Black Sex Party Dominates White Whores

Written by Nudemodel / Dec 20, 2007



I felt that I was now slowly getting even with my white slut wife back in America. There I had been a slavish sissy white cuckold while five brawny and well-educated black bulls fucked her.

And all five of those athletic black men had made my filthy white slut wife lick-out and tongue-fuck their black assholes before they would allow her the privilege of being fucked by them. More often than not she had to lick their unwashed black assholes clean. She had done it enthusiastically because she relished the dirtiness and disgrace of it. And I admit that I had grinned when she had to filthily sputter out her dirtied spit and continue licking their black anal flesh until it was clean.

But now I was the asshole-licking filthy white whore for superior black masters. I was standing naked in a porn studio in Nuremberg, Germany. I have to admit that I, too, liked being a naked filthy white whore for my expensively dressed wealthy superior black masters.

For the moment there were three of us who stood together, Carlotta, one of the superior black masters who was decently dressed and two of us conspicuously naked filthy white whores, Marina and me.

Everything around me was continuing to unfold as Marina and I had been led to expect. Marina's and my flaunted naked white prostituted flesh seemed perfectly proper standing among the two dozen stylishly dressed, grinning, talking, and drinking black men and women who had procured us as their asshole-licking filthy white racial whores.

The richly dressed superior black men and women masters stood all around us talking, joking, and laughing. It was their party. Marina and I just stood there as their naked filthy white sex-pigs.

Carlotta, Marina, and I had been standing together for only a minute. Carlotta was a neatly dressed thirty-two-year-old black female videographer from Paris, and before that from Haiti.

She had strong but attractive Afro-Caribbean facial features, rich dark ebony flesh, a pair of small flat breasts, and a noticeably ample and shapely pair of Afro-Caribbean buttocks.

As part of the sex-party gig requirements naked white Marina and I had to hold onto our bare white buttocks while circulating naked through the party of our superior black masters. And, of course, we had to be completely available to give them rim jobs.

This circulating naked while holding onto our bare white asses was designed to infer our white degeneracy and by extension black superiority. And Marina and I had been accepted as today's asshole-licking white whores only after we had acknowledged their black superiority.

"Marina and Tom, you naked filthy white hoes are supposed to be holding your bare white buttocks with both of your hands," Carlotta told the naked Ukrainian female whore and me.

Marina and I obediently put our arms behind our backs and placed both of our hands on each of our bare white buttocks. For a strange fraction of a second the feel of my bare buttocks reminded me that I was naked.

"Also, remember what I told you about being respectful and regarding these black people as your superiors.

"Yeah, we use 'superior' when we talk to them," I said while holding onto my bare buttocks.

"You two are merely asshole-licking filthy white sex-pigs. We are going to give you the privilege and pleasure of licking out and tongue-fucking our superior black assholes. You will use either 'Superior Black Ma'am' or 'Superior Black Sir' when addressing the superior black men and woman at this sex-party," she told Marina and me firmly. "And you naked asshole-licking filthy white hoes can start now with me."

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I said.

Carlotta looked at naked Marina.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," the naked asshole-licking filthy white bitch told the sharply dressed superior black woman.

A sleek black woman with long blond straightened hair and wearing stylish sunglasses sauntered over to us with a contemptuous smirk. She was in her thirties and wore tight white shorts that contrasted with the dark black flesh of her shapely legs, a magenta tank top that showed off the dark black flesh of her midriff, and white spike-heel shoes that served to raise and accent large shapely buttocks. She nodded at naked Marina and me.

"Hi, Kay," Carlotta greeted her.

"Hi, Carlotta," Kay responded.

"Was there some flack about these two filthy white hoes licking our unwashed black assholes clean?" Kay asked Carlotta while intending that Marina and I hear it with all the contempt in implied.

"No," Carlotta answered. "Should there have been?"

"Just before our last party, one of our naked asshole-licking filthy white hoes refused to lick unwashed black assholes clean," Kay said. "She eventually did and said she liked it. But I was just wondering about these two naked filthy white bitches."

"It's not hard to understand why the hoe wouldn't want to lick a shitty asshole clean," Carlotta said with a snicker. She gave naked Marina and me a quick contemptuous glance.

"Actually I don't know why he had a problem with it," Kay said. She looked at naked Marina and me to make sure we were listening. "I'm a doctor. There is no health problem. Healthwise, a scratch is a bigger health hazard than licking an unwashed asshole clean."

"Well, we've had eleven of these black-dominating-white sex-parties," Carlotta said with a smug tone of indifference. "Because of my porn work, I run into all of the filthy white hoes later.

"And all of the asshole-licking filthy white sex-pigs were perfectly healthy," Kay noted with a nod.

"Without exception," Carlotta said. "They stayed perfectly healthy for years after licking as many as twenty or thirty unwashed black assholes clean at each of our parties. And the ones we procured for a second or third time were perfectly healthy white sex-pigs at our parties six months later."

"Speaks for itself," Kay said. "But that doesn't change the fact that it is a disgusting and defiling thing to do and only our disgusting low-life degenerate whites would do it for us."

She made a point of self-importantly looking over blue-eyed blonde Marina's thirty-seven-year-old naked Ukrainian flesh, breasts, and twat. And then she contemptuously looked over my naked middle-aged white American male flesh and sex-organs with a sneer.

Carlotta shot Marina a sneer.

"I know that you and Tom have enjoyed licking unwashed black assholes clean," she told the naked Marina. "But how many unwashed black assholes have you licked clean?"

