My Neighborhood Welcome

Written by Bungholio79 / Aug 28, 2002


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I decided to write this story in order to detail the significant transformation I experienced over the last twelve months of my life. If you had described my current situation to me a year ago, I would have laughed in your face at the mere thought. Who would have thought that the quiet little suburban girl with the perfect life would place herself in such perilous circumstances? Let me begin with a brief introduction. My name is Trish and I live a very exciting life for a married white woman in her late twenties. My husband Edwin and I have been happily married for nine years. He is a very successful account executive for a large investment company. I work for myself from home as a freelance advertising agent. Our careers have been the primary focus of our l ves ever since graduating college. This left very little free time for us to spend together. It didn't seem to bother us because all of our needs were being met.

I have always been a very petite woman weighting 115 pounds at five feet and seven inches tall. My body is very well toned with curves in all the appropriate places. I am a natural sandy blonde with layered hair reaching down to my perky 32C breasts. I usually have to wear padded bras to conceal the large nipples. My husband always compares them to pencil erasers. My lower body is well defined with a slight bubble butt in the middle. It makes a perfect heart shape when viewed from behind.

A short time ago Edwin and I decided to leave our suburban roots and migrate into the big city. We both grew up in an affluent suburb on the outskirts of Chicago. Our jobs and social engagements brought us into the loop everyday of the week, so moving closer made the most sense. We sold our house and purchased a brand new townhouse on the city's edge.

Our new place was a three story red brick building with a two car garage on the first floor. The entire street consisted of a random dispersion of buildings. We were bordered on both sides by identical buildings. The property used to be a series of abandoned houses and old industrial complexes that were purchased very cheap under a city-wide gentrification plan. Everything was torn down and replaced with the new, modern structures. The townhouses sold for over four hundred thousand dollars each. However, some of the surrounding property was still in pretty poor shape. Everyone believed our neighborhood would overrun the older areas and push out the current residents.

We didn't really do any deep exploration of the surrounding area because we purchased the place in the dead of winter. Most of the time we traveled into the city anyways. There were a few shady individuals that would wonder through our streets from time to time, but the local police district did an excellent job of keeping the law. Luckily several of the people in our neighborhood were members of the police force. They made sure that our area received the necessary attention.

Edwin had just received a new promotion at his firm. It provided a large salary increase but required him to travel a lot more. He didn't even consult with me before accepting the new appointment. The end result was seeing less and less of my husband. The city can be a lonely place when you don't have another person to share it with. I tried to cope by investing the extra time and energy into my own business. This worked for a while but there was still something missing.

Edwin would usually return to Chicago for one week every month. During this time he would still work from the downtown office. It offered us a chance to get reacquainted with each others lives. We would also play catch up in the bedroom. Edwin is an average sized man at six inches. I led a sheltered adolescence so there really wasn't much to compare him to. When we met and fell into love he was only the second guy I had ever slept with. He seemed like a good lay but I didn't know for sure.

Edwin left town again after our romantic week together. I decided to invite several of my friends over for diner and conversation. Belinda and Lisa both arrived around five in the afternoon. We were all excited because we hadn't seen each other since I moved into the city. I went ahead and popped the cork on our first bottle of wine. We spent the next hour catching up on each other's current situation.

I realized the three of us were all very similar. We all were about the same age and married with no children. All of our husbands worked long hours to provide the high standard of living we were accustomed to. It reminded me of a club for lonely women with unavailable spouses.

"Girls I have to tell you a secret but you must swear never to reveal it to anyone else," Belinda proclaimed.

After a nod from Lisa and I she continued with the revelation.

"Last week I cheated on my husband Bill with our pool guy. I believed Bill had been stepping out on me almost every time he took a business trip. He finally was caught on his last fur low to Boston."

Belinda continued, "Our pool guy is a tall black man and let me assure you that the myth is true. I seduced him in my bathing suit just to get even with Bill but little did I know what would happen. He brought me upstairs where we fucked for the entire afternoon. I couldn't tell you how many orgasms swept through my body. He had the thickest, longest cock I had ever seen in my life."

