Betty Lou Pt 4

Written by Carol Collins / Jul 15, 2007


BETTY LOU Pt 4 By Carol Collins

Tuesday morning.

When the alarm went off and awoke her, Betty Lou disentangled herself from her mother and the Black man's embrace and slowly got up to go to school as Samson began fucking her mother. Seeing his big Black cock slowly disappearing inside her momma's hairless pussy made Betty Lou's young cunt hungry and she wanted to join them but decided that she should go to school since she had missed classes yesterday. She left the moaning interracial couple and went to her own room to prepare for school.

After taking a shower, brushing her teeth and hair and putting on her make up, Betty Lou slid a pair of her pink satin granny panties up her thighs and attempted to put on one of her minimizer brassieres. The too tight bra felt as if it would rip her nipples off because the nipple rings were compressed far too much for comfort. Since Betty Lou had no other brassieres other than minimizer bras, she came to the conclusion that she would have to go to school today without a brassiere. She had spent part of the weekend and all day yesterday without the benefit of a brassiere and decided to chance one day at school bra less.

For outer clothing, Betty Lou chose a bulky pink woven sweater that should hide her stiff nipples and their rings. Her skirt was a brown skirt that ended at her knees. She went looking for a pair of socks and remembered that Becky had left an unopened package of thigh top stay up nylon stockings on her dresser. Betty opened the plastic bag, took out the contents, saw that there was more than one pair, rolled one stocking up one shapely leg, and then put on the other. There was only an inch between her stocking tops and her pink panties. Her highest high heel shoes were her Sunday church service sandals with two-inch heels. She slipped them on her tiny feet before hurrying to catch the school bus.

As Betty Lou passed by her parent's bedroom, she stuck her head in the door to say good-bye. Samson wished her a pleasant day but her mother said nothing. The Black man was teaching Emma Turner how to suck cock and his big Black cock looked like it was half way down her expanded throat and she was choking on it as both his Black hands were wrapped around the blonde mother's head forcing even more cock down her throat. Emma had always refused to go down on her white husband. She had considered any woman that performed oral sex to be a slut. Emma found that Black men were not as easy to say no to as she was slowly fed more and more Black cock down her lovely throat.

Her satin panties pressing against her clit ring and her sweater rubbing against her nipple rings slowed Betty Lou down as she tried to hurry to the bus stop. She had two orgasms just getting there. The bus arrived at almost the same time. Once again, when she boarded the bus, the female bus driver with short black hair and a man's shirt winked at her, Betty Lou found that the only empty seat was, once again, beside Alonzo Jones. Everyone's eyes were on her as she moved slowly down the aisle to make sure her rings did not give her an orgasm while every one was watching.

"Hello, Babe, Where's your cheerleader uniform today?" Betty Lou explained that they were only supposed to wear their uniforms on special occasions. Alonzo laid his Black hand on her nylon stocking and skirt-covered thigh and gave it a squeeze. Unlike the last time, she did not spend most of the way to school trying to push the basketball player's hand away. Instead, she moved her book bag to block the other kid's view of his hand on her thigh. Alonzo smiled as he realized that he had just been given permission to grope the very pretty blonde teenager as much as he wanted.

Alonzo's hand lifted Betty Lou's skirt and slid it upwards until the hemline was almost to her stocking tops. He thought she probably wore panty hose and his Black hand caressed her shapely nylon covered thighs. He got a surprise when his hand reached her panty crotch and found an inch of bare flesh separated her stocking tops from her panties. He looked into the blonde's big blue eyes and grinned as his long Black fingers pulled her panty crotch to one side and reached for her clitoris. He was also surprised to find that she was now pierced and had a one-inch ring in her hairless juicy slit.

Betty Lou concentrated on having silent orgasms as Alonzo Jones played with her throbbing clitoris. The other students suspected that some hanky panky was going on between the Black ball player and the white cheerleader but would not be able to swear to it in a court of law. By the time they arrived at the school, Betty Lou had three more orgasms. Alonzo was still worried about being late for homeroom and loosing his scholarship, so, he hid his throbbing giant erection as he hurried off the bus with the other high school students. Betty waited a few moments before getting up to allow her legs to stop shaking.

