A Decent Proposal

Written by Dirty Cyber Slut / Jan 10, 2008


A ?DECENT? PROPOSAL By dirty_cyber_slut

The story is familiar to so many people? the family has fallen into debt. Dad has not been making enough money to pay the bills. Mom is busy raising the kids and has not been able to help with finding an income. The eldest child is busy with school and not yet ready to get a job and help out either. Money woes make for a real struggle for all Jason and his mother, and father, and brother, and two sisters? but at least they have love to keep them together.

And please make no mistake?. Jason?s mother Paula, and his father James really truly and madly do love each other. They are good and honest people? throwbacks to the day where a promise of trust and fidelity and forever really meant something. Jason always admired the hell out of his parents for their morality and devotion to one another? but then times have a way of changing everything sometimes, and money will always talk if a person has to listen.

Our story is typical in many ways up to now? where it might deviate is that not every son of such a family as I describe so far would have a nigger as a best friend. Jason does though and the said nigger is a really lucky fucker going by the name of Jamal. I call him lucky, because one day he finds a lottery ticket in a wallet he lifts and it just happens to hit it for 7 numbers plus in the state draw. Things get real easy real fast for young Mr. Jamal Jones after that?.

But what is a nigger to do once he?s so rich that money will never mean anything to him again? Can there be any better pass time for such a boy then trying to get into the panties of every hot married white woman in town?

Jamal really loved the idea of fucking and breeding white married women. If he had his way, he would be able to just go done to city hall and pay whatever fee there was to get a license to do it whenever, and wherever, and to whomever he wanted at anytime of his choosing. Of course, there was no license available for sale to just be able to breed married white women at will? so Jamal had to look for other opportunities to collect panty trophies and that was where Jason and his families money trouble came back into importance in this story.

The money troubles were actually more than just a little serious. All available savings were long gone and now credit limits had been extended and stretched too. Every month of bills were bringing the family closer and closer to a breaking point and the family home was in desperate jeopardy of being sacrificed within just weeks at the end of this pay cycle. It was last crunch time and whatever miracle might be available to save the day would have to be not only considered? but accepted even if it was to be considered unpleasant or downright obscene.

It was Jason who shared his worries with his very good friend Jamal? not really expecting Jamal?s idea for offering help in return. It was then Jason who was the first of the family to tell his nigger friend that there wasn?t a chance in hell that his mother would agree to such an outrageous proposal.

?Why don?t we ask her and let her decide? was what Jamal the nigger had told his former best friend.

Jason was pretty outraged that Jamal would even think for one second that Paula with all her moral devotion to her husband and family would ever consider being a fucktoy and cumbucket to a teenaged nigger stud for a weekend. This was the boys own mother that his best friend now wanted to treat like the lowest slut two-bit streetwalker. Forget the shit that the nigger was saying he would pay enough money to cover all mortgage bills on the house forever and give a little extra to even get the car fixed before it gave out its last life too?. The whole thing was just as sick as sick could be.

Jamal didn?t need the son?s blessings though to approach mommy and give the pitch directly to her. The idea of fucking this remarkable hottie was really keen in the black teen?s thoughts now. This whole situation seemed to be laying out perfectly for him? and in truth, it was laying out perfectly for him too.

It wasn?t going to be easy though. Jamal was going to have to do a whole hell of a lot of convincing. He did start with Mrs. Paula alone. Her youngest daughter, little four year old Samantha was the only other family member around as Jamal informed mommy that he had been talking to Jason and found out the money problems. He suggested that Paula get her little daughter watching television in the next room before he gave the pretty white wife his idea of a solution to the whole messy dilemma that being so poor had created for her and her loved ones. As the innocent, but not na?ve Mrs. Paula saw the look of wanting on the face of the young nigger teen? she decided it best to take the advice? and then she sat her scrumptious white ass back into her seat at her kitchen table and let the proposal be made.

?It?s simple. I think you are incredibly fuckhot. I have all the money you would ever need to keep your home. I will pay you very well to serve as my whore for a weekend. All I want from you is a lot of sex. You can tell your husband if you think he will understand, or I can be very discreet. I want to make this work for both our profits.?

?You can?t be serious??

?I will pay you ten thousand in cash when you come to the motel room before I even lay one hand on you? and ten thousand when the weekend is done if you stay the whole time. I am known to tip very well if performance exceeds my expectations too.?

?You really are mad. I am a married woman. I am old enough to be your mother.?

?True and true I am sure? not as convinced I am mad though. Why is this such a horrible thing I suggest? Women have whored from the beginning of time. I am offering you far more than you could make walking the streets for a month. I know you wouldn?t make this money in a year at any other job you could take. I am making you a very fair offer? you would do well by your family to consider it.?

And that was that? for the opening gambit. I paraphrase a bit to get this story written? but for all intents and purpose, Paula had been told point blank that she could make a shitload of money if she allowed this nigger teen to get busy with her for a weekend. It was a very shocking idea for her to be forced to share with her husband? but she really felt she needed too? after one more talk with the boy to find out exactly what he had in mind.