I felt my body tingling from the sordid details of Belinda's infidelity. It sounded so wrong to screw another man behind her husbands back. I wondered if all black men were like that in bed or if she was just lucky. It was just a myth. How can an entire race be blessed with such a talent. The mood in the room became highly charged with sexual energy. I wanted to know more but was afraid to sound too interested in the details.

All of a sudden Lisa broke the silence with her own confession. "Belinda don't feel bad. I once cheated on my husband with a black co-worker at my old job. He was a cashier at the store I managed. The guy came onto me one night after hours. I tried to resist until he flashed his cock at me. The thing was huge and I had to give it a try. One stroke had me hooked on the young man's tool. He fucked me everyday after work for months until he left for college. I was psychologically devastated and had to attend therapy for months."

Belinda looked at me and questioned, "Okay Trish lets hear your story." I wanted to reveal but unfortunately there was nothing to tell. My girlfriends looked disappointed when I told them the unexciting news. My husband and I shared a healthy relationship that never forced me to look elsewhere. Until lately, we resembled the perfect couple. Sleeping around with complete strangers just wasn't my style. Conservative values had dictated my sexual behavior throughout my life and I didn't expect that to change anytime soon.

Our conversation eventually shifted back to more appropriate discussion topics. We finished our dinner and watched a comedy on television. Before I knew it the clock displayed midnight. Belinda and Lisa had to head home for their houses in the suburbs. We all hugged goodbye before the two women left for the evening.

That night I had a very difficult time falling asleep. I had become used to sleeping in an empty bed. It was the tales of infidelity that captured my thoughts. They both seemed so innocent on the outside. Who would ever think that they cheated on their husbands with young black men? The whole situation was so taboo. We had been raised to associate with our own kind. To spend free time with a man of color would never be appropriate for a young Caucasian woman. Especially if she is happily married to a successful man. I couldn't understand what temptation would cause my friends to behave in such a manner.

The next day I awoke to the sound of road construction outside my bedroom window. The loud jack hammer echoed through the hallways. It would be impossible to fall back asleep so I decided to go for a morning jog. It had been awhile since the last time I ran and my body was beginning to show it. I had plumped up to almost 120 pounds. There was also a tiny belly developing above my pants line. I think my body was trying to tell me something. At our old house I would go for a jog everyday. The habit hadn't carried over into my city lifestyle. Right now seemed like a perfect time to start up again. It would be a great way to get acquainted with the new neighborhood.

After a quick shower, I went to the closet to locate some running gear. The weather channel indicated a high temperature for the day so I had to dress appropriately. I spotted a bag towards the back of the closet that appeared vaguely familiar. It must have been my old workout bag. The flaps flew open as I unpacked the spandex outfits. There were several that I really enjoyed wearing.

Eventually, I chose a dark blue Nike set. The top consisted of a tiny sports bra with a large white swoosh on the front. I squeezed my body into the tiny outfit. It felt a little tighter than I remembered it. The C cup breasts stretched the top to its physical limit. The shorts were even tighter and barely stretched over my curvy butt cheeks. I looked in the full body mirror to get a better perspective. The room was cold forcing the eraser tip nipples through the tight fabric. I turned my body and noticed that the lines from my underwear were totally visible. I quickly removed the cotton panties to improve the profile. The smooth uninterrupted curve of my ass was much more appealing in the mirror. I turned again and gasped out loud from the surprise. The outline from my puffy vagina lips could be seen through the stretch material. It looked a little trashy but there really wasn't anything I could do.

I left the townhouse through the gated back door. The warm rays of the sun radiated against the bare skin. The fruity smell of wild flowers filled the morning air. I began with a brisk jog north down the main boulevard. The soft running shoes slid across the pavement with ease. After several miles of pavement my body still didn't show any indication of fatigue.

At the next intersection I made a right turn and began heading west. After a few dozen blocks the scenery slowly began to change. The buildings looked drab and run down in comparison to my immediate neighborhood. It seemed like I had ventured into a completely different city. Most of the brick structures were old industrial and manufacturing facilities that had been shut down long ago. The scene forced me to consider what had happened to all of the jobs. At one time this entire area must have been bustling with activity. Now it resembled some sort of urban ghost town.

