My Amazing Wife

Written by Anna's Husband / Jul 31, 2007



I'm not sure when it started, but it seems as though throughout our 28 year marriage I have always fantasized about watching Anna with another man. She was a walking wet-dream at 19 when we married but I believe she is even hotter now. She is 46 but honestly looks 26. She is asian-chinese with silky, long black hair almost to her ass. She is 5'2", weighs about 105 pounds, and her measurements are 34B-23-33.

She is the most sensual woman I can imagine and the only woman I want in my life. All of her tight body is amazing, but her breasts are the best. They are the perfect size and full shape, and I could spend hours sucking them. Her nipples turn to rock hard erasers with the slightest touch and still defy gravity by pointing skyward. She loves to have them played with and can actually cum by just having them teased and sucked. She has always been enthusiastic in bed, but in recent years has become much more aggressive and willing to try new things. Her technique at sucking cock has become truly unbelievable.

So, why do I want to share this woman with some other asshole? I wish I knew. I think part of it is a desire to see her well and truly satisfied.

Many times I have tried to include another man in our fantasies during lovemaking. She goes along with it, but her heart just doesn't seem into it and later insists that my six inch dick is all she ever wants. So I have resigned myself to the fact that her 'pretending' to want it is as far as the fantasy will ever go.

She teaches language to an Army Special Forces unit at a nearby base and seems to enjoy working in a testosterone filled environment. She would never admit it, but I think spending that much time around young and athletic men keeps her in a state of at least partial arousal.

We have become close friends with one group in particular and especially with the squad leader of the group. A man named Eric. Eric looks like he stepped off of a recruiting poster. At 6'3" and 220 pounds with no body fat at all, Eric is what you think of when you hear the term 'Green Beret'. Combine that with the training he has received to back it up and you are left with one conclusion: I'm glad he is on our side. On top of this he is intelligent, articulate, and what I believe women consider to be handsome. He has a great deal of integrity and I would trust Anna's safety to him in just about any situation I can imagine. Contrary to how it sounds, I am not in love with the guy, but both Anna and I do respect him a lot.

Oh, and did I mention he is black.

So it seemed as though we had the perfect partner to include in our fantasy play, but Anna always seemed hesitant when I tried to 'insert' Eric into things. In time I came to the conclusion that she probably has real feelings for him and doesn't trust herself if we get started down that road. At any rate, if she wasn't comfortable with it, I wasn't going to push it.

In August a trip was scheduled to take the squad to southern California for a week long 'immersion' in the local asian community. Anna convinced me to take time off work and come along and we stayed at a nice motel in the Anaheim area.

At the end of the third day, Anna and I decided to hit the jacuzzi which was located in the semi-secluded back corner of the pool area. As we approached it became clear that someone else was already there. We normally try to avoid group situations like this, but it would have looked strange if we turned around at that point. As we got closer we saw that it was Eric, so we were glad we didn't turn around. Anna shed her cover-up and as I pulled my shirt over my head I noticed Eric checking out Anna's body. She must have felt his eyes on her because as she stepped into the water her nipples looked hard enough to poke holes in her swimsuit.

As we enjoyed the hot water, Anna and Eric proceeded to discuss the lesson plans for the next day. They both seemed a little nervous and there was clearly sexual tension between the two of them. As for me, I was having trouble keeping an erection from forming while watching the two of them interact.

In time it was decided to get out and continue the planning session in our room. As Eric hopped out, his dripping shorts clung to his body to reveal that I was not the only one having trouble keeping an erection down. Anna could not help but stare when she saw the impressive bulge that hung halfway his thigh. She caught herself and sheepishly glanced at me to see if I had noticed. When she saw me smiling at her she gave me that "Don't even think about it" look.

Back in the room while changing out of the wet clothes I came up behind her, sliding my hard cock across her bare ass. Then while kneeling in front of her to suck on her equally hard nipples I asked her what she thought of Eric's 'equipment'. She didn't say anything but I got my answer when I slipped my finger into her pussy. I had never felt her so wet. She bucked against my hand and it felt like she had a small orgasm from just the single touch.

At that instant there was a knock at the door and she pulled away from me and ran for the bathroom to get dressed. I quickly threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and while trying to conceal my own bulge, let Eric in the room. My head was spinning as we sat down in the living room area and waited for Anna. I was hoping that the lesson planning would be short because I was looking forward to attacking Anna after Eric left.