"More than a few, Superior Black Ma'am," Marina shrugged. "I didn't count them, Superior Black Ma'am. Maybe fifty or sixty. And I get my kicks doing it, Superior Black Ma'am."

Kay shot Marina and me a sneering contemptuous grin. "So neither of you naked asshole-licking filthy white hoes will refuse to lick any of our shitty black assholes clean?" she asked.

"I won't object, Superior Black Ma'am," I said. "I like the disgust and degradation of licking superior black assholes clean, Superior Black Ma'am. I'm looking forward to licking your unwashed superior black assholes clean, Superior Black Ma'am."

"Me too, Superior Black Ma'am," naked Marina added.

"I've seen both of these asshole-licking filthy white pieces-of-ass do it," Carlotta told Kay. "They just spit and sputter out their dirtied saliva until they have licked the black asshole clean."

"Well that settles that, then," Kay said. She tauntingly patted Marina's and my bare black-subjugated white asses with her ebony hand and then shot us a contemptuous sneer to emphasize the point.

"Are you American, Superior Black Ma'am?" I asked Kay.

"No, Bahamas," she answered with a touch of irritation that her naked asshole-licking filthy white male whore should impose upon her. She started to walk away with a suggestive swing of her large black ass in her tight white shorts, but turned, shot my prostituted white penis a glance, and gave me a mocking wink. "But I have an apartment in Miami."

She turned all the way around and studied Marina's cunt and my penis for some seconds before looking back up. "All of our previous filthy white hoes told us they relish the self-disgust, disgrace, and degradation of being our asshole-licking hoes," she said with a smirk and a glance at Marina's cunt and my penis again. "And you two naked white pieces-of-ass do too, right?

Neither Marina nor I would have become naked asshole-licking filthy white sex-pigs for blacks at this sex-party if we did not get perverted pleasure from the self-disgust, shame, and defilement of it.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," Marina said as she stood slavishly holding her bare white buttocks. "That's why I like it, Superior Black Ma'am."

And it was true. I didn't just say it to be more gently used as their naked filthy white whore. Five weeks earlier I had begun publicly licking a black girl's asshole and eating her pussy in a peepshow on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Then I began publicly licking Marina's asshole and eating her pussy while we were naked on a bar counter in a sex-show bar in Hamburg. I grew to like the degradation and disgrace of it. Now I savored the self-disgust, shame, and degradation of being a naked asshole-licking filthy white whore for an all-black sex-party.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am, I get satisfaction from the dirtiness and degradation of it," I said as I stood holding on to my bare white buttocks like we filthy white pieces-of-ass had to do.

She shot a grinning sneer at Carlotta, and the two black women exchanged snickers about it. Carlotta then shot Marina and me a contemptuous sneer.

"You two white sluts crave to be dirtily debauched and totally defiled by superior blacks or you wouldn't be our naked asshole-licking filthy white hoes right now," she said. "Am I correct?"

"Yes that's right, Superior Black Ma'am," I said honestly.

"Yes I agree, Superior Black Ma'am," Marina said.

"All of the degenerate filthy white hoes said the same thing," Kay told Carlotta. "Well, I'm going to talk with Henry over there."

"Talk to you later, Kay," Carlotta said as she walked away.

Marina and I stood there naked for several minutes. In three weeks I had gone from losing sleep over who might have seen me naked and performing sex-acts in a peepshow to apathetically standing around naked while waiting to be used as a filthy rimming white male whore for well-off American and Caribbean blacks.

And in addition to being used as a white male whore by rich successful Carlotta from Haiti, I was about to be used as one by a wealthy American black girl I had known in Cleveland. And there was no doubt that she would make sure others there knew and saw the porn videos and still porn photos.

She had known for weeks, and the photos and videos had been published for months. There was nothing that I could do about it now.

Marina, the other naked shameless white whore procured to be dominated by the Caribbean, African, and American blacks, had once been a Ukrainian female nude art and photography model from Kiev. I had been a middle age white American nude art and photography model from Cleveland.

Besides having backgrounds in nude art and photography modeling, Marina and I had been naked public pieces-of-ass for three weeks in a sex-show joint called Bar 69 in Hamburg. And now we had just been on-camera in porn videos.

Neither of us disapproved in any way of being procured and paid naked asshole-licking white party prostitutes for a group of black Caribbean, black African, and black American tourists and students in Germany. We both had desires to make up for white racism and the enslavement of blacks by sexually serving and servicing what we felt were sexually and racially superior blacks.

Marina and I continued to hold on to our bare white buttocks. It was a constant reminder that we were naked white whores for the superior blacks.

"It was true, you know," she said to me. "I really like being a naked asshole-licking filthy white hoe for these superior blacks. Just like they said, I relish the ?self-disgust and the disgrace and degradation."

"Yeah, exactly the same with me," I told her while I held onto my bare buttocks.

"I would not have done those asshole-licking live-sex-shows with superior blacks if I did not like it," she said. She looked like a stupid ninny standing there naked while holding her bare buttocks. And I knew I looked like a stupid ninny, too.

"Lots of white women feel exactly the way you do," I said. "Look at the huge number of white women in blacks-on-blondes porn."

"And as I can see with you, servile white male sluts like to be sexually used and played with by blacks, too," she said with a smirk and a glance at my penis. "Look at it this way. These superior blacks never have trouble finding asshole-licking filthy white hoes like us for these parties."

"Yeah," I said with a nod while holding my bare white buttocks. All around us the well-dressed blacks mingled and talked, sometimes sharing something with one another then turning and looking us over with some snickers and comments.

