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Written by Anonymous / Nov 15, 2007



About a year ago my wife and I were going through a bad spell and were on the verge of divorcing before we deciding to try again. A few months past when Tami sat me done and told me she had sex with another guy when we were apart and she begged me to forgive her. I was not that bothered but I acted really hurt. She cried and cried until she offered to do anything I wanted to forgive her. I agreed and added, "You must do what I ask without question and when I want you to for as long as I want." This opened up a whole realm of possibilities for me and I was going to make the most of it.

Tami is a pretty good looking woman, she does not have a bad body even though she could lose a few pounds, the one thing she does have is a great pair of tits.

A few weeks had passed when we were out drinking with a friend of mine called Adam. It was getting late so we left the bar and headed to Tami's and my house to carry on partying.

Time had passed and Tami got up and went for a piss, Adam turned to me and said, "You are lucky, Tami is pretty hot and those tits are hard to take your eyes off of them." I nodded then without thinking I replied, "Do you want to see them?" He responded as soon as I finished, "Fucking right I would!"

When Tami came back I took a deep breathe and said, "Tonight is the night you have to do everything I ask as per our agreement." She looked at me, "Tonight? Not tonight please." I spoke out loudly, "The agreement was What ever I wanted whenever I wanted, and tonight is when I want it." She shook her head as she said, "Alright what do you want me to do?" I looked at Adam, winked then spoke, "Adam and I are going to pick out a outfit for you to wear and I want you to change into it right there." I pointed to the middle of the floor. She spat back at me, "I am not doing that in front of Adam!" I sighed, "Then you really did not mean what you said." She stuttered back, "I meant it. Go on then."

Adam and I went in her closet after a few minutes we pulled out a gray mini skirt and a silver silk top that tied in the middle. I handed it her and she moved to the middle of the room.

Before she got started I stopped her, "Lets make this more interesting I want Adam to undress you." "No way." I held my hand up and reiterated, "You said you would do anything without question do you want to back out?" She thought for a few seconds then reacted, "OK I will do everything you want just to live up to my part of the deal and if this is what you want then that's what I'll do."

She stood still as Adam moved toward her. She was wearing a button up blouse and a long skirt Adam got behind her and slowly pulled the skirt down. She stepped out of it. As it hit the floor, he raised his hands up and started unbuttoning her top. As the last button came loose, the white blouse fell open showing her bra. I could not help to notice that her nipples were pushing through the fabric, she was liking it, this was turning her on. I was going to go a little farther, maybe wash her in the shower or something. But seeing she was aroused, I decided to take it as far as it would go.

I got up and stood in front of her. I slid my hand in her panties and ran my fingers though her lips. She was dripping wet and she rolled her eyes as I passed over her clit. Adam had stopped and backed away. I gestured with my head for him to get back to what he was doing. He nervously slid his hands around her chest brushing over her tits and found the clasp to her bra. He unclipped the fastener and pulled the cups off of her breasts. He was pulling his hands away when I grabbed both his wrists and pulled them back on to Tami's chest. She opened her eyes and gave me a glare that could kill but I looked back as if to say, This is what I want and she nodded.

I let Adam play with her tits for a few minutes then said, "Ok That's enough of that, lets do something else. I?ll tell you what because Tami has to do everything I say tonight. I don't want her to feel left out so Tami we will do anything you want right now." She thought for a second then smiled, "I dont think it is fair that I am the only one naked. I want you two to strip off as well? if I'm going to have to do this I may as well see how you are reacting." I looked at Adam and asked, "How about it? I'm game." He agreed so we both got naked, of course we both had hardons which made Tami giggle. She said, "What now?" The tone in her voice had changed, she sounded almost excited. I thought for a moment then said, "I tell you what, from this point on I want you to do what you want and I mean ANYTHING you want." I was taking a chance she would put her clothes on and kick Adam out. Instead she responded, "Anything? OK." Then walked over and sat between us on the couch. She rest one hand on my knee and the other on Adams, gently and very slowly she began sliding them up our legs. It seemed a lifetime before she reached the top and wrapped her hand around my cock. I looked over and saw her fingers close around Adams Shaft. She jacked us off for a little bit then she lent back and closed her eyes. Adam and I did not react at first but it was not long until we did. We both ran our hands up her skirt and began fingering her. Adam pulled his hand out and untied her top and with one hand he groped her tit and he sucked on the other one. I got in between her legs and ran my dick inside her. She was letting out some quiet moans as I slid in and out of her. We stayed like this for a few minutes. Then we went to swapped. As Adam moved in front of her, she sat up and said, "Not Adam." I whispered in her ear, "Go on." She refused outright at first but finally agreed as long as he wore a condom. Luckily, Adam had one. So she laid back and closed her eyes. As he tore it open, I nudged him and shook my head, he did not get it at first and looked surprised when he did. I wanted him to fuck her without it.

Adam has a pretty big dick I would guess it to be about 81/2 inches long and as round as a flashlight with C cells. I saw Tami's eyes widen when she saw it.

He shuffled closer aiming his dick towards her pussy. He ran it through her labia a couple of times then slowly pushed his hips forward. I watched his cock disappear inside my wife inch by inch. I must say it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I backed off as Adam thrust in and out of her, she did not even realize I was not next to her. She was panting in pleasure.

Adam pulled out and moved away. I pulled Tami on top of me and slid back inside her, I pointed behind her, Adam saw this and moved around. When Adam was in place I pulled her forward some more, I nearly came when I felt Adam's dick slid in her along with mine, Tami began moving faster and faster and was nearly screaming. Adam pulled out he because he was about to ejaculate Tami quickly said, "Dont stop." I replied, "We are just swapping around" Adam got under her and I got behind her, then we resumed. It was not long until I could control it no longer, I pulled out and forced my dick up her ass and shot my load. I rolled back panting. A few seconds later, Adam raised Tami off of him. As soon as he fell out of her, she reached down and moved over him. Just as she lowered down, the first load of come shot out. Before anymore had the chance to spurt out, she had him back inside her. This nearly made me come a second time? I was watching another guy coming in my wife.

We took a break then fucked some more. The following week we did it again and we still do it every now and then.
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