A Cheating Wife Comforts A Grieving Husband

Written by Musicman / Feb 21, 2008



(Based on a recently true story experienced by Mistress Cheri and transcribed by me!)

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and to say that all the passion is gone is an understatement. I have also fallen out of love with him and the thought of any sexual contact with him is unappealing. I had decided to leave him and I told him how I felt. It was a sad situation because we have kids together but I couldn't live like a room mate with him anymore so I thought it would be best to confront the situation head on rather then live out a lie.

If that wasn't stressful enough, my best friend Sarah's son died. He had been ill most of his life and finally succumbed to that illness. Needless to say, Sarah and her husband Andrew were devastated and so was I. I've known them for years and I consider them almost family.

Since things were tense at home with my husband, I decided to stay over for several nights at my best friend's house to help them through the grieving process. That first day was tough. Sarah and Andrew were surrounded by family and friends. They put on a brave face but inside, the grief was coming off of them in waves.

Pretty soon everyone filtered out of the house and left me alone with both of them. We had a quick dinner in and then chatted in the living room. We recounted old stories, laughed and cried, trying to distract us from our grief. Finally Sarah excused herself to go to bed. I told Andrew I would stay up chatting with him for a little while longer before retiring to their teenage daughter's bedroom upstairs on the second floor.

I suggested we get into our pajamas so we could be comfortable and hang out on the couch not thinking that it was going to lead to anything. I could tell he was hurting emotionally from all the grieving he had done during the day. He needed touch and I offered to rub his back to relax him. Sarah was upstairs already asleep and he and I were alone on the couch in front of a warm fire. He had such a warm sweet energy, I felt myself drawn to him. After so much intense pain and sharing from the day, I sat beside this poor wounded man who had lost his son on the couch, and started using my fingers on him. My heart just went out to him.

He lay down on the couch, and I ran my hands under his shirt rubbing his lower back. Soon, his hips started to respond to my touch. I took off his shirt to get more access to his lower back. Once I started rubbing him, massaging him with my hands and he was moving to my touch, I kissed his lower back.

He slid his pajama bottoms down a bit over his hips giving me more access but asked if it was ok. I said yes and I helped him gently pull them down a bit exposing the top of his ass cheeks. I bent down and kissed the cheeks gently.

He then asked me if we could make love. It was more about feeling for him then sex at this point, but I was starting to get very turned on. A positive hot emotion in a sea of black from that day of emotional turmoil.

It didn't take much to convince me. I think I needed it too. I had known this man for years and I already had feelings for him. When he asked me if we could make love he turned over and I saw his cock protruding against his pajama bottoms. I ran my fingers along his hips and gave into the passion.

He followed me up to their daughter's bedroom where I would be sleeping during the week. The house was quiet and my friend was sound asleep. We got into the room and shut the door. He undressed in front of me and I couldn't help admire his beautiful body. He had a beautiful cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long. My friend had told me about his nice cock and here I had my own personal showing. He was hurting emotionally so much and I felt like I was helping and comforting so I went with it. He had started the seduction in the living room, and I thought I would finish it in the bedroom.

I ran my hands over his naked hips, his hips moving, his soft moans all encouraged me to continue. He turned around, and I licked his sweet ass but he loved it when I licked his balls. His soft moans were all the reward I needed. I could not say no to him. I decided he could do whatever he wanted, I was his for the night.

After sucking on his balls I moved up to his sweet penis. I took the head into my mouth and started sucking and he loved it! His shaft really filled my mouth and I felt a tingle in my pussy because I knew it would feel great there too.

He told me to turn over and he said, "your cunt is so hot! When we were downstairs on the couch I couldn't wait to taste you with my mouth," and without another word, he pulled my hips to his face and buried his tongue in my pussy!

I was so impressed with his beautiful cock that I sucked on it some more while he tongue my sweet cunt. He spoiled me with attention then made love to me. He poked his sweet cock in and out of me, loving me and took me to heights of passion that felt so good. I loved when he talked about my cunt because it was so raw and real.

He finally left my bed and I fell asleep but that was not the end of it by a long shot. My pussy was tender from all of the pounding but it was a good soreness.

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of his beautiful voice. Followed the sound downstairs to find him and my friend at the kitchen table laughing and sobbing. It was about bonding in grief but when our eyes locked, both of us knew that we wanted each other again.

I drove home the second night to check in on my husband and the kids but I came right back later that evening in a snow storm. I arrived at 10pm and they were both up still. We had a great night laughing and telling stories, drinking wine and feeling good. I offered a joint to share with everyone thinking we all could use it. We all smoked and Andrew kept making eyes at me the entire time. My friend complained that the pot I had brought was weak so we teased her. "Give it 10 minutes," I said.

In short order we put Sarah to bed who had started to pass out. I undressed and crawled into bed. Andrew came in and slipped into bed with me. We fell into each other's arms and started making out like teenagers. I felt for his cock beneath the sheets. There were still so many emotions at play, my mind kept telling me that I was doing nothing more than comforting a distressed man.

He kissed his way down my stomach and found my hot pussy already wet with anticipation. As soon as his tongue found it, I moaned. His tongue felt so good lapping up my juices. He lifted my hips and tongued at my asshole. I was in heaven as he concentrated his efforts to pleasure me. He showered me with so much attention I was in heaven.

He came up to my face and kissed me hotly on the mouth and I could taste my sweet juices on his tongue. He grabbed my ass cheeks urgently and pulled me toward his growing erection. Quickly he maneuvered around and got on top of me and before I could blink he had slid his entire shaft inside me. God it felt so good as he started to stroke me in and out. I started whispering in his ear, "Oh yes baby, fuck me. Your cock is so hot. Oooh yes, you're so good. My fucking god, I love your cock, it's so fucking good!"

He fucked me for what seemed like hours until finally he pulled out and climbed up toward my face. I sticked my tongue out and he shot his huge load onto my tongue and my face. Hmm he tasted so good! I caught his delicious load in my mouth and when I felt I had saved up all of his offering, I swallowed loudly for effect. With a smile I looked up at him and said, "Hmm, thank you for my midnight snack!" "Your very welcome baby," he said sweetly.

The next day ANdrew needed to pick something up in town and after dropping Sarah off at work, we drove to a secluded spot and parked the car. We got into the back seat and fucked like teenagers. He had never made out in a car before so this was a real treat for him. Right away I unbuckled his pants and yanked his cock out. It bobbed up in the air already erect and I pounced on it like a cock hungry teenager. I sucked his beautiful shaft until he begged to fuck me. He pulled my pants and panties down with one smooth move and entered me.

"You're corrupting me baby," I said. "This is so wrong but it feels so fucking good," said Andrew. He made love to me in the back seat for another half hour until we both got too nervous to continue. He came inside me shooting his cum deep into me. As I pulled up my pants I could still feel his cum leaking out and dripping down my thighs.

That was three days ago and even though having an affair with this sweet hot man is so taboo and feels like such a betrayal to my best friend Sarah, I can't help myself when I'm around him. I find that I am aching for him during the day now. I haven't been able to get another moment alone with him, but I'm getting the sense that he wants to continue with the affair as well. Against my better judgment, I think we will continue to fuck in secret. Discretion is key, but he is such a hot lover, my judgment be damned...I'm going to go for it!

THE END or is it?
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