Betty was the last student on the bus as she walked down the aisle to the front of the bus. Tam Grant, the butch lesbian bus driver, had kept an eye on the interracial couple in her rear view mirror. She knew that the beautiful blonde girl was being molested and appeared to actually enjoy it. Tam did not want to put a stop to sex on her bus. Tam just wanted to be a part of it. She stood up and moved into the aisle, blocking Betty Lou's exit. Tam asked, "Miss, what is your name?"

"Betty Lou Turner, Ma'am." Was the answer as she looked up into the taller woman's masculine appearing face.

"Well, Betty Lou, it is my job to keep an eye on every one on the bus. Up till last Friday, you were just another goody two shoes little girl. Then, you boarded my bus on Friday in that skimpy little cheerleader uniform and every guy, and most of the girls, wanted to get you alone on the back seat." Tam grinned at the pretty high schooler and got a smile in return. "Then, that Black boy molests you and you actually seemed to enjoy it. And I thought you were a good girl. That's okay, because I'm not interested in good girls!"

Before Betty Lou can protest, the lesbian bus driver took her into her arms and planted a big wet kiss on her sweet lips. Tam proved to be a good kisser and Betty Lou relaxed, allowing the older woman to pull her close as they kissed. Betty Lou is panting for air when the butch bus driver finally released her. "This afternoon, when you ride the bus home. Do not get off at your regular stop. After all the other kids get off, I drive the bus back to the bus barn. Some of the girls and I have a little clubhouse on the back of the property where we sometimes play. I can introduce you to some really great girl-girl loving. Call your mom and say you're going to the library or something so that we can play for several hours. Afterwards, I'll drive you home. Okay?"

Betty Lou said, "Okay. It might be fun." She figured that her mother had Samson to pleasure her all day and it would be interesting to find out how diesel dykes made love. They kissed one last time before Betty Lou hurried off to homeroom as fast as her rings would allow her. Her day seemed surreal to her as she attended classes but thought constantly of sex. All the things that she had thought were important last week barely seemed worth worrying about now. She wondered what sex with Mr. Covington; her pot bellied algebra teacher would be like instead of thinking about polynomial factoring, which was today's lesson. Her other classes went the same way.

Tuesday afternoon:

Mrs. Emma Turner's sexually satisfied voluptuous blonde female body was coated with perspiration as she lay on her marriage bed with a Black man's potent sperm slowly dribbling from her stretched vagina. Samson had just fucked her for the third time today, which was more times than her white husband had made love to her in a whole week for at least the last ten years. Of course, each time, she had sucked his big Black cock to help get him hard so he could fuck her again, which was something she had never done for her white husband.

Samson had explained to her that sex was an instinctual act and that both men and women enjoyed sex equally when they found it satisfying. Since sexual desires are housed in the lower brain functions, logic played no part in what turns on a person. "That is why I shoot my Black sperm deep into your unprotected fertile white womb. Deep down inside your brain that is what your subconscious secretly wants. That's why you cum so hard when you feel me shooting my seed inside you. The fact that it will eventually make a Black baby inside your married white belly adds to the forbidden fruit thrill. After last night and today, you are addicted to Black cock. If we took it away from you, one night fairly soon, you would find yourself on my side of town, looking for Black cock to rock your lily white world."

The telephone ringing interrupted Samson's explanation of interracial affairs as Emma hesitantly reached for the phone. She was afraid that it was her husband checking in to see if everything at home was okay. Instead, it was her daughter calling to say that she would not be home until late tonight. When her mother asked where she would be and what she would be doing, Betty Lou told her about her butch lesbian bus driver. Emma said, "I am not sure that is a good idea. After all, I have not met this person. How do we know what she is like? You're just a teenager and not old enough..." Emma remembered what she and her daughter had done over the past few days and added, "Just be careful, Sweetheart. And, if you need me, just call. Remember, no matter what happens, I love you."

"Thanks, Mommy. And, I love you, too." Betty Lou meant it as she hung up the phone and went to her language class to daydream about Mr. Gonzales and her Spanish language teacher's big brown cock.

Before Samson could continue his discussion of interracial sex, his cell phone rang. He spoke into his phone for several minutes before closing it and getting out of bed. "I had hoped to spend the night with you again tonight. Unfortunately, the guy who was supposed to cover for me where I work fell off a ladder and broke his leg. Now, I have to go to work or get in trouble. I'll take a shower, and, as much as I hate to, I must leave you and that wonderful pussy of yours."

