My Wife, is Your Wife

Written by Anonymous / Jul 26, 2007



We had some friends over for dinner. My wife and I settled on the sofa and the young couple sat across from us. The conversation soon turned to sex, and it quickly became evident that this couple had more than talk in mind. We began swapping tales of what we like to do and have done to us. It started to get graphic, but we didn't mind at all. They were a very nice pair. The wife was pretty and shapely. The husband was good looking and in good shape.

Leaning forward and putting a hand on her knee, his wife asked of mine, "What do you think of swapping husbands for some fun?" My wife turned to look at me. I saw in her eyes the way they shifted to the husband that she found him alluring, and the thought tantalizing. She smiled at me shyly and blushed. But looking at the wife I felt the same way.

I took my wife's hand and winked at her. Our eyes said it all. I answered, "We think that's an attractive offer. What did you have in mind?" They exchanged looks at that and smiled.

Then the wife got up, came over, and knelt in front of me. The husband got down on his knees before my wife. "We thought," she replied, "we'd try something very intimate."

She undid my belt and unzipped my pants. With cool deftness she freed my erect penis from my shorts and held it. Looking at my wife she said, "Something very intimate," and lowered her mouth down on my shaft, watching my wife's eyes the whole time. I moaned at the sensation of her lips enfolding me and looked to see my wife staring at the woman sucking my cock. My rod glistened with the juice from her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, taking in my hard meat till her nose pressed against my belly. I could feel the head of my dick swell up at the back of her throat.

"Well," said the husband to my wife, "we certainly don't want to be left out." He reached up and pulled her close for a kiss. My wife's breathing got heavy as he slid his hand down over her breast, to her waist, then under her skirt. She lifted her hips as he slipped off her panties. My wife opened her thighs to his caress as his hand dipped into her loins. As he broke the kiss to caress her neck with his tongue, she looked into my face. I gently touched her cheek and pulled her in for a kiss as he slid his lips down her chest, opening her shirt to free her breasts. She sucked air from my lungs as he took her nipple in his mouth.

Holding onto his wife's head as she sucked my cock, I watched as my wife slumped down to spread her legs for him. His tongue went along her belly, poked into her navel, then slid down to her steamy snatch. She gasped as he licked her clit, swelling hard at his touch. I looked down at his wife as she looked up at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth.

My wife grabbed my hand as his tongue slipped inside her and she closed her eyes. In moments we were both writhing beneath the attentions of our couple. I would watch the two gobbling us, and both would occasionally smile at me.

Then his wife got up and slid off her dress. Her bra and panties quickly followed as she climbed into my lap. My wife squeezed my hand as the girl slid her hot, dripping pussy down my pole. She leaned forward so her tits were in my face. Obediently, I suckled each beautiful breast in turn as she rose up and down on me. My wife's eyes were on her pussy, watching my cock disappear inside her bush. She reached out her hand and placed it on the girls leg. The girl hissed at the pleasure she was getting from my mouth and meat, and, turning to her husband who was still licking up my wife's dripping twat said, "Come on, honey. I think she needs a good fucking, too."

The husband got up and pulled out his erection. I watched as my wife spread her legs wide to receive his dick into her cunt. She grunted as she shoved it in to the hilt. Then he began to slowly slide his shaft in and out of her. My wife and I looked into each other's eyes as the couple pumped us. Lust filled her eyes and together we moaned and fucked the beautiful pair.

The husband took hold of my wife's hips and pushed his dick in harder, deeper. She grabbed my hand and squeezed as he began to pound her hard, leaning up over her, lifting her legs up high to spread her wide. I grasped her back hard as his wife ground her pelvis against me, her pussy almost sucking my cock up inside her incredibly hot, wet hole.

Before long we were both in orgasmic spasms. My cum shot up into his wife's steamy pussy as she leaned back to groan her own orgasm. My wife's back arched and she screamed in ecstasy as the husband pounded his dick into her loins, then he pulled it out to shoot jism all over her tits and belly. It was a beautiful sight watching that creamy white cum spurt out and spot on her body. His wife kissed me, then leaned over my wife's body to lick up his gooey cum. My wife shivered at the touch of her tongue as she lapped it all up, then kissed her.

Sitting back up on my lap, she kissed me as her husband's tongue ran up my wife's body once again till their mouth's locked. We spent the rest of the night together, having the most incredible sexual adventure of our lives, swapping back and forth between partners, or getting all together in bed. Almost anything went, and we went with every bit of it, loving every moment.
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