When Rape Leads To Murder

Written by Musicman / Feb 7, 2008



Three years ago, I had had it with the lack of sexual heat in my life. I'd been married 13 years to my wife who seemed completely disinterested in me and my cock. The moon would have to align with Jupiter for her to be in the mood and the problem is that I am horny constantly. With the situation being dire, I decided to take things into my own hands. I bought a 6 month membership to an online swinger's site and started looking for some extracurricular fun. After a couple of months, I started emailing a hot couple I had discovered who lived two hours out of town. We set up a meeting half way and I drove out to meet them at a motel.

We hit it off immediately. The wife Cheri and I felt a connection instantly and the husband was such a nice guy. We had a great threeway that day. Cheri did everything to me. She pulled out my cock and with a grin, engulfed it and sucked on it with such enthusiasm. She asked me to straddle her face as she sucked my cock while fingering my ass at the same time. I brought my camera with and took some hot pictures of her and her husband. Her husband took some hot shots of me with her as well. After cumming twice and drinking a few beers, we said our goodbyes but that wasn't the end...

Over the next few months, Cheri and I continued to correspond on MSN chatting many nights and sharing fantasies together. We met several more times alone over the next couple of years and our feelings for each other began to grow. Somehow we had given our online relationship so much personal energy that our romance had blossomed even without seeing each other all that often.

It didn't take long to figure out that we had fallen in love with each other. She does everything sexually with me that my wife would never do and that she would never do with her own husband. I have shared my bisexual side with her and she and I have had a few threeways with other men too. She loves to watch me suck cock and I love watching her acting like a whore with other men.

Recently we started really tapping into the whole mistress/domination role playing fantasy and we love it. Cheri is more submissive and loves getting really fucked and dominated by real hot men but for me, she'll treat me like a wimp, forcing me to eat her ass and pussy while she hurts me.

Now, five months ago my wife started having an affair with her golf pro Matt. At first I endorsed it fully knowing about it as it began to grow from a flirtation to an infatuation. I thought it would heat up our own sex life turning my wife into the slut I've always wanted her to be but instead, she wound up developing feelings for Matt. She began sneaking around with him telling me she was in one place when she was really meeting him in hotel rooms to fuck.

I began to get jealous even though I fully was guilty of cheating for three years with Cheri and other women and men. I figured this was somehow God's way of getting back at me...a little karma! What goes around comes around I thought.

I started telling Cheri about how I felt because I could trust her with anything. I told Cheri everything about my life. She was not only my hot secret love affair, but she was also my best friend.

One day we were chatting online with each other and I was boring her again with my rant about my wife and her lover. I could tell she was starting to tune out during the conversation so I said bluntly, "Would you like to see my wife dead?" Her response was immediate. "Yes, I would actually." "Really?" I said. "Would it turn you on to kill her?" never thinking that she would say yes to this but she surprised me when she did.

Now we were both getting into the conversation. We were both getting completely turned on by the prospect of watching my wife die in some morbid sexual fantasy. We even talked about maybe watching her getting raped by four or five well hung black men. Afterwards, one of them would kill her while the whole thing was video taped. The video tape we decided we would watch for our sexual pleasure afterwards. In fact, we were so turned on by this fantasy, the idea of watching my wife get brutally raped by four big black strangers, then murdered on tape like a snuff film was dominating our online fantasy chats.

At first I thought it would be hot if Cheri killed her while it was video taped. We talked about how she would break into our house taking my wife by surprise, subdue her and then confess her love for me while she tortured and video taped the whole crazy morbid scene. She is too sweet a person to ever do anything violent to anybody so the fantasy started to wear thin pretty quick.

Then we decided that to hire a group of men to rape her and strangle her on tape would be the better idea. We certainly didn't want to go to jail over this. Cheri and I have always wanted to be together so I thought, as a way of punishing my wife for her infidelity emotionally and physically, maybe I could go through with it.

After a couple of weeks of thought, I made some inquiries and poked around the seedy underbelly of the city. I found a guy who knew four black guys who were in a gang. These guys were real gangsters who apparently had killed a few people and the thought of them breaking into my house and having their way with my wife was a real turn on. The danger made it even hotter and I thought...it wasn't enough to just watch it on tape after it was done but I wanted to be hiding in the house in another room so I could hear and maybe catch a glimpse of the action while it was taking place.

I set up a meeting with the gang leader Turrell in a bar one night. He was talking some real shit..."So yo, check it, you want me and my crew to break into your crib, rape your shorty, beat the shit out of her and then kill her while I video tape it for you? "Yes," I said. "Yo mutherfucker you are crazy. There ain't no fuckin' way we're going to be caught doing some bitch on tape. I don't need no 5-0 coming after me. "Relax, the tape is just for me. The whole thing just turns me on and in a way, I'm getting back at my wife for her affair."

