My Cheating Wife Falls In Love

Written by Musicman / Jan 31, 2008



This story is a true accounting of my wife's infidelity and what it did to our marriage.

About five months ago my wife Lisa started having an affair with her golf instructor Matt. At first I had encouraged her to pursue fooling around with him because the idea was hot and I thought it might spice up our sex life. With my ok, my chaste wife of 16 years began acting like a cock hungry wanton slut. She was carrying on like a horny school girl who couldn't get enough of her new boyfriend.

She would often tell me they were just going out for coffee but what they were really doing was sitting in parked cars and making out for hours. She told me that she really liked him and had developed feelings for him. I just assumed she liked him and it made the sex with him hotter. What I failed to realize was that I was actually losing my wife's heart to her new lover.

I discovered what was really going on one day when my wife told me she was just going to say goodbye to him before he went off on one of his extended golf tours. She was supposed to meet him for lunch...

She called me and told me that she was going to do some shopping and then she was going to hang out a bit killing time because Matt couldn't meet her until later. What she was really doing was buying herself time to be with him in a cheap motel room.

As soon as she got off the phone with me, she was knocking at his motel room door.

I should mention that I knew what was going on because I listened to the entire thing afterwards. I hid a recorder in her purse and I was privy to the whole encounter from start to finish.

"God honey, I can't wait to feel your cock inside my pussy. I'm so wet already," cooed my wife. "I told my husband we were just meeting for lunch so we have four hours to be together." "Hmm, come here you hot sexy thing you. I'm going to fuck you so many times, I'm going to ruin you for your husband!"

"God Matt, take me now. I wore some hot new lingerie for you. My husband hasn't even seen it. Do you like it?" "Yes, you're so fucking sexy baby!" "Do you feel my cock and how hard you make me?"

At this point my wife was fondling his bulge and panting like a wild woman. "My husband has been hounding me for sex all week and I've put him off every time. All I could think about was being with you before you left again. Give me the cock that I've been dreaming about."

With that, my wife fell to her knees and began fellating Matt. She was slurping and sucking on his penis and moaning. "Hmm, oh Matt, I love your cock so much. I'd love to taste you but I want to feel this inside my pussy now. Take me!"

They fucked intensely for what seemed like an hour until Matt yelled "I'm cumming" and pulled out in time to shoot his cum all over my wife's thighs and pussy.

"Hmm, let me taste that sweet cum of yours," purred my wife. I could imagine her using her finger to scoop up his love offering and without hesitation, put it to her lips for a taste. "Oh you taste so sweet honey, I never taste my husband. You I just want to drink your sweet juice down my throat!"

"Do you love me Matt?" "Yes, I love you more than anyone I've ever known, even my wife." "Let's be together Matt. I've been thinking about leaving Andrew for you and now I realize that that is exactly what I want to do. Will you leave your wife for me?" "Yes, she is frigid and doesn't ever touch me. Will you marry me?" asked Matt.

"Yessss, let's run away together. We'll just leave everything and everyone and be together," rationalized my wife.

"But first I'm going to lick that sweet cock of yours some more to get you hard enough to fuck me again." She must have spent a half hour teasing and sucking Matt's cock. They fucked for 3 more hours. When she got home she feigned a cold and was very casual about her lunch date with him.

Then it happened...two nights later she knocked on my door. We had been sleeping in separate bedrooms since we moved into our new house 5 years earlier. I don't know why she wouldn't move into the new master bedroom with me, but it seemed to stick and so, here she was coming to visit me with some news.

"Honey, I have to talk with you." "What's it about hon." As if I didn't know where this was all leading to. "You know I have feelings for Matt right?" said my wife tentatively. "Yes," I responded with a heavy sigh. "Well, Matt and I are in love. I didn't plan for this to happen but it did and now I can't be without him anymore." "How long have you felt mixed up about this Lisa?" "I've been confused for a couple of months now but things are pretty clear. I want to leave you Andrew. I'm sorry but all I can think about is him. In bed, he clobbers you. You're cock may be bigger, but I have so much heat with him, you can't compare!"

Hearing how cavalier she was with my feelings and how she had reduced my sexual prowess to rubble made something inside me snap. A surge of rage started boiling up inside me and I grabbed her and threw her down.

