Cheerleaders Go Black Pt 4

Written by Daypro600 / Jan 10, 2008



Chapter 6: Tammy's Story


I have to interrupt your reading here. I have to take over now, and tell the story from my point of view.

In my wildest dreams I had never pictured such a sight. The players and my girls had a ten minute start before Becky and I entered and evidently there was no time wasted in Getting Down, as they say. Everyone knew what they were there for except Becky and me. I must have stood there for several minutes transfixed at the assorted bodies before me. This can't be must be a dream and I will awaken soon? No, Dear Heart, this is real and soon you will be a part of it. The glistening black bodies mixed with the pink white bodies of my girls was more than my Pussy could stand. Even if I wanted it to stop, my Cunt was begging me to see more, do more, to become a part of it. In every part of the locker room there were bodies mingled like a can of worms. It was a moving puzzle of Fucking and Sucking. My eyes darted from couple to couple. It was impossible to count them all. Here before me was my wildest dream come true. Also, in every corner of the room were video camera?s set upon tripods. This dream come true was being filmed from every vantage point. I needed to make sure that I got every copy so that no one would get in trouble including me!

There, right in front of me was Holly. Holly had moved here from Texas and has been on the squad for over a year. A lot of guys go after her, and with good reason. She's a friendly, flirty, beautiful young woman. She's about 6 feet tall, with wavy blonde hair, blue-green eyes, freckles, and an beautiful, innocent smile. I'd say she's about a C cup, with a 'well-balanced' figure. But when I saw her at that moment she was only wearing her red & white cheerleading skirt, and sitting in the lap of a very large, very naked black man. She looked up at me with a glazed look in her eyes, and flashed me a smile...and it didn't look very innocent! As I looked around, with my mouth open in shock, I saw several other black men and my other girls, Leah and Courtney, in similar states of undress.

Just then I snapped out of my stupor to see Heather and a black man take Becky by the arm and lead her toward four Black players. The guys stood still and watched as Heather began to undress Becky.

"You can't, don't? leave me alone! Get your nigger hands off me," she screamed as several black men took over and threw her forcefully down upon the mat and began to grope and paw at her. Her outfit was soon stripped away to reveal her cute, blonde- haired, tiny light tan-skinned body with oversize tits - every white boy's fantasy girl look. First off were her top and her white lace bra allowing her tanned 34D Breasts to jut forth with hard pink nipples. Because she was so tiny, her breasts looked giant. The guys began to stroke their cocks at the sight of this perfect specimen of nature, tanned to perfection and the long blonde hanging to her waist. Then, the girls tugged at her shorts until they fell to her feet. Blonde wisps of pubic hair protruded through the crotch of her panties. Becky looked directly at Heather for help, with tears welling in her big blue eyes.

"If you are going to get the full treatment, we got to get rid of these." Heather said sweetly, and flatly. The only clothing she had now was her socks and shoes.... and the glittering gold cross necklace between her breasts. Big black hands began to paw at her large breasts.

"No! No!" Becky screamed as she made a feeble attempt to resist her assailants. But there were no white boys here today to see her or for that matter enjoy her. What was clustered around sweet Becky was now a group of five black studs from the other school's team who were about to rape the young coed as all looked on. For a moment I felt sorry for her, but again my horniness took over and I thought, "You lucky little Cunt, you are about to get the ride of your life and you are going to love it." I couldn't believe what I was thinking... I'm a married woman... I'm their coach; I should stop this... but... I just couldn't. The players took over at this point and eight black hands found their way in and around that beautiful white body. One guy from the other team lifted her off the floor while kissing her square on the mouth. The guys carried Becky to a nearby table and placed her on it, naked and spread for action. One of the guys knelt before her shrine and began to lick her womanhood with long tongue strokes. The sight of that red tongue and that black face probing that pink pussy was more than my Pussy could stand. Without moving a muscle I began to climax. It was wonderful.

As more black hands fondled her all over, she began to relax. She hung limp in the Black man?s arms while her feet dangled a foot off the floor and three sets of hands began to explore her body. I watched as one of the guys eased a finger inside her pussy, then removed it, wet with her juices and licked it. "MAN, THAT IS SOME SWEET PUSSY."

