The Real Estate Broker

Written by Justamano / Sep 12, 2007



The real estate broker stood in the driveway, with a sheaf of papers in her hands. I pulled in, got out and walked over to her. She was about 5'3", curvy, and blonde and hazel eyes. She wore a skirt, and smart pumps, and a nice black jacket over a pink shirt. I could see that her breasts were large, and she had a good cleavage going. I shook hands with her introducing myself. She smiled widely, looked me up and down slowly, and said "Hi, my name is Donna". I looked at her, and said Good to meet you, Donna. My wife will be joining us in about an hour, Is that OK? She licked her lips before saying, Oh, That's fine. Shall we go in..?

She then turned and led the way. I waited behind her while she opened the door lock and entered and stood to one side while I came in. I had to stoop a little because I was 6'6" and had been a former boxer in my native India.

She closed the front door, then turned and asked me how to pronounce my name. I repeated my name slowly for her. She smiled and repeated it back, and her tongue flickered out again as she said it. She adjusted her hair, and I thought she looked a bit agitated, even though she was still smiling. Then she turned around and with a flourish asked, Well, what do you think of this?

The house was looking very good. I had asked her real estate company to search for a large home with at least 10 acres of land, and had said my budget was about 2-3 million or so. I had made about 60 million dollars from the sale of my last company, and I had done this thrice before.

I loved the Marble everywhere, and the dark and light wood all thru the very large foyer. I also loved her petite ass sticking out inside her skirt, and I was watching her, when she saw me watching, and asked with a smile, Do you like it? I smiled back and said, very much. How much do you, umm, they want?

She said, Its within your budget, I think. But it is very beautiful, and inviting and warm. I said, I love the lines and the flow, still looking at her. She definitely seemed flustered, but not unpleasantly so, and again, with a toss of her blonde hair, looked at my eyes, and said, Would you like to take a look? I said, very much so... Then she said, ..Ohh I almost forgot, I must tell you that I am a Seller's agent, and here is the disclosure you need to sign. What that means is that I am working for the seller's benefit... I said, I understand, and smiled as I signed the paper she handed me.

As she turned, she said, You are a very big man. Did you play professional sports? I said I was from India, but had been a boxer when serving in the Indian military. She smiled, and said, I had an Indian boyfriend in college, a very sweet man, but he was much smaller than you, and I could see her eyes flicker towards my crotch, and she looked at my eyes again. Yeah, I said, we Indians come in all shapes and sizes. She said, walking past the fabulous kitchen entrance, You are bigger than even most Americans. I said I was an American now, and laughed. I could see her lips become moist again, and her skin had a sheen to it now. And if I've smelt it once, I smelt it again, underneath her expensive perfume, her female odor of desire.

She touched the expansive granite counters and walked to the pantry. I followed and stood behind her watching her ass move while she moved. She stood in the doorway looking at me. I saw her hand curling her hair in the back while she watched me watching her. Still looking at her breasts, I said, very nice. Then I moved inside, and brushed against her. She stood still, pushing against me, then moved aside obviously flustered. I could hear her breathing quicker.

Our next stop was in the first floor bathroom. It was as expected, all Marble and Gold fittings, and for some reason, there was a mirror on the floor, when we walked over it. I looked down and saw her thong stuck between her pussy lips, and a wetness creeping in, as she walked. She stood over the mirror unaware for a minute, then looked down and jumped out of the way, when she saw me looking. I said, very nice, and inviting. Her breath was definitely shorter now, and she said, yes, and led me to the family room. The room was as big as a regular apartment with beautiful couches and tables scattered around.

She sat down at a table, and placed the papers on the table. Her knees were slightly apart and she slightly moistened her lips as she sat down, and I could see her move her pelvis slightly. My joystick was in full salute mode at this time. As I sat down, my cock was riding high against my fly and I spread my knees to adjust its mass riding high. She seemed to have trouble focusing on the paperwork, and her breathing was somewhat short and hurried. She looked at my crotch from the corner of her eyes and I smiled inside, even as my cock twitched occasionally through the fabric of my pants. I said, well what do we have here? And reached out for a sheet of paper near her knee, and "accidentally" touched it. She sat still for a moment before looking at me, and when she saw me looking at her, her lips parted and in almost a throaty whisper, she said, When is your wife coming? I said, not at least for another 45 minutes at least. Then I reached for her knee and slowly reached in. Her eyes were wide open as she leaned towards me and reached for my cock. I placed my lips on hers and we kissed long and wet. My hand was now on her wet panty covered pussy and she had her legs spread wide and she was moaning slowly through her breath. She pulled down my zip and reached in and my cock almost exploded out and she gasped as her hand barely circled around its head and she pried her lips away to gaze at the monster in her hands. Oh God... She said, I've never seen anything so big... and I could feel her pussy twitch as she leaked some more juice in my hand inside her pussy.

