African Nightmare

Written by unknown / Oct 10, 1999



ABSTRACT: Five white couples from Ohio go a long awaited cruise only to be kidnapped and captured by rebel forces in the tiny African country of Gyeria. The ordeal they endure is told by one of the husbands - Philip. This is his story of how his and the other wives are forced into providing sex for hundreds of horny African rebel troops. Since the wives lost all their luggage which contained their birth control pills, the husbands end up providing their wives an interesting form of oral birth control. At first Philip and the other husbands are only made to be maidservants to their wives and the troops. Philip tells how later in their captivity, he and one of the other husbands functioned as much more for the troops. Eventually, the couples escape and return home. However, Philip discovers a change in his wife's attitude and has to cope with the changes she dictates. Just when he's learn to accept his place into his wife's new marital order, up pops an intriguing surprise from the past.




The African soldier was humping away while he made me stand in the corner and look. As he got closer to coming, he suddenly stopped and asked "You want me to knock her up or do you wanna be a rubber for my load". I stood there dumfounded. My wife, panting heavily from his fucking her, spoke as best she could.

"Gasp! ... I told him ... Gasp! ... about you sucking ... Gasp! ... pussy clean before... Gasp! ... to keep ... Gasp! ... me from getting ... Gasp! ... pregnant... Gasp! ... Sucking him off ... Gasp! ... will make it ... Gasp! ... easier for you ... Gasp! ... get it all ... Gasp! ... do it honey ... Gasp! ... suck him for me."

I wasn't thrilled about becoming a cock sucker for this rugged looking muscle laden black soldier, but I couldn't fault my wife's logic. I slowly walked over. He warned that he couldn't hold back much longer. My wife urged me on and reminded me for the hundreth time I was her only birth control. His big long jutting black cock was all wet with her cunt juices and was palpitating. Once again I knew I had no choice. I had to do what had to be done to protect my wife. He pushed me to my knees and held a knife before my face warning me about biting him as he pushed his mammoth swollen dick between my lips. He started working it back and forth deeper into my mouth. As I totally submitted to him, and followed his instructions on how he wanted to be sucked, out the corner of my eye, my wife beamed a broad smile and uttered for me to grab his ass. The feel of his taunt muscular rear and hard bone between my sucking lips made me feel so humiliated and submissive, but yet excited as I knelt there in full view of her. Later he placed one of my hands on his huge balls. I was fondling his bull size nuts as he shot off. He spurted several forceful gushers of his pent up hot sperm. There was so much to swallow, but I managed to get it all down. He held me to his semi-hard pole for a while and had me milk it thoroughly. As the Black soldier was getting dressed, my wife reminded me to thank him for being so considerate and kind. I meekly did as she requested. Later she congratulated me.

"You were a good rubber for him darling. I'm proud of the way you took every bit of his load. Isn't that nice of him to spread the word to see if the other soldiers might want to let you do the same for them?"

I could only say yes under the circumstances. It was about ten minutes later when another soldier came in for a fuck. Rita asked if he wanted to use me as a dump for his wad after he started fucking her. He agreed to my rubber act but only if I asked him. It was embarrassing to do so, but I did so with encouragement from my wife. Seven more soldiers came but only four agreed to me being their sucking condom. They said I'd just have to do a good suck job on my wife to keep her from getting knocked up. The very last fellow agreed to let me take his load but changed his mind. He told me my wife's cunt was too good not to come in when he got ready to shoot. However he still wanted and demanded that I milk his cum smeared wet dick. I was in no condition to argue with him. I did as he demanded.

After the last soldier left, Rita didn't waste a moment in smothering my face with her reeking sloppy slimy cunt. "That's it honey! ... Suck me out good! ...OOOOH! ... Get all those spermies out! .... Stick your tongue deep up there! ... That's it, eat up their cum! ... Show them you know how to fight back for them fucking your wife! ... OOOOH! That's so gooood!" With her literally riding and grinding her wet slimy hairy cunt all over my face, there was nothing I could do but do as she demanded.