"I wonder how they got a filthy white hoe last time who wouldn't lick their black assholes clean," she said. "I thought they screened for it. But you like that dirty disgusting stuff, don't you. You're like me. You relish the filthiness, shame, and self-disgust of it."

"Yeah, I do," I said.

"I get a feeling of excitement when I get my face between two smooth meaty black buttocks and get my lips and tongue on a black asshole," she said. "When I taste that it's dirty, I like the disgust of it. I like them snickering and cackling at me when I sputter the dirtied spit out of my mouth. Is that the same with you?"

"Yeah," I said. "Same here. Exactly."

"And the thing is that they have a list of hundreds of filthy white male and female hoes like us who are anxious and waiting to lick black assholes clean at these parties. A couple of them showed me the list."

"I heard about that, too," I said.

"So anyway that's that," she said.

We both stood there in silence for a few seconds while we continued to hold our bare white buttocks in the palms of our hands. A sharp-looking black lady wearing an expensive green suit and sipping a drink turned and looked at me, glanced at my penis, and gave me a wink and a suggestive nod and grin.

"And in general I like being a degenerate naked white piece-of-ass for blacks," I told Marina. "And I like being a naked public piece-of-ass in sex-show bars and peepshows."

"Same here," she said while both of us continued to hold our bare white buttocks.

Marina's and my obvious enjoyment of our employment as naked white sex-show models in black-dominating-white sex-shows had gotten us gigs in interracial black-dominating-white porn videos produced by black Caribbeans and black Americans. They were pals of the black Caribbean-Americans who had bypassed their list and procured Marina and me as racial white whores for this sex party.

Those interracial videos and still photographs had been shot two and three days earlier in two-hour shooting sessions in a combined theater and porn production facility in Nuremberg.

Both shooting sessions adhered to the black Caribbean-American producers' theme, which called for all of their naked white porn models, male and female, to give on-camera rim jobs to their black porn partners. So Marina and I had each licked-out and tongue-fucked black assholes while naked on-camera.

Mostly as a frivolous lark for this group of black Caribbean, black African, and black American partygoers, Marina and I had been procured to make one more porn video. In it we had, in addition to other sex acts, publicly shown ourselves off as racial white perverts publicly licking-out and tongue-fucking each other's assholes on-camera and in front of the black men and women at least twenty different times.

We had just been videotaped naked and rimming each other in front of the whole group of twenty-or-so wealthy and expensively dressed black guests. We were standing around naked among them and waiting to be hauled to the sex party for blacks at a villa outside town.

The blacks from the Caribbean were from Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Trinidad. But there were also three rich Zulu girls from South Africa and their three black South African boyfriends.

The porn videotaping that naked Marina and I had just finished a few minutes earlier had been devised as an arty-crafty warm-up. We had by then already been procured as naked asshole-licking white party whores. They had already confirmed with us that we liked to and would lick unwashed black assholes clean.

Our procurement as their filthy white party whores had been part of a porn-videotaping package that included the earlier two interracial porn videos.

The deal was that we would be in two commercial porn videos each with black porn-partners. And the Afro-Caribbean, African, and Afro-American men and women watched these black-dominating-white interracial videos being made and all of them had brought their own video and still cameras.

Marina and I had done that, and as expected all of the rich Afro-Caribbean, African, and Afro-American men and women had watched, videotaped, and photographed.

The session that Marina and I had just finished, however, was not that kind of serious commercial porn. It had been contrived as a sham videotaping session for their amusement. The porn producers, of course, wasted neither flesh nor money. They intended to use it as one of their commercial porn videos on sites and in theaters and stores.

From all their loud laughter, guffaws, snickers, sneers, taunts and heckles, Marina and I were aware that they had all gotten kicks out of observing us two obscene perverted naked whities licking each other's assholes on-camera in front of them.

Marina and I could tell that the purpose of making the porn video prior to their dirty sex-party was intended as a sexual fantasy turn-on and preview. The well-dressed black Caribbean and African men and women got to look over their degenerate naked white party whores.

While we both stood there naked with our hand on our bare white asses a tall black man sauntered up to Marina. He guided her while insolently feeling her bare white ass over and around her hands.

Carlotta then ambled over and guided me while she and Susan, an eighteen-year-old black-American woman and art student who knew me in Cleveland, each mockingly felt one of my bare white buttocks around and over my hands still holding onto them.

Susan had straightened dyed blond hair. It was cut in a short page-boy style.

She had drawn, painted, and photographed me when I was a nude art model in Cleveland. The black Caribbean men and women had invited her because they thought it cute that she could use me as a naked asshole-licking white male whore at their party.

Marina was standing beside a large black Mercedes sedan waiting in the driveway of the porn production facility. Several people in the clothing store next door glanced out the window at us two naked porno models. But they all knew it was a porn production facility and shrugged off the naked public pieces-of-ass they saw almost every day there.

Marina and I slid our bare white asses into the cool leather of the back seat of the Mercedes. Carlotta got in to drive, and Susan sat beside her. We drove off.

Carlotta and Susan mostly talked about art and photography. Marina and I sat silent. Marina looked at my prostituted cock several times. I glanced at her prostituted bare breasts and twat several times.

We briefly commented on the lush summer German scenery as we drove. But there was mostly silence.

"Any superior blacks ever piss in your mouths, filthy white bitches?" Carlotta asked Marina and me.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," Marina answered blandly. She knew where it was leading.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I answered in the same tone. It was true, and I also knew where it was leading.

Susan turned around and looked back at me with a big dirty grin. "I'm going to piss in your mouth, Tom," she assured me.