Heather piped up, "It should be nice and tight...It has never had a Cock in it!"

"You mean these white boys haven't tried this pussy yet?"

"She is saving it for her intended, Brad, but we want her to have an option."

"Right," shouted Shea, from her place in Terrell's lap, his cock pushing up insider her pink pussy, "If after tonight, she still wants to marry a white boy with a puny little white cock, then we will wish her well, but some of us know the real joy of Black Cock and we want her to at least have a choice!? whether she wants that choice or not!"

The cutest of the girls was on her knees surrounded by five players who were waving their cocks and taunting her as she cowered in fear. The other girls were shouting, daring her to do it. "Go on Becky!" Do it! Reach out and take one!" they took turns saying. You're not leaving until you give it up to the guys. Try it... you'll like it." The guys were less gentle with her. One slapped her in the face with his meaty black tube and demanded "Suck it, cunt! Suck my nigger dick!" Another reached down and groped her tits through her torn blouse. Becky remained recalcitrant as the group began to chant "fuck the little bitch - fuck the little bitch" over and over again. Finally one of the boys could wait no longer and jacked a spewing load all over Becky's face. As the streams of thick white semen arched from his cock head to her forehead, her big blue eyes blinked in reflex as the first stream struck. Becky was soon drenched from forehead to chin with sticky cum. That seemed to do something. Becky reached for one of the cocks being dangled in front of her face and pulled it to her mouth. "All right!," the boy hooted as she took his cock head between her lips. "Bitch is gonna suck me!" Most of the team knew Becky was a stuck up rich white bitch and seeing her sucking a brutha's cock had them all dancing with glee. "Oh, what would daddy say?" one said. "Think daddy knows how much his baby likes to suck on nigger dick?" With her obvious prejudice broken, it was now a simple matter to get Becky on her back and take that virgin white cunt she was saving for Brad. The honor went to the home team Captain, a huge stud named James, who had warned all his teammates before the orgy began that Becky's cunt first belonged to him. "Fill that little spoiled white cunt with nigger seed!" Shea cried out as James put the head of his big black cock at her virgin hole. "You know she is fertile. Knock the little bitch up!" James wasted no time. Becky cried out as the big black cock perforated her hymen and pushed into her untouched depths. She bled a little as James began to fuck her cunt hard and deep and she whimpered as she realized how much she loved the feeling of his cock inside of her. James came too quickly and cursed as he pulled his spent cock from her tight slippery hole and motioned for the next boy to take his place. "Say it," a voice called out. "Say - I love nigger cock!" The voice said again.

Tammy realized it was her saying those words as she watched her young innocent virgin girl being raped before her very eyes. Everyone was quite surprised when Becky started to repeat the coach's words. "Fuck me, fuck me, please," she said. "I love your nigger cock so much. The line was over ten boys long and Becky begged each one to fuck her and fill her cunt with their nigger sperm. Everyone else stopped fucking for a while... just to watch all the excitement and the other cheerleaders began cheering as Becky transformed herself into a black-cock slut before their eyes and begged them to make her pregnant and give her a black baby to love. Soon she was engulfed in blackness as the young studs, one by one, took her virginity and introduced her to the consummate pleasure of black cock. There were 2 boys holding cameras very close to the table in order to get up close shots of the black dicks erupting into her pussy. On one occasion, Becky held her mouth wide open as a player knelt above her with his dick 3 inches above her outstretched mount. Then, like a rushing river, he came directly into her mouth in 5 heavy streams. The camera caught this on film from less than a foot away. Becky did the unthinkable; she closed her mouth and swallowed the entire load.