At that point Anna emerged from the bathroom and completely surprised me. She was wearing only an over-sized grey Army t-shirt that covered her to about mid-thigh. I could see those wonderful nipples poking out between the "A" and the "Y" so I knew she was not wearing a bra. Anna proceeded to make small talk while drying her hair with a towel. When she finished, she turned and reached to hang the towel on a hook. As she reached up the shirt rose to reveal the bottom half of her perfect ass. Eric and I instantly dropped dead silent and stared. The action only lasted for an instant but seemed to be frozen in time. She then turned and came to sit next to me as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Eric and I just stared at each other, unsure how to proceed as this was totally out of character for Anna. Finally she broke the ice by turning to me and asking, "Are you sure this is what you want?" I found my mouth to dry to answer so I just shook my head yes. She then got up and walked across to where Eric was seated. She climbed onto his lap, facing him, with a knee on either side of his hips. As she did, the t-shirt again rode up showing me her ass and him that sweet pussy that up to now belonged only to me. She looked down at him and said "I've wanted this for a very long time", and then leaned forward and they kissed. At first it was a soft tender kiss, but very quickly turned aggressive. It was as if a dam had broken. She looked like she was trying to suck his tongue out of his mouth. His large hands were squeezing her ass cheeks very hard as he ground her silky pussy against the bulge in his shorts. It was clear Anna wasn't the only one who had wanted this for a very long time. After a few seconds the front of his shorts were already wet with her juices. She sat up and pulled his shirt over his head. I know Anna finds large chest muscles to be sexy. Eric had a truly impressive chest and Anna wasted no time in groping his muscles while sucking his nipples to hardness.

Shortly thereafter Anna's t-shirt also was lying on the floor while she fed one of her breasts to Eric's eager mouth. Soon Anna stiffened as Eric gave her, her first orgasm with a man other than her husband. By now the front of his shorts were drenched. Eric broke away from her nipple and said, "Let me get out of these". Anna slid to the floor as he stood up. While kneeling in front of him she pulled his shorts down over his hips slowly revealing a cock that both excited and scared her. The only cock Anna had ever seen in person was mine, a fairly average white man unit. Eric's was several shades darker in color than the rest of his skin and looked to be about nine inches long. But what was truly amazing was its thickness. As she reached up to take hold and stroke it, it was clearly thicker than her arm. His balls looked to be the size of large eggs and hung down in a large sack at least six inches from his cock. Because her fingers could not reach all the way around she used both hands to slowly stroke it. After a few strokes a clear drop of fluid appeared at the tip. Anna leaned forward and flicked her tongue to lap it up. Both Eric and I groaned. She then resumed long slow strokes while licking and sucking his giant balls. I could only imagine how much cum they held which would soon be filling her pussy.

She then licked her way back up to the tip as was able to work several inches of the giant cock into her mouth. Anna gazed up into his eyes as he guided her back and forth on his cock with his hands. She was using her tongue on the underside of his cock while squeezing and cupping his balls in a way I know feels amazing. Eric stiffened and it looked as though he was about to cum. He finally growled like a bear and pulled Anna off his cock. I guess he had another place in mind where to deposit his cum. Eric bent over and they shared a very wet kiss as Anna gave some of the precum she had sucked from his cock back to him. He did not seem to mind. He then lifted her up as if she were weightless and laid her down on her back on the couch. Anna had a wild look in her eyes as he placed her legs over his shoulders and lowered his face to her pussy. Eric licked from her asshole to her clit in several long strokes before finally dipping his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy. She grabbed his head, pulling him hard against her as he tongue fucked her. He then pushed her over the edge again by sucking and licking her clit while sliding two long fingers in and out of her. Anna flooded Eric's face with her sweet pussy juice.

It was now Erics turn to have a wild look in his eyes and his cock looked hard enough to chop wood. Anna's pussy was clearly ready as he moved up and laid his cock on top of her. It looked unreal. It reached almost to her belly button. There didn't seem to be anyway that it would fit inside my tiny wife. Eric slid his cock across the length of her pussy several times, coating it with her juices and causing her to shudder before lining the head up with her opening. As he flexed his hips, her pussy lips spread around the enormous head allowing it to be captured just inside her. Anna leaned up on her elbows as they both watched the incredible penetration. Eric rotated his hips and Anna moaned as a couple more inches disappeared inside her.