She made the phone call the next day when her youngest was taking a nap and spoke in quiet voice. The teen was actually in school and had to excuse himself from the classroom to spell it out for Mrs. Paula in all its graphic and explicit detail.

?You can?t expect to fuck me. That will be impossible. I could consider sucking your cock.?

?You expect 20 thousand dollars for a blowjob? Now who is crazy Mrs. Paula??

?You don?t understand. I can?t get pregnant.?

?Did you ever hear of condoms? I don?t plan on breeding you. I don?t need the hassles of being sued for child support.?

?Condoms break sometimes??

?Yes they do? but I will pull out to make you double safe. I have a thing about shooting off all over that pretty little face of yours anyhow.?

?oh my god.?

?Does hubby never give you a facial, sweetie??

?Of course not!?

?The idea excites you a bit? doesn?t it Mrs. Paula??

?I can?t do this.. I just can?t.?

?Listen? let me come over. I will cut class and we can talk about this in person.?

?Please don?t?

?I will be right there. Don?t freak out.?

And Jamal did go right over to Paula?s home as he promised he would too. Her daughter was still sleeping so the reluctant little housewife let the horny nigger into her family home one more time.

?You need to be reasonable bitch.?

?Don?t you dare call me that.?

?Sorry, but you have my cock so fucking hard now. Don?t try to play me.?

?You are the one trying to fuck me. I shouldn?t even be talking to you now??

?But you are. You need me. I ain?t doing nothing wrong here. You could tell me to fuck off anytime? but your family needs this money bad. Swallow your pride sweetie and you can swallow a few loads of my seed at the same time.?

?oh god? don?t say that?.?

?I have to. I am not paying you 20 thousand to treat you like a fucking princess.?

?You haven?t paid me a cent yet.?

?Is that the problem? Here is 100 dollars then for me to be able to tell you what I want to do to you then. Don?t act like a few words are going to kill you or anything.?

Paula had to be even more shocked as she saw the teen count out 100 dollars and hand it to her. She almost couldn?t take the money? almost?

?You know your kids need it bitch? take it.?

?This is just to let you call me bitch then? is it??

?Money is easy if you know how to play the game?.?

?Twenty thousand for a weekend??

?Bonus tips if you make me happy too? big bonus tips.?

?No fucking though? and I will think about it.?

?We are going to fuck. I won?t rape you? but I am going to fuck you.?

?You would have to rape me. I can?t do that to my husband.?

?Listen bitch? I don?t have time for this shit. Let?s cut to the chase. You are going to take my money? right??


?That?s a yes. Does your husband have to know??

?I wont lose my marriage for this? if he says no then the answer is no.?

?Okay then, you are going to be a stupid cunt and tell him. I respect that. I kind of figured you would. Have your talk with him then call me. I might not be so generous when my horny goes down. Its first cum first served? so don?t miss out. I want you this weekend or the offer might not be there after that.?

?I will talk to him tonight??

And Paula would talk to her husband that very night too. She would be very hesitant? and try to word everything as careful as she could. She would tell her loving husband that the teen nigger wanted some fun. She would have to spend the weekend as his date. She would have to sexually tease the boy? but Paula didn?t tell her husband that the kid actually wanted to go the distance with her. There was no talk of fucking the nigger between Paula and her hubby.

?What exactly does he want??

?it won?t be so bad. You can talk to him yourself. He wants me to teach him to dance? teach him to kiss? teach him how to please a woman??

?He wants to eat your pussy??

?I think so?. I told him I wouldn?t suck his cock, but he did ask if I might give him a hand job.?

?Would you do that??

?Its for twenty thousand dollars James.?

?It would make you be a whore, Paula.?

?James, we need that money.?

?I can?t believe he will pay you 20 thousand for a hand job.?

?He is a nigger. You always said yourself they want only one thing.?

?I am not happy about this Paula.?

?James? do you trust me??

?You know I do.?

?He won?t rape me. He said himself he isn?t interested in fucking me at all. He doesn?t want to be sued now that he is so rich.?

?Smart boy then?.?

?Too smart I think? he has us right where he wants us James. I can?t say no to him.?

?Okay? I need to talk to him.?

?Of course husband.?

Paula was relieved with her talk with her husband. She was beginning to deal with her choice for herself. The money was too much. Her families needs had to come ahead of her own morality. She would always love James? no nigger dick would change that fact. She could deal with a teenaged boy. It would be for one weekend? then her life would go on as before. She had a great ability to forget and forgive.

Paula would meet the black boy Jamal for a weekend of his enjoyment and be his white married slut. That much was decided by the good wife, but before she could do that, she had to let Jamal and her husband have their talk, and before that she had to tell Jamal what her own agreement with hubby had been.