My thoughts quickly faded as I paced into another residential district. One side of the street was lined with old worn out houses while the other consisted of ten story dilapidated high rises. The land surrounding the structures consisted of pure dirt covered in trash and weeds, a stark contrast to the plush landscaping in my own yard. A large sign in front of the first run down building confirmed that I had stumbled upon a government sponsored housing project. My first instinct was to turn around and run the other direction as quickly as possible. However, the voice of curiosity beckoned from within. I had always wanted to help out the underprivileged segments of society. This could be a chance to witness their turmoil firsthand.

My body started to tire as I treaded along the silent street. The boarded up windows and abandoned cars indicated not to stop. I rounded the bend and finally spotted signs of life. There was a set of elevated train tracks off in the distance. Hopefully, I could catch a train back to a safer section of the city. My expedition into this urban wasteland now felt like a really bad idea. Especially since I was half naked in a totally unfamiliar place.

I was forced to slow down to a brisk walk because my body could no longer breathe in the oxygen necessary to continue the trot. The train station couldn't have been more than a mile away so it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Besides the high rise buildings didn't show any signs of life. They probably weren't even occupied.

I passed the next building and looked over to my left beyond the overgrown weeds. A large group of guys were assembled around two asphalt basketball courts. Every single one of them had black skin in varying shades. There wasn't a Caucasian in a five mile radius with the exception of me. They looked very tough and intimidating to a little white girl from the suburbs. Many had removed their shirts to cope with the rising summer temperature. I noticed several obscene tattoos covering the dark ripped muscles. A lot of the guys had a star type symbol on their right arm probably indicating some type of gang affiliation. As I approached the courts the faces became much clearer revealing that many of the onlookers were actually high school age. No wonder the city had problems with school attendance.

I picked up the pace in an attempt to reach the cover of the next building before anyone noticed my presence. These guys probably aren't used to seeing a half naked white woman trotting through their poor neighborhood. Who knows how they would react to the sight. To make things even worse, I had no way to call for assistance. I didn't know where to direct someone to even if I could locate a telephone.

Suddenly, a loud whistle emerged from the group of guys. Several more followed along with a flurry of sexually explicit comments. I wasn't an expert on these types of situations but I knew to get as far away as possible quickly. I didn't want to do anything to escalate the behavior. Ignoring the vulgar language while quickly walking away seemed to work. I had almost reached the next building when one of the guys called out to me directly.

"Hey baby why don't you bring that tight little white ass over here and give us a halftime show? If you are any good I may give you a nice chocolate treat."

I pretended not to hear the dangerous proposition.

"Hey I am talking to you bitch. Don't walk away when I am talking to you," he barked.

The fear triggered a flight reaction in my head so I immediately began sprinting from the basketball court area. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. The sound of large feet echoed behind me indicating that several men were in hot pursuit. The thought of getting caught by these animals fueled every muscle in my body. The other feet were quickly gaining on my position from behind. My small frame placed me at a disadvantage to the larger athletes. It would only be a matter of time before they would catch up. One final high rise stood between me and the large open field that surrounded the elevated train station. I jumped the curb and entered the tall grasses of the abandoned lot. Out of no where my left foot snagged on a large rock and sent my body flying through the air. I landed with a hard thump knocking me completely unconscious.

I awoke to a groggy state from the sound of laughter in the distance. My surroundings had significantly changed during the sleep time. The first thing I noticed was the searing temperature within the strange room. There were several windows in the room that looked nailed shut. The sun peered in creating a dry sauna. My spandex running outfit was completely saturated with sweat along with my bear skin. I could even smell my own body odor. As my eyes scanned the room, I remembered the circumstances prior to tripping on the rock.

The first reaction was to crawl out the window and run for help. I began to get up when I discovered my wrists were tied firmly to an old radiator pipe behind my head. I was trapped here in an old abandoned room. The room had no furnishings except for a stack of folding chairs in the corner. Empty beer bottles and other trash coated the wooden floor. I was resting on an old mattress placed directly on the floor. It was covered with large stains and emitted a horrid musty smell. My own body sweat had begun to soak into the old material adding to the odor. The filthy room must have been located in one of the old high rise buildings. I didn't want to imagine what this room was used for or what the captors had in store for me. Escaping this shit hole was priority one.

