Husband Loses Bet But I Win

Written by First But Not Last / Jul 11, 2007


HUSBAND LOSES BET BUT I WIN By First but not last

Hi my name is Sara Henderson of Atlanta Georgia and this is the story of how my stupid husband gambling loses ended up with me winning big. I am 28 years old and I stand 5?-7? tall and weigh 125 lbs my measurements are 34-24-36 I have long straight blonde hair and run about 2 to 3 miles a day. I am a secretary for a local construction company and until a few months ago thought I had a good marriage and a good sex life, boy was I wrong about the sex.

My husband Jim and I had been married for 5 years and things had been pretty good for the most part, the biggest complaint I had was his gambling. Every Friday night he had 3 or 4 of his friends over for poker some times he won sometimes he lost. I would even sit in on occasion and play a few hands for fun. Sometimes the guys would tell Jim if he did not have the money he could use me for collateral as I would easily cover his bet.

Jim would just laugh at them and I would tell them I was worth a whole lot more than the small pots they were betting on. Well I was another Friday night and another poker game I was feeling frisky and told Jim I really needed some before the guys showed up so I quickly stripped down and laid on our bed and told Jim to fuck me. Jim quickly did the same and joined me.

For some reason I was extremely wet and horny today Jims 5-1/2 inch cock felt pretty good inside my dripping wet pussy. Jim was thrusting in and out of me and I was getting so close when I felt him jerk hard, not yet Jim I am so close. It was to late Jim had cum leaving me even hornier than before. I was more than a little upset but smiled and told Jim it was alright. He said he would make it up to me later.

Jim got dressed and I cleaned my self up and took a nice warm bath and even fingered myself a little, something I rarely do. I was so horny it was ridiculous. I got out of the tub and started to just put on a pair of jeans, no I felt like being looked at so I slipped into my denim mini skirt instead. It showed of my long sexy tanned legs. Then slipped of my white tank top without a bra of course, I thought the boys won?t be able to concentrate on cards very hard now.

Soon the door bell rang and all the guys came in. It was the normal three guys Chris, Vick and Keith. Chris was a high school buddy of my husbands he was about 6?-5? blonde hair, nice looking and in pretty good shape, his wife and me were good friends. My husband and he had played football together in high school. Vick was a college buddy of my husband he was maybe 6?-2? but solid muscle worked out everyday he had black hair and was an average looking guy and single.

Keith was a police officer and new Jim from work, see Jim is a detective for the police. Keith is a big man I would say 6?-7? probably 275 lbs of muscle he was a defensive end for the Georgia Bulldogs before tearing his knee up. Keith was single and loved to talk about all the women especially white women he was giving his black loving to. Keith was a big talker but a real nice guy that would d anything for you.

Well the guys had been playing for awhile and I had even sat in on a few games and lost as usual. Keith told me I didn?t have to pay the last hand I lost if I would just give him a peek under my tank top. I told him it would be a whole lot safer if I just gave up my ten dollars. Besides would want to start something he couldn?t finish. Keith just laughed ?Oh I could finish it baby don?t you worry about that?.

Everyone was feeling pretty good from all the alcohol we had been consuming and I had noticed Keith was checking me out every chance he had. I liked being looked at and he was looking at me in a way that I knew exactly what he had on his mind. Well it must have been the combination of alcohol and horniness but the more he looked the more I flirted back with him. Hell I was so damn horny it was beyond belief.

I was in the kitchen bent over getting a beer out of the refrigerator when I felt someone walk up behind me and put their hands on my hips. First I thought it was Jim but then I felt this huge bulge press against my ass and knew there was no way in hell it was Jim. ?Sara I would give all my winning tonight just to spend 10 minutes alone with you? I heard Keith?s deep voice speak.

I should have stood up quickly and told him to stop and to behave himself but I didn?t I actually started grinding my ass against his crotch. Next I felt Keith?s hands sliding down my sides under my shirt toward my hard nipples and again I did nothing. Soon I was moaning softly as Keith massaged my breasts and pinched my aching nipples with his big powerful black hands.

