Dreams Of Being A Sissy Cuckold

Written by Srchng4sx / Jul 24, 2007



This is not an experience of mine, although I wish so much it were. But it is one of my most frequently recurring fantasies. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is appreciated.

I am a definite ladies man. Can never get enough of pleasing women. I find myself so accommodating at times that I become submissive to their needs. One lady I had met, Candy, seemed to notice these submissive qualities more than most. She began to get more and more in control of our sexual romps and made me try many new things. Once she tied me down and made me eat out her ass, then rode me until I came, and then climbed up and forced me to eat my cum from her pussy. I screamed and begged, but she laughed and held my nose until my mouth opened. She squatted down and grabbed my balls hard, telling me to eat. In pain and tied down as well as my submissive nature, I lapped it up. She released my balls and leaned forward. " Oh yes baby, eat that cum. Yes you?re my cum slut. You will clean my pussy all the time from now on." I just mumbled and gagged as I swallowed my cum. I loved the feeling of her taking such control and forcing me to do this, although I had mixed feelings about eating my own cum. Once she was satisfied, she rose and stared down at my cum covered face. Smiling she asked me how was it. My sub side always comes alive in a situation like this and I smiled and moaned. She left me tied for a few minutes as she went to get a drink. I was exhausted and nodded off, dreaming blissfully for a couple of hours.

I woke in such a great mood, rolling over I realized I was no longer tied, but Something felt different. I opened my eyes and looked to see I was wearing panties, garters, nylons, and a bra. I raised quickly wondering what was going on. Then I felt longer hair brushing my face. A wig?? At first I was stressing, but then I just smiled and figured she wanted more sex games, so smiling, I got up. Looking it the mirror I could not believe she had put makeup on me too. Bright red lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner. Hmm mm I smiled again. So she wants me to be the girl huh? I thought. Well I'll play, ha ha. I then noticed a clothes over the vanity chair with a note on them.

Sweetie, please put these on and come to the living room, I have another evil game to play. please, please, please." kisses.

Of course how could I refuse now. She wanted me dressed up for our next romp and I after eating my own cum, this was a cake walk. I picked up the clothes, a green tube top that fit very snuggly over my false tits and bra. The skirt was black and barely covered my ass and was just as tight. This whole thing was having the right effect on me as my cock was too hard to hide and snaked through my panties. The head of my cock was very visible at the bottom of my skirt. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I did not look bad in a slutty sort of way.

With butterflies in my stomach, and not knowing what this would do to our relationship, I started toward the living room. She was standing in the hall already and laughed as I came out of the room. I smiled and turned red. " C' Mon now, this was your idea" I told her. She met me and kissed me on the cheek. " Oh sweetie, you look great, I just wasn't sure if you'd do it. My you do look like the slut I needed tonight." I smiled and said" I'm glad you like it." She led me down to the living room and sat me down. She gave me a glass of wine and put a tape in the VCR. Of course it was porn and opened right away with a woman dressed similar to me, but she had her hands tied behind her and was sucking this black man?s huge cock.

" Oh god that cock is so big." she said as she fondled my cock under my mini. I just swallowed down my wine, not wanting to acknowledge the size of another man?s cock. Candy quickly refilled my glass, and then got down to suck my cock through my skirt. I leaned back and relaxed, enjoying her mouth on my hot cock. She would pop off my cock every few seconds and tell me to tell her about the movie in detail. Of course I could not deny her with the terrific blow job she was giving me.

" Oh yea she is licking his shaft and stroking it tenderly while looking up at him." Candy did exactly as the girl on the video and I loved it. " Keep going sweetie, tell me more." " She's taking that monster cock in her mouth now. god how can she take a cock so big?" I said and realized I also relayed my own thoughts. Of course Candy began to take my cock inside her wonderful mouth. I moaned and downed another glass of wine. I told Candy I needed another glass, and she just handed me the bottle without taking her mouth off my cock. I turned the bottle up as Candy bobbed up and down on my cock. I was in heaven, but I was also getting drunk.

Candy stopped and asked me what she was doing now while stroking my cock. " Oh sheth, deepthwoating that huge cock. I can't berieve it. Man dat's wild. She muth be a ho to take all dat black cock." candy stopped and said oh no honey, lips will stretch. No way, I answered drunkenly. Candy got up and went to the bedroom. She seemed to gone a while but when she returned She was sporting this huge black strap-on dildo. It must have been 12 inches long and 3 inches around. Being drunk I just laughed and asked her what was that for. I think we should switch places for a bit so you can see for yourself that your mouth will open for it.

Being drunk and loving the pleasure she already gave me, I dropped to my knees as Candy sat down. " oh wait sweetie let's tie your hands like she is first." She was smiling at me and I just put my hands behind me. After tieing them, Candy got back on the couch and guided my head forward. I tried to open my mouth but she stopped me. " Sweetie you have to lick it first. get it really wet. And look up at me as you do just like the girl on the tape."