Emma Turner lay on her bed and thought about everything that had happened to her and her daughter as Samson showered and put on his clothing. The older Black man kissed her and promised to return during the weekend before he left for work. After walking him to her door and kissing him goodbye, Emma decided it was time to douche and take a shower. She flushed out her womb as best se could, hoping that she did not deliver a Black baby in the next nine months. Then, she showered for half an hour, washing away memories as well as bodily secretions.

After drying off her shapely body and blow-drying her blonde hair, Mrs. Emma Turner slipped on a pair of white satin granny panty briefs. The reinforced crotch pushed her two-inch clitoris hood ring up against her already swollen and very sensitive clitoris, making her gasp. The two, two-inch rings in her constantly stiff nipples swung back and forth as she bent over to search her lingerie drawer for a brassiere that she could stand to wear with her new rings. Eventually, Emma made the same decision that her daughter had made. She went braless under her sweater and skirt.

Being a natural blonde, Emma's skin tone was very white and she wanted to wear stockings. Unfortunately, the crotch panel of a pair of pantyhose would force her clit ring against her clit with far too much force. Emma wandered into her daughter's room and found the opened package of thigh high nylons on her dresser. She sat on her daughter's unmade bed and slid the nylons up each shapely leg until the elasticized tops almost made contact with the satin crotch of her panties.

Emma Turner's mind had been thinking of all the things that had been done to her and her innocent virginal daughter and she became furious with Jill Fuller and the cheerleaders. Her young daughter would never be the same. She normally came home after school to study her homework and the Bible. Tonight, her baby was going to spend the evening with her butch lesbian school bus driver. Her daughter's innocence was ruined forever! The three two-inch gold rings mutilated her own body and her pubic hair was permanently gone. How was Emma ever going to explain that to her own husband? How would he react? The irate mother became even more furious!

Emma looked up the telephone number and called the high school. When the secretary answered the phone, Emma asked to speak to Principal Whitewell. When June Whitewell came on the line, she was interested in what her newest convert had to say. She became very concerned when she realized that the Turner woman was reporting the corruption of her innocent daughter. As Emma told part of the story to the high school principal, June was glad that the stupid bitch had come to her to report the crime instead of the police.

"Mrs. Turner, I am very sorry for what has happened to you and your young daughter. Have you told anyone else about the situation?" When Emma told her that she was the first one she had called, June breathed a sigh of relief. "We need to keep this quiet until I have time to investigate. Otherwise, they will hide the evidence. We need to talk in private. Can you meet me in my home in an hour? You can tell me in detail what has happened." The mother said that she would be there. After June hung up the phone, she called Jill Fuller, gave her instructions and hurried home to prepare for her guest.

Tuesday late afternoon:

When Betty Lou boarded the school bus, she smiled and winked at her bull dyke bus driver. Tam Grant smiled and winked back. Betty looked toward the back of the bus and saw Alonzo Jones sitting alone on the back seat of the bus. She passed empty seats as she walked to the back of the bus. Betty Lou slid onto the seat next to the Black basketball player. His large ebony hand wasted no time pulling her skirt around her waist and moved between her spread nylon covered thighs to cup her pink satin panty protected pubic mound.

When the bus's diesel engine started, the vibrations added to the sensations building in Betty Lou's sex obsessed teenage body. When the bus began to move, Betty Lou moaned as a powerful orgasm caused her nubile female form to shudder and shake as Alonzo twisted her clit ring. The very young looking Linda Sue, a pretty but very thin redhead, who sat in the seat in front of Alonzo and Betty Lou, turned to look when she heard moaning but could not see much over the back of her seat except for Betty Lou's big blue eyes rolling around as she shook. Linda Sue thought that the pretty blonde white girl sitting very close to the Black basketball player was having an epileptic seizure. She was concerned for Betty Lou because they went to the same church every Sunday except for last week, when the blonde mother and daughter had missed services for the first time.

The bus passed Betty Lou's stop and she stayed on the bus. Alonzo had unzipped his pants and had pulled out his big Black cock. Betty Lou's tiny white hand moved to fondle the huge Black tool. Her fingers could not even wrap around the thick cock. She grabbed as much as she could and pumped her hand up and down.