?You need to understand Jamal? no talk about fucking me. No filthy talk at all. Be polite. I sold him that this was like a sex education thing. I told my husband I would mostly be giving you dance lessons and telling you what compliments a woman liked to hear on her dates.?

?You nasty slut? laugh my black ass off. Did it make you hotter telling him that shit??

?Lets talk on Friday when you pick me up at four. I will be yours until Sunday night. We can discuss it all then.?

?Won?t need no discussions then? we both know what we are going to do.?


Paula did know. Jamal was able to keep cool with his talk with James. James would be in the dark while Paula went dark for the first time in her life. The son Jason would actually know more than his dad would about what was going to happen to Mommy. Jamal saw to that himself.

?Does it turn you on at all that she took my money??

?Fuck you Jamal.?

?No.. going to be fucking your mother now. Come on? doesn?t it turn you on at all to know I am going to dick that snatch you were made in with my big black cock:?

?You really are an asshole since you won your money.?

?I will give you 50 bucks to kiss my ass now if you want to, Jason?


?Make it a hundred? but I want your tongue up my shithole then too.?

?No way.?

?Ok then ten dollars just to admit you are hot that I am going to bone your mother and have her as my cumdump all weekend long.?

?Make that a hundred.?

?Say it white boi??

?I am hot for it, you fucker.?

?For a hundred I want to see you jerk off.?

?Don?t you Welch on me Nigger.?

?Hey, easy with the N bomb or you will be getting your honky ass kicked.?

?Just pay up.?

?I will? here? now another 100 to jerk your tiny white penis for me and tell me how much you want me to fuck your slut mother this weekend.?

?ok then.. God, I hate you?.?

Of course, Jason didn?t really hate his good friend? but it was a crazy situation? and was going to get crazier that Friday at 4pm. That was when Jamal went to get Paula to start his weekend of white wife fucking.

The kids had all been sent to Grandma?s. Hubby was home? Jamal decided to have a little fun to get things started.

?Can I have a kiss then Paula??

?Not here.?

?Why not??

?This is my home.?

?Your husband knows what we are going to do.?

?This is our home Jamal. I can?t.?

?Listen? I hate motels. I told you there will be bonuses. How about 250 bucks for your husband to take the motel and we stay here.?


?Let?s ask him if he will agree,?

Jamal loved it? it was so much fun playing with these white pussies. He was going to really put one over on the fucks before this weekend was over.

?You want me to go to the motel??

?If you need anything from home? just phone. You can come back to get it quick, but I want your wife in this house for this weekend. I will pay 500 bucks for it.?

?A thousand??

?Five hundred. Let?s not be greedy.?

?Ok then? let me pack my bag.?

?Sure dude? take your time. I need to talk to your wife a few minutes anyhow and get things started.?

James almost wanted to hit this nigger the way the teen smiled at him? but an agreement had been reached. James had to know that Jamal was going to have his black hands all over the woman James loved now this weekend? his hands and maybe even his cock too. Paula had said that there would be no full nudity for her? no touching that black cock to any part of her flesh other than her hands? but James wasn?t that na?ve. He knew this boy would try to fuck the white wife whatever it took? all James could do was hope Paula could fend for herself and not fall to the seductive charms or the big black cock.

He did actually trust his wife? and the trust was well founded. Even as James headed to pack a bag, Paula was already fighting off Jamal?s hands to her tits out on the family sofa in the living room.

?My husband is still home.?

?It is past 4-pm Paula. You are mine now.?

?I haven?t seen the money yet Jamal.?

?Let?s do that then. Hubby can take it to the bank for a deposit on his way to the motel.?

Paula watched as Jamal got the small case. Her eyes actually widened to see the stacks of bills inside.

?I never saw so much money before?? she gasped.

?Does it make you horny??

?I am only doing this for my kids??

?I know, so lets start doing it for your kids then.?

Paula kept her eyes on the case as the nigger teen finally opened her blouse. She had a bra on. Jamal didn?t really care. He just liked touching the white wife while her husband was still in the house. So touch, he did.

?Its pretty hot isn?t it? to be getting felt up with your husband so close.?

?It?s sinful?

?Do you honestly think so??


?Mmmm? who told you this was sinful??

?It just is??

?Are your tits so precious that it is a sin for another man to simply squeeze them like this??

As the black teen made his query, Paula felt his young hands pull her bra up and then take her breasts into his hold. She really felt very dirty.

?Please Jamal, be decent. Wait for James to leave.? she protested pushing the niggers hands away from her now exposed white tits.

?This could be a way to make more money.?


?I honestly don?t think playing with your tits is so bad? and don?t think its very sinful at all. I think for 100 dollars you won?t think it is that bad either.?

?You want to play with my breasts for 100 dollars??

?Your husband knows we are doing it anyhow.?

?I can?t let him see us!?

?Don?t you think he is curious??

?No!? ?He is? trust me.?

?It will hurt him,?

?Two hundred dollars? for two naked white tits in my hands when he comes to kiss you goodbye.?