After she got her jollies for the eighteenth time that night, we got ready for bed. But instead of her letting me have her like the 11 big black soldiers had enjoyed her, she jerked me off and smilingly wished her little cock sucker and cunt eater good night. This was the eighth time she had done this since we'd been hijacked from our cruise ship and captured by this group of guerrillas. I began to get the feeling that she reveled in the heavy sexing by our captors and wasn't that thrilled with my much smaller prick anymore.

As I laid there trying to sleep, I wondered if we'd ever get out of this living hell. This was our tenth day in captivity to these rebel soldiers, but it seemed almost like ten months.

We were one of five white couples who'd been kidnapped and held as hostages by the group. We were all from the same hometown in Ohio.

The black rebels had taken us back to their camp and put each couple in a guarded cabin and sexually abused our wives from the first day there, since there were no other women in the camp.

Like me, all the other husbands were white and humiliated the same as I was. To make matters even worse, the other husbands were noticing the same thing about their wives. They seemed to be not only enjoying the relentless sex they were being subjected too, but also the abject humiliation we husbands were being put through.

The soldiers treated us husbands like slaves and had us doing all sorts of womanly chores, like washing their clothes and being maids to our wives, who they'd made whores for their troops, both at this camp and for other troops passing through. To further humiliate us, we had to wear dresses and respond to the feminine versions of our names. Like me, the other husband's mouths were their wives only birth control too.

As we did our daily camp chores, we husbands shared experiences and exchanged tips on how best to handle our situation. One of the favorite places was at the stream where we five gathered to wash clothes, of course under the watchful eye of two armed guards.

This was our eleventh day in captivity, and while doing the morning wash, we husbands exchanged news. One of the daily topics was always how many soldiers our wives had been fucked by the previous night and how we were coping with eating all that spent jism from their well used cunts. As the reader can readily see, such discussion helped us form a bond of the type that never existed before between us as neighbors.

One of the husbands named Sam, dubbed Samantha by the rebels, finally gathered the courage to tell the group that he gave in to one of the rebel sergeant's demands and let the horny rebel fuck him up the ass as his wife watched. Samantha went on to let us know that he soon had other soldiers wanting to do this to him too, once they saw him in his mandatory drag attire. He then told us of how this gave his wife a break from the relentless fucking she'd been experiencing, and that we other husbands may want to consider doing the same for our wives - to give them a break from at least some of those big black dicks that might want to fuck us up the ass.

While we all had experienced forced cock sucking at one time or another since being captured, none of us to date had been forced to get ass fucked. There was a silence in the group as he spoke. When he finished, there was sort a general agreement, that we loved our wives but we didn't know if we could willingly go that far.

Samantha acknowledged he understood, but went on to tell us that things to do to make taking the rebels huge pricks easily as well as how he found being fucked as unexpectedly pleasurable.

It turned out the camp doctor had given Samantha an enema solution to enlarge himself for the doctor's big rod, since he was the one that first fucked Samantha.

It wasn't a week later before every one of us husbands had our ass cherries busted by a black soldier. It seemed that our wives liked the help that Samantha's wife was getting and also brought it to the attention of the other husbands. From there word sort of spread around the camp that all the husbands were fuckable. In no time the pressure was too great for us not to give our wives such help or to submit to the soldiers who wanted us that way.

It was not been uncommon for us husbands to watch helplessly as our wives were sexed by as many as three or four men at a time. However, after we husbands started being male "pussies" for the troops, we too found our selves being grouped banged the same as our wives. The typical arrangement when there were a large group of troops coming through and they had to be "pleasured" quickly, we husbands found a line of troops standing to fuck our rears while another standing to unload their large lusty wads between our sucking lips.

It was after one such occasion after my wife and I had serviced 60 troops together in our little shack. In six hours she'd handled 36 rock hard giant coal black cocks and I 24. That was a new record for me. After the last troops had finished with us and I had "tongue douched" her for the umpteenth time that night, we laid back and assessed what we'd been through - something that'd become a common thing in our current situation - she hugged and praised me on my new record. We cuddled and kissed, each of us reeking of the smell of the troop's abundant jism they'd left behind.