Most of the other students had disembarked when Alonzo whispered that he was about to cum. Betty Lou did not hesitate as she leaned over to wrap her sweet pink lips around the bulbous Black head just before Alonzo began to ejaculate. Her long blonde hair shifted forward to partially hide her face as she swallowed as quickly as she could as each jet of thick sperm filled her mouth.

Alonzo's moans attracted the attention of Linda Sue once more and she turned to see what was happening. She was so short she had to climb up on her skinny knees on the bus seat to see over the top of the seat back. What the thin young redheaded girl saw amazed her. Her friends had whispered about girls doing what the blonde was doing, but the redhead had never seen anyone engaging in oral sex, or any other kind of sex. The blonde's long hair hung down, blocking part of Linda Sue's view as she swallowed the copious quantities of sperm.

The bus stopped and Alonzo hurriedly pushed his still inflated, but softening, Black cock back into his pants. "My stop! Gotta run." He mumbled as he grabbed his books and headed for the front of the bus. Linda Sue had never imagined that any male penis could be as large as the giant Black cock that looked like it was as thick as a vacuum cleaner hose and about a foot long. Linda Sue had actually seen the pulsations up the underside of the huge cock as jets of sperm were pumped into the pretty blonde's mouth. Linda Sue unconsciously licked her own lips as her hand involuntarily pressed her skirt into her panty-covered crotch to try to relieve the tingling sensations there.

Betty Lou pulled her long blonde hair out of her face as she looked up into the shocked face of the little redhead. Betty Lou's creamy lips were wet and shining as she smiled at the younger girl. "It tastes so good," she said as she slowly leaned forward, "Want a taste?" Linda Sue was in such a state of shock after seeing the beautiful blonde girl sucking a giant Black cock; she did not pull her head back as cream coated lips were gently pressed against her own trembling lips. She closed her eyes as the wet kiss continued. Betty Lou's pink tongue slipped between the thin redhead's trembling lips and probed into her mouth. It was Linda Sue's first taste of male sperm and first French kiss as she swallowed the drops of sperm that were fed to her.

Betty Lou and Linda Sue realized that the bus was stopped only when Tam Grant put it in park, unbuckled her seatbelt, got out of her seat and walked to the back of the bus. The older lesbian licked her lips as she watched silently as the two teenage girls shared the flavor of Black male sperm as they kissed. She did not want the school bus to attract too much attention as it sat on the side of the road for a long period of time. "Excuse me, Linda Sue. We are at your grandmother's house. You'd better go in or else she may come to check on you."

Linda Sue reluctantly opened her eyes as Betty Lou pulled her sperm coated tongue from her suctioning mouth and their soft sweet lips parted. Linda Sue sighed with a dreamy look on her cute young face as she stood up in the aisle, picked up her schoolbooks and moved towards the exit without saying a word. Before going down the steps at the door, she turned and waved to her curvy blonde friend. Betty Lou flashed a friendly smile as she waved back.

Tam looked at the pretty longhaired blonde and said, "Damn girl! Are you planning on having sex with every one in town? Last week, I would have sworn that you were an innocent virgin. This week, you jump the bones of every boy, girl, man and woman that you meet!" Tam grinned as she added, "I think that is so hot!" Then, the bus driver kissed the teenage blonde before returning to the driver's seat to drive back to the bus barn.

Betty Lou sat on the seat as the vibrations from the school bus's diesel engine added to the sensations caused by her clitoris hood ring. She had a sparkle in her big blue eyes and a grin on her very pretty face as she thought of how much her life had changed in less than a week. She had discovered that sex was much more satisfying than she had ever imagined. Betty Lou felt grateful to Coach Fuller and the cheerleader squad.

At the bus barn, Tam Grant led her newest student conquest to the little building on the back of the parking area that the school bus drivers used as a club house. She slowly unwrapped her present and used her fingers and tongue to manipulate all of Betty Lou's rings. The teenage blonde had a couple of orgasms and was carpet munching the butch bus driver's hairy pussy when another lesbian school bus driver entered the club room. She was big, Black, unattractive, a bull dyke and had the figure of a refrigerator. Her given name was Geraldine, but she went by the name Gerri. She liked her sex a little rough. By the time Tam Grant took Betty Lou home later that evening, she had a few bruises and had learned that she enjoyed being submissive as the two older lesbians used and abused her lush teenage body.