?You are such a piece of shit Jamal.?

?Hey, easy with that language bitch, or you might get more than you bargain for.?

?Why do you have to be so bad. Jamal? I am a whore to you.?

?Yes you are Paula? but a married whore? a respectable whore. That is the only reason you are making so much money and it is why I want to make you feel dirtier too.?

?You can touch them? for two hundred more dollars.?

?Start running your tab love? its going to be a long weekend and I am going to be doing a lot more to you then feeling up these little white titties of yours.?

Paula just knew that the nigger teen was telling the truth. He probably was going to even fuck her? although in her mind she was still sure she would fight it to the last inevitable second before that black prick would penetrate her married white cunt and risk the seeding of her fertile and unprotected womb. The threat of such a taboo fucking from this arrogant cocky teen was something for the white wife to think about later? for the moment she had to brace herself to deal with hubby on his way out of the family house? while those black hands were all over her naked breasts.

James seemed a bit shocked to see his wife already in such a state of ill repute with her young would-be black lover.

Paula honestly felt as low as she ever had in her life? but it didn?t stop her nipples from being erect.

Jamal just smiled at the white husband and asked if everything was packed. He didn?t even twitch a finger to pull it off of Paula?s tits.

James cleared his throat? and asked if he could talk to his wife for a second. Jamal smiled more and said, ?she is your wife.?

Paula pulled her blouse shut as she walked with James to the next room.

?Paula, are you sure about this. God damn it, I am not even out of the house.?

?James, I know. He paid me two hundred more dollars.?

?He can shove his money up his fucking black ass before I let him make you into his whore.?

?James don?t get emotional. We knew this would be done? don?t get hypocritical on me damn it. He has already given me the ten thousand. You can take it with you to the bank. This is our house we are talking about? a place to raise our kids. We need that other ten thousand and my precious morality isn?t worth seeing our kids go without clothing or food even. I am going to do this now? whether you got pissed off at seeing him fondling my tits or not. James? think of me. I am the one that will have to let him grope me all weekend long. I am the one that is going to be kissing those bucking nigger lips. You are a total asshole if you try to make me feel bad about it now after you had your chance to say no.?

Paula was almost in tears from the tension as she let her husband feel her explosion of mixed emotions. Of course, her little tirade worked and he did feel like shit for his own humiliation at seeing the nigger teen do his little juvenile act. James actually felt anger at himself for letting the kid get away with getting a reaction. Of course, it was what the boy wanted? and James had been the sucker for letting it get to him.

?Paula, I am sorry. You are right. We need the money. :Listen? I am not as stupid of a man as you probably think. I know we?ve always been simple and lived an honest life. Paula, I don?t think that boy is going to pay you twenty thousand dollars and not want to get into your panties. He could buy himself 100 whores for that time of pay??

?He wants me because Im married and respectable James.?

?That is what I was about to tell you? listen Paula. I won?t divorce you. I won?t judge you. I don?t want you to fuck him, but I do trust you??

?What are you saying??

?Listen Paula. Do what you have to do. I can live with this. It won?t change how I feel about you??

?You agreed to it James??

?I am telling you I did. God.. Paula calm down. Listen? you need not to worry. Lets go back out there and show this kid he isn?t fucking winning. You are going to be with him all weekend? that is a matter of that. Right now, I want you to open your blouse back up? lets go out there and take control. You go ahead and invite his fucking hands back to your tits and I will show the both of you I couldn?t care less.?

?You don?t care??

?I don?t want him to know he is fucking driving me insanely jealous. Of course I care, but I want you to know I accept it. You are doing it only for the kids? not cause you want that big nigger cock.?

?Only for the kids James? you know that, right??

?Lets go??

James felt himself ready to explode? but life was life. His white wife actually didn?t know how she felt. The talk with her husband seemed strange to her. She wasn?t sure what he meant. It sounded like he gave her permission to fuck this nigger kid if she wanted too. She sure as hell wouldn?t want to do that though? would she?

Jamal was just happy to see the little white wife come back to him? even if her blouse being open again was a surprise to him. ?Everything okay then??

?It is fine Jamal,? James tried to smile. ?She is all yours.?

?I didn?t mean to make you mad when I had to grab those tits? she just makes me so horny?? Jamal carefully picked his words.

?She always made me horny too kid? I can?t blame you for your taste.? The words sounded strange for Paula to hear her husband speak. The couple never was so overtly sexual in all their days together. Sex was actually usually with the lights off and as quiet as possible given that the kids were almost always around. If felt dirty to Paula to hear her husband tell this nigger teen that she had nice tits.

She had to play along though? so she moved to the boy and did her part. ?I guess you want to touch them some more??

?Yeah? that would be great.?

Jamal stood behind Paula and put his big black hands around her to grab at her tits. He looked to the husband and then told the loser that the money was in the bag. Then it was James turn to speak again.

?My wife said you paid 200 to have her agree to let me see you play with her tits? if you want me to watch, are you willing to pay more??