The room had a flimsy door separating me from the mysterious voices on the other side. I could hear a lot of talking and laughing but couldn't make out the details. If anyone came in and discovered I was awake, it would all be over. My body frayed from side to side as I tried to free my hands from the restraints. It felt like a cloth type belt or scarf. The metal radiator pipe would not budge an inch. The only hope was to try and loosen the knot. I maneuvered my body around on the mattress so my feet were actually touching the floor. My wrists were extremely wet with sweat so I hoped to just slide free. Just as I began to make progress the thin door swung open and a tall black man entered. I immediately dropped back against the mattress.

The stranger looked about eighteen years old and was very handsome in a weird way. He didn't have a shirt on so I could see his bare muscular chest. The dark flesh sparkled in the bright sun light from perspiration. My eyes accidentally lowered down to his pubic region where I spotted the biggest bulge ever. Maybe the myth about black guys contained some truth. Here I thought my friends were just exaggerating about their extramarital affairs. I couldn't believe that I actually found this man attractive. He was holding me here in this shitty apartment against my will. How could I even consider the thought of speaking with this guy let alone something physical?

"Baby you are finally awake. I was really worried about that fine ass of yours. Me and the crew have been waiting for over two hours," the guy commented.

He seemed like a reasonable man so I decided to address him with my most humble plea. Maybe his concern for my health was genuine and he just brought me here to recover from the fall.

"Hello, my name is Trish and I really appreciate your concern for my well-being. Would you happen to have a telephone that I could use to call home for a ride?" I questioned.

The man walked right up to my face before responding in a quiet whisper. "Trish, saving you was my personal pleasure. I need you to do me a small favor in return. In case you hadn't noticed my tattoos, they identify me as a ranking member of the black gangster brothers. The next room contains my twelve pee-wee recruits. They have just been initiated into the gang and it is my responsibility to maintain their welfare. Most of them have never seen a real naked woman up close and I would like to change that. Would you mind flashing them into adulthood?"

Considering the circumstances, I had very little choice in the matter. Perhaps if I played along he would let me go. As long as I made it out of here the police could come back for the group. Flashing a few boys wasn't the worse possible torture in the world, so I nodded with a reluctant yes.

"Alright Trish. You just do as I tell you and everything will be fine. If you try to escape or resist I will personally kill you. Nobody would ever find your body in this part of town."

The guy reached behind my head and untied the cloth restraint from the radiator pipe. I just sat there in front of the young gang leader. He was now my master whether I liked it or not. He walked into the other room again and returned with his crew in tow. Each one grabbed a folding chair as they formed a small circle around the mattress. I closely examined each person's face. They all appeared to be high school age or younger. Several had real smooth baby faces. Most of the boys were actually quite attractive for black males.

The temperature in the small room began to rise quickly as the head count increased. I hoped these kids didn't mind the sweat odor my pores were secreting. Everyone started talking amongst themselves about the hot little blonde before them. Some of the comments were pretty explicit but I just ignored the outbursts. The sexual tension contained in that room was overflowing. These guys wanted to do much more that look at a naked woman. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do to stop them from ravaging my petite body. I began to contemplate the few options in front of me. I could risk my life by fighting off the boys with everything I had or I could play along. Either way these guys were going to fuck me but maybe I could control the situation by cooperating on my own terms.

The leader introduced me to the group and issued the order to strip down before the boys. I slowly pried the sweat soaked clothes from my body. The group broke out in hoots and howlers when I uncovered the C cup breasts. The round tits flopped free from the restrictive sports bra as I pulled the material over my head and threw it to the side. I then caressed them with both hands. The hard nipples poked out like a pair of brand new eraser tips.

The boys had been passing around a bowl and urged me to take a hitter. I grabbed the homemade pipe and sucked in the dense smoke. The pot had definitely been laced with something because I almost fell over from the initial sensation. The small room became a little fussy and all of the background noise sounded amplified. I continued to breathe in the potent smoke until the pipe went completely empty. Needless to say the guys were very impressed with my smoking abilities. I felt my inhibitions subside and became overwhelmed with desire. How could I be this horny when these thugs were holding me against my will? It must have been the drugs.