Tuesday late afternoon at June Whitewell's home:

The dark haired high school principal poured the distraught mother a drink. Emma Turner tried to refuse the drink, but her hostess was insistent. It warmed the blonde mother's insides as it went into her tummy. She found the drink's effects to be relaxing as Emma told the apparently sympathetic principal about what had happened to her daughter.

Emma was becoming a little drowsy and her nipples and vagina began to itch as she began to slightly slur her words. Mrs. Whitewell told the distraught mother, "My goodness, Mrs. Turner, you and your young daughter have been through a traumatic series of events! No wonder you are looking flushed. Perhaps, I can help you. Did you know that my college degree was Pre-Med? I had trouble handling all the dead bodies in medical school and dropped out before I became a medical doctor. Instead, I became a teacher, then a high school principal. Come into my examination room so I can see what they have done to you."

Letting her daughter's high school principal give her a physical exam, seemed a little strange to Emma Turner but the drugs were affecting her logic as the other woman helped her to her feet and led her into a sound proofed room in the basement. Emma did not question why anyone would even own a medical examination table as the dark haired woman gripped her sweater and pulled it up over her head before she could object. The surprised beautiful blonde woman cupped a dainty hand over each of her large pierced nipples as her DD-cup breasts wobbled slightly side to side.

Emma Turner was blushing red as she tried to hide her bare breasts from the grinning high school principal. This kept her hands busy, which allowed June Whitewell full access to the zipper on the blonde mother's skirt. As the skirt fluttered down over the shapely white satin covered bottom and relatively flat tummy, June exclaimed, "Wow! Emma, you don't mind if I call you by your first name, do you? After today, I'm sure we will be close friends. I'll call you Emma, but you will still call me Mrs. Whitewell. Okay?"

The drugged mother was so confused; all she could do was nod as the dark haired woman slipped her fingers into the waistband of the white satin granny panties. "I like you going braless even though it is a little bit sluttish. The stay up thigh top stockings are extra nice, but the granny panties have to go. You will simply have to get some sexy new lingerie. Something more in tune with the new you." Mrs. Whitewell helped the confused mother onto the examination table. A wide leather strap was buckled around Emma's narrow waist as she was made to lie down with her rounded bottom almost hanging off the end of the table.

Emma Turner still wore her high heel shoes and nylon stockings as her feet were strapped into the table's metal stirrups. The mother blushed yet again as she realized that her current position not only left her crotch exposed, but the way her legs were doubled up and spread apart, she would have no secret places that the high school principal would not see. She began to complain about being strapped down in such an embarrassing position as both of her wrists were placed in wide leather cuffs over her head.

"I am here to help you, Emma, and all you want to do is complain. You are being ungrateful." June Whitewell lifted her own skirt, placed her fingers in the waistband of her own black silk bikini panties and slid them down over her garter belt and nylon stockings. She stepped out of her panties, folded them, leaving the moist crotch out and stuffed them into the blonde woman's protesting mouth so that the wet crotch band would be against her tongue. As she wrapped an elastic band around the shocked mother's head, she said, "In the old days, I would have gagged you with your own panties. Then, I decided it was better to let my victim have a fore taste of my pussy juices. Enjoy, Emma!"

As Mrs. Turner struggled uselessly against her bonds, June inspected the piercings; smiling when she saw that two-inch rings had been used instead of the usual one inch. "My Goodness, Emma, no wonder you weren't wearing a brassiere. Those extra large rings in your nipples means we will have to do some shopping for brassieres, panties and garter belts tomorrow. Tonight, however, your sweet ass belongs to me!"

Principal Whitewell's soft hands began caressing the trussed up married woman's semi naked body. As her fingers tweaked Emma's over sized and super sensitive nipples and slowly twisted her nipple rings, the bound mother stopped struggling as her big blue eyes rolled around. June continued to play with the huge tits with one hand as her other slowly caressed its way to the hairless pubic mound with the two inch ring hanging out of the open wet slit.