I could see ten beautiful naked white cheerleaders and at least fifteen black players. There might have been more, but in the moving crowd, I lost count. In every corner of the locker room there was SEX, SEX, SEX. A scream from the back of the room caused me to turn. It was Brandy the screamer, and true to her reputation for being loud when in heat, she lets out a blood curdling scream that caused everyone in the room to go suddenly quiet. I looked in her direction to see two Black men locked into her Cunt and Ass with two gigantic cocks. As Brandi's 5'7" slender, blonde- haired body bobbed up and down on her first black cock, she cried out like a banshee as the pleasure of fucking overcame her innocent reserve. She still had her cheerleading outfit on, but her panties were gone and the boys...the MEN? fucking her held her skirt up around her waist to give everyone a clear view of his cock as it pistoned in and out of her tight little virgin tunnel. Even from the distance, I could see how Brandi's eyes rolled as she shuddered with the immense pleasure of her first black fuck. She sits astride one while the other takes her from the top and penetrates her sweet pink asshole with what looks like a mile of Prick. The pain momentarily overrides her pleasure..."Stop them somebody, they are ripping me apart. COACH, do something, they are killing me." I stand helpless as I watch my girl in sexual torment. Then just as suddenly as the screams had begun, they subsided and I see now that Brandi is moving in the rhythm of the two men and no more screams. Instead, I then here a purring sound, like a content cat. The purr evolves into a lustful growl... "Please don't stop, Fuck me hard and deep. Make me cummmmmm, Oh My God... Fuck me you Big Black Bastards!" We all stand transfixed as three human bodies expel three loads of delightful CUM, all at the same time.

Between the fourth and fifth rows of lockers, Irish-born Leah had her 34D breasts groped by a skinny young black man as she sucked his cock. Looking closely, one could see a thin trail of semen trickling from her loose cunt to the hard wooden bench top beneath it. There is also a big strapping hunk of black stud standing behind her waiting for his turn to exchange some body fluids with this rebellious exchange student who had finally decide that her strict Catholic upbringing had denied her too many pleasures of life.

On a mat nearby was Shea's best friend Courtney ? a black-haired, fair-skinned, freckle-faced fianc?e whose last fling before marriage would not likely endear her to the white boy that hoped to take her cherry on their wedding night. Courtney has shoulder- length black hair in a shag-cut. She has an almost porcelain complexion and light blue eyes. She had one huge black cock in her ass while another filled her cunt and made her literally the "white filling" in an oreo sandwich. The stud filling her bottom was smacking her ass very hard and very load. Her butt cheeks were fire engine red. He just kept this up like he was riding a horse and beating it the entire time. I wasn?t sure if Courtney was experiencing pleasure or pain. One young boy standing over her had just jacked off his milky load on her freckled face as she screamed in ecstasy as her first double penetration took her over the orgasmic edge time and time again. It would only be a matter of seconds before her two black studs would fill her cunt and ass with their hot sperm too. And there were two more guys standing beside them waiting to take their place with her. Only the guys close to this cluster fuck heard the big buck fucking her cunt declare that his big, black "nigga" dick had just taken the white bitch's cherry.

Dianna was in one corner with her boyfriend Antoinne. Antoinne was the first black boy she met when Dianna introduced them that first day and revealed to her that others in the group liked black as well. He was not on the team - only 6'2" and 195 pounds, he truly loved Dianna and was so proud to be dating the pretty blonde-haired, green eyed, big-breasted water girl for the cheerleading squad. I knew they were in love as I watched Dianna run her long white fingers through Antoinne' short curly black hair as he gently made love to her amidst the interracial orgy going on all around them.

Then to my surprise, 2 black men yanked Antoinne off of Dianna as he was about to enter her. ?What are you doing,? yelled Dianna. ?I am exclusive to Antoinne. Let him go and leave him alone!?

?Great!? yelled Kobe. ?Yesterday and tomorrow you can be exclusive. Tonight you will experience the pleasure of me and my 12 inch black dick. You have only experienced Antoine?s 7 inch mixed race dick.? Kobe was right about that. Antoine?s dad was white and his mom was black and his dick stood at less than 7 inches when hard. ?Tie Antoine to the chair at the foot of the mat so he can see what 12 inches of steel looks like going into his sweet girlfriend and how much Dianna enjoys getting rammed by a real black cock.?