"Okay Trish lets see you perform a little dance for the boys," the leader commanded.

In the interest of personal safety I decided to comply with my black master. I stumbled over to the first guy's chair and started to perform a quick lap dance. My sweat soaked thighs rubbed against his large knees. I slowly grinded my butt into his lap as he caressed my slim hips with his hands. He pulled me close to his body so I could feel the package tucked between his legs. The lump of warm flesh felt huge even through all the clothes. This kid was packing an enormous piece of meat. It seemed like my friends were at least right about one thing. I continued rubbing against his cock to see how large it could get. It eventually grew to touch over halfway down the back of my thigh. I wondered if his cock was a fluke or not.

I lifted my small frame from his lap and slid over to the next boy. He looked much larger in comparison to the last one. I hopped between his legs and rubbed him to a substantial erection. The cock snaked down his pants leg almost to his knee. Maybe it was the drugs but my body ached for some action. I wanted to experience one of these colossal cocks for myself. My husband hadn't serviced me in over three months and I had begun to think my pussy would seize up from neglect. It was definitely alive and flowing with juices thanks to these young men.

Acting this risqu? was completely out of character for me. I wanted to feel one of those monsters deep inside of my tight hole. It couldn't be that hard to get one of these guys into my shorts. I lifted up and stuck the spandex covered butt right in his face. The angle of my body forced my swollen pussy lips out between the thighs. I was positive that the skin tight material revealed every single detail of my slit to the would be fuck partner. He could smell the juicy pocket of pale flesh just waiting for a black cock to split it open to the world.

"Damn boys this bitch is ripe for the pickin. She isn't wearing any panties under these shorts. That beaver is just peeking out from behind. I can even smell that sweet cunt. Trish can you show me what is inside of there? I have never seen a naked pussy," the boy asked.

I jumped up and took a step back from the boy's chair.

"That is no fair. I already showed you guys my tits. All of you need to show me what is in your pants first. We are all in the same boat since most of you have never seen a real pussy before and I have never actually seen a black dick. Lets see what you boys have to offer."

With that said I hunched over and stuck both hands on my protruding butt. The boys began removing their clothes in a frenzy of activity. While they fumbled around with the shirts and shorts, I dug both thumbs into the waistband of my running shorts and slowly peeled the thin material from my skin. The vagina breathed a sigh of relief when the fresh air made contact with the damp opening. A warm tingle rushed through my entire body as I kicked the shorts away. I now was completely exposed to the room of boys. There was a short pause before I spun around to see what the crew looked like naked. Even my most creative fantasies couldn't have prepared me for the sight. These twelve boys were all packing at least a ten inch cock. Several measured significantly larger than that. They appeared freakishly large to a 120 pound white woman that had never witnessed anything beyond six inches. This definitely confirmed my friends claim that black guys all had large dicks but could these virgins possibility know how to please a fully grown woman?

Since this was my first experience with multiple guys, I had no idea where to start. Should I go in ascending size or take the biggest first to get it over with? I could feel my engorged slit wet with fresh juices as it waited in anticipation for a real man size cock. I dropped to my knees on the worn out mattress. This battered piece of cloth and stuffing would have to hold out for one final performance. For a moment I paused and wondered how many other women were forced to service men in this very spot. The dried cum stains suggested quite a few.

The now fully naked boys moved in closer to form a tiny circle around the mattress. I randomly selected an audience member and crawled up to his chair. My elbows rested on his knees while I kissed up and down his inner thighs. His behavior seemed very nervous and jumpy like he had never seen a white woman's head between his legs before. I definitely enjoyed teasing the young man with my feminine presence. His cock reacted to the foreplay by expanding to its full size. I felt the large shaft rubbing against the smooth skin of my face. The thick piece of black flesh tickled my skin with the large veins protruding from the sides. I could hardly wait to feel that thing inside my tiny body. It was going to turn my world upside down.

I slowly rotated my head to make initial contact with the warm shaft. It looked so menacing resting there on his leg. How could a little woman like me not be intimidated by such a large tool? The mere thought of what that thing could do to me was almost enough to cause an orgasm. My lips slowly made contact with the smooth skin of his cock. He released a small sigh as if to say thank you for finally touching it. The lips parted as my tongue snaked out to greet our new found friend. I gradually licked downwards towards the tip. The dark purple head resembled a small plum with a very tough outer skin. This thing was freaking huge.

