Cheerleaders Go Black Pt 1

Written by Daypro600 / Jan 10, 2008


CHEERLEADERS GO BLACK Pt 1 By RMS, Charles, and Coach Tammy.

Chapter 1 - The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Tammy could barely contain her excitement. The coaching job offer from a first class school in Southern California was almost too good to be true. Rob, her husband of ten years shared her excitement and encouraged her to take a shot at it. With the Chancellor holding on the telephone for an answer, Tammy had no more time to wrestle with her decision. As much as she loved her home of Georgia, the opportunity to coach a winning college cheerleader squad was too good to pass on. "Chancellor Brown, I accept!" Tammy almost screamed into the phone with the excitement of a teenage girl. "I'll be on a plane Monday. I look forward to meeting you."

It was a dream come true for this thirty-something strawberry-blonde athlete from the deep South. Looking like a woman ten years younger, Coach Tammy Carter almost looked like a coed and could easily pass for one of her own cheerleaders. After only three days on campus, she was turning the heads of quite a number of the young male student population. She was both flattered and embarrassed by all the attention. Her husband loved to hear her chatter about her day at the dinner table each night. He was as happy as she was with their new home and her new job. Coaching cheerleaders is coaching - regardless of where you do it. What made this job better for Tammy was the caliber of the girls she had to work with. Nine gorgeous, athletic and talented girls were going to make a winning squad in the next cheerleading competition and they would be the showpiece of every sporting event.

What Tammy wasn't quite prepared for was the stark contrast between the "West" and the "South". Sure, she knew the undercurrent of racism that kept a grip on the southern white people would never allow them to grant blacks full equality, but she wasn't prepared to see the liberated, almost flagrant mixing of black men and white women - that she observed through her office windows every day. She was taught to be nice to everyone, regardless of color, but keep the relationships distant. She was a little shocked - yet somewhat curious as she watched the hand-holding and open kissing between black and white students on campus. In almost all cases it was a black male with a very attractive white female. She was even further shocked to learn that two of her girls, Dianna and Shea were dating black men and the rumors abound that several others may be as well.

Chapter 2 - The Plan

The coach learned quickly that Shea was the "unofficial" leader of the pack. She seemed to exert an enormous influence within the group and was the person Tammy had to win over in order to succeed. One afternoon after practice Tammy and Shea shared a shower and talked about "girl" things. She couldn't help but take notice of Shea's tall, slim build, the long brown hair she usually wore in a ponytail, and firm C-cup breasts. Her fair complexion showcased her piercing blue eyes. Even as good as Tammy looked she was a bit jealous of Shea's body. What Tammy didn't realize was that Shea felt the same way. When she looked at Tammy's full but firm breasts, and tight, flat stomach, she hoped that her body would be in as good shape when she reached her thirties. Shea thought that it was a shame that such a fantastic body was wasted on a white-boy.

"Can I ask you a question?" Shea asked as she toweled off and dried her hair.

"Sure" Tammy smiled, drying off and slipping her full, round D cupped breasts into her jog-bra. This was one area where Tammy could compete with just about any girl. Her breasts were large and near perfect.

"How long have you been married?"

"Well, about 10 years." Tammy replied, "Right out of college." Tammy paused, thinking that perhaps this was her chance to ask Shea about the rumors of her boyfriend. "How about you, Shea?? asked Tammy. ?You have a boyfriend right?? I heard he plays basketball for another school."

Shea's beautiful smile widened as she turned to her coach and replied. "Yeah, Terrell is my boyfriend. He's really cute too, broad smile, hard dark body - like the color of a piece of polished onyx. That is what you were fishing for right? You want to know if my boyfriend is black." She giggled when she said it, hoping to jerk her coach's chain with her flip attitude. "Does that bother you?? asked Tammy.

"No..." Tammy responded. "I ...ah... just would like to get to know my girls."

"Are you curious about black?" Shea grinned, playfully tormenting her conservative southern coach. "Have you ever been with a black man? You know, the rumors are true..."

Tammy turned several shades of red as she tried to deny her true feelings. "No, like I said, I just like to get to know my girls." Tammy said as she hurriedly dressed herself. "I'll see you next week." She said, rushing out the door while Shea finished dressing. She could not believe the girl's boldness! No, she had never been intimate - or even close with a black man. But she could not disguise her curiosity. The thought had crossed her mind on several occasions when she lived in Georgia but it was something you dared not confess to anyone. When she moved to Southern California, and saw the interracial fraternizing on her campus, her feelings and curiosity grew stronger. She was sure that Shea saw right through her thin facade.