If I had be alone at home I would have been in big trouble because there was no way in hell I could have stopped. We have to stop I moaned softly as I felt one of Keith?s hands sliding up the backside of my leg heading toward my dripping wet pussy. Keith don?t, I whimpered as I tried to stand up, but it was no use he was to strong. Before I knew what was happening I felt Keith hands pull aside my panties exposing my hot and wet pussy to the cool room air. Oh god, I moaned as I felt one of Keith?s thick long fingers slide across my hot and aching pussy lips. ?

?Damn Sara you are one hot mamma aren?t you?? Keith said. Yessss I moaned as Keith began fingering my aching pussy so slowly. As bad as I wanted to resist I couldn?t and soon I was grinding my pussy against his fingers, literally fucking his fingers if you will. I was so close to cumming and to be honest didn?t care about anything but that when Keith stopped. He then slid my panties down over my ass and down my legs took a big whiff of them and put then in his pocket. ?Better get back to the game, Big hand going up don?t want to miss it, better come watch going to see if I can make it interesting?

Keith left and I tried to catch my breath, the aching between my legs was beyond anything I had ever felt in my life. It felt as though I was going to explode if I did not get fucked. I took a few minutes to try to compose myself and headed back in the den to watch this interesting hand.

Well it was down to Keith and Jim I had looked at Jim?s hand and he had 3 aces so he was feeling pretty good about finally winning a hand. He put all his remaining money in the pot and said I am in. Well Keith just smiled and matched Jim?s bet and raised him $1,000. ?I don?t have that much Jim stammered? Well then Keith said, I guess the pot is mine unless you want to put something else as he starred at me.. I can?t do that, Jim answered, ?Just 10 minutes with her alone, I won?t do anything she does not want to do, what do you say??

Jim leaned over and ask what I thought and I told him a $1,000 sure would be nice, besides you got 3 aces. I whispered if you do lose I will show him my tits and that will be that. ?Ok we are in? Jim said with a smile. The other guys were just sitting in shock as Jim laid down his cards. ?3 Aces Jim said with pride? ?Nice hand my friend but not quite good enough 4 Kings? Keith said with a smile.

?Now my lovely Sara why don?t you and I go back in the bedroom for so I can collect my wager? Keith said with a evil smile. ?No? Jim said ?I won?t allow it? I whispered in Jim?s ear a bet is a bet I will be alright. Besides Keith is a big teddy bear anyway.

Slowly I led Keith down the hall to Jim and my bedroom. Now as horny as I was I still had no intention of anything happening other than me flashing him our at the most stripping down and giving him a little show and that is how it started. Keith had me slowly undress first my top then my skirt. I slowly slid my skirt of revealing my still wet and shaven pussy. I danced around a little and had a little fun with Keith asking him if it was worth it. ?So far so good? he said.

Keith slowly walked toward me his huge muscular body dwarfing me as he approached. Slowly he reached out his hand and began caressing my breasts. ?Stop, Keith you shouldn?t be doing that? I stuttered as I moaned softly. ?Damn you are so fine? Keith said as he lowered his head to my breasts and slowly began running his warm tongue around my rock hard nipples. I moaned softly as he slowly began sucking my nipples.

?Keith we shouldn?t be doing this, we need to stop? I moaned. ?Any time you want me to stop baby you just say no and I will stop on the spot, remember I am not going to do anything you don?t feel comfortable with? he said with a smile. Keith continued to suck my hard nipples making me hotter and hotter. Then I felt his big powerful hand begin to slide down my stomach toward my dripping wet pussy.

I knew it was reaching the point of no return and I tried to muster all my strength to that one little word that would stop this. But the minute I felt Keith?s finger slip in between my wet and swollen pussy lips all my will to resist was gone and I knew there was no turning back and that Keith was going to have me this night damn my husband or who ever else was I the house.

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