"Thank you, Superior Black Ma'am," I told her. I was, after all, her procured party whore here in Germany. There was no use in contesting Susan's dirty uses of me and my mouth and tongue as her asshole-licking and piss-mouth whore.

The cute-looking black teenage art student gave me a wink and a grin and looked at my cock for a second before turning around and looking out the front window.

"Don't forget to piss in your whore's mouth, now," Carlotta advised her with a snicker.

The Mercedes was air conditioned, and naked Marina and I were actually cold, so Carlotta turned it down. We got to the country villa about noon, and when we stepped out of the car, it was suddenly summer hot and very humid. Carlotta let us out and drove off to park the car.

Susan, wearing a pale-green summer dress, and Monique, wearing a red summer dress grinned sneers as we naked white party whores got out of the car. Everyone was sweating.

Naked Marina and I had no clothes to absorb it, so sweat ran down our bare bodies. Monique sauntered cheekily over to me. Her shapely smooth ebony legs glowed in the hazy hot afternoon sun. She was a sexy-looking eighteen-year-old Haitian girl. She had her black hair done in a tight bun on the top of her head. It fit nicely with her deep dark ebony flesh.

She was a pretty black girl who carefully covered her large thick lips with soft red lipstick. She had a wide flat nose, and round dark brown eyes. Her purple-blue eye shadow seemed to accent these. Two large chrome-silver earrings hung from her ears.

She had a shapely young body with two shapely breasts under her summer red dress. She had a conspicuously large and nicely shaped pair of meaty Afro-Haitian buttocks.

Monique was the only one of the group of Caribbean black men and woman who had introduced herself during the videotaping session. She had done so mostly to advise me that she would be the first superior black to use me as an asshole-licking filthy white whore.

Among the things she had promised to do was to fuck me in the ass with a dildo and make me suck it after it came out of my asshole.

"Well, Tom, I'm here and you're my filthy naked white whore," the black Haitian girl told me with a feisty grin while feeling my bare ass.

A black guy from Haiti named Andre was wearing pressed khaki slacks and a flower-patterned summer shirt. He was tauntingly feeling Marina's bare ass while the naked white whore pretended not to notice and looked around at the summer green scenery. Like Monique had with me, Andre had won first claim on the asshole-licking naked white female whore.

"Snacks and drinks before we use these filthy asshole-licking white bitches?" Andre asked Monique.

"Yeah," Monique agreed. "After we use their white asses, we'll have to give these sluts to someone else. I want to play with my trashy white whore before I have to do that. And, by the way, no foursomes at first. I mean to molest this obscene white piece-of-ass by myself."

"Sure. Okay," Andre said. He sounded slightly disappointed, as if he had been conniving a four-way with Monique.

Feeling our bare asses, Monique and Andre guided Marina and me into the villa.

"Hot day," Monique said of the obvious. "I'm sweating."

"Yeah. Hot day for a hot time with these whores," Andre answered.

Furniture in the large parlor had been pushed to the side and the rug had been taken away for dancing. A large conference table against a wall was covered with a white tablecloth. It held beer kegs, wine jugs, and plastic cups beside neatly arranged catered hors d'oeuvres.

Susan, Carlotta, and the other five chic-dressed black Caribbean party goers grinned, leered, and snickered as Andre and Monique ushered Marina and me toward the table.

Marina and I were their totally naked whores and they were all decently dressed and waiting to use us for lewd gratification. They had all watched naked Marina and me make the dirty asshole-licking porn video.

Part of their amusement was at Monique and Andre feeling around our bare white asses with their ebony hands.

"You filthy naked hoes want anything to eat or drink before Andre and I use you for dirty things?" Monique asked Marina and me.

"I'll have a beer and some of those crackers, Superior Black Sir," naked Marina told him.

"I'll have the same, Superior Black Ma'am," I told Monique.

"Those crackers have caviar on them," Monique told Marina and me.

"Had it before, Superior Black Ma'am. In Moscow," Marina told them.

I never had caviar before, but I kept quiet. I stuffed a whole cracker into my mouth. The caviar tasted different and funny, but I chewed and swallowed it so they wouldn't think that I never had it before.

Andre filled four glasses with beer from the keg and handed two of them to Marina and me and one to Monique.

Monique and Andre sipped beer while feeling our bare asses.

Monique pressed on my bare ass and guided me several steps away from Andre and Marina.

"Susan said that you modeled nude in her art classes in Cleveland," Monique said.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I replied. My attention was on the collar of her red summer dress and on a gold-chain necklace around the smooth young her ebony flesh of her neck. It had a small gold ball on it.

She removed her hand from my bare ass and enclosed it around my cock and balls and fondled them.

"In the porn production place I was surprised how easily you agreed to suck a dildo after I fucked you in your asshole with it," she told me cutely.

"I did it before, Superior Black Ma'am," I told the black brat.

"Who fucked you in the ass with a dildo and then made you suck it after it came out of your asshole?" she asked as she cutely squeezed her ebony hand around my penis and gonads.

"A Korean couple, Superior Black Ma'am. Couple weeks ago. After a live-sex-show," I told her while she fondled my cock and balls.

"Procured you as their filthy white hoe?" Monique asked with a needling smirk.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I shrugged.

It was clear that Monique did not want to know the details, just to know that she could fuck me in the ass with a dildo and then force me to suck it without me objecting.

"I never fucked a naked filthy white male slut in the ass and made him suck it," she grinned while fondling my sex-organs.

She took a large gulp of beer and took her time swallowing it while grinning dirtily at me.