This particular night I was filled to the brim with jism. Not only had I swallowed 15 heavy loads from all the dicks I sucked, but also having slurped up all the spent semen from her sloppy gloppy hairy gash really had me full.

"Honey, while it has been horrifying, this experience has been good for us. It's brought us closer, and I think this has made you a more sensitive caring husband." My wife said as she embraced me tighter. She went on to add how she was thrilled at seeing me suck off those big blue black dicks and swallowing all they had to give without missing a drop. She had equal praise for all the pricks I'd taken in my "ass pussy".

We were at the camp for three more months before it was overrun by another rebel faction. We just went from one master to another. Because this new group continued using us for their pleasure too.


The leader of this new group was Colonel Mojittu. He and his aid, Captain Nogutu, seem to take a liking to my wife and I.

To make matters worse for me, Nogutu was bisexual and frequently kept me busy as his boss did my wife. She became the Colonel's woman and I their maid. In addition, I essentially became Nogutu's "woman" too. However, they did share us with other ranking officers when they came through the camp. My wife and I were used like chattel, but to my terror, she expressed glee in being ordered to bed with strange horny men.

The other couples had to handle pleasuring the hordes of troops as they came through for sexual relaxation before going on to another battle. My wife and I felt a certain guilt at not being there with them. However, it appeared that they understood that we had no control over things.

I could tell my wife enjoyed the power of being the Colonel's pride and joy, as well as Mistress of the house.

My man, Nogutu, had me doing all the things a woman would do for him. Even though in servitude to him, I found myself admiring his strength and military manner. This also made it easier for me to submit to him when he wanted me in bed. He would sex me about three times a week, more at other times.

A pattern was set up and I began to prepare myself for those times when I knew he'd be looking forward to being amorous. He gave me several outfits to wear for him that belonged to his girlfriend who lived in another town. Her name was Sereta. He was the man. His pleasure was all that he was concerned about. It was up to me to handle my own needs. It was odd, but I found this acceptable and lost no respect for him. Since we'd been in captivity, this was the same situation with my wife, so it didn't take matter that much.

Doing this time, my wife conversed like we were two women as we shared experiences on how we took care of "our men". However, I still was still her "oral" birth control.

The camp was overruned again by regular government forces. Colonel Mogittu and his forces deserted us and all five couples were detained at another town. The troops did not abuse us, detain us, but we husbands were still dressed in drag as men's clothes were hard to come by. My wife and I as well as the other couples, because we were penniless, ended up doing a little whoring to get money and food.

At my wife's insistence, one time I eneded up hawking men on the street to fuck my wife as she laid on a dirty discarded mattress in an alley. As an enticement for our customers, she demanded I offer the men free milking and tongue cleaning of their big black pricks and balls after they fucked her. This was in addition to my regular tongue douching of her slimy gash. The only solace I had was that at least I was eating free. She liked to be sucked out by me and thoroughly enjoyed each time I did so.

Finally our wives got exits visas for us to leave the country. The only problem is that only women and children could depart because of all the fighting. Therefore, us husbands still being in drag ended up being a blessing in disguise.


We managed to escape, however since only women and children were allowed to leave, I left Gyeria disguised as a woman.

The authorities made me up another passport of the phony woman's identity that I'd assumed. I thought I was ensuring our escape when my wife told the authorities that her husband was dead.

Later I found out that her actions ensured my continued transvestitism more than anything else. The same happened to the other husbands.

I was hoping our lives and marriage would return to normal once we arrived home. I was wrong.

To my surprise, my wife never got pregnant after all the seemingly endless sexing she'd been through with literally hundreds of horny black soldiers.


"Fuck you and your idea about some damn therapy! I want black dicks and that's that! Do you understand that! You wimpy cock sucker?"

When she shouted at me like that I was afraid and cringed before her. Every since we returned, she like the other wives in our group too had become more assertive and bossy. She, like them, always wanted things her way. Sensing that my feelings were hurt, she walked over and hugged me. She spoke in a consoling softer tone.