Kobe then took the spot vacated by Antoine on top of Dianna. He entered her pussy and easily but getting all 12 inches into her proved to be a challenge. Dianna had never felt anything so far up inside her. With every inch past 8, she raised her legs higher off the floor to allow Kobe greater access. When Kobe finally felt his balls slam against Dianna?s ass, she had her knees all the way up to her chest. Kobe was holding her legs up to her head with his hands. Dianna was bent entirely in half as Kobe just pounded away with great speed. He would pull nearly all 12 inches out of her pussy before slamming the entire shaft back inside her. Dianne moaned in pure pleasure. ?How come I have never had this much dick before?? She yelled at Antoine who was sitting in the chair, ?Kobe?s 12 inches is awesome. I am not sure I will be able to ever go back to your 7 inches.?

I felt so badly for Antoine. He was pathetic tied up in that chair. At the same time that he was crying that he was loosing his girlfriend; he was stroking his cock to ejaculation. It too was pretty small.

Tammy turned back I saw Dianna get the fruits of her labor? a giant load of sperm deposited into her pussy and onto her belly and tits. Kobe then helped her to her feet and suggested that they go explore some more areas of the orgy. As Dianna walked past me, she told me that she had finally found a boy friend that could truly satisfy her. I would soon find out exactly what she meant and had just experienced.

I couldn't see everything that was going on. There was fucking and sucking in the showers, on the floor, on the benches, and on the mats. Ten young white girls were being ravaged by one black cock after another and the coach's arousal could not be contained much longer. I looked back to see Terrell fucking Shea in the ass as another black cock strained to go down her throat.

It was like an out of body experience. I felt that I was floating over the entire room, looking down upon every conceivable sex act known to man. I became aware that Heather was now pulling down my shorts. I not only couldn't resist, I was wishing she would move faster. I wanted to be naked among my girls and join in the fun. My Cunt was on FIRE. Every nerve in my body was alive with passion.

Suddenly I noticed Heather standing in front of me.... staring deep into my soul with her steel-grey eyes. Heather stood and faced me and kissed me on the mouth, giving me a real tongue lashing. "NO... Heather... no, wait..." I tried to pull back at first, but she was strong, pulling me close to her and probing my mouth with her tongue. I felt her hands at the base of my tee-shirt, pushing her soft hands under my shirt, over my sports bra... She broke our kiss momentarily and pulled my arms up in the air, pushing my tee shirt over my head and arms. She then began her descent to my titties, pushing my bra over my breasts and sucking each hard pink nipple. She kept commenting on how large my breasts were. She was also surprised at how large my areoles were. They were over 3 inches in diameter. Most people have never seen areoles as large as mine but on my D cup breasts they looked great. I was about to cum again. I held her head to my breast and stroked her long brown-black hair. I couldn't watch her... my eyes were still glued to the events in the room. She then fell to her knees and licked her way down my belly and to my pubic hair. Snaking her fingers into the waistband of my shorts, she eased them down, pushed the crotch of my soaked panties aside and eased a finger into the depths of my wetness and hits my G spot. I closed my eyes and pictured the pretty face of sweet Heather probing deeply with her tongue. God! It was like a jolt of electricity had hit me. I begged her to suck me and she did just that. The tip of her tongue on my erect clit brought forth a mind blowing climax. I nearly passed out.

Regaining my senses I was aware that there were several black men standing around me. They lifted me to my feet. I felt weak in the knees as I began to feel a lust building inside of me. Since my first day at school I'd watched the interaction of the black boys and white girls and grew increasingly aroused at the images that formed in my mind.

Rob was a wonderful husband and lover, but thoughts of him never quite took me to the level of arousal I sometimes felt when I would think about being with a black man. As much as I wanted to share the fantasy with him, I was sure he could not deal with it emotionally. It seemed like a bad time to be thinking of Rob though, as I had found myself in a situation which left no room for consideration of his emotions. But... still, I couldn't betray him... could I?