"You have a very responsive body, Emma. Most women with a face, figure and responsiveness like you have are sluts. By the time I get through with you, you will be a slut, too. Don't worry. You will learn to love being a slut. You and your little slut daughter will be very grateful to us for converting both of you." With one hand massaging Emma's tits and nipples while her other hand massed her clitoris, poor Emma had no control over her body. The lingering effects of the drugs removed her will to resist as she experienced her first orgasm for the evening.

Emma lay on the table, as her orgasm slowed, breathing through her flared nostrils as her saliva soaked Mrs. Whitewell's silk panties wadded up and stuffed into her mouth. She could taste the secretions that were in the crotch band of the panties and realized that she was eagerly sucking on the juices and swallowing them. June was smiling as she went to a cabinet to pick out a few toys. She returned to the table to show them to her victim.

"This is some new toys that I found on the Internet. This one is long and thin until you squeeze this bulb and pump it up like this. Then, the end starts to expand until it gets the size of a small football. See how big it can get? I'll open this valve and let the air out. Now, it is long and skinny again. A little lubricant and it is ready to be inserted into your cunny. My, my! As wet as you are, I almost wasted the lubricant. As I rotate it, we can get the tip to go up into your cervix. There we go! Deeper. A little deeper. There, it is all the way in. Now, let's pump it up a little. Feel it stretching your womb? Almost like being pregnant, isn't it? That should be enough pressure for now. Maybe, we will pump it up a little more later."

Emma Turner's big blue eyes were wide open as she wiggled around on the examination table. She experienced fullness in her tummy unlike anything she had felt in many years. It was even different than having sex with hugely endowed Black men. Her nipples and clitoris were swollen and stiff as the black haired woman picked up another device over a foot long also with a hose and squeeze bulb attached to one end. "This is an anal probe. It inflates, too, except it inflates along its entire length. See, just a few pumps and it will get as big around as my forehand. Out goes the air and it gets thin again. A little lubricant and into your tight little rectum it goes. Your anus sure is tight! When this probe is through with you, your rectum will be as loose as a goose. My, you sure can wiggle! It is over a foot deep in your shapely bottom. Now, a few pumps. Settle down, you can't get loose. Okay, I guess that is big enough for now. Breathe deeply and the pain will go away in a minute or two. Here, let me play with your nipples and clitty again. You'll be cumming in a minute or two." Emma had an orgasm within fifty-five seconds, but it rolled on and on for over a minute as her perspiring body shook and strained against her stout leather bonds.

Coach Jill Fuller entered the examination room wearing nothing but a black silk garter belt, dark stockings and high heel shoes. "I see you already have the old slut strapped to the table. Emma, Darling, after all I have done for you and that little slut of a daughter of yours, you tried to report me! Do you realize what trouble I might have been in? My career as cheerleader coach and high school guidance councilor would have been ruined! My husband and daughters would have been impacted, too. You were only thinking of yourself. If it were up to me, I'd shove a baseball bat up your cunt and another up your fat ass."

The high school principal admonished the upset cheerleader coach, "Now, now, Jill! You mustn't be so mean to poor Emma. She was just trying to be a good mommy protecting her daughter. Tonight, she will learn the error of her ways. To show her that you were not serious about the ball bats, I want you to go down on her pussy. I already have inflated devices inserted into her cervix and upper colon. It won't take much to make her cum again." At first, Jill seemed reluctant to eat the cheerleader's mother's pussy, but began to enjoy sending the bound older woman into climax after uncontrollable climax.

June Whitewell, looked into Emma's blue eyes and asked, "If I take my panties out of your mouth now, are you ready to eat my pussy?" The question came between orgasms and Emma Turner surprised herself when she nodded her head. The elastic band was removed from her head, the saliva soaked soiled panties were pulled out of Emma's trembling mouth and tossed into a corner of the room as June hiked her skirt up to her waist, swung a leg over the bound woman's head, and sat on her face. "Oh, yes! They taught you the correct way to eat pussy! That's it, lick on my clitty for a little while! You make a great pussy eater, Emma! Oh! Here I go!" The open wet pussy almost formed an air tight seal on the trussed up woman's mouth and nose, making it difficult for her to breathe. Jill continued her onslaught on Emma Turner's pierced clitoris and nipples, causing mega orgasm after mega orgasm. Emma almost passed out from lack of oxygen and her own orgasms by the time the principal stopped cumming and lifted her dripping cunt off the blonde woman's face.