Jamal smiled? and Paula absolutely cringed. The boy knew this could be very interesting.

?I don?t think so.?

?You sure??

Paula wanted to ask her husband what the fuck he was doing. She sure as hell didn?t want an audience as she was going to have to service this nigger teen? especially not her own husband.

?I don?t think you want to watch James. Do you??


?Well, that is the problem. I know your wife told you a bit of a lie about what she and I are going to be doing. I won?t insult your intelligence to suggest you believed it all? or that we wouldn?t be going further for the money I am paying. I know this is hard for you? and honestly, I am not an asshole. If there was any way to fuck little white wives without their husbands being humiliated in the process? I would be happy to do that. I don?t think you want to be here while I collect her panties though? do you??

Paula was ready to die? how the hell could Jamal be so fucking stupid. She had never agreed to be actually fucked and had explicitly told the boy not to clue hubby in on anything. Paula half expected her husband to go get a gun and shoot the stupid nigger now.

?I don?t want to see you fuck her? no? but I will watch the two of you make out if you wanted to pay me another two hundred dollars.?

?Is that so? Two hundred and you sit there in that sofa and don?t say a word as I kiss the shit out of your wife for a couple hours? Play with her tits? Rub her little cunny through her soaping wet panties maybe? Is that what you are saying James? Want to see me put your wife to second base??

?If you don?t want me here? I am gone,?

?Two hundred dollars is shit to me James. Sit your ass down, but you don?t talk again for 2 hours. It is a hundred an hour I am hiring you to watch me seduce your wife.?

Paula just had to talk? ?James?? was all she managed to say.

James was already honoring his agreement as he just sat in the chair and prepared to watch his wife be mauled by this young nigger boy.

?No jerking off James. That would be too sick.? Jamal laughed?

Paula just closed her eyes? and then she was kissed. The nigger teen turned the little white wife and then moved her so that James would see the exchange of tongue.. And then the boy kissed his married white fucktoy for the first time.

It was a very long and wet kiss. The second kiss involved the boys hands moving to Paula?s ass. She knew it would. James said he wanted to watch though? so she tried to just take the kiss as her skirt was lifted.

?Nice ass.? Jamal said between the kisses

?Thanks,? was all Paula could think to answer.

Jamal was pretty happy to kiss the beautiful and sexy white wife in front of her shitbag husband? but he knew that letting white boi see the pussy get played with would be a bit more exciting anyhow. The teen pulled his little white hired slut back to the sofa and ended up with her on his lap as he started to play Daddy with her.

?You really do have great tits Paula.?


?Tits like these just beg to be played with? don?t they??

?I guess.?

?Men like a woman?s tits Paula. You can?t tell me that men haven?t played with these melons before??

?I am married Jamal??

?Yes, your husband is right here? Paula, don?t talk about him? it is kind of a turn off to me okay??

Paula had to wonder how James could possibly be quiet and watch as she straddled the black teens lap and let the kid play with her tits. Paula knew she was doing what she had to for her family, but James was giving up his entire manhood to let this nigger do this shit .to him. Paula actually felt a bit of a feeling of disgust for probably the first time in her life with her husband. It was such a loser thing to be doing? sitting there watching. It turned her off too.

?Paula? my cock is so hard, and you are kind of sitting on it? could you move a bit babe??

Paula might have been upset with her husband?. But the actual spoken word that she was sitting on a nigger cock while James was there? still filled her with a shame for her own conduct too. It was such a nasty situation? and only going to get nastier.


?Don?t be? I want you sitting on this cock, but my pants are too tight and its down my leg?. I hope you don?t mind me adjusting it.?

?Jamal? you know I didn?t agree to let you fuck me. Please stop saying you want to do it. We can?t.?

?Babe, I won?t rape you. Listen, it is good your husband is here to hear this. I already told you I know you can?t get pregnant. I don?t want to be sued? I told you that. Your husband should know how safe we will be. I promised 20 thousand for the weekend? but that includes fucking. I never promised not to fuck you. If this is a problem, we can still shut it all down? or we can proceed? and see what happens. I will make this deal? it?s the full 20 thousand plus all these bonuses if I fuck that little white married pussy?. And only a 5000 dollar penalty if you refuse to give up the goodies. Blowjobs are absolutely mandatory anytime I want to cum. That is non-negotiable. We are all adults here? so lets stop playing Mr, and Mrs innocent. I want to fuck you cause you are white and hot and married. You both know that is what I want and why I want it. I guess this weekend is going to be about me trying to convince wifey that the five thousand extra dollars and the bonuses for making me happy is going to be worth giving up that pussy for. So be it? for now though, I am going to do every damn thing possible to make sure this black cock gets into that white married pussy and if either of you is going to be unable to handle that? let us all fucking stop this shit right now.?

