Jamaican Resort

Written by JJ / Feb 20, 2008



My wife Amy and I have been married for 6 years. I am Hispanic and 34 years old. Amy is 4 years old than I and white. She stands 5?6? and weighs about 135 pounds. She has a gorgeous body that was built for fucking. She has thick legs that run up to a round bubbly ass. But her best asset is her huge 36D?s. Amy also has a beautiful 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship with a black man so I knew from the beginning that Amy loved black cock. While we were dating I told her of my fantasy of watching her with a black man and that was when we began experimenting into cuckolding. Since then I have seen my wife Amy with several black lovers. This is the story of a vacation that we took to Jamaica.

My wife and I were planning a vacation in Jamaica. We were searching the internet for a resort when we found this adult resort in Jamaica. We did some further research and contacted a few people who had already been to the resort. We found out that the resort was for couples who were into hot wives and black bulls. We were both very excited to hear this and immediately book a room.

A few weeks later we arrived in Jamaica. After checking in at the resort we headed to our room. We changed into our swimwear and headed for the pool. Amy had on a tiny red 2 piece thong bikini. When we got to the pool area we saw lots of people walking around in the nude. The resort was clothing optional and it looked like most people chose not to wear any. We almost felt like the only people wearing clothes. We ordered some drinks and sat in a hot tube. It was a very big hot tub and there were several people already in it. Everyone was very friendly and we met another vacationing couple, Mark and Sandy. They told us that they had been coming here for a few years now and they loved the place. We talked and drank most of the afternoon. Then Amy and Sandy both headed to the ladies room. When they came back, I saw Amy and Sandy talking to a big black Jamaican waiter. Both wives were laughing an obviously flirting with this big black man. I saw the big Jamaican waiter reach out and squeeze one of Sandy?s big tits. Then he looked at my wife and Amy untied her bikini top. Her big 36D?s came popping out in front of the black man. His eyes widened as my wife flashed him. He reached out a rubbed his black hands all over Amy?s big soft white tits. He whispered something into her ear and handed them their drinks. Amy and Sandy came over to where I was sitting with her husband. It was obvious that the big black Jamaican waiter had made both of our wives very horny. Amy didn?t even bother putting her top back on. The other wife told me that my wife?s body was made for black cock. They told us that the staff here is one of the reasons they come here.

As the night grew later we walked around the resort and saw several people and even some small groups having sex around the resort. All the couples had well hung black men fucking the white wives. We walked around and even watch a few groups having sex. My wife was feeling very horny and said she wanted to have some big black cock too.

As luck would have it, we ran into the black man she was flirting with earlier by the hot tub. His name was Sean and my wife introduces us. She told him that she wanted some of his black cock and if it was okay for me to watch. He said it was not a problem and he led us to an area were the staff takes breaks. There was no one around and we sat at a picnic table. Sean pulled out a big joint and we shared a smoke. Mid way through the big blunt he wrapped his big biceps around my wife and began kissing her. He told me to finish the blunt while he fucks my wife.

I watched as he laid Amy down on the table. He spread her legs and removed her bikini bottom. Then he dove in and ate her pussy. It only took about 3 minutes for him to make my wife cum. Then he stood up and pulled down his shorts. A huge 10 black cock dangled between his legs. Amy got off the table and dropped to her knees in front of him. She grabbed his cock at the base held it up to look at it. She stroked it a couple of times before she opened her mouth and took his cock in. His head went back and a low moan escaped his lips as Amy sucked his big black cock deep into her mouth. She was sucking his cock when we heard some people coming. Amy tried to stand but he just kept her on her knees in front of him.

Just then 3 more Jamaican men entered the break area. They stopped and stared at us. Sean just pushed his cock back into my wife?s mouth and continued. They came over and asked if I would share the smoke with them. I passed it and we smoked as we watched my wife sucking Sean?s cock. One guy was moving closer and closer to my wife to get a better view. Then Amy just reached over and rubbed his crotch. He pulled down his pants and she began stroking his cock. It was not as big as Sean?s but it was still much bigger than mine. Amy turned and began sucking his cock too. One of the other guys said that my wife was hot and that she probably needed some more cock.

They all began to undress and surround my wife. She now had 4 big black naked Jamaicans swinging huge black cocks in front of her face. She was sucking each cock while stroking the others in each hand at all times. Sometimes they would try to stuff 2 into her mouth at once. She would have a cock in her mouth while the others rubbed their big black cocks all over her face. Finally they stood her up and Sean began to enter my wife from behind. She was very wet and he slipped it into my wife deep. She began to cum almost immediately. He pounded her hard while another one fed her his cock.

After Sean fucked Amy for a few minutes, he pulls out and another took his place. They switch like this a couple of times. Then one guy lies on the table and my wife is lifted on top of him. They lower her onto this black guy?s 11 inch cock. Inch by inch it begins to disappear into Amy?s pussy. Once he hits bottom, two other guys stand on the table and feed her their cocks. The other guy moves in behind my wife and plays with her asshole. Then he lines up his cock and begins to work it into my wife?s butt. He goes deeper and deeper until he is balls deep in my wife?s ass. They all get in rhythm as they work over my wife. Everyone is moving perfectly together like if Amy is a well oiled fuck machine.

Finally the guy in my wife?s ass begins to butter her hole. He pulls out of her and cum pours out onto the guy beneath them. He begins to slam into Amy hard. He holds her waist and pulls her into him hard as he begins to pump cum in my wife. He pulls out and moves from beneath my wife. She is on her hands and knees and Sean moves behind her. He fucks her doggy style while the last guy feeds her his cock. Sean pounds my wife very hard and fast until he unloads into her sloppy cunt. The last guy is fucking my wife?s face. He pulls his big 11 inch cock out of her mouth and sprays a huge load all over Amy?s face. Cum is dripping off her face and onto her big tits. The guys thank us and ask us to call them anytime if we need their services again, which we do.

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