She pulled up her ass from the couch and removed her panty, and I could feel the very smooth pussy lips juicy and puffed up. She then got on her knees and started to suck on my cock. Her lips barely contained the head of my 10" cockzilla, as she slobbered away at it. I was still sitting on the couch, and I slowly lifted her up and placed her on the couch and then knelt down, spread her skirt and legs wide open and started to suck her pussy. She moaned loudly as she came and her head twisted back and her hands pushed down on my head into her pussy as she came for a long time. Then she almost screamed as she said, Fuck me now... I got up and pulled my trousers down and placed my cock in her cunt opening and slowly pushed in. I felt her moan and her breath was ragged as I pushed in to about half way. Her pussy was very tight and the wetness was unbelievable as I started to fuck her slowly. She held me tightly around the back and her lips were locked to mine as I fucked her on the couch.

She came at once again and then again and then said, Cum in me, I want to feel your cum... I said, glad to oblige, and released the valve, and I could feel my mighty balls releasing the copious cum that my wife affectionately referred to as cock cream. The cum rolled into her pussy even as she came and came... I could feel her cervix against my cock head as I flooded her pussy and the lay down on her. I was still hard even as our breath's recovered. She had her legs locked around my ass and her cunt was still spasming when I tried to sit. Then she softly said: Can you fuck me in the ass too? I slowly turned her over and I could see the cum pouring down her leg. She reached down and scooped up some of the cum and licked it with her tongue. Then she spread her legs wide with her ass pointed to me, and I could see her beautiful asshole twitch. Her head was held high as I took some of the cum in my finger and slowly inserted it into her asshole. She gasped, and I said relax...

Then I smeared some of the cum on my cock head and slowly placed it on her asshole, and pushed in slowly. She let out a slow rasping moan/ scream and it ended in a moan as she came just as my cock was all the way in her very tight asshole. I fucked her slowly as she pushed against my cock. I reached for her breast and fucked her. She said, faster, and I rode her faster, and then she almost lost control of her legs as she orgasmed again and again...

After about 10 minutes of ass fucking, I then spurted again in her asshole, generously offering her her second helping of cum. She rammed her ass violently against me as she took all I had to offer and seemed to be orgasming again. I then lay against her smooth beautiful ass and slowly let out a breath. Her face was pressed against the couch and her lips were wide apart as she spoke through ragged breathing. I have never been fucked in the ass before, and I have never been fucked like this before.. I said, Glad to oblige.

Then as I stood up I glanced at my watch, and she was now alert, and said, Your wife? I said, that's OK. She would call me before coming by. She then relaxed and got down on her knees and proceeded to thoroughly lick me clean. As I placed my semi erect cock inside my pants, she pulled her panty on, and just used her fingers to scoop up the cum from her ass and pussy and ate it up. I cant bear to see it go down the drain, she said.

I smiled and sat down again. She got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. Then she sat down next to me, and this time, she was very relaxed, and was smiling slightly. She then said, Thank you very much, I needed that very badly. I may need it again soon, and I said, no problems, just call me. Then she looked at the paper on the table and said, you know, I can thank you only one way. I'll get the seller to come down by about a quarter million. She laughed slowly and said, of course this is just between you, me, my pussy and your cock, but I think I am going to be a Buyers agent for you. The seller was ready to negotiate at a quarter million less but she had decided to try for more until I fucked her. I laughed, and said Thank you very much. For that, I will fuck you at least once a week for a year, and laughed.

My telephone rang, and I answered it. My wife said she was at the driveway and how were things going? I said, Great Darling. C'mon in. and went to let her in. I opened the door and my beautiful wife walked in. She kissed me, and then whispered, Hmmm, Love the smell of pussy on your lips. So what did you get for that fuck? I whispered back, quarter million, and she smiled as she whispered, Good Job! I want you to fuck me very soon. I smiled as I led her to meet Donna.
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