Paula looked at her husband as the boy went through his vile spiel. Surely James would freak out now that the kid had as much as gloated he would be fucking her. James didn?t freak though? and Jamal let a hand slip down between Paula?s legs.

?Turn around babe? sit on my lap and lets make sure hubby approves?

Jamal was sure he had all the cards to play now. It had been a crude and overly aggressive play he had made? but the gamble paid off. The nigger teen knew he could damn well slip the wife?s panties right off and put it in that second if he actually wanted too. The fucking would wait though till hubby was gone? it was just the knowing that had Jamal?s cock finally at its full stiffness. He was wanting to celebrate with a first good feel up of the little white wife?s pussy? that much, hubby could see.

Paula flipped from sitting facing the boy, to facing away? to her husband at the teen?s request. The cock pressed against her ass as she let herself drop her weight. One aggressive hand went straight back up to her tits again, and the other pulled at her skirt raising it well up and over showing off her modest white cotton panties. She knew she was going to now be molested, so she didn?t try to fight the push at her legs for spreading? and then that black hand was rubbing her just like that.

?Mmm, all this talk of fucking has you wet as a pool Mrs. Paula. I like a woman that can get so horny.?

Paula blushed at the obvious attempt to shame her to her husband. Maybe she was a bit wet.. Maybe? but James would know that she wasn?t any fucking pool of drool? at least not yet.

The boy was really touching her good though. Whatever else this arrogant teenaged nigger was? he sure wasn?t an untalented lover. Paula never wanted to be a slut? had no secret dreams of being a slut? had lived her whole life never to be a slut? but with Jamal playing with her pussy through her little white panties, she sure suddenly felt like a slut? and the feeling felt a lot better than she ever would have dreamed it would.

?Spread the legs sweetie.. Lets get a good feeling down there??

?Please Jamal? not this way??

?Don?t tell me that it doesn?t feel good. You are getting wetter by the second.?

?Jamal? I don?t like it this way??

?Shhhh,,, you are shy cause hubby is looking. If you want I will go stretch your panties up over his face. Would that make it better??

?God? no!?

?You sure? I know he would like it.?

?Jamal, no? that is sick.?

I think I will go put my own underwear over his face then. I don?t really want him watching all this shit anyhow.?

?God, please don?t.?

?James won?t say a thing? will you James??

Paula saw her husband? still sit there quiet? for two shitty hundred dollars, her husband was going to let a nigger put dirty underwear over his head while he also molested her. This was such an incredible outrage. Paula almost wanted to fuck the nigger just to teach James a lesson. It was almost irrelevant she had been the first one to want to take the money. How could James not care???

Jamal put Paula off of him and stood up. The black teen dropped his own pants and that huge cock strained at the white cotton briefs he wore underneath. As a final insult to this little side story, Jamal insisted that Paula free the beast. She really thought she shouldn?t even hesitate. James had made his own bed now? and Paula felt he actually deserved the humiliation if he wasn?t going to fight it at all.

The little white wife pulled down the Nigger?s tighty whiteys and then heard the boy tell her to go slip them onto hubby herself. So that is what she did?

?Get the crotch or the rear into his face??

?Crotch? ? Paula shamefully tried to breath.

?Crotch in the face can be a good thing. I?d love mine in yours to see if you taste as sweet as I think you do.?

?Jamal, can we please go to the bedroom??

?I suppose it is time. Let me dismiss your husband then. James? you were a good boy. I am giving you a bonus of double the money. I know it ain?t been 2 hours but your wife is a lot hornier than I thought and it won?t be taking as long to start fucking her I don?t think. You can head down to the bar and drink yourself sick if you are any type of man at all? or just go to the motel and jerk off to whatever thoughts you are going to have of me plowing Paula here in your marital bed. The choice is yours, but me and your wife have no more need of you until Sunday night when you can get the kids to come home. Try to have a good weekend? your wife sure will be having one herself.?

Paula gasped one last step closer to passing out. If James wasn?t going to say anything now, he never would? and Paula wasn?t sure she could ever forgive that. The money was so damn important? but so was having a set of balls if you wanted anyone to ever think you were a man again. Paula prayed despite herself, that James would go get the gun and let this nigger know his fucking place.

No chance? James was going to take the money.

Fuck him then? fuck her god damn husband, Paula felt the rage just rip her apart. This shitty situation was really of his making anyhow. It was James that had let down his end of the bargain. Paula had always been the home maker? the child maker? and James was suppose to put the roof over the head of the family and the food in the kids bellies. Well? now Paula was going to make the money, and if this nigger would be in the home she shared with all her kids and if he would even put his own baby into her belly? then so be it too. Her husband could fuck off? Paula was going to fuck this nigger teen if it meant more money for her and the kids cause James obviously wasn?t worth shit anymore the way he had been so effectively castrated.