"Listen you little slut. I let you start seeing him in the first place to feed your ego and make you feel desirable and this is how you fucking repay me? How dare you sit here and tell me you want to leave me for this guy. Fuck you Lisa!"

I was outside my body at this point. The rage had taken over and I was on autopilot. I raised my hand and slapped her across the face. She screamed in protest. "Fuck you Andrew. I'm leaving you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

"You're not leaving me you selfish bitch," I said as I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her this way and that. I got on top of her pinning her arms down with my knees. Like a wild man something was coming over me...something primal and ugly.

I slapped her again to subdue her as she struggled against me and I continued to verbally berate her. "You like being a slut so much, I'm going to treat you like the whore you've become you cheating lying back stabbing bitch." I started ripping her clothes off of her. I pulled at her shirt and it ripped. I continued to violently rip her shirt away exposing her lacy purple bra. She was biting at me and kicking up with her legs but I held strong. Then I reached underneath me and unbuttoned her jeans, and yanked them down with one hand. The adrenaline was pumping through me and I was becoming powerful and impossible to stop.

There my cheating wife lay exposed to me, her betrayal complete as I contemplated my next move. It didn't take long..seconds..."Fuck you you asshole, get off of me now or I'm calling the police and you can just go to hell in the meantime!"

That's it...that's all it took. I ripped her bra down, tore her panties away and forced my way between her legs. I started kissing her forcefully on the mouth while parting her thrashing thighs with my knees. I don't know what came over me. I was raping my wife and getting turned on like never before. I realized my cock was so hard, I just started poking at her pussy.

She was dry as a dessert. No way was she even remotely turned on which turned me on even more. I was going to rape her and have my way with her knowing this was the last time I would ever feel the inside of my wife again.

"Open your slutty legs you whore. I'm going to take you like your lover takes you." My wife shouted back at me with venom in her eyes, "you could never be like Matt, he's too much of a gentleman you fucker!"

"Ok, better open wide because here I come." With that, I thrust into her pussy dry or not, I was taking that bitch and leaving nothing behind for him to enjoy afterward. I fucked her hard and fast with hatred and anger in my heart. I started forcefully kissing her on the mouth and do you know what started to happen? Lisa started to resist less and less and before I knew it, she started to moan.

I sucked her tits violently into my mouth biting on her nipples. Loudly sucking them and talking dirty to her. "You like how I suck on your tits you cheating whore? You filthy lying slut, I'm going to fucking abuse you!"

"God Andrew, I love it when you take control. I've never seen you so alive and passionate. Fuck me!" With that my wife started fucking me back like a wild woman. She was bucking her hips toward me and before I knew it she was yelling, "I'm cumming, don't stop, keep fucking me!"

I kept pumping her until she came but I didn't stop there. I wasn't ready to unload yet. Seeing her now into me and hot for sex made me doubt what the possible outcome could be at the end of this. I didn't care though. I was leaving the bitch one way or another and I was going to go out with a swan song that she would never forget!

I turned her around before she could protest and raised her hips into the air. Before she knew what was happening, I thrust my penis into her tight virgin ass. "Noooo, she screamed. That kills. Fucking stop you miserable bastard!" "No fucking way you bitch, you're going to take it and like it!"

I thrust away at her I was so excited. Not more than a minute later, I started to feel that familiar build up in my groin. I was going to blow a huge load and I knew where I wanted to place it. I pulled out quickly and grabbed Lisa by the hair again. With a wrenching twist, I turned her around to come face to face with my engorged penis.

"Take this you fucking bitch!" I yanked upwards on her hair and when she yelled out in protest I fired a hot jet of cum right into her mouth. Bullseye! Sixteen years of marriage and I had always wanted to do that. God knows she did it with "him" all the time now.

"Fuck you Lisa. You broke my heart and you don't deserve me. You can leave me now because I know after this you'll probably never want to fuck me again but I don't care. You and your lover can drop dead as far as I'm concerned. Oh, by the way, I've known you were going to pull this for a while now, and I've made my own plans. Everything has been transferred to my name and I've cashed in and hidden all of our investments in offshore accounts. Have a nice life you cheating bitch!"

With that I spat on her face and I turned and left the room. I never looked back!
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