I looked up to make eye contact with the owner before wrestling the head into my mouth. It felt like someone had jammed an entire hot dog into my mouth, bun and all. I ran my tongue along the underside while it remained lodged in my oral cavity. The boy released a loud moan as he reluctantly placed his hands on my sweaty shoulders. I struggle to get more of the cock into my mouth but had little success. Instead I sort of rocked back and forth on the hardened tip.

In order to move things along and get some sexual gratification for myself, I began twisting my hips back and forth. In the doggy style position the movement caused my bare butt to rhythmically sway. Since my knees were still touching, the vagina was squeezed tightly between my upper thighs causing an arousing sensation through my clit. I could feel the eyes behind me fixated on my precious little opening. None of the boys wanted to step forward yet and take control my vagina.

"Come on boys. I want one of you to plant a big black cock inside and make me scream for more. Nothing has been in there for months. Please someone fuck me now!" I screamed.

One of the boys jumped in response to my desperate plea. He fumbled to line up his cock with my quivering vaginal slit. "Are you sure this will fit in there?" he questioned. I nodded yes while pushing my body back onto his erect shaft. The large head parted the engorged lips and entered the pink canal. The thickness sent a wave of unique sensations through my lower body. It felt like something was ripping through my insides. I quickly moved forward to free the hole from the huge object. The boy firmly gripped my narrow waist and pulled me back onto his manhood. I screamed so loud when the tip bottomed out against my cervix that I almost bit the cock embedded in my mouth.

After a few long strokes my vagina had stretched far enough to accommodate the fat cock. The pleasurable sensations were unbelievable. I thought that I died and went to heaven. The young virgin plowed into my hole with no mercy whatsoever. I screamed out in pure ecstasy as the boy scraped the inner lining deep within my pussy. I gripped the cock in front of me with both hands and jerked it as hard as the dick pistoning between my legs. The black boy yelled as his cock exploded right in my face. The first powerful jet of creamy white sperm impacted my forehead with a smack. It was followed by five more streams that landed in my hair and across the side of my face. I continued jerking the cock until he pulled away. It still twitched after releasing seventeen years of pent up sexual energy.

I moved to the next lap and got started on another twelve inch black monster. The previous boy's cum dripped from my face onto the old mattress. I had now made my first contribution to the adolescent monument of sexual conquest. Suddenly I felt the familiar sensation of a pulsating cock within my body. I could feel the cum shots slapping up against my vaginal tunnel. This boy had just dumped an enormous load of sperm into my unprotected pussy. Rather than protest the unsafe act, I squeezed my vaginal muscles around the spent cock. The sensation forced him from my hole to make room for the next conqueror. A surge of relief shot through my body when the cock slipped free from the tight vaginal grasp.

Another boy quickly assumed the position behind my ass and rammed into me with all his might. His cock felt much larger and had an unusual bend that directly stimulated my g-spot. I screamed out in a loud growling sound. The boy seemed amazed by the power he was able to wield over this white woman. I could feel him ramming in even harder than before. The stimulation proved to be overwhelming so I just rested my head in the other guys lap while he face fucked me. His smaller girth allowed the dick to actually fit inside my mouth. I just laid there sandwiched in-between two complete strangers. It occurred to me that I didn't even know their names but that didn't prevent them from getting into my shorts.

The odd shaped cock continued to rub against my magic button. I just hoped he wouldn't climax before finishing the job. The cock in my mouth was getting dangerously close to exploding. I hate the taste of cum in my mouth so I pulled the shaft out and began jerking it off with both hands. I pumped the boys load onto my perking breasts and cleavage. The thick white ropes of black semen remained intact on my body like Elmer's glue. The proud young man gave my perky tits a firm squeeze before I crawled to the next erect cock in line.

The guy inside my vagina was now upright in a squatting position to feed more in. His large balls slapped against the back of my legs as he implanted the full length. The pleasurable sensation continued to build until I finally reached the plateau. My body exploded into a full-blown orgasm. I moaned at the top of my lungs while convulsing under the black boy. He came to a complete stop and apologized for the vaginal assault. "Uhhggghh, don't stop. Fuck that white pussy with that big black cock. Make me scream louder."