Jamal was a good study of character. He had pushed the envelop with the white happy couple, and it had all paid off. Hubby had not shot him? and was leaving now. Twenty thousand dollars or even a hundred thousand was going to be nothing if the boy could completely break this hot white mother to the power of his young black cock. Internet black-market video sales alone, of the weekends fun would probably cover any price the kid was paying anyhow. It was just all perfectly good for Jamal and his desire to fuck himself up a sweet white marriage while fucking knocking himself up an even sweeter respectable white wife.

The boy went to the window with Paula so she could see her husband get into the car. ?Ready to fuck, then,? was what the boy whispered to her as hubby drove out into the street and pulled away.

?Jamal? do you need to fuck me??

?I don?t pay five thousand dollars for just anything Paula.?

?Jamal, I need that money?

?You need my nigger cock more, Paula.?

: ?Don?t use that word Jamal.?

?What word Paula? Does it make you nervous to think you are fucking a nigger??

?You aren?t a nigger Jamal? that is a hateful word.?

?No it?s not? some white people want to use it that way Paula? but you don?t. The word is exciting to you. It is dirty, but dirty is good? isn?t it Paula? You feel dirty being fucked by a nigger, Paula??

?I feel dirty fucking anyone Jamal. I am still married.?

?Yes you are still married? your husband isn?t much though. I really can?t believe that he didn?t say anything. I will tell you a secret? I don?t want to hurt a good marriage. If he had actually tried to stop me, I would have given you both the full twenty thousand? and that is the truth?? the nigger lied to the little white housewife?

?But now, I want to fuck you to spite the hell out of him. Paula, you do deserve better? you do deserve the best. Please? don?t fight me on this. Let?s have great sex all weekend long. Let me make you fucking cum your brains out on my big black nigger cock. Take me bareback like we both want and let me shoot you full of every load of my potent seed I can pop. Paula? you want this.?

?No.. you have to wear a condom.. Please.?

?No condom, Paula, but I will pull out if you can?t go through with your desires. Paula, take me bareback.?

?Okay damn it? but not in my bed.?

?I will fuck you right in this window if you want? let the neighbors see or your husband if he is stupid enough to come back now.?

?No one will see? just put it in me? fuck me you goddamn nigger.?

?Now we are talking??

James chair was at the window. Jamal had put Paula in it to watch her husband leave. Now she dealt there while the black teen stood behind her and pushed her skirt up again. He told her that he needed her to kneel up? put he arms up onto the back of the chair? present her ass back for the fucking of her cunt bitch style.

Paula asked him not to break the chair. Jamal said he would do it on purpose, but pay a thousand for a new one. Paula then found herself so shocked at her words? ?don?t pay anything? its just his chair? break it if you want.?

Jamal laughed and complimented her? he told her it was worth the thousand bucks but she could only have it if she promised never to tell her husband she earned it? it had to be all for her to spend only on herself.

Paula smiled so horribly? feeling so slutty? but so hot? and she said, ?Promise.?

Then Jamal slid the panties down. He almost wished for more of a fucktease foreplay with the little white wife?. But there would be other cunt to tease longer in the years to cum. Paula was going to be his first ever real honest to goodness married white wife that he was going to fuck and breed. The nigger teen couldn?t wait another second to get his black baby maker planted up into the white belly his kid would soon be growing in. With a quick and happy grunt, he found the slit of her fuckhole with the tip of his black spear and then he penetrated? just as nature always intended for a man to take a woman.

?Feel that shit? that?s ten inches of nigger cock in your married white cunt now Paula.?


?Are you ovulating Paula? please tell me you are??

?Jamal, you must pull out.?

?I want to hear you be honest with me Paula? I can tell you are.?

?I won?t lie??

?Tell me the truth bitch. Go ahead?. Tell me what will happen if I cum in you.?

?I will get pregnant damn it? yes? yes? fucking yes? im in season.?

?Okay? shhhh? don?t freak? feel my big bare black cock in your hot little garden. Paula.. You need my seed.?

?My kids? Jamal.?

?Paula? shhh,? feel me? I won?t cum in you if you don?t want this.?

?Jamal? I can?t.?

?Its nothing Paula. People don?t care anymore. A half-breed baby is not a bad thing.?

?I?m married.?

?Your husband is turned on by this. He wants you bred.?

?Oh my god.?

?Feel my cock? you don?t want me to pull out.?

?Jamal? what will my kids say??

?Jason knows. He and I talked about it already. It?s cool to have a mom so sophisticated. Have my baby Paula.?

?Will you support it??

?No choice babe? and help your other kids too. You know you can trust me.?

?It feels so dirty.?

?Good sex should feel dirty, Paula. You love being barebacked by a nigger. Paula? your husband doesn?t have to know shit. I will fuck you everyday till we are sure you carry my child. Let this happen. Tell me to cum in you and I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before.?

Paula was facing the window as the boy took her from behind with his large black cock barebacked into her fertile white pussy. She saw across the street the new little white bride there come out with the stroller. New born babies were so darling. Paula?s own kids were going to be gone way too soon. She did love to be a mother? loved making babies. She would never be able to afford another with James. It was just so irresponsible for her to let this nigger breed her? but maybe it could be okay? Maybe?