Then I saw HIM... Before me stood a tall black god in the blue and gold uniform of the other team. Not just any member of the team, but the captain of the other ball team was moving toward me. As he neared, he pulled his jersey off and exposed his chiseled black torso with awesome "six-pack" abs. I instinctively put out my left hand to stop him but he kept walking until my hand pressed against his hard, muscular, sweaty black chest. A jolt of electricity energy raced through me as he took my tiny white hand and engulfed it in his thick, dark palm. The skin contrast practically hypnotized me as he held my hand and stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then, still looking into my emerald green eyes with his smoldering brown eyes, he smiled. As my team of cute white cheerleaders was being fucked all around me, I knew that I was destined to be next. The boy - no the man - in front of me was fucking me with his eyes and I could feel it all the way down to my toes. In a defiant act of ownership, the black hand holding mine took my diamond wedding ring and rolled it around my finger once or twice before slipping it free. My eyes followed it as he slipped it from my finger, and held it up to her briefly before dropping it on the concrete floor below...

In one symbolic gesture, stating to everyone who saw that me, that ownership had been transferred. The sound of my ring hitting the floor reverberated in my head and brought me out of a trance to the sound of laughter. He laughed when he saw how erect my pink nipples were... how excited I was. I could hardly keep my mind on what was really happening to me as my senses were filled with the overwhelming sights and sounds of the orgy taking place all around my. At one point I realized that the only white cunt not filled with black cock was mine.

As much as I loved my husband, I also loved the contrast of skin colors as this unnamed black stranger put his unshaven black face to my breasts and sucked painfully on one nipple and then the other. My skin was just so white and he was so black! He sucked my breast while Heather pulled his shorts down. I felt something rubbing against my panties...I though it was Heather?s tongue again, but it can't be, as she is kissing me. I stared at her, vision is momentarily blocked. I realize my sports bra is no longer in place. What is this thing now touching my Pussy? I look down over my sweating white skin, between my heaving breasts, down past my flat lily white tummy... Heather's hands had pushed down the front of his shorts.... and in his hand, aiming at my pussy is... the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was three times the size of my husband's. What made this even more exciting for me was that it was Black, Hard as a rock and sticking straight out at me. The team captain is standing at least a foot away from me and the head of this monster is actually touching me! Then more Black men move forward to surround me.

"From this moment on," the man said, "White Slut, you will be a willing Whore for Black Meat. You will never again climax with a White Cock. You are going Black and you Ain't never coming back." ?From now on you will be afflicted with jungle fever.?

With that he placed my tiny white hand on that Black Monster meat. I could feel it throb in my hand and I could not close my fingers around it. God, how I wanted to suck on it. "Stroke it Pretty Lady, make Charles's black prick yours. Kneel and take it in your mouth."

Doing as I was told I kneeled and began to worship at the crotch of this giant of a man. His beautiful balls swung below the base of his Cock. They each were the size of small oranges. I gently took them in my hand and hefted its weight... it seemed softer than I thought it would be. GOD, does this thing get bigger? I pumped my hand along the length of his shaft... my slim white fingers contrasting with his thick black cock. Then, I felt him pushing at the back of my head, pulling me closer to it. "Suck it bitch...suck my big nigger cock!" I eased the head of it between my painted lips. It was like trying to suck a tennis ball. The pink and purple head was in my mouth and he was pushing forward while the girls and the other guys cheered me on. I was about to gag. After all, a woman can only take so much Prick before choking. I gasped for air, but found myself wanting to swallow the entire Cock. I was at the point of no return. I've deep throated my husband and thought it was easy, but here I am with less than three inches in my mouth and I am about to faint.

"It's time to fuck Coach T!" one of the players declared. Indeed it was. I stood in front of the other kids almost as a spectacle ? my clothes virtually torn off and only sheer soaked thong panties left to protect any sense of modesty.

The team captain just laughed as he signaled to the less-busy members of his team who quickly took positions around their Captain and me. "Lift her into position and hold her pretty ass level." Grasping my arms and legs, the team lifted me off the ground and laid me out horizontal across their hands and arms, holding me up in the air at waist level. Someone grabbed the waistband of my panties and ripped them off forcefully to make access for their leader. Then as the Captain stepped between my legs, his teammates pulled them up and apart.

