Halloween Mistake

Written by Just Plain Bob / Oct 18, 2007



Jealousy can sometimes be a very bad thing. Not trusting your significant other can lead you into some very awkward situations, situations that you may not be able to explain.

I don't remember when, exactly, I first became suspicious of Jim, but I do remember why. He had come home from work one night after supposedly working late and I could smell another woman's perfume on him. When I mentioned it he passed it off as being in a crowded elevator with a bunch of women. From that point on I paid very close attention to all of his absences and I always found something to make me doubt that he was actually doing what he told me he was doing; bowling, golf, playing poker with his buddies, working late, bachelor parties, oh yes - those bachelor parties. So it was only natural that when the opportunity to possibly catch him in the act presented itself I would take advantage of it.

Every year Jim's company sponsored a Halloween costume party for charity and I always made costumes for the event. I'm pleased to be able to say that my costumes have won the award for Most Original on five out of the eight last events. For this year I made three costumes, one for Jim and two for myself, only one of which I let Jim see. Jim's costume was a blazing red devil, complete with horns, tail, pitchfork, and a long flowing cape; it also had a very cleverly designed fly that couldn't be seen. The outfit that Jim saw me making for myself was a black witches costume. On the night of the party I told Jim that I had developed a very bad headache and would not be able to go with him. Since he was on one of the committees he had to go and as soon as his car was out of the driveway I ran upstairs and got out the second costume I had made for myself. It was a carbon copy of the one I had made for Jim except mine had see through mesh where my tits would be. My outfit also had the cleverly designed flap, except that mine opened quite a bit further ? it gave access to both my pussy and my butt (Jim loves to butt fuck me). I waited for the party to be in full swing before I entered the ballroom as I wanted to make sure all of Jim's committee business was out of the way - I did not want him to have any other distractions.

It didn't take me long to find him (that blazing red costume really stood out) and I was not surprised to see him dancing with "Marie Antoinette" - no way Jim would have ignored those exposed tits. I waited till the dance was over before moving in on him. Keeping my voice low and throaty I said that I hadn't come to the party looking for a mate, but it certainly seemed that we were supposed to be a pair. The music started again and I pulled him out onto the dance floor. It was a nice slow dance and as we moved together I could feel his erect cock poking me. Again disguising my voice I uttered that old Mae West line, "Is that a roll of nickels in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me??

In answer he simply pulled me closer to him so that now instead of occasionally poking me his cock was pressed hard into me.

"Tell you what," I said, "I've just had a "devilish" thought. It would be "sinful" to let that go to waste. Have you got someplace we can go??

Without a word he took me by the hand and led me from the ballroom to the elevators, which we took up to the second floor. He unlocked the door to room 211 and pulled me inside. As the door closed behind him he reached for my mask, but I pushed his hands away saying, "No! The mask stays on. I don't want to know who you are and I don't want you to see me.?

I dropped to my knees, worked his stiff prick out of his costume, wrapped my lips around it and began to give him a blowjob. He came in minutes, but I swallowed his load and kept on sucking until he got hard again. I stood up, opened the fly on my costume and laid down on the bed, opening myself up for him. He wasted no time in sliding his manhood into me.

"Aha" I said to myself, "I've got you, you cheating bastard!?

Well, I might have 'got' him, but he was getting me also. He fucked me fast and furious for several minutes, bringing me off twice before cumming into me. I was so lost in the passion of the moment that I had not heard when two other men had come into the room. In fact, the first I knew there were others in the room was when Jim got off me only to slide a hard dick into me moments later. I opened my eyes in surprise at his speedy recovery only to find that the Devil was gone and Blackbeard The Pirate had taken his place. I wanted to push him away, but I was caught in the trap I had set for Jim. If I pulled off my mask and told Jim to stop what was happening he would know who I was, but then so would the others in the room, and since a strange man was already in me and fucking up a storm, the word would go out that Jim had a slut for a wife and we both would suffer. I had to accept what was happening, but God! was Jim in for it when we got home and he found out what his infidelities had led to.

After Blackbeard there was a Civil War soldier (a damn Yankee at that), an American Indian, and several others that I don't even remember. By the Civil War soldier my costume, except for the hood (Jim would not let them unmask themselves or unmask me), had been removed and I was lost in a fuck frenzy - all I wanted was cock, and boy did I get it. Jim had me two more times and everyone else had me at least twice. I was fucked in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass, several times in all three at once. When they had finished with me I was exhausted. Suddenly I found myself alone in the room and I wearily got up, stumbled into the shower and cleaned myself up.

On the way home I tried to think of the best way to let Jim know that I'd finally caught his cheating ass. I didn't want confront him straight on, I wanted to listen to the bastard lie before I threw the proof in his face. I had my cum stained costume in a plastic bag and he would know as soon as he saw it that I had him dead to rights. I wondered how he was going to feel about knowing that his wife had been the centerpiece in the gangbang he had allowed to happen.

I was waiting in the kitchen when he got home. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, "Hi baby. Felling any better??

I nodded at him, "How about you? Have a good time??

"Ah, you know how it goes honey. Those damn meetings go on forever and by the time the meeting was over I wasn't in a party mood. I spent most of the night playing poker with some of the guys.?

I was just about to say, "You lying, cheating bastard" when he continued, "But the guy I loaned my costume to had one hell of a good time. He met a woman in a costume just like mine and it turned out that she was some kind of nymphomaniac. He said she fucked him and seven other guys for three hours before she wore them out.?

The front doorbell rang. "That's probably him now. He said he would drop off the costume on his way home.

I suddenly felt very, very sick.
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