?Do it? cum in me!?

?Tell me what you want Paula? convince me.?

?Cum in me? please? I want your baby.?

Jamal heard exactly what he wanted? even if it was probably 2 full days before he expected it. He almost blew his load at the happy words of lustful want coming from his little white married fucktoy?s lips. He needed the first breeding on film though. It was part of the whole plan to recoup his expenses.

?Paula, I need something from you??

?What?? Paula panted with that teenaged nigger cock fucked deep into her cunt. She thought the boy would cum any second and she prepared to feel the shot that would make her pregnant with the new mulatto child.

?Paula, I don?t want to be accused of rape??

?Of course not,? Paula felt a sudden surprise as the boy withdrew and stepped back? the cock made sort of a plop noise as it slipped out of her gaping cunt. She had never had such a big dick in her of course? and she was already stretched just a bit.

It felt empty with the boy pulling out. Paula turned to wonder what he needed.

?Paula, I wish I had thought to bring a contract for you to sign. I am rich. I can?t afford you setting me up and saying this is rape.?

?I would never do that Jamal??

?I know? Paula, I have to be sure.?


?I have my video camera with me. Give me a few seconds to set it up and we can get right back to making you feel so good.?


?Paula? I need to? only for my own protection. Paula, trust me? please.?

?You obviously don?t trust me.?

?Be reasonable? I will write you a check right this moment for five thousand more dollars Paula. It is five thousand for the video? that will be so good for your kids.?

?Jamal? I know I need this money and I took it already. I know I am your whore now and I am going to let you cum in me? maybe get me pregnant.?

?For sure get you pregnant.?

?God damn it? Jamal? my marriage isn?t likely to survive this? but I never thought James would be such an asshole. If I stay with him or not, I want your baby now. I don?t even care if you give me the money to be honest. I want your black nigger cock to knock me up and just teach him a fucking lesson. It didn?t have to be this way.?

?Of course not Paula. Sweetie? lets forget about the money then? video you. I can put it online and share the profits with you. If you leave James that is good? but you need the money for your kids. Lets film this? have fun? and let everyone see what a shit bag he was? what a slut you are. Your old life is over? have fun with me now.?

?My kids??

?Will probably love this video too when they are old enough? Paula, we are going to do this? lay on the sofa while I get the camera.?


?Good girl.?

Jamal had achieved the ultimate success. It was all done but the actual fucking now? which was to be done immediately following. Paula would fight her modesty just a bit as the nigger teen would encourage her vocal participation. Eventually though she would beg for everything? the big black cock? and the big black baby to be planted in her belly too. The camera would record everything and would make for a very popular movie to go up all over the internet.

Over the next could days, videos of Jamal teaching Paula bondage, and discipline would also eventually prove to be extremely popular online. A mock rape video where Jamal convinced Paula to let it get very rough would make for a goldmine for the boy when he began trading it in the chat rooms? and even the one where she would kneel to let him piss down her throat would have its own audience too,

Paula would just have something snap in her? all her years of trying to be the perfect respectable wife and mother would be shredded in a matter of seconds. Who is to tell what the real reason for such a transformation would be? Maybe she was always someone meant to be a nigger?s slut, or maybe it was her husband?s mistakes? Maybe it was just the seduction of a black dick in the moment of it?s glory, and maybe any other white woman is that close to her own utter conquest?

Whatever the case? there are many people in the world happy anytime a white married woman is giving up her ass to a nigger? letting him fuck it? fuck her tits? fuck her face? shoot his cum everywhere? and there are many people in the world happy if the little white wife comes to accommodate that black cock anytime, anyplace, anyway the nigger wants her. Some of those people are even secretly thrilled if the husband isn?t able to handle things in the long run, and the marriage is broken. Some of those people are even secretly thrilled if the nigger eventually exposes the young mother to her white children as the fucktoy cumdump she will have become by that point.

All the people who do feel that way can be happy that it is the way this story ends. Following the weekend of non-stop sex between Paula and her young nigger lover, she will be totally in his power. She will not ask for another penny as she stretches her weekend commitment to a full five weeks before she finally takes the home test. Even when it comes up positive, she continues to service the young nigger for the full term? even letting him make a few more movies showing her growing belly as she sucks his cock all the way up to month nine.

The story would just go on and on, if I had the time to tell it? but I hope anyone interested in this type of shit will have cum by now.

I do chat with people? I do stories like this life one-on-one if people want to chat with me. I might even do other types of stories or share my life with people who want to chat, if they find me in the right mood. My chat name is dirty_cyber_slut@yahoo.com I am not interested in a real life meeting? I am someone with responsibilities in my real life, that I will not put at risk. If you want a purely fantasy exchange of ideas like I present in my story, contact me and I will try to make you cum.

Until the next story? I am just your dirty_cyber_slut. Have fun and be safe.
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