The confused boy continued with the power fuck. I screamed even louder as the cock head collided with my inner limits. Before I fully recovered from the orgasm, my lover dumped his load into the stretched pussy. I had to turn around and compliment the young man on his performance because there cannot be many virgins that can give a woman such a powerful orgasm. I tried to kiss his lips but he redirected me to his neck. I guess he didn't want to taste his body's cock on my breathe. He gave my ass a pat before leaving the mattress.

I continued to take several more guys in the doggy-style position before collapsing onto my stomach. My knees were practically rubbed raw from the extreme friction. Another boy with a very long cock came up behind me and drilled my bruised pussy. His shaft still had about six inches hanging out when he reached the back of my vagina. In this position his cock had direct access to my clit and g-spot. Within seconds I experienced another gut-wrenching orgasm. I flopped back and forth under his powerful grip. He banged me like this for at least twenty five minutes. I lost track of how many orgasms he set off deep within. Several boys had jerked their cocks off into my long blonde hair while watching their friend get busy. Eventually he added his sperm to the collection between my legs.

The boys continued to fuck my poor little pussy in every possible position imaginable. I rode them, they rode me. You name it and I assure you we did it. I was reduced to a sweaty, cum-drenched fuck doll for any black cock that could remain hard. My hole became so stretched and battered that I could barely feel what was being stuffed inside. It didn't matter, as long as they could hit my hot spot to trigger another orgasm. The mattress was now covered in large puddles of black semen and sweat. It flowed from my hole like a white river. My hair was twisted and matted from the dried cum. The boys had overcome their earlier shyness and now fucked me with pure abandon. They showed no mercy or concern for my needs. It was all about pleasuring their own primal instincts. Luckily the cocks were large enough to pleasure me regardless of the owner?s intent.

It must have been pretty late because the sun had set and the room was dimly lit. My body had sustained numerous mattress burns making sex very painful. The boys were also complaining about how loose my pussy had become. The once tight hole had been transformed into a distorted mound of stretched, raw flesh. It didn't even look like a slit anymore. It was just a large red hole that hung open with thick white juice flowing out.

One boy started making lewd comments out loud directed towards the group. "This cunt is completely fucked out boys. I doubt the little white bitch can handle much more cock."

As much as I hated to admit the truth, he was right. After eight hours of non-stop fucking I definitely needed a break. My body felt numb and my bladder was ready to explode. Dehydration also had begun to take its toll on my energy levels.

"Nonsense, this bitch still has two other holes that are in fine working order. You boys know the rules. She doesn't leave until all of us are completely spent."

Two of the boys lifted my body up from the mattress and seated me on a metal folding chair. The semen began to flow down from deep within my pussy onto the chair seat. The cool metal felt great against my warm thighs. I positioned myself all the way back against the chair so my round buttocks poked through the opening in the middle.

Four of the boys were lined up around the front of the chair. They started to stroke their cocks to a fully erect state. Before long I was starring at a combined fifty inches of thick black tool. At the same time, a large pair of hands massaged my exposed ass from behind. I pushed it back further to offer unobstructed access to my battered opening. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed the cock being advanced towards me. It was the biggest one in the room at fourteen inches with the girth of a soup can. I yelped as the fat rod split my pussy apart. Even in its bruised state, the hole could react to the super size cock.

The boys in front of my face urged him to fuck me harder.

"Drill that loose white cunt while we introduce her to a new drink. So you don't like the taste of cum in your sweet mouth. Let?s see if we can change that," the boy chuckled.

One of the boys stepped forward and lined up his dark cock with my open mouth.

"You better not spill a drop of my seed bitch or else you will lick it up from the floor."

The tip entered my mouth before I closed around it. My pouty lips formed an airtight seal to keep the cum inside. Another guy placed an empty chair in front of me to lean against. I had to place both hands on the seat to support myself against the powerful fuck from behind. The long cock bottomed out half way in pushing me forward on every stroke. It required all of my force to stay balanced.