I was game for anything at this point. I looked up at Candy as my tongue went to work on her huge fake cock. I was actually getting into my role, becoming very uninhibited and enjoying it. Candy noticed this and began to change things up. " Oh yes that's a good slut, get my cock wet. Now slide those lips over the head. Good girl. Just bob up and down on the head for a while. Oh yea, that's so hot. Seeing you dressed like that and sucking my black cock. Take more slut, Yea that's it. a little at a time. Oh yes sweetie, your becoming a good cock sucker." Her hands were on my head then as she called me cocksucker just in case I would stop, which I did hesitate and she guided my head up and down. I ceded and continued to suck. " Oh god yes. Your making me cum just watching you acting like a cock sucking slut. Deeper baby, take it all."

Knowing it excited her just made me eager to please. I took all of that huge cock down my throat a few times and gagged a bit before sliding off. " Oh baby.do you know what this does to me. Seeing you dressed like a slut and sucking this huge cock. God It's so fucking hot. Damn I wished my cock was real. I would love to shoot a hot load down your throat."

She pulled my head away and looked me in the eye with this look of euphoria in her eyes. " Don't you wish it were real too?" Yes I moaned not wanting to decrease her level of erotic pleasure. She jumped up saying I know. as she ran to bedroom. She came back with a dark scarf and some cotton. " I'm going to blindfold you so you can't see and then I want you to suck my cock and imagine it is real." My head was reeling but I could not refuse her. She put the cotton on my eyes and then tied the blindfold. She told me to wait a sec she has to get one more thing. After about 5 minutes I began to wonder what was taking her so long. I called for her, but no answer. Then it sounded like a car pulling in the driveway. 2 doors being opened and shut. Uh OH. I was getting nervous now. I waited for a knock on the door and called Candy again. Nothing? Then finally Candy said, " so sorry baby had to get a couple of more things." I asked her what and she snickered and said it's a surprise. I could feel the couch move in front of me and heard Candy ask if I was ready. Getting frustrated now but still wanting to please her, I said yes. I opened my mouth as she fed me that dildo, but it felt different. I froze wondering what was up. I felt hands lock on my head as my blindfold was removed. I was staring at a huge black cock half way down my throat. Oh my god!! how could she do this. " Well you did say you wished my big black cock was real so I got ya the next best thing, ha ha. Now go ahead and suck slut, while I explain what's happening." The black man pulled my face into him and fed me his huge cock. It did taste better than rubber, and I could not get away, so I sucked. As my head bobbed up and down, Candy told me.....

" I knew you were submissive and Big Jim here and Bobby Blue behind you bet me $200.00 I could not turn you into a cock sucking cum slut. Of course the only way I could prove it was for you suck their cocks, ha ha. The only drawback is that I could never fuck you again now because you know I need a real man like you used to be. But not to worry, Big Jim eagerly offered to fuck me from now on and I figure you could be clean-up girl, ha ha. I did not forget about your needs either, because Bobby being the nice guy he is, offered to fuck you from now on too, ha ha. So now we can both be sluts for big black cocks."

I could feel large hands grab my hips and raise me to my knees while Jim kept holding my face on his cock. My mini skirt was raised and Candy helped Bobby unclasp my garter and remove my nylons and panties to my ankles. " OOOOH look Bobby doesn't her pussy look tight? Let me get it ready for you." Candy told him as she leaned down and licked my ass. Even though I was completely humiliated and being raped this way, I was actually aroused. Candy noticed this and stroked my cock as she tongued my ass deeply. God it felt so good. But not for long.

She backed away but kept stroking me as I felt Bobby run his huge cock up and down my ass crack. " Oh girl, your about to loose your virginity. This is so cool. Bobby's cock is almost as big as Jim's. From the looks of your clitty, you can't wait either" Oh god it was true. My cock, or clit now, was so hard. I couldn't wait, and my ass instinctively began to rotate. " Oh yes. She's ready Bobby. Take the bitches cherry. Make her your whore." I tried to scream as he entered, and Jim loved it. I moaned and thrashed, god it hurt. Then *POP*, in it went. I shuddered and froze, as both men held me in place letting me get accustomed to it.

Then as if someone else was in my body, I sucked Jim deeper and raised my ass higher. My eyes rolled back inside my head as Bobby started fucking me in slow but deliberate strokes. Yes! I thought while sucking more of Jim's Beautiful Big Black Cock. I was In heaven. I could not believe what came over me. My ass began to meet Bobby thrust for thrust.

Candy leaned next to me and whispered in my ear. " Ride it baby. Yea I knew you were just a sissy slut. I knew you would make a good white slut for real men. Take it slut. Suck it bitch. Make them cum. That's what you want. Yes You want, that black seed. Yes? god this is so hot. I made you a whore for black cock. Take it slut." And as if on cue both Jim and Bobby exploded, lifting me in the air by my head and waist. Slamming deep inside me. Filling me with their delicious chocolate cum. My mouth and pussy both belonged to real men now. Real Black Men.
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