What Coach Carter didn't know was what Shea's reaction to all this was, and she wouldn't find out for a few weeks...

That night, Shea met her boyfriend for dinner, and told Terrell about her conversation with Coach Carter, including the details of what Tammy looked like in the shower. She told him everything that went on in her life. Shea began fucking Terrell while in high school. She had become a black cock slut for him and continued to be his although he went to the school where a basketball scholarship had lured him. Terrell was heavily into white girls and thought that every one of them should be addicted to black. He never missed an opportunity to "turn" someone - which Shea knew and accepted. Only the week before, Terrell had told Shea he wanted to "turn" her whole cheerleading squad and he wanted her help to do it. Shea loved the idea and set about a plan to make it happen.

"I know you can arrange it for the girls," Terrell told her. "Hell, half of them already love black salami. But what about your new coach? She's one hot bitch that I wouldn't mind getting a piece of. Think you can set her up too?" Shea didn't know her new coach all that well and told him she wasn't sure. But the more Shea thought about their conversation in the locker room, she was convinced that Coach Carter needed to be a part of this... whether she wanted to be or not. Shea and her boyfriend Terrell hatched an ominous plan that night, and it would have an immediate and everlasting affect on her squad of cheerleaders and her own life as well.

The perfect opportunity was coming at month's end when Terrell's team was scheduled to play the team from Shea's school. Terrell already had things working at his school, involving his teammates and some of their cheerleaders. He needed Shea's help to inform the black players on her school's team and get all the cheerleaders into the locker room after the game. It was such an exciting concept...

Shea was thrilled at the prospect of creating this orgy, it turned her on ... possibly even more than it turned on Terrell! After dinner that night, Shea and Terrell went to his apartment and discussed the plan in more detail.

Without even being asked, Shea began to undress, baring her beautiful supple body to her black master. "What do you need for me to do?" She asked, submissively.

"Well," said Terrell, "why don't you suck my cock for a while." Terrell went on to describe more details of the plan that Shea needed to put together, while she unzipped his fly and pulled his thick black cock out of his pants.

"Baby, you know those girls are gonna like it, and my boys are gonna be all over those lily white asses!" Terrell chuckled.

"Mmmmm" Shea groaned, Terrell's cock filling her hot, soft mouth. Terrell?s prick just kept growing and growing making it nearly impossible to take it all in her mouth.

"Yeah, maybe even I will get me some of that Coach's ass... she's one fine bitch. That body was built for black cock!" Terrell said, staring into his girlfriends beautiful blue eyes.

"Yes, I'd like to see that baby," said Shea, pulling off of his cock and standing up. I'd like to see you shove your thick black cock up into her... she needs it!" Then, playfully pulling at his 11 inch dark member, "but I'll need it first, now!" Shea jumped backwards on the bed, spreading her legs out nearly doing the splits, so that Terrell could see her glistening pink pussy. Terrell insisted that she keep her pussy completely barren which she did. He wasted no time, jumping over her, and shoving his cock deep inside her body, pumping her again and again...

"This," he whispered in her ear, "This is what each and every one of your girlfriends will be getting... especially that Coach." He hammered into her, harder and harder...

"It won't be that easy baby," Shea whimpered... her eyes fluttering at the forceful pounding and near-orgasmic pleasure Terrell's thick black cock gave her, "she is married."

Terrell laughed as he rammed Shea harder, pushing her over the edge and giving her yet another incredible orgasm..."No ring is going to stop her from succumbing to this... Is it?" Terrell said, shoving his cock into Shea, again and again, rubbing its thickness against her clit.

"No baby.... she'll love it..... She?ll love it!!" Shea screamed. "I LOVE IT!! YES!! FUCK ME!!"

Shea and Terrell had a serious fucking session as they mulled over plans on how to get all of the cheerleaders into the orgy they were organizing. As Terrell's thick black shaft pumped deeply into his girlfriend's wet cunt neither could understand how any white girls wouldn't want what they had together. And with as many white boys as Shea had fucked in her short life, none even came close to making her as crazy with lust as this well hung black stud. They continued for hours that night... fueled by lust for what they were going to do.

The next morning, as Shea showered and washed the sticky semen from her body, she plotted about how to go about setting up the party.

Shea's friends - her fellow cheerleaders were all hot babes. They were as different in looks as in personalities. Not all would be willing to participate in her party... at least not right away. Shea figured the easiest thing to do was to talk to the girls who would most likely be willing participants, and/or those who could most easily be convinced.

