth. The organ still put me to shame in its softened state. It reminded me of an opened tube of Pillsbury cookies you would buy at the grocery store.

I gasped out loud when my face first rose above Erica's butt hole. It hung open at least three inches wide. I could see deep inside the hole down into the inner depths of her body. The walls were a mixture of pink and light red and ended in an enormous lake of pearly white cum. Paul must have pumped a full liter into my wife's bowels. Her pussy wasn't in any better shape. It hung open allowing me to gaze into her most private places. Both holes twitched from the continued muscle spasms within.

The urge to stimulate her body while she serviced Paul was too powerful to resist. I rolled unto my back and slid my face up to her stretched slit. My nose sensed the unmistakable stench of another man's cock. I didn't need to witness the act to know that another sweaty dick had penetrated my wife and forever placed its mark of infidelity on her. It had explored places inside of her that I could never reach with my own manhood.

Erica began rocking her body back and forth over my face as I caressed it with my tongue. When confronted with an opportunity to exploit my sexual inferiority, she held nothing back. She practically smothered me with her well fucked pussy hole. I knew the deliberate grunts were not a product of my oral stimulation. Her black lover had already fucked her pussy numb. She was merely revealing in the public humiliation of her cuckold husband. The performance was just to demonstrate to Paul that she wore the pants in this relationship.

He quickly observed Erica's renewed interest in sexual play. He bent over and whispered something into her ear. She giggled before nodding her head in acceptance. I didn't want to contemplate what she had just agreed to but I had an idea. It would be the most degrading and humiliating act anyone could imagine. I trembled at the very thought of that puddle of semen lodged in her asshole.

Sure enough, Erica lifted up into a squatting position over my face. Her stretched asshole aligned with my mouth just in time for me to catch the first drops of cum that leaked out. The opening had a foul smell that made me want to gag. I could see the battered muscles inside her butt trying to squeeze together to force out the semen mixture. Within seconds a river of the beige substance flowed from her. I tried not to image what it was as I busily swallowed down every drop. Erica rubbed my head as if to congratulate me for performing so well. The seemingly endless supply kept me occupied for at least twenty minutes.

Paul had moved to another couch to get a better view. His face indicated the pride he felt from subjugating another married white woman and her wimp husband. He was amazed that Erica was able to accommodate such a large cock for the entire time. Most women would break down and cause him to cut the fuck session short. She even took the initiative and rode his huge dong with all her might. Her un-relentless ability combined with the super sexy Latina look made her one of his top five all time great fucks. He would definitely be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

All of a sudden, Erica was lifted from the ground by Paul's large arms. He threw her body over his right shoulder. I looked up and saw the huge cock dangling between his legs. It appeared to be growing in size. He gave Erica's butt a firm spank before turning away and heading for the staircase.

"Thanks for cleaning out those holes for me. I hate fucking a sloppy pussy or butt. We won't need your services anymore this evening," Paul indicated.

I heard the heavy footsteps echo overhead. After entering our bedroom there was a loud slam from the door closing. Their private fuck session lasted for the remainder of the night and into the wee hours of the morning. The house was filled with Erica's moans and grunts. The bed made a loud squeaking sound that continually disturbed my sleep. All night my sweet little wife called out to her black lover. She still begged for cock out loud at 4:00 am. Somehow Paul was able to deliver.

I awoke in the morning as Paul came downstairs to get a drink of water. The entire night had been spent on the living room couch while my favorite football player fucked my wife all night long in our bed. The entire situation was completely unbelievable. We talked for a few minutes before Erica emerged from the staircase. She looked like a complete wreck from the night of intense sex. We engaged in a deep hug and kiss when she entered the room. After exchanging "I love yous?" we sat in the kitchen to have some breakfast.

The two love birds informed me that they had a plane to catch in an hour. Paul wanted to take Erica with on his monthly trip to Miami Beach. He promised to fly her back on Sunday night to be home in time for the kids' return. There wasn't really much I could say to stop her so I just agreed to the trip. Besides, Paul was one of my athletic heroes and the thought of him showing that much interest in my wife made me proud. I would gladly hand her over to him at anytime. The only negative was I wouldn't be there to witness the fucking but she would surely fill in the details.

They both went upstairs to clean up before heading to the airport. The two of them couldn't have caught more than an hour of sleep the entire night. Erica came back into the living room dressed like a superstar ready to go clubbing for the night. She was wearing a skin tight pair of blue and green plaid shorts with a white halter top. The clothing was made from stretch material that revealed everything. Her feet were dressed in a pair of white pumps. Paul entered the room and asked what I thought of the outfit he had picked out for her. I didn't even know that she owned clothes like that.

Erica and I said our goodbyes before one final embrace. She would only be gone for two days but I knew what she would be doing. It would be a non-stop weekend of sex and debauchery. I watched the two walk to the car hand in hand. Paul had planted his hand on my wife's scantily clad ass. The tight shorts were riding up her round cheeks. The plaid covered bottom seemed to deliberately sway back and forth as she strutted down the sidewalk. I waved as the car backed out of the driveway and sped away. It paused just long enough to spot Erica's head disappear into Paul's lap. It looked like the fun had already begun for her new black master.

On Sunday afternoon I picked up the kids from my in-laws' house. We returned to the house and awaited Erica's return. A limousine pulled up to the house around nine o'clock at night. I hardly recognized the lady that climbed from the rear door. She now had blonde streaks flowing through her once dark brown hair. A pair of pink Capri pants clung to her body and a matching halter top held her breasts in place. She looked like some kind of model.

Erica limped through the front door and dropped two handfuls of shopping bags on the floor for me to carry upstairs. It looked like Paul had taken her out for some serious shopping in Miami. I noticed she walked very slow, deliberately avoiding her upper thighs rubbing together. Her new lover must have really banged the shit out of her. Images of that enormous black cock plowing into her quivering body raced through my head. I gave her pink butt a gentle slap when she turned to head upstairs. The faint outline of a thong indicated she had returned to wearing underwear in public.

"Be careful with that. I brought you home dessert all the way from Miami. Paul packed it in this morning before I left his house just for you. Luckily there was a leg rest in the first class section to keep my pelvis elevated. I didn't spill a drop."

Erica limped upstairs to the master bedroom while I tucked the children in for the evening. Afterwards I entered the room with a bottle of chilled champagne and two crystal glasses. We polished off the whole thing before I assumed my position between her legs. The next several hours were spent orally cleaning Paul's cum from every orifice on her body. Judging by the amount, they must have spent the entire weekend fucking. It poured from her vagina and anus like a river. He had dumped quarts of the sperm up there and it was just starting to flow out. Afterwards Erica let me fuck her well used pussy. The vaginal walls were so stretched that it barely created any friction against my skin. The cleanup had made me extremely horny so I added my own contribution after several minutes.

Over the next five months our relationship developed into the current arrangement. Paul's superior masculinity has ended Erica's promiscuous behavior. She is now a two man woman. Paul satisfies her every sexual need. She usually spends every other weekend with him. They also go out of town together a lot during football season when he has road games. I am there to fulfill all of her other needs. My addiction to creampies has not faded. Erica always makes sure to save plenty of cum for me.

It really isn't a bad setup. I get free season tickets to the football games and get to meet the players. Erica gets to see the world and live like a movie star. I just hope she gets knocked up by Paul's eighteen inch cock. It would be an honor and privilege to raise the kid of a professional football player.
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