Pimping My Wife

Written by Sluglicker / Aug 8, 2007



We had just watched 'Indecent Proposal' and as we drove back I could sense my wife's mind working wickedly overtime as it does when she's turned on by something. I was not too aroused by the movie myself. The emotional content was a little too much for me. I like my relationships sex-full and stress-free.

Claire, my wife, was gently toying with her zipper and I knew she was plenty turned on. She unbuttoned her jeans and snaked her palm in, rolling down the panties and running it over the curls of her pubic hair. I had to keep my eyes on the road, sadly. I felt a stirring in my pants, as Claire very openly began to rub her sex. She is a slut that way. No inhibition and plenty of lubrication. This was an awkward position for her though... and I knew it was just a preamble for something more.

"Honey, would you let someone fuck me for money? Some horny stranger who was willing to pay you to let him shove his, umhh, fat, ooozing, uhh, cock into my precious pussy for a few bucks?" She grunted as her fingers rubbed against her raised pubis and mouthed each word deliberately. My cock was straining so hard against my pants I was scared I would damage them permanently. This was good. I married this woman because I loved the way her mind worked.

"Sure," I said, "if the price is right..."

"And what's right? What do you think I am worth on the streets. If a man wanted to fuck me all night how much would you ask for."

"A hundred bucks," I said with a laugh. "Less if promises to make you do really dirty things. Like if made you lick his ass or something, he'd get a discount."

"You bastard!" she cried. "You'd sell your wife for a hundred bucks to a total stranger? You fuckin' pimp!"

We were at a stoplight now and she began to nuzzle my neck and let her wet tongue trace a path up to my ear. She stuck her warm, wet, exquisitely textured tongue in. "But I love you."

I glowed with happiness. Some of the flush in my face was from the turgid cock I sported thanks to my wife's indecent proposal!

"Take you on, anytime," I said warming to the subject.

"First horny guy we see, you proposition for me. OK!"

She was the picture of decadence. Jeans down to her feet. Panties down to her knees, thighs splayed open seductively and sticky fingers that told a tale of kindled horniness.

With one hand she was pinching her nipples through her t-shirt and bra, molding them into turgid knobs of passion. Not content, she rolled up her t-shirt and cupped her left breast squeezing, arousing herself with her own sexual advances.

I began to breathe fast. This was blowing my mind. 'First horny guy we see' - the words echoed in my head.

We were at a stop sign and I spotted him, a shadowy figure on the sidewalk, with his cap pulled low over his forehead, unkempt, dressed in rags and quite dangerous looking.

"That black guy there. Do you think he'll go for you?"

My wife let her tongue run over her lips. "Sure, if he's got a cock in him. Bet he can fuck better than you, Larry.? With that barb she began mentally undressing him, looking for telltale signs of a cock under the rags...

I pulled over and motioned to the man. I bet he thought we wanted directions. As he came towards the car I said to Claire, "Open the door and show him what you've got."

As the door opened he got his first sight of Claire's body half naked in the streetlight. She had her seatbelt off and her naked legs spread as she squatted on the seat, her blond pussy hair and pink cunt wantonly exposed to his gaze. She had her t-shirt rolled all the way up now, exposing her milky breasts, large and firm under a lacy white bra.

I came to the point directly.

"Would you luck to fuck my wife...?"

Taken aback only for a second he moved quickly to the front seat and had his hands on her legs feeling the softness of her thighs.

"Yo, motherfucker. You bet, brother.."

I don't think he quite understood what was going on, but by the way his fingers found their way into her pussy I could tell he knew exactly what he wanted to do to her.

"It'll cost you," I said, almost hating myself for distracting him.

"I ain't got more than five bucks," he said backing off, realizing for the first time there was a catch to this.

"OK. You can fuck her for five bucks. If you make her do something really dirty... like really disgustingly sick, I'll charge you only three bucks."

The perverse logic of this seemed to sink into him. I was some kind of a sicko who wanted him to fuck my wife and humiliate and degrade her so that I can get a kick out of it. Claire didn't wait for an answer. She opened the back door.

Soon we were in a parking lot. Claire got into the back seat with only her panties and bra on. I had a ring-side view of the action and provided much of the lewd conversation that followed.

Claire was on his lap now actively groping for his cock which came out of the folds, big black, majestic and much bigger than mine, I was shocked to find. With a contented gasp she massaged his meat, and raised her butt and moved the cock head into her pussy, past the bridge of her silk panties.

"Ever fucked a white woman before, Bo?" I asked having found out his name was 'Bo.'

Bo was not a man of words and preferred to instead tear off her panties in a violent tug that made Claire squeal. I had my cock out and was pressing it against the leather of the seat.

"Yeah Bo, feel your cock in her white pussy. White pussy is easy, Bo. Easy to get if you have a big cock like yours. But she's just a slut. Don't be gentle. Let her have it."

I was massaging my cock now as Bo began to pump her up and down on his massive black erection. Her pants were intermixed with her screams and squeals. Claire is not inclined to squeal, and I could see this was way out of her league and she was just letting each emotion escape to her lips as it consumed her. Bo's mouth had found her breast now. His hand had pushed her bra up and she gratefully unhooked it as his mouth gorged on her soft white tit flesh.