"Listen dude, I don't give a shit where yo lady been at, but if that tape falls into the wrong hands..." I said fairly confidently, "Don't worry man, the tape is safe with me. I also have to figure out an alibi so that the police don't pin this on me or my lover.

"Ok dude, you are one messed up cat you know that, but we'll do it. We also are going to rob the shit out of you while we're in the house." "Take whatever you like. I want this to look like a real home invasion."

The deal was done. The night came fast and my wife was home doing some work on the bed. I told her I had to go out and meet a friend for coffee and she said that that would be fine because she was too tired to do much but fall asleep anyway. I left the house but I left the door open. I drove away a block, parked my car and walked back to the house. I slowly slipped into the house undetected and crept upstairs into the spare room and waited..

A half hour later, I heard a car door slam outside followed by voices walking toward the house. I looked out the window of the spare room and I saw four big scary black guys walking up to the front door. Wham!! With a massive thud, they kicked in the front door and started running upstairs. My wife jumped up and screamed at the sound. She came to the hallway to see what was going on and before she knew it, she was pounced on by four big black men wielding knives and guns.

They grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into the bedroom. She was screaming with such terror that I hardly recognized her voice. "Shut that fucking bitch up man," barked Turell. "No problem man," responded his lieutenant. With that, he slapped my wife Lisa hard across the face which made her cry out and whimper. "Tie the bitch up, we're going to have some fun and this is going to be a long night." "No, please...I'm begging you..take anything you'd like in the house, I won't scream anymore, just don't hurt me please," begged my wife.

"Hurt you? Bitch we're going to do more than that with you tonight." With that comment, they started violently ripping off her clothes and hitting her. "Yo dude, pull out the camera and start filming this," barked one of the sidekicks. "Fuck, don't touch me you bastard. Get off of me or I'm going to scream again," shouted my wife but it was all in vain. My wife was going to get brutally raped by four men who killed like they were going through a drive through for burgers.

Quickly, the four of them got undressed. They had stripped my wife bare and she was now completely vulnerable to their onslaught. One of the shorter guys said, "You're going to take my cock in your mouth bitch. Open wide and meet my 12 inch dick!" With that he pulled on her hair and her mouth immediately opened in protest. He stifled her scream with his big shaft. He filled her mouth with his big black cock pumping away at her face while pulling violently on her hair. The other two had their cocks out while the fourth man was filming away while pumping his cock while getting excited by the rape. "Fuck the shit out of this white bitch man. Take her married pussy and stretch her out," threatened Turell.

My wife never even had a chance to respond with that massive rod down her throat. "God yes bitch, you're so fucking tight, but you won't be after we're done with you." "Yeah Tyrone, give it to her good. Fuck that pussy 'til she bleeds."

For the next three hours they fucked my wife's pussy, ass and mouth while slapping her and punching her. At one point during a feeble protest, the gang leader put a knife to her throat and in a threatening manner told her she was going to die if she struggled.

I was getting so turned on watching my cheating lying wife get raped violently by these four dangerous studs. I was hiding in the spare room with the lights out where I had a perfect view of the action across the hall.

"God bitch, I'm going to cum in your face again," shouted Turell. "Take it...argggghhh!" He then blasted her pretty face and mouth with a jet of hot thick cum making her gag. After the last guy came for the last time, Turell spoke.

"All right bitch, you were a really good fuck and you should be rewarded." "You see this knife? " he mockingly said to her. "I'm going to use this on you and when I'm through, you won't be telling any tales about us and what we did to you tonight, you feel me?" "No, I swear I won't say anything to anyone. I promise...your secret is safe with me just don't kill me please," pleaded my wife. It was falling on deaf ears though because Turrell the gang leader didn't care. He was a callous cold man who had murdered for sport. What was one more suburban house wife to him?

I sat stoned face in the spare room hypnotized by the scene that was unfolding before me. On the one hand, I was completely turned on. On the other hand, the reality of what I allowed to happen and what was going to happen started to kick in and I was scared.

"Prepare to die bitch," Turrell said with finality. Just before I could act, I heard it. It was faint but it was getting closer...a police siren filled the air.

"Damn man, the fucking cops! We gots to move mutherfucker," yelled Tyrone. "Yo, you lucky bitch. This is your lucky night. You got fucked and you get to live." "Cmon crew, let's step," ordered Turell. In the silence of my room I was so relieved at what had happened. I knew I didn't want them to go through with it. It was the build up that made it hot but the reality was another thing.

Suddenly I realized I couldn't be in the house either so I dashed quietly downstairs. I ran out the back door and jumped a neighbour's fence. I finally got to my car and drove to a bar where I had to have a drink to relax my jangled nerves.

An hour later, I went home to find quite a scene waiting for me. There were four police cruisers parked in front of my house. I went inside and found my wife sobbing uncontrollably. I felt bad, but it was such a hot caper that I had pulled, it was hard to feel that guilty. After all, I figured the cheating bitch had sort of deserved it!
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