"I did it to a black street boy in Haiti, though," she told me. "It was fun to humiliate him."

We drank down the last of our beer. She let go of my genitals, and we stepped over to the wastebasket to discard the plastic cups. Susan sidled over to me.

"Enjoying the party, Tom-asshole-mouth?" she asked me.

"The asshole-licking filthy white slut's enjoying it," Monique told her. "The white piece-of-ass just had some hors d'oeuvres and beer."

"Take your time and enjoy using the filthy slut," Susan told Monique. "But remember, I use him next to lick my unwashed asshole clean." Susan swung her index finger to tap my penis into a momentary swaying motion.

Andre began leading naked Marina to one of several guest rooms adjoining the parlor, his ebony hand feeling around her bare white ass and pressing on it to urge her forward. The two grinning young black women watched it knowingly for a second.

"There he goes to use his asshole-licking white piece-of-ass," Susan noted with a sneering grin. "In a few seconds the filthy slut will be sticking her tongue deep into his rectum."

"In a few seconds this asshole-licking white piece-of-ass will have his tongue deep into my rectum," Monique grinned to Susan.

"How'd you guys get this villa?" Susan asked Monique.

"Might have been a drug deal," Monique answered. "Something like that. Anyway, they got it for a couple months."

"Not you, though?" Susan asked.

"No, I'm staying with a German family. They think I'm a foreign student."

"They sure would be surprised, Superior Black Ma'am," I said.

"Shut up, asshole-licking white hoe," Monique told me with a slap on my bare ass.

Susan shot me a contemptuous sneer. "You're our filthy naked slut. Save your tongue for licking our assholes, Tom."

"Come on, slut, let's go lick my unwashed asshole clean," Monique said with a snicker as she pressed her ebony hand against my bare ass and urged me forward.

"The dildo is on top of the dresser," Susan told Monique as she turned and started toward the door while feeling around my bare ass.

Monique turned to her with a nod and then shot me a grinning sneer as she guided me to a different guest room adjacent to the parlor.

Andre had intentionally left the door to the other guest room ajar. We could see Marina kneeling behind him. He had taken off his khaki trousers and underpants and stood with his bare black legs spread slightly apart Looking over his shoulder at her with a contemptuous sneer.

Marina's white face was squashed between his ebony buttocks, and we could hear her obscene grunts and gulps as she licked his asshole. If she had to lick his black asshole clean it had already been done.

Monique patted my bare ass. "While you were making the video, Carlotta told me that you filthy pieces-of-ass grunt and gulp on assholes like that because your oral activity makes you salivate. When your faces are squashed in asses, you have to grunt to gulp your saliva off of assholes."

I sort of knew that but never really thought about it.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I told the black girl. She grinned a sneer at me.

Monique and I continued to watch filthy naked Marina grunting and gulping vulgarly while licking Andre's asshole.

I could identify with what it felt like from both sides. Marina had licked my asshole in the porn video, and I knew erotic feel of her silky slick tongue on my anus.

I also had licked hers and several black girl's assholes in live-sex-shows and porn videos. I knew the feel of hard asshole flesh against my tongue and the cool squishy feel of saliva-wet soft ass-flesh surrounding my face.

Marina's blond head bobbed. Her face was buried between Andre's large meaty bare black buttocks. The asshole-licking Ukrainian woman's large sagging bare white breasts undulated with the bobbing and jostling movements of her head.

Monique turned, gave me a wily wink. She studied my face with a dirty sneer.

"He sure is enjoying degrading the filthy asshole-licking white bitch," she noted. "And I'm going to enjoy degrading you, too, white bitch." To press home her meaning and intentions, she patted my bare ass a couple times.

Marina backed her blond head out of Andre's black ass. Saliva wetness glistened all around her mouth.

She reached up toward her mouth with her right hand. Her thumb and forefinger made a pincer as she touched them against her saliva-wet lips to pull what was clearly an anal hair out of her mouth. Her nasty tongue going around his asshole had scooped up the anal hair. It was less likely to happen to me because the black women whose assholes I had to lick had little or no anal hair.

Monique let out a contemptuous squeal as filthy naked Marina shamelessly labored to pull the indecent anal hair out of her asshole-licking mouth. Marina and Andre turned to look at us watching them. Marina got hold of the anal hair in her mouth, pulled it out, and wiped her hand against her bare thigh to get it off.

Andre nodded contemptuously over his shoulder at Marina kneeling behind his bare ass. Then he winked to Monique.

"Filthy asshole-licking white whore got one of my dirty asshole hairs stuck in her sweet dirty mouth," he told the black Haitian girl.

Wet-face naked and kneeling Marina gave us a dull-witted weak smile. She had her dirty whoring to do. She again squashed her white face into Andre's black ass and clearly began licking around his asshole.

After a minute Andre stepped forward. They both glanced at Monique and me looking on. Neither cared. Saliva glistened all around Marina's mouth area as the result of her active oral labor on his anus.

His cocoa cock had become stiff from it. He turned around and slipped the large stiff black male meat into the waiting naked white slut's mouth. She began sucking it with gulping sounds.

Then he backed it out of her mouth. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass, slut," he told her.

Marina got on all fours on bed wit her bare ass above the edge of it. She was clearly an experienced whore who had been fucked in the ass many times and knew how to present her asshole to Andre. Andre stuffed his hard long dong into her asshole and began fucking her in the ass.

Before he ejaculated into it, he backed his cock out of her asshole. "Suck it, bitch," he told her.