Bo was clearly a tramp. Probably hadn't bathed in ages and his clothes smelt of sweat and grime and possibly garbage. However his being so deliciously indecent seemed to turn us on more than the finest perfume.

Claire was really playing the slut now. Her face flushed, her mouth panting, and her face nuzzling him, smelling his sweat. She had buried her face in his underarm soaking up the smells there, her tongue licking the salty secretions.

Bo may never have been with a white woman before by the looks of it. He was fondling her hair quite gently, wrapping it around his fist and smelling the sweet perfume of Claire's blonde tresses.

"Yeah Bo, feel the blonde bitch's hair. Does it smell nice. Would you like to have her every night? Would you like to have her soft hair in your hands as she sucks your cock?"

I felt him buck at the mention of a blowjob and I knew he was coming, inside my wife's wet, soft pussy. "Oh yeah. Come in her Bo. Shoot your hot sperm in my wife's cunt. That's what she's there for. To have you fuck her every night."

His fingers clawed her ass, and one finger burrowed its way in as he shot his load. The excitement and the novelty of the situation was so much for her that she began to come, in waves of womanly ecstasy. Hearing her shuddering moans I felt myself shooting, too. This was great. Three people orgasming like they had never before, inside a car, and all due to a smelly, dirty vagrant whom we'd allowed in a most private part of our lives, my wife's pussy. Nothing could be more depraved.

Thereafter, Bo had her lick his cock which she applied herself to with such love and intense concentration you would think she was an artist applying wet strokes to a canvas she was painting.

Instead, Bo's flaccid penis began to rise again as he tugged at her hair, urging her horny mouth to do its wanton work. Soon he was hard again, and he turned her over so that they were 69ing in the backseat. Bo was so tall, we had to keep the doors open to let the two lovers have their fill of each other. I felt myself getting erect again. As for Claire, there was no satisfying her. Her mouth was sucking, deep-throating his cock and squeezing it with her lips as she sought the juice within. Bo's mouth was devouring her pussy.

"Does it taste good Bo? Does a white woman's pussy taste like black pussy? She's a slut, you know, that?s why she's so juicy. Her panties are always wet, Bo. She oozes all the time."

My dirty talk was evidently getting to Bo, because his tongue was delving into the depths of my wife's sex as his finger tormented her asshole. Claire's clit is big as a cashew nut, a constant joke between us and Bo knew exactly what to do with it. She was tossing with each rub if his tongue against her clit.

"Yeah lick her clit, Ohh, Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!!"

My second orgasm was on me as I sprayed once more on the seat, thinking again of the depravity of it all. A strange, black guy - a smelly vagrant who probably hadn't bathed in days was debauching my precious Claire and paying for it. My orgasm seemed to trigger his and I saw the juices flooding her mouth, leaking from the sides as she gulped his sperm gushing into her.

Finally exhausted, Bo lay on his back, the picture of satisfaction when I brought up my final condition.

"Now do something to her, so dirty that we've never thought about it before and I'll give you two bucks off."

"Fuck her in the ass," Bo said.

"No. Been there, done that!"

"Get the bitch to lick my balls."

"Again, no big deal."

"Piss into her mouth."

"Hmm. Nice but I've pissed on her face before."

"I know what to do," Bo said. "Get down bitch, suck my cock."

She took his cock in her mouth now sticky and oozing and quite soft. Her tongue massaged the piteous lump until he began to grown again, for a third time. When he was half erect he motioned her to stop and turned her over on the seat with her ass facing him.

I was beginning to get an idea and I was excited, mighty excited.

He open her anus out with his fingers, quite cruelly. Claire screamed in pain. He guided his almost erect member into the hole and having wedged it in he asked her to stop moving. I could see that he was fully erect now. He just sat there on top of her breathing regularly not doing anything.

Very slowly his passion cooled off. His erection began to subside. As he felt it getting soft, he grunted and began to pee. Right in my car this guy was pissing into my wife's asshole. I could hear the muffled sounds of his squirting cock and the smell soon filled the car.

Claire screamed in shock as she felt the warm fluid, almost like an enema shoot into her anus. She writhed at the funny feeling as her intestines felt hot and ready to eject. It was exquisite to see her squirm as he laughed, a deep contented laugh of a man who had fucked a horny bitch over and over again and had his fill of her body. He then held her tenderly, with a gentleness that could scarcely be associated with his grisly exterior, and kissed her soft on the mouth. Claire, as surprised as I was, returned his kisses with warm affection, gluing her lips to his, exploring his mouth with her tongue. With self control that I could not believe he wrenched himself from her honey lips and stepped out of the car.

With one hand around her head, he reached into his tattered pants for the money. He handed me the three dollars silently. Meanwhile Claire who gets emotional after any lovemaking began kissing his fingers, letting her wet tongue try and seduce him back into the car for some more love making.

He withdrew his hand and kissed her forehead gently through the window. "See you around, sister. Take care," he said and strode away.

Soon we were headed home, having dropped off Bo. Claire had a bunch of tissues stuffed in her leaky anus, and we were too overwhelmed by the events of the evening to talk.

As the kids let us in, little Jill said, "Yuck, someone really smells."

"Mummy's got to go to the bathroom baby," Claire said, winking most wickedly at me. What a woman!
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