Mrs. Emma Turner lay on the medical examination table, her profusely perspiring body panting for air as Jill Fuller took great pride in causing violent undulations to shake the blonde mother's body every few minutes as powerful orgasms racked her mind, body and soul. June Whitewell smoothed her skirt back down as she watched Jill work her magic on their latest recruit. She told her captive, "I understood why you came to me to report what had happened to you and your daughter. You were mainly concerned for your daughter's welfare. For your entire life, Emma, you have never known that you were a slut. If you did, you denied it and never allowed yourself to truly enjoy sex. You avoided enjoyment of sex and substituted religion. Now, you are experiencing what sex can truly be as you have orgasm after orgasm. Tell me, Emma, do you like what we are doing to you? Be truthful!"

Between orgasms, the blonde woman whose body was covered in perspiration and whose lower face was still coated with June Whitewell's vaginal secretions nodded her head as she cried out, "Yes! Lord forgive me, but I do love what you are doing to me!" June smiled as her fingers played with Emma's nipple rings. Hearing the cheerleader mother confess that she loved what was being done to her caused the cheerleader coach to double her efforts to make her cum even more. Mrs. Emma Turner passed out and became unconscious after a rolling orgasm lasted over five heart stopping minutes. June checked her pulse to make sure that she was still alive.

"Wow!" Jill said as she raised her head from the passed out blonde woman's still stiff clitoris as she licked her wet lips. "I've never seen anyone cum like that."

June walked around between Mrs. Turner's spread legs to release the valves on the inflated probes. "The Human brain is the biggest and most important sex organ. Real sex fucks a woman's brain as well as her cunt." June slowly pulled the un-inflated probes from the unconscious woman's vagina and rectum, took them to a sink and rinsed them off before returning them to her cabinet. "By the time we let Emma go home tonight, she will be so mind fucked she will do anything we tell her to do."

Jill saw her boss pick up her long line rubber gloves and put them on. She was envious as she watched the high school principal put lubricant on her gloved right hand. June Whitewell moved between the passed out woman's nylon covered legs, ran her lubricated gloved fingers up and down the already hanging open slit, formed her hand into a cone shape and slowly, but steadily, using a cork screw motion, forced her hand deeper and deeper into the blonde mother's dripping vagina.

Emma Turner's eyes flew open as she felt something very large penetrate her vagina. "Oh, God!" She cried out as June Whitewell's entire rubber gloved hand slowly disappeared inside the bound woman's twitching belly. Emma raised her head to look between the twin mountains on her chest that were her breasts, topped by large pink nipples and two-inch diameter gold rings. What she saw amazed her. It looked as if Principal Whitewell had half her arm shoved up inside of her hairless vagina! It felt like it, too!

Jill was jealous of the shapely blonde on the examination table as her body bowed upwards, testing the strength of the bonds strapping her to the table. June was saying, "Jill, I fucked your mind as well as your body when I seduced you. You weren't as much of a religious goody two shoes as this woman was, but you had not accepted the fact that you are a natural slut until I fucked your mind and body. I taught you the art of seduction and you converted all the cheerleaders into sluts. Emma here took a little more effort because she spent too many years denying that she was a slut. Look at the veins standing out on her body. Her mind is so fucked; she will belong to us from now on. As I fist fuck her, climb on her face and sample her oral skills. She is a natural born pussy eater!"

Later that night, a very shaken Emma Turner was allowed to go home to her daughter. She was so weak that she could barely keep her car on the road as she drove home. She remembered to carry in the bag with the presents that Principal June Whitewell and Coach Jill Fuller had insisted that she bring home with her. Betty Lou was stiff and sore from what the two school bus drivers had done to her, but had taken a refreshing shower and felt slightly rejuvenated as she helped her mother to her room.

Before getting into the shower, Emma Turner took her daughter into her arms and planted a big wet French kiss on her mouth. Betty Lou could taste pussy on her mother's lips and tongue but that only added to the enjoyment of her mother kissing her so passionately. June had ordered her older blonde sex slave to French kiss her daughter so that Betty Lou could taste her and Jill Fuller's pussy juices on her lips and tongue. After the shower, both mother and daughter were too exhausted to have sex. They fell asleep in each other's loving arms.

To be continued.
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