Without any hesitation, dirty naked Marina crawled around on the bed. Without hesitation or showing any sign of disgust the naked filthy white whore slipped the black cock that had just come out of her asshole into her mouth and began sucking it. And in another few seconds, Andre groaned and rammed his cock deep down her throat.

He must have ejaculated into her larynx because she gagged and virtually coughed his cock out of her mouth. And she bent over and hacked a few more gagging coughs.

"Come on, slut," Monique told me.

"See you later," Andre told Monique while Marina hacked a few more coughs to clear her throat of ejaculated semen.

Pressing her hand against my bare buttocks, Monique guided me into the adjacent room. She closed and latched the door and then stood looking me over and grinning at my naked body for a second.

"Filthy Marina looked pretty good, didn't she?" Monique said in a contemptuous tone and with a dirty mocking grin.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I replied.

"Kind of like a totally disgraced and humiliated naked white slut with her face in somebody's ass," Monique grinned.

"I think she likes that stuff, Superior Black Ma'am," I told Monique.

"I think you do, too," she said with a dirty sneer at me. "All that getting your face into someone's ass, getting your mouth and tongue onto their dirty asshole, all that licking around asshole flesh, all that sticking your tongue into their rectum."

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I replied. "The dirtier and more degrading, the better I like it, Superior Black Ma'am."

"Like licking unwashed black assholes clean?" she asked.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I replied to the black teenage brat.

She stepped up to me, looked me in the eye with a catty sneer, and reached out with her left hand and wrapped it around my male organs. She was about the same height as I was, and her haughty ebony face smirked directly into mine.

"So how did you get to be a professional piece-of-ass, Tom," she asked while looking me directly in the eyes and manipulating my male organs in her hand. "I mean, before you did porn videos, you were a live-show-slut. How'd you get that job?"

"It started with nude modeling for art classes, Superior Black Ma'am," I said as I felt her warm hand pulling gently and exploring at my sack of testicles. "I didn't mind being naked in public, Superior Black Ma'am. And I wanted to understand what a sex-show model felt like."

"So you chose a peep show?"

"Peep show is like being in a private little room, Superior Black Ma'am," I told the cocky black girl while she felt my sex organs. "You know that there are people watching you. But you can't really see anyone, Superior Black Ma'am."

"Good place to break into nude sex-modeling," Monique commented.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am, that's what I thought," I told the impudent black girl while I felt my gonads and phallus being fondled in her warm little hand. "So I asked the manager. He had a black Jamaican girl named Angela who lost her black Nigerian partner to a drug bust the day before, Superior Black Ma'am."

"And did you want to lick her shitty black asshole clean?" Monique contemptuously asked me while grinning in my face and manipulating my sex organs.

"She started that, Superior Black Ma'am," I said. "She said that she'd do it with me in the peep show if I would lick her anus, Superior Black Ma'am."

"Only she didn't say anus. She said asshole. And you said yes."

"You talked to her, Superior Black Ma'am?"

"Yeah. She thinks you're cute," she said. She gave my sex-organs a slight squeeze and accompanied it with a self-assured grin.

"That's nice to hear, Superior Black Ma'am," I said. She slid her had past my balls and I could feel her hand exploring behind my scrotum. "You speak English quite well for someone from Haiti, Superior Black Ma'am," I said.

"Family's rich. Sent me to a private school run by Americans," she said, breaking eye contact and looking momentarily away as she felt my balls. "Then they sent me to high school in Miami. Since January I've been a first-year student in an expensive art college in Florida."

She returned her cocky look into my eyes and aggressively fondled my balls and cock while squeezing them.

"You want to hear about the boy in Haiti that I fucked in the ass with a dildo and then made him suck it?"

"Sure, Superior Black Ma'am," I said.

"Couple months ago. Just before I came to Germany. My girlfriend and I just got back from a trip to Washington, DC."

"Just traveling, Superior Black Ma'am?"

"Yeah. Cost our parents thousands of your U.S. bucks, too," she said with a snotty self-importance.

She took hold of my penis and swung it from side to side while searching my eyes and grinning contemptuously.

"So, anyway, there was this Haitian boy, somewhere between fourteen and eighteen, washing her parents' car. He was barefoot and only had on a torn pair of shorts."

"Where was this, Superior Black Ma'am?"

"Driveway of her parents' house in Port-au-Prince," Monique said and squeezed my sex-organs hard for interrupting her story.

"She got a dildo from her drawer, and we discussed whether we could fuck him in the ass and make him suck it for twenty-five cents. Then we went out, showed him the dildo, and asked him."

"And he said yes, Superior Black Ma'am?" I asked.

"Yeah. So we made him go around in back of the car and pull down his shorts. And we took turns fucking him in the ass. Then I put it up to his mouth. He opened it. And he sucked it a few times. Then we gave him the equivalent of twenty-five cents in Haiti money and went back into the house."

She wrapped her hand completely around my sex-organs. She could feel my cock getting slightly stiff. She raised her other hand, extended her index finger, and slid it across my lips.

"So, you could call him a black male whore," she said. "But I never used a white male whore before, especially not a filthy asshole-licking naked white male whore like you."

With one hand she squeezed my sex-organs. With the other, she tauntingly ran her finger over my lips. She gave me a hard look in the eye, and then winked tauntingly.

"Well, let's not mess around," she told me. "You're my naked piece-of-ass and here to lick my unwashed black asshole clean whether you like it or not. Or do you want me to dildo your asshole first?"

"I don't care, Superior Black Ma'am."

"Okay, slut," she told me with a sneer as she let go of my sex-organs. "Kneel down and lick my unwashed black asshole clean."