I suddenly came to my senses and realized what was about to happen.

"Oh, No! Please! You can't,? I protested. "I?m married.... my husband.... I'm not on the pill." My pleas were futile. The Captain pushed his hard black dick against the entrance of my unprotected womb to the cheering of the entire group. I was insistent that I had a husband and this was wrong. More laughter as they insulted my husband with slurs about white men and their tiny Dicks. Then I heard how superior Black Cock is to the white ones and how they are going to make me theirs. Two more of those giants held me spread open and in line with the Cock that was about to change my life forever. He eased the head inside my dripping Cunt and paused.

"Hooray!" they cried as his cock head split my moist lips and slipped easily inside my waiting cunt. "The coach has been blacked!" they said, and began chanting.. "Go Tammy, Go Tammy, Go Tammy..." in rehearsed unison. And blacked I was. He begins his push forward as I am held in place....two inches, three inches then without warning he sinks his steel rod into me as his black balls slap against my ass. The twelve inch monster was soon striking hard blows at the mouth of my never-fertilized uterus while other black cocks soon filled my mouth and slapped against my lily white skin. "Can your husband give you that, bitch?" one man said. "He's reaching pussy that your little white-dicked hubby has never dreamed of touching!" Another chided. "You've just been taken by SUPERIOR black cock, now baby, and there ain't no turning back!" It felt as if the head of that beautiful Cock was near my navel on the inside. I felt as If I were being torn apart. I looked up around me at the wall of black muscle that surrounded me and held me in place while he rammed into my pussy. I looked down over my glowing white body?my bouncing milky-white breasts, my flat lily white tummy, and my alabaster thighs wrapped around his ripped black torso... his dark chiseled abs contrasting with my soft, white, toned thighs. And then I looked down at the contrast of his huge, thick, BLACK cock ramming into my soft red-blonde pussy. His pubic hair pressed into my sensitive clit and I began to cum, cum, cum. Never, had I felt like this before. I felt complete for the first time in my entire life. But then I see him grimace... I know he's about to cum and my mind tries to take control of my lust...

"PLEASE!!" I cry, "PULL OUT! I'll get pregnant!"

"Are you SURE?" he says pulling his cock out.... leaving me feeling empty.... I had not realized that I was so close to the most powerful orgasm of my life... I found myself uncontrollably bucking my hips at him as he stroked that foot long black tool.... I can't resist.... I was so close...

"Use....Please, put a condom on and fuck me!" I said.

They all laughed...."Aint' got no condoms baby... you ride bareback or you don't ride!"

I stared at the cock.... I try to think of my husband. I look to my hand for my wedding ring, the symbol of my love for him, only to remember the gold wedding band was somewhere on the floor... I try to think of my husband, but as I stared at that enormous, thick, black cock, glistening with my juices.... I just can't remember what my husband looks like!

"Okay... I croak

"What's that?" The stud taunts mercilessly, "what do you want me to do?"

"I ... I want you to have sex with me but I want you to be careful. Pull out before you cum" I say.

"NO.... you want me to FUCK YOU with MY BIG BLACK COCK! You are a whore, a slut for black cock and you want to be fucked by BIG BLACK COCK..."

"I ...I want you to fuck me." I say



"I knew you'd be ours" He said, grabbing my thighs and ramming into my pussy as deep and as hard as he could.... easier to do since I was opened by his size earlier.

I screamed in pain and pleasure as his thick black cock plowed into me... slamming into my unprotected pussy. The girls and guys, aware of what was happening shouted out cheers of encouragement... to him... "MAKE HER YOURS!!" And "SHE'S A BLACK LOVER NOW!! NO MORE FOR HUBBY!!!"...and those shouts weren't just coming from the men... they were coming from my cheerleaders. My young, white, cheerleaders! I felt pain as the huge black shaft banged against my womb. I had never felt anything so deep before. My rugged, muscular fucker pounded me with a steady pace that quickly triggered not one - but several quick orgasms from my soul. I'd never felt that way with Rob. My husband made love to me with intensity but it was nothing compared to what I was being overwhelmed by as my cunt devoured its first black cock.

