Wife Watching In A Car

Written by Watcher / Jan 14, 2008



For my wife watching, or being watched has long been a major part of her sexuality. My wife loves to have someone watching, it's usually I role I fill for her, but she loves anyone watching her. It's her fatal flaw, the thing that will get her do bewilder, and more dangerous than she would ever dare to be, if she knows someone is watching.

She has fucked complete strangers, just because she thought someone was watching, anyone, even though she might have not otherwise, and if she doesn't have someone watching, she usually makes sure to tell me all about it, which is another way of having someone watch her as well.

Anyway, she was headed off into the countryside in the car seated between her boyfriend, and his buddy. My wife, though this was before she was my wife never ridden with his buddy before, and had only met him a few days before for the first time. She had noticed him watching her the evening they had met, but hadn't thought about it at all.

Now, on this drive, things began to heat up. While my wife's boyfriend had always been a perfect gentleman, his buddy constantly told some off color jokes and teased my wife about her good looks. He generally came on to her in a fairly aggressive way, and when her boyfriend wasn't watching, was grabbing a quick little feel of my wife's tits.

My wife kept trying to fend him off, afraid of what her boyfriend would say if he was actually watching when his buddy played with her boobs, but the whole thing did get her kind of excited - it was dangerous, and risky to have this guy feeling her tits while she sat next to her unsuspecting boyfriend.

My wife's nipples got hard, and then her boyfriend's buddy started trying to slip his hand up under her skirt, and she got quite stressed about that, clamping her legs together and holding her little mini dress down with her hands.

He became openly insistent about trying to get his hands on her thighs, until my wife was convinced her boyfriend had surely noticed, but wasn't doing anything to acknowledge or stop it. She was upset, and yet still kind of excited about being the focus of such intense aggression.

Before long, his buddy suddenly turned to her, forced her knees open with his leg, and slipped his hand right up under her dress and reached her pussy. A deft move of his wrist and he reached her bare, and very wet pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back, and with her boyfriend driving, and on occasion watching, ignored my wife's vocal protests and began to explore her soaked pussy with his fingers, while kissing her roughly.

It hadn't taken long for her boyfriend's buddy to pry open my wife's legs as they rode in the car, no matter how hard she had tried to dissuade him.

In a few strong moves, he had overcome her defenses, and taken her pussy into his hands, and taken full control over her as he pulled her hair back and continued to kiss her aggressively.

Her boyfriend continued to drive, unconcerned that his girlfriend, my future wife, was being taken right beside him, taken as he drove with her right beside him.

As my wife struggle to push him away, she felt her panties taken right off her thighs, and, pinning her arms, her boyfriend's buddy pulled her dress up to her waist, exposing her now bare and naked pussy, slipping his fingers deep into her wet cunt again.

My wife's hands flailed weakly against him, and discovered he had taken his cock out, and it stood stiffly out from his pants. He pressed her down on the seat, against her boyfriend, and moved between her thighs.

My wife had her head in her boyfriend's lap now, as his buddy tried to take her in the seat, but he couldn't get a good angle to fuck her, and couldn't get his cock into her.

My wife, turned on beyond belief and yet still struggling to get away and hold him off, saw the anger rise up in his eyes.

Furious and frustrated, her boyfriend's buddy ripped her dress off her, and forced her over the seat of the car and into the back seat, where my wife cowered for a moment, not sure exactly what had just taken place. In a moment, he vaulted of the seat as well, and with the extra room in the back seat, overcame my wife's defenses easily, and heard her suddenly cry out as his cock at last stabbed successfully into her wet pussy.

My wife moaned as he fucked her, the car never stopping at all, her boyfriend driving nonchalantly while my wife was taken in the back seat.

He fucked my wife hard, and she came rapidly herself, but took pains to disguise it, as she didn't want her boyfriend to know how turned in she was by this fucking by his buddy. In a few more minutes he came as well, jetting an intense spurt of cum into her pussy, and then climbed back over the seat into the front, leaving my taken wife naked and sweaty alone in the back seat.

Then her blood ran cold, as she heard the two guys begin to discuss what they should do with her.

Her boyfriend was sure she wouldn't make any trouble, but began to drive down a road that his buddy instructed him to take anyway. My wife managed to convince them that she was going to be a good girl, and not say a word to anyone about what had taken place, and they agreed to take her home, but instead they spent the night hanging out, and her boyfriend's buddy ended up fucking her one more time just before they dropped her off.

My wife confessed to me how thrilling it had been to be taken with her boyfriend right there, and how exciting and frightening it was the second time she fucked his buddy, knowing he had absolutely no feelings for her, that she was just something to be fucked and discarded.

With her boyfriend standing outside the car and watching her being taken for the second time, she came multiple times, and crossed over into a whole new world of sexual activity.

For my wife having sex in a car suddenly became a regular event. Her boyfriend would pick her up in his beat up old car, and then go get his buddy. after driving around for a bit, his buddy would strip my wife right in the front seat of the car, and have sex with her right there in front of her boyfriend; or on occasion, he would toss her into the back seat and have sex with my wife in the back seat of his buddy's car.

My wife said many times she had sex in the car with her head right in her boyfriend's lap as his buddy fucked her in the front seat of the car. Her boyfriend would watch, and she would look up at him during sex, and just cum.

She couldn't explain it; her boyfriend never fucked her and rarely touched her, but his buddy fucked her every time he saw her, and often more than once. She couldn't ever remember spending time with his buddy that he didn't take her and fuck her.

They didn't even always wait to drive out of town to have sex, often they had sex in the car as her boyfriend drove along the main streets, and my wife remembers seeing someone looking in the window when they stopped for a red light, watching her have sex right there in the car in front of everyone.
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