I knelt. She shot me a haughty grin. Then she turned, raised her red summer dress, and slipped down her white panties.

She had a fine round black ass. The sculpted shapely curve of her fleshy young black buttocks met the ebony flesh of her upper thighs like a work of art. But before I could get any more poetic about her ass, she impudently brushed her buttocks across my face. Then she squashed the divide between them into it.

As the flesh of her black ass pressed against my face, I instinctively closed my eyes. Ass flesh was all around my face, and all was darkness.

I moved my mouth to the hard flesh of her asshole, stuck my tongue out, and began licking slightly upward around her asshole flesh.

I licked around it twice until my dirtied saliva tasted bitter. I backed my face out of her ass and sputtered out spit. I would have spit, but the sputtering seemed to clean my lips and tongue better.

I did the same routine about six more times. By then her black asshole was licked clean.

"Just lick my asshole and stick your tongue into it now, slut," I heard her tell me. "I don't want you to lick my cunt."

I licked around her asshole. My oral activity in her ass induced a flow of my saliva. Saliva smeared between her buttocks and all around my mouth.

My nose was squashed into the soft flesh between her buttocks, and my mouth was awkwardly squished upward against her saliva-wet asshole. It was troublesome to breathe, and I had to slurp air into my asshole-licking mouth past the flesh of her asshole.

Saliva collected in my mouth, and I had to grunt in order to gulp it while I licked around her asshole.

This all happened even though I licked her asshole only several dozen times and forced my tongue in and out of it seven times.

All the while, she hecklingly wiggled and squished her ass around in my face and tauntingly hummed a cute tune.

Then she stepped forward, and I opened my eyes. All around my mouth was wet with saliva from actively licking between her buttocks.

Without bothering to turn to look at me, Monique grabbed a towel from a stack of them on the dresser top, wiped the area between her black buttocks dry, and tossed the towel back onto the dresser top.

I stood up. She pulled her white panties up to cover her black ass. Then she let her red summer dress down. Before she turned around, she reached over and picked up the transparent plastic dildo.

I stood up. She stepped up to me with a cute contemptuous smirk and wrapped her hand around my sex-organs. She pointedly looked at the saliva wetness around my mouth.

"I never had a white guy lick my asshole before," she told me. "It's neat seeing someone's mouth after they licked your asshole clean."

I could feel her hand playing around with my cock and balls while she looked me into my eyes with a sneering grin.

"You ready for me to fuck you in the ass with this dildo?" she asked. "You want to suck it to lubricate it?"

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I said. She slipped the dildo into my mouth, and I licked around it.

"Get on your hands and knees on the bed and spread your legs wide apart, slut," she told me.

I crawled up on the bed, spread my legs wide apart, and waited. She stood between my bare feet and held the dildo up. She looked over my bare ass, asshole, and dangling cock and balls with a grin for some seconds.

Then she slid the dildo into my asshole.

"Feel the same as when the Korean woman fucked you in the ass?" she asked me.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am," I told her.

"Getting fucked in your asshole feel good, white bitch?" she asked me while she shoved the dildo in and out of my asshole.

"So so, Superior Black Ma'am," I told the black girl.

Monique fucked the dildo in and out of my asshole a couple dozen times before she pulled it out.

"Okay, crawl around here and suck the dildo that came out of your asshole, white trash," she told me.

I crawled around and she inserted the dildo into my waiting mouth. She giggled and sneered at my degradation while I sucked a dildo that she had just fucked in my asshole. After several insertions into my mouth she took it out.

"You're a real filthy slut, Tom," she told me with a dirty grin. She put the dildo back on the stand beside the bed. "Okay, I'm through using you for now. Susan gets to defile your white ass, now."

I got off of the bed. Monique watched me with a dirty self-important grin.

"So your blondie friend Susan saw you naked a lot in art class?" Monique asked me.

"Yes, Superior Black Ma'am. Quite a few times," I answered.

"Black girls who dye their hair blond and pretend that they're white are sometimes showing their fury at being black in a white people's world," Monique told me.

"She just likes to look neat as a blond, Superior Black Ma'am," I said.

"She's going to want to humiliate a white male whore like you," Monique told me with s sneer. "Besides making you lick her dirty little black asshole clean, she'll probably want to degrade you by pissing in your mouth and all over your face."

We went to the door. She opened it with one hand and patted my bare ass with the other, and we went out into the room.

It was probably obvious to everyone that I had just been licking Monique's asshole because all around my mouth was wet with saliva. Monique led me directly to Susan.

The dozen black Caribbean party goers inside the room, six males and six females including Susan, all turned to look with dirty knowing grins and sneers at Monique and me.

Naked Marina was the only one in the room who only gave us a quick glance. But the middle-age black male in a loud flower-patterned shirt and neatly pressed khaki slacks who was feeling her bare white ass let out a contemptuous snicker.

"I want a clean white male face in my black ass," Susan told me.

She took me to the washroom, but it wasn't to clean my face. She pointed to the shower.

"I just had two beers, and I want to urinate in your filthy asshole-licking mouth, bitch," she told me as she guided me into the shower.

She pulled up her pale-green summer dress and pulled off her panties. I was her prostitute. I obediently knelt in front of her and placed my face just below her black twat. I opened my mouth. She wasted no time.

Out shot a stream of urine, and I instinctively closed my eyes. Piss flowed onto my tongue and into my mouth and dribbled down my chin. She wasn't satisfied with that. I felt her piss all over my face.

Piss ran down my bare body. Susan was obviously was pissing all over it, too. But she quickly returned to pissing into my open mouth.