Some of the men standing around me began to cum... shooting thick, sticky semen all over my glowing white flesh. "Oh my God!" I cried out as I felt the first blast of hot semen splattered my soft white skin. "It's burning me! Jesus! God! Don't stop fucking me yet!"

Finally Charles grimaced again. With one last thrust he buried his thick, potent, black cock in my pussy to the hilt, into my fertile white womb and shot his load deep inside me and I felt the hot jism filling my Pussy as he eases out and swings free with my pussy juices glistening on his black limber shaft. I feel the hot spurts coating the inside of my womb. Then I see Courtney kneel and take his cock into her mouth and proceed to clean our juices from that black snake of a Cock. As Courtney finished her cleanup job, I felt hungry mouths in the area of my Pussy. I look down to see Heather and Brandy doing a clean up of their Coach. They took turns sucking my Pussy and sucking the Black Man cum from deep inside me. The guys who were holding me in place lowered me to a pad on the floor.

"OK Guys and Gals. The Coach has had her introduction to Black sex, now lets give her what she needs a lot more of!" I had lots of boys lined up for me and they were anxious for their turn with the coach. While my squad looked on, their Coach Carter took them one by one. It didn't take all that long. Some just jacked-off on my breasts and face. A couple tried my ass and the rest just spermed my cunt like the Captain did. Black cocks kept appearing from every direction, they'd fuck me, and more men fucked my pussy, between my breasts, in my ass, in my mouth. Sometimes two or three at once, then it seemed like the whole team. I felt a mouth on each tit, a Black Dick in my mouth, someone was sucking my toes. At one point they have me sitting on a black man with a black cock up my ass, one up my cunt, another fucking my soft white breasts, and yet another fucking my mouth. Black hands caressed my entire body. I felt a Cock enter my pussy, they turned me so one could penetrate my ass. I see my soft white hands caressing these black cocks while I watch my wedding ring as it glitters on the floor where it had been tossed. If there is a Fucking Heaven, this has to be it.

"Let?s give Coach a cum bath..." With that the players formed a ring around me, standing Cocks in hand and stroking. There was at least ten Black cock heads pointing toward my snow white body. I lay there not knowing what to expect. Then, in a few short minutes I felt the first load hit my body square between my tits, then another hit me in the face, then one in my pubic hair. A sea of cum showered down on me. It felt like a quart of gooey man cum... By the time the line was done, I'd had taken twenty-two young blacks. Everyone applauded as I struggled to drag my worn-out body to my feet, but finally I was standing and everyone was laughing at the sight of me. These black boys had had there way with me.

"OK Girls, clean up time." It was Shea calling the girls into battle. Holly, Brandy, Heather and Becky knelt beside me and began to lap up this beautiful cum. Holly was cleaning the cum from my tits. She whispered to me...."Want a snowball Coach?"

I didn't know what that meant, but I nodded yes. She and Leah then licked up a mouthful of cum each and said... "Open up Coach." I opened my mouth in time to see Leah about five inches above me. She opened her mouth and cum gushed out of her mouth and dropped into mine. Then Holly did the same. I watched for what seemed like an eternity as that white jism left her sweet mouth and entered mine, "Swallow it Coach, it's delicious." I did... and it was.