The huge cock planted in my mouth began pumping out a load of thick semen. The salty cocktail made me want to gag in disgust but I couldn't risk my safety with a protest. I begrudgingly swallowed the seed down into my empty belly. An audible grumbling could be heard from the stomach as the protein mixture poured in. It didn't know the difference between black sperm and a nice cheese burger dinner. As the first boy backed away another took his place inside my mouth. More of the group joined the line in front.

I was right in the middle of swallowing down my seventh sperm cocktail when I felt the cock in my pussy slid out and line up with the exposed asshole. No way would I allow these boys to sodomize me with those giant black dicks. Fucking my pussy to a pulp through the course of the day wasn't a problem but I had to draw the line somewhere. Nothing had ever penetrated my tight little anus before. It definitely was a one way road if you know what I mean. Besides I missed my typical morning bowel movement so I wasn't quite sure what to expect inside there. A twelve inch cock was bound to strike something on the way up there.

The boy inched his gigantic cock forward into my virgin butt hole. I tried to slide away but his hands were firmly wrapped around my waist forcibly keeping me in place. The layer of old cum lubricated his dick as it maneuvered past my tight fleshy rosebud. The sharp pain felt like something was tearing the small opening apart. I could feel every detail of the cock shaft as it bored deeper into my untouched bowels. His balls sla ped against my devastated pussy indicating the entire length was stuffed into my poor butt hole. The fully stretched anus created a bloated sensation worse than any kind of constipation. I was completely helpless against the anal rape.

Several more boys were positioned before my mouth with cocks in hand while my ass was reamed. I screamed out as the fat dick exploded deep inside my butt hole. The warm semen filled my bowels to capacity. The black cock slid free with a loud sucking sound. I could feel the cooler air rush in through the gapping brown hole. I was too scared to look back and see the damages for myself. Another boy began drilling my ass while I sucked down gobs of fresh cum from the others. My stomach bulged out from the gallons of semen contained in my belly. I released a loud burp and the entire crowd broke out in laughter. The regurgitated taste was nauseating.

The boys continued to ravage my body for the entire evening. They seemed to possess an endless energy supply. Every hole in by body was stretched to capacity and filled to the rim with black semen. By the last fuck I was completely addicted to the salty taste of sperm. I craved more than the group could produce. As soon as someone had an erection I was right there servicing the black member.

I awoke sometime the next morning in the now too familiar room. The bright sun illuminated the small room. I was sprawled out naked on the dirty old mattress. A quick glance down towards my waist revealed the previous night?s events. Large bruises ran up the inside of my thighs and around back towards my butt. Both of my battered holes still hung open. They were swollen red and extremely painful to touch. For all I knew they could have been permanently expanded to the larger size. My butt was resting in a huge puddle of brownish white cum mixed with stale urine.

Nobody seemed to be in the abandoned apartment so I decided to get out while there was still a chance for escape. I could see my shorts and sports bra resting in the corner where I had thrown them the night before. As I stood up to walk, a river of cum flowed from my openings down the legs to the floor. I picked up my things and painfully walked to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to finally relieve myself. That emptied a considerable amount of semen from my body. I used the sink to clean up as best as possible before carefully getting dressed in my spandex jogging outfit.

My body ached with every physical movement. The skin tight sports bra and shorts didn't help either. I had to walk with my legs spread apart to prevent the thighs from touching each other. My vagina and ass hole felt like someone had punched them with a strong fist. I slowly waddled down to the building entrance and headed towards the tracks. Several black men passed me on the street and blatantly turned to stare at my round butt cheeks stuffed into the shorts. A couple guys even made rude comments about where I had been last night. I guess my walk made it pretty obvious that I had fucked some big black cock last night.

I finally made it back home after riding the train system around for an hour. My body demanded a long soak in the warm bathtub to wash off the stink of the black boys. I couldn't stop thinking about the colossal fuck in the days that followed. No matter what I did my mind would always wander back to thoughts of future infidelity with black men.

I have since returned to the neighborhood several times to satisfy my sexual needs. It is usually limited to only one or two guys at a time. I guess I am just a sucker for thick black cock and there is no sense trying to fight the urge. I am even considering taking my girlfriends into the section of town with me for some extra fun.
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