The first person she decided to talk to was Dianna, a cute short-haired blonde, with great legs and a nice, tight round ass. She also happened to be the girlfriend of Antoinne, one of the black studs on the basketball team. Shea figured that this connection would help her spread the word of the 'party' faster. Dianna liked the idea of the locker room gangbang, and told Shea that she was sure that Antoinne would help get the team together. Her only stipulation was that she and Antoinne would be 'exclusive' at the party, only having sex with one another. Shea agreed, after all, there was going to be plenty to go around. So, while Dianna and Antoinne went about contacting the players, Shea continued down the roster of cheerleaders.

Next, Shea talked to her best friend on the squad, Courtney, a raven-haired beauty with pale, lightly freckled skin. Although she was engaged to a white jock, Courtney had been a bit of a party girl in the past. Recently, after becoming engaged, Courtney expressed a desire for one last fling before getting married. Shea decided that this could be the leverage she needed. She talked to Courtney over lunch at the mall, and told her of her plan.

"Oh my Shea! That's wicked!" Courtney said, half screaming, her crystal-blue eyes wide with surprise. "All of those black men? I don't know, that's a little much."

"If you want to pass this up, its up to you,? Shea said, sighing, summoning up her best reverse psychology, "I guess you're right. Maybe it is time for you to settle down and be a nice proper little wife."

"Hey, just wait a minute!" Courtney said, "I didn't say I wouldn't do it... I just said I'd have to think about it."

"All right then,? Shea said, mustering up the softness of her voice, speaking lowly... slowly..."think about it.....think of all that hard, BIG, black cock....think of what it will feel like pounding in and out of your body. Still think it?s too much?" This could be your last chance to experience black before you go off and marry that white boy.

Courtney's chest heaved as her imagination ran away? and Shea had her first 'recruit'.

The next girl Shea decided to talk to was Leah, a remarkably voluptuous fair-skinned exchange student, with a mane of wavy dark red hair. She looked very innocent, and her lilting Irish accent seemed to support this image. But Shea knew better, this girl was wild! Leah was always game for anything that would rebel against her strict Catholic upbringing. In fact she'd already fucked several guys on campus, including a couple of Japanese guys. But when Shea told her about the plan, her emerald eyes sparkled with the kind of lust that most people could only imagine. She was happy to be included and very excited about the promise to experience black for the first time.

The more girls Shea talked to, the easier things seemed to fall into place. She went to Jackie's house and talked to her while she lay in her tanning bed. Jackie was keen on the idea, and Shea was not surprised at that. Jackie was the kind of tight-bodied girl whose green eyes just screamed 'wild thing'. Her exact reaction to Shea's proposal was to throw open the tanning bed, brush her long blonde hair out of her eyes, and say "hell yes!".

Shea knew that Brandi was a very curious girl - about everything actually. She'd tried other girls already and seemed to be pretty hot on the idea of trying a black cock for the first time. She readily agreed to the plan - providing there was no objection to her getting it on with some of the girls too, including Tammy.

The only 'surprise' obstacle was Holly. She was game, and had fucked black men before, but she had an important condition. Even though raised in the South, she never acquired the typical Southern attitude about blacks and seemed especially excited at the prospect of the locker room orgy. Her exposure to black men and boys began very early and her stunning good looks, long, blonde wavy hair, green eyes, tall slim build, and husky Texan accent caught the attention of every man she met. If attention were gold, she would have already been a millionaire. But because of her racist background, Holly was very careful not to let anybody in her family know that she liked black men. But ever since the she had gotten into college, Holly had a hell of a time getting enough black cock inside her. Holly's big problem was her twin sister, Tracy, who was attending college with Holly, and shared an apartment with her.

Like Holly, Tracy was stunning, with exactly the same build, voice, face, and hair. Unlike Holly, Tracy was very conservative and also very racist and had no use for "niggers" (a word she never hesitated to use when in all-white company). This resulted in it being impossible for Holly ever to bring a black man, or men, home with her. Holly had long thought that it would be so much fun if she and her twin could lay guys together... especially black guys. The thought of black cocks pounding into her racist twin excited Holly... but Tracy's racism would prevent it from ever happening. Holly told Shea that she needed to change her sister's attitude once and for all, and that this "party" would be a perfect opportunity to do so. Shea wasn't sure how to pull that off but she promised she would.

Now all Shea had to do was to take care of the holdouts.

Continued on Part 2
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