Her Lover

Written by JJJ BBB / Jul 31, 2007



Scene: 40+ single woman and a younger Negroid, entwined in bed

She loved the thundering her Negro was giving her. She was in haze, semi lucid, just basking in the orgasmic waves. "I love fucking your white pussy", The Negro's voice whispered, snapping her out of it. Her eyes locked them with his. She leaned back into the bed, wrapped her smooth white thighs around his waist, and met his thrusts with a manic passion.

She growled out "fuck me, nigger, fuck me". With that, he started hack sawing her pussy, his face broke out into a menacing grimace. She gasped for air, as he punched away at her back wall. He pounded his taboo into her cunt. He loved hearing the sound of her white juices slopping around his BBC. He loved how he felt inside her white body, the thought of shooting inside her sacred temple, almost sent him over the edge... He loved bring himself to the point of O, inside her cove, and then floating on the feeling.

She slide her delicately aging hands from his neck, down his back. Grabbing his butt and directed his pussy pumping she loved the primal power of this young negro. She loved feeling dirty yet loved, taken yet protected. She thought of her friends and family. "Mudshark". Shit, that made her cum, she left out a deep wolverine howl. She loved being a bad girl, she loved taking nigger cock, and nigger seed. She heard her Father talk about race-traitors in her mind. Another orgasm surged thru her groin, causing her toes to feel on fire. She reveled in her fallen status. She loved opening her legs for niggers. She loved taken their cum. Their black balls on her white lips. Their smooth, rich, brown skin on hers.

She beckoned him on, she needed his cum to feel complete. She told him, she wanted his cum, but he told her, "To shut up, he'll give her the sacred nigger seed, when he's good and ready". He wanted to enjoy and meditate on this experience, not just get off. The myriad candle lights softly illuminating their panting bodies. This was more than sex, it was transcendent, a blissful ethereal experience. His fleshy full lips kissed her cheeks, and then her lips. He squeezed and cradled her like the most precious jewel she was. She was however in no mood, for mutual meditation this evening. She needed to be taken, to be filled, to get off. Work was really stressing her out, and she just wanted his Nigger nuts to produce that Nigger cum, and shoot deep inside her white womb.

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