"Honey pie, I know you meant well, but like I told you before, things won't be like they were before. After being laid o hundred of times by real men on that island, your little shrimpy prick doesn't do anything for me anymore. You know how we both got use to all those big black dicks. Well, I don't want to switch. I like being a slut for Black studs. You'll have to accept that dear. There's no other way. Now lets stop all this arguing and kiss and make up."

Being wrapped in her arms felt good. Her breath reeked of semen. She stuck her tongue deep in my mouth forcing me to suck it. It was still slick from all the apparent cock sucking she'd done just before I walked in on her and some strange black man.

I knew it was perverted, but I couldn't help it as my prick hardened. I mentally pictured her blowing one big black dick after another. We kissed for a long time. She was right. I too had gotten acclimated to big black dicks too, even though my fear of emasculation kept getting in the way.

"Did that make you feel better?" I sheepishly nodded my head.

"I thought it would. I know you like my cum flavored kisses. Now if you promise to be a good little boy and behave, I might let you suck my pussy. Its nice and juicy. Just the way I know you like my hair pie when it's scummy and full of sweet dick cream from the brothers."

She stripped as she spoke. Her thick bush loomed out as she pulled off her skimpy panties. I could see the pussy plug she used to contain jism and cunt juices. Her pussy hair were in total disarray. She smelled of strong sex. One whiff of her and I knew she must have quite a load in her.

I was helpless, I was hungry to be intimate with her and wanted to eat her lusty treat. That excited me more. She had me kneel and place my face right up to her crotch. But as I started to remove the pussy plug she stopped me.

"Just savor it for a while darling. Think of the nine Black men ... Nine real men that have put there big dicks in me today. Tell me you're proud of me and that you're so thankful for being able to suck out their jism." I hee and hawed, but she got me to say what she wanted to hear. She also made me promise to dress up all the time when they came over and to always say sir to them. Only after that did she let me tongue lash her moist cum loaded pussy. It seemed to be extra tasty this time. After I had gotten her off, she made me keep my face pressed to her still moist cunt.

"That was good wasn't it honey? I think I want some more. How about you?"

Before I could answer either question, she had picked up the phone and dialed one of her many Black men friends. As she talked, she reached down and pressed my face back to her hairy cunt and threw a leg over my shoulder and back ensuring that I stayed put. Not knowing what else to do, I pushed my tongue back between her reddened soft warm fat hairy cunt lips. I knew they were puffy and inflamed from the friction of all the dicks that had been in and out of her in the last few hours.

"Rufus! Whatcha doing? ... No he's here ... Got his face between my legs ... he knows his place, you don't have to worry about that ... Yeah! Just got back from the pool room ... there were only six there, I took care of 'em all ... When I found out that the door opened up to the alley, I peeked out and saw a big dude come by. I offered him some free pussy. After he left, I decided to look out again before I put my panties back on. Sure enough, there was another dude coming to the door as I opened it. He told me that someone told him there was free pussy down the alley ... of course I fucked him as well as well as another dude that came a little while later ... Well the reason I called to see if you wanted to come over and do the same thing ... so what, bring them too ... I'll have him make some sandwiches and put some beer on ice ... Y'all can sleep over too ... see you in an hour."

I was morbid at what I'd heard. However I knew it was useless to get upset.


I quickly settled into our new arrangement. I no longer have any say so or control in the household. She even has me openly display videotapes she had made at different parties and gang bangs. She had fourteen on display. They each had about three hours of viewing.

When I felt I couldn't take it anymore, I threatened to leave, she threw her trump card on the table. She showed me a copy of my death certificate. She explained how I was no longer legally alive and that I had nothing, unless I did as she wanted.

Sickened by all she told me, I knew I was totally under her control now. She also admitted that the CAMP doctor also provided her and the other wives with birth control pills too.

"We knew you husbands wouldn't act near as sweet as you did if you'd know that."

I just stood there looking totally dumbfounded as she confessed.