Anna was now breathing as though she had been running. Eric asked if she was okay and she replied through clenched teeth with only one word, "More". Eric pulled back slightly and drove in again. Anna had never felt so full. She looked down and saw that only half of Eric's great cock was inside her. This time as Eric withdrew, Anna's pussy lips clung to his cock as though trying to prevent it from escaping. Eric lowered her legs from his shoulders to his hips and leaned forward to kiss her. I watched in disbelief as his huge tool disappeared inside my sweet Anna. When his enormous balls came to rest against her ass, they both held still and stared deeply into each others eyes. It was obvious that this was more than just sex to them. When Anna and I make love, if the angle is just right, my dick can just barely make contact with the tip of her cervix. The feeling is incredible. The way they were mated together now, the head of Eric's cock was firmly planted against Anna's cervix. This sensation combined with his balls against her ass caused her pussy contract and spasm in the most incredible orgasm of her life. She clung to Eric as wave after wave washed over her. It was all Eric could do to keep from cuming as he felt her pussy muscles squeeze and massage his cock in a way he had never felt before. He felt he was losing himself and falling in love with this amazing woman. At the same time he was giving something to her that she had never felt before. He was touching places inside her that had never been touched. In a way she was giving a second virginity to him.

Part of me wondered if she would ever be satisfied with my 'average' dick again. But in spite of these feelings the sight of them coupling was simply the most erotic thing I had ever seen. It was amazing to watch my wife pleasure Eric and be pleasured by him.

As Anna came back to earth, she let Eric know what she wanted: "Pump me with your big cock!" Eric growled again and responded, "I love the way it feels to be inside you". They began to kiss again as he stroked in and out of her. He would pull almost all the way out and then plunge back in until the sound of his balls slapping her ass could be heard. The contrast in their skin colors looked amazing as his cock alternately disappeared and reappeared. I took out my own dick and began to stroke it in time with the whimper from Anna that accompanied each slap of his balls. Precum began to appear on his cock as they built toward a mutual release. At one point Eric picked her up and stood with her impaled on his cock. He gripped her ass and bounced her up and down so fast that the junction of cock and pussy was just a blur. This went on for several minutes demonstrating just how strong he really was. Anna appeared glassy eyed when he finally began to slow down. She had never been fucked that hard before.

Eric lay on his back on the floor, Anna reversed direction so her back was to him and as she slowly sank back down I watched that big black cock disappear back inside my wife until only his balls were showing. She looked over and saw me jerking my dick and motioned for me to bring it to her. She pulled me close and engulfed me in her warm mouth. I knew I wouldn't last long with the scene that was happening in front of me. Her tongue was doing amazing things as she sucked me in and out of her mouth. She momentarily pulled me out and said, "I want you to cum in my mouth". As she took me in her mouth again, the jerking motion of her body as Eric drove his cock into her pushed me over the edge. I felt my dick expand and she looked into my eyes as I filled her mouth with my cum. She let some of it drip onto her tits and she rubbed it into her nipples causing a couple more spurts to erupt from my dick. After I pulled out of her mouth, she pulled me down and kissed me, pushing some of my cum back into my mouth. It was a new and weird experience, but the feeling of kissing my wife while another man was fucking her made it alright. She then took my hand and said, "You've got to feel this", and placed it on her stomach just above her pussy. I could actually feel her tummy bulge out a little each time she settled down on top of his cock.

Anna then straightened up and rotated around on him. As she looked down on Eric she said, "I want to feel you cum inside me". As she said this, she reached back and took hold of his balls while grinding her pussy down hard on him. This was evidently what Eric was waiting for as he pulled her down to kiss while his entire body went stiff. Feeling Eric's cock erupt inside her triggered another climax in Anna and she shuddered on top of him as she felt spurt after spurt flood her pussy. She finally released his balls and collapsed down on top of him. Eric's cock stayed hard inside her as I watched them bask in the afterglow. After several minutes Anna started to get up, but they were having trouble separating. I guess their coupling had been so tight that a suction seal had been created. It looked just like Anna's pussy and Eric's cock had grown minds of their own and didn't want to be apart.

I went to grab some towels from the bathroom while the two of them tried to separate their sex organs. When I came back into the room they had finally gotten things pulled apart, but Anna was still lying on top of Eric while they shared a long kiss. It was obvious that their strong feelings for each other was what made the experience so amazing. This was not like watching sex in a porn video. This was two people making love with incredible passion. Strangely, I didn't feel jealous or threatened. I felt proud that I had such an amazing and passionate wife. Eric and Anna were not going to run off together. We had built a life together and that would not change. I hoped that she would continue to have strong feelings for Eric and that I would be able to watch them like this again. As I continued to watch them, Eric's cum was slowly dripping out of Anna's pussy onto his cock. He must have deposited a gallon of the stuff into her.

After we cleaned up, we decided that Eric should spend the night in our room. As I finally fell asleep, Eric and I were taking turns caressing Anna's body as she lay between us on the bed.

I awoke in the morning to feel the bed rocking. As I rolled over I was greeted by the sight of Anna sitting balls deep on top of Eric. He was sucking her nipples and she was clutching his chest with both eyes tightly closed in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

This was definitely better than the fantasy...
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