After what seemed like a long time, she stopped. I opened my eyes. Her twat was still in front of my face. I looked over the inviting shape of her ebony cunt and the patch of kinky black pubic hair above it.

She stepped away, pulled on her panties, and smoothed down her dress. She had further degraded me. With a coy grin, she turned to look at my piss-dripping face.

"Let's go back out so I can show you off to everybody, Tom," she told me. She reached out her hand and helped me up.

Dripping with piss and tasting its bitter salty taste in my mouth, I went hand-in-hand with her out into the room.

Monique was the first to notice. She broke out into a howling and mocking shriek. The others turned, looked, saw piss all over my bare white flesh, and broke out into cackles and snickers.

"Okay, go take a quick shower, Tom," Susan told me as she brushed a hand through her dyed blond hair. You can lick may black asshole after that.

While Susan watched, I took a quick shower, washed out my mouth, and dried myself off.

"First you're going to suck me off, slut," she told me.

We went into the guestroom. She pulled off her panties again. I knelt in front of her. She grinned down at me.

Then I began licking her cunt. I licked the outer sides of her cunt lips, then more in.

I licked up and down the split of her cunt. Each time my tongue went over her clit, she spasmed slightly.

I licked around her clit. She greedily squashed her cunt around on my face.

I reached up with my hands and spread the ebony flesh of her cunt apart and squished my face into the wet odorous pink flesh of her vagina.

She squirmed and squished her juicy cunt around on my lower face. Soon odorous cunt juices were smeared all over my lower face.

She moaned and groaned as she squished her cunt in my face. I returned to licking around her clit, and she gasped and groaned in sexual ecstasy.

In a minute or two she heaved a big gasp, squashed her smelly wet pussy into my face, and let out a big groan. She had a climax.

She reached down and pushed my face away and then stepped to the side.

"Okay, lick my black asshole clean, white slut," she told me. "Just so I can tell all of my girlfriends at the art school when you model nude for us."

She turned around. I shoved my face between her shapely round black buttocks, got my tongue onto her asshole, and licked around it two times.

As with Monique, my saliva tasted bitter. I turned my head and sputtered the spit out.

"Tom, you look and sound like a filthy white sex-pig," Susan giggled and wiggled her bare black ass.

"Well, that's what I am, Superior Black Ma'am," I said. She would see me again in Cleveland. I had to accept what I now was.

I shoved my face between her shapely round black buttocks again and licked around her asshole two more times. When my saliva tasted bitter, I turned my head and sputtered the spit out.

I did this about seven more times. Then her asshole seemed licked clean.

"Stick you tongue into my asshole, Tom," she told me.

I squashed my white face into her black ass. I could hear her. But my eyelids were closed and up against the flesh of her ass. I forced my soft fleshy tongue as much into the hard flesh of her asshole as I could a dozen times.

Then that was enough for her. She had used me and degraded me. She was done. She stepped forward. Her ass went out of my face. As I stood up, she pulled up her panties and smoothed down her summer dress and shot me a contemptuous sneer.

We went back out into the room. A tall black woman with a large ass grabbed my hand and took me back into the room to use me solely as her asshole-licking white male whore.

And so did the other four black women.

And after that, Marina and I were employed to lick black assholes while men and women fucked. And in between they had fun taunting Marina and me, playing with our sex organs, giggling about how we licked their assholes, and sometimes just talking about ourselves.

All in all, the part lasted about four hours. I licked Monique's and Susan's assholes five more times each and sucked Monique off once. I licked the other black women's assholes several more times and sucked some of them off, also.

All of the black women, including the three Zulu girls, pissed into my mouth. All of the black men pissed into Marina's mouth.

Then Carlotta drove Marina and me back to the porn theater where we had left our clothes.

I had, by then, licked her asshole a half-dozen times and had sucked her off once. She didn't want any more of that stuff. She paid us for our whoring, and we went on home separately.

Susan was at the art school for one more semester. But she made sure that all of the students knew what I had done in Germany.

I saw her again seven years later, though. My white wife and I had for a time gotten back together. She was still being used for breeding and sex-games by five or six black bulls. By then she had five dark-skinned kids, a boy one, a girl three, and boys six, seven, and nine.

The Welfare Department legally classified her dark-skinned kids as racially black. The black bulls still insisted that my white wife and I stay completely naked in the house, but they wanted the dark-skinned kids always decently dressed.

So the decently dressed legally black boys and girls watched my naked white wife and I get on our knees and kiss the black bulls' shoes when they came in.

They saw my naked white wife and me subserviently open our mouths and put our hands on our bare white buttocks. But now my wife and I were led into a bedroom by the one or more black bulls, and they closed the door.

Sometimes the kids would get into squabbles while I was watching my white wife being fucked or used for sex-games by black bulls. Then I would open the door slightly, slip out into the living room while holding my bare white buttocks, and deal with the situation until they went back to quietly playing or watching television.

Several times, though, they opened the bedroom door. Each of those times they saw their naked white mother with her face in one of the black bulls' asses and sloppily and noisily licking his asshole while I stood naked with my mouth submissively open and my hands obediently on my bare white buttocks watching. When they asked us about it we said they might have been mistaken and to drop it.

One of the bulls turned out to be Susan's boyfriend. They brought her along to babysit with the five legally black kids while they bred with my white wife and used her for sexual sport while I watched.

Susan, of course, slipped away from the kids for a few minutes and watched, too. But that went on for only another year. My white wife and I broke up. She moved to another state or another country with a rich older black lesbian. I completely lost track of her.

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