"Honey I know all this may come as a shock to you, but I'm ecstatic at all we've been through. It really has made our marriage stronger. You don't have the prick power of my real men, but your tongue is wonderful and I dearly love you for the sweet obedient petticoated husband you've become."

She had plans to sell our house. She wanted to move us near the black section of town so she could be nearer her black studs, and them her. I was helpless to do anything. Everything was in her name. However another unexpected event occurred.

Colonel Mojittu showed up along with Captain Nogutu and two of their soldiers. They'd escaped the revolution and were able to get political asylum. I was very resentful at the way the colonel acted around my wife, but she welcomed his amorous attention. I could only stand by and watch, as he swept her up in his strong arms and passionately kissed her. She returned his embrace in kind.

Nogutu and the two body guards stood by looking at me smirking. They brought us both presents.

Mogittu first removed my wife's wedding rings and tossed them to me. I barley made the catch and was puzzled at his action. He then opened her present and presented her with a huge three or four carat replacement diamond ring set. I stood up to protest, but as the words began to come out, they were drowned out by my wife's cries of glee and joy at getting such a nice present.

Before I could say anything else, Nogutu shoved a bigger box in my hands.

When I opened the big box from the and found it was a very ornate French Maid's uniform. It was very much like the one I wore when I'd been Mogittu's maid in captivity.

I looked up at him intending to say I would never planning to wear such a thing again. I froze. The Colonel looked at me in a way that let me know that my place was to continue from where I left off in Gyeria. The same look was in my wife's eyes also. The silence was overwhelming as I looked at them.

"Aren't you going to thank your master for his lovely gift?" My wife said softly with a smirk on her face as she snuggled up to him and his big black hand groped her luscious white tits.

On the spot and nervous, I did so, with a less than joyous look on my face.

"C'mon Phillys, let me help you put it on." Said Nogutu as he led me by the hand back to the bedroom. I welcomed the excuse for leaving the room, but I should've know what Nogutu wanted when he got me alone. He was on me in no time. He kissed and groped me furiously.

He overwhelmed me both physically and mentally. I liked the closeness and the strength of this strong black man, but at the same time, I didn't want the lifestyle they wanted of me. I whispered my thoughts to him as he embraced me tightly.

"Forget that Phillys honey, this is your future." He said as he took out his huge swollen ebony cock and guided my small soft white hand to it. His member was so stiff and warm. I couldn't help but caress and stroke him. I hated to admit it to myself, but it felt good to handle his hard meat again. I hated to admit it, but I'd been forced to adore big black dicks. "What ... What do you ..." "What do I mean? I want you to be my bride."

I was speechless as he explained that he wanted me to be his wife.

"You see, Sereta, the girl I left behind didn't turn me on like you. You really excite me when you take my cum. You really seem to like it. I like that. It makes me feel so appreciated. Plus I like all the little extras things you do to make me feel like a king."

I thought of how excited he became when I suck on his big blue black nuts. I knew that was the kind of thing he was referring too.

In a strange way, even though forced and subjugated,I had come to admire and adore him a lot, but becoming his wife? That was another question.

Nogutu proposed taking my wife's old rings and having them sized for me. I continued to be speechless as one proposal after another these surprised visitors and invaders overwhelmed me.

I was just getting over the shock of what my wife had done to me, and now these men were coming back into my life - our lives. It was strange, but I was glad to see they had escaped the revolution without harm. Even though Mojittu had beaten and rapped me and took over my wife in Gyeria, I still couldn't help but respect his strong dominant personality.

The Colonel had escaped with a considerable amount of money. He bought a big house. He and my wife now live as husband and wife.

I have become their maidservant and nanny to their children. Nogutu and I were married as he wanted. While I work as a servant for the Colonel and my former wife, my loving black husband manages the estate for Mogittu.

While things didn't turn out as expected, I've never the less accepted my situation and have found happiness in being of service to my new husband and the others in the household.

My new husband has several women - real women - on the side. Some of which he brings home and has sex with in our bed, and even has me suck their cunts clean afterwards. I, of course, as his obedient and dutiful wife does whatever it takes to make and keep him happy. THE END
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