Again, I returned to the real word and looked around to see my girls enjoying a sex circus. There were men fucking white bodies everywhere; On the floor, on the benches, by the lockers in the showers. Some are singles, some are multiples and some are standing around just watching. I asked Holly how it was going with her sister Tracy in her introduction to Black Cock. "Just fine Coach, I do believe she has seen the light....look over there." I directed my gaze to a bench where a white girl was sitting on a Cock and moving in time with the thrusts of Black Meat shoving her high into the air as she rode it like a bucking bronco. In each white hand she held a Black Cock and her moans told the whole story. Yes, Tracy had overcome her prejudices. Then we see Jackie make her way toward the tangled three... .. Everyone had forgotten about Jackie. This muscular 5'10", 140 pound green-eyed blonde did not say a lot or crave the crowd's attention. She usually just did her thing. Everybody knew she loved black guys and went to every practice just to watch them get sweaty and play. Her dark-tanned body seemed almost as dark as some of the lighter-skinned black players, but her long, straight blonde hair left no doubt that she was Caucasian. What everybody didn't know is that Jackie had caught the eyes of the two black coaches who had slipped her into the adjacent laundry room where they were taking turns giving her some hard black-dicked ass fucking that had her screaming face down in the musty wet towels piled in the floor. The quietest of the cheerleaders had turned into the wildest of them all and this fact would soon be known to Coach Carter and all the other girls. "I'm batting clean up tonight." With that Jackie began to lick her way up and down each cum coated Cock and finished by placing a vacuum on Brandi's swollen Cunt and Asshole with her mouth and drained ever precious drop. She licked her lips as the room cheered.

I looked back over at Courtney. She was almost upside-down, with her shoulders and neck supporting her upper body resting on one of the dressing benches. Her naked ivory legs hung over the broad, dark shoulders of a black man, with her skirt hanging over her midriff and her panties hanging from one ankle. The black man was tonguing and fingering her pussy, and she was squealing in delight.

Shea stood on a bench...."Give me your attention you Cum Sluts and you Black Cum Factories." How do you like the party so far? Everyone cheered. I think I must have cheered the loudest. "Just to make sure that everyone here gets what they came for and to be certain that we all go home satisfied....Guys, line up for the blow off!!!"

A line of black men stood side by side in a row in front of the lockers. Coach Tammy was elected to go first. "On your knees Sluts and SUCK your way to the end." It was a sea of Black Meat as I knelt before the first guy...."Don't be greedy Coach, save some for the rest of us.? I slowly made my way down the line, followed by my girls, each in her own right, an expert Cocksucker. By the time I reached number four, Shea declared, this is taking too long. OK Girls, every Slut for herself."... The Girls rushed into battle each zeroing in on a Black Cock. Some were trying to suck two at once. Others sucked for a time, then leaned back for a Jack Off facial. As I sucked one nice long one, I felt a face slide between my thighs. Looking down I see Becky looking up at me. "Do you mind Coach?" I answered by lowering my dripping Pussy into her mouth. She sucked me clean and dry.

Antoinne and Dianna were now running the camcorder and getting close-ups of everyone in the room. I should have been shy and embarrassed when they came close to my mouth surrounding a huge Black Dick, but instead of shame or prejudice, I felt pride.

"Everybody get what they came for?" Shea said grinning as she came up and hugged me. "You were magnificent, Ms. Carter... so fucking hot being a slut for black cock like I am."

"So this was your plan?" I asked her.

"Oh, yes," she replied. "A lot of the girls helped me. So did you like it?"

I wasn't sure to how to explain my feelings. They were so confusing - so hard to pin down. I liked what I did all right ? no I loved what I did and I knew that with those feelings I had some serious thinking to do. As I drifted off into thought, one of the boys picked up my discarded wedding ring and handed it to me. I clutched it tightly and thought about Rob, who was probably sitting at home waiting for me to arrive, wondering where I was. As everyone got dressed, I went to my office and grabbed an extra pair of sweats to wear home. Nearly all the girls? panties and bras, including mine were gone. No one would be going home with anything on under their clothes. God.... it was nearly 3am by the time we got ourselves dressed.

Shea ushered us all into the showers to wash up. Imagine twenty eight assorted bodies in one shower room. We soaped and scrubbed each other. I looked around the showers, many of the girls were still making out in the showers. I couldn't believe it when I saw that Becky (the engaged virgin) was on her knees in front of Charles, pumping his big black cock in her hand while here diamond engagement ring glittered. So much for Brad! The warm pulsating water felt really good. Tender Pussies and Limp Cocks were everywhere. As I felt a hand rub me I turned to see Shea.

"I hope you've had fun tonight Coach!" She said.

"Yes..." I croaked, "I think I did... thank you..."

Continued on Part 5
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