My Wife And My Boss

Written by Distant Lover / Mar 6, 2008


MY WIFE AND MY BOSS By Distant Lover

When my wife and I had been married for nearly a year we began to look forward to our anniversary. No, this was not our wedding anniversary, although we were looking forward to that as well. The anniversary we were really looking forward to was of an evening a month before we got married when my boss took my finance's virginity while I watched.

At the time neither of us really wanted it to happen. Because I was a virgin myself, I wanted to marry one, and considered myself fortunate to have found a girl who had never had sex with anyone. Although I had kissed several girls before when they took the initiative, my wife did not let me kiss her until I proposed marriage. She told me, and I could tell, that my first kiss with her was her first kiss with anyone.

Nevertheless, my boss had been generous to both of us. He made it possible for my wife's brother to move to the United States from Iraq. Then he gave her brother a job with his small, but highly profitable software company. Although my wife's brother had an engineering degree he, like many young men in Iraq, was unemployed. Because my wife's other two brothers had been killed in the strife there, by bringing him to the United States my boss may have saved his life. He certainly saved us a lot of worry.

For me, my boss hired me right out of college, after a long job search, when no one else even gave me an interview, and when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to pay off my student loans. Moreover, he had just recently given me my first six months job review, and a generous raise. My job review glowed with praise. There was no mention of several mistakes I had made, including one that had cost the company quite a lot of money. I thought I was going to be fired when that happened. When I mentioned this, my boss said, "I have a short memory for the mistakes my employees make, when they have a long memory for the lessons they learn from those mistakes. You have a long memory." My boss is like that. He is the sort of man one wants to please.

Then my boss asked to make love to my fianc?. "My fianc? is a virgin," I protested.

"I can tell," he responded. "That makes her more desirable to me. I am aware that I am making an unusual request of you. Please be aware that if you refuse, it will not affect your standing in my company. I meant everything I wrote in your review. You are an excellent employee. I want to keep you. Because my wife and I never had children we intend to divide my company among our employees when we die. I want you to be one of them. Nevertheless, when I want something I ask for it. That is one of the reasons I have been able to build this company. Keep in mind that I always take 'No' for an answer.?

After much hesitation, I broached the matter with my fianc?. I have to admit that I was mildly disappointed that she was not angry at me for even considering what my boss asked of her. Nevertheless, I did feel that the issue should be discussed. After a long conversation we reluctantly agreed that my boss ? who both of us loved for good reason - deserved to be rewarded for his kindness. She seemed less reluctant than I was. When I told my boss that we would comply with his request, he said he would pay off my student loans.

Still, we did not enjoy rewarding him. When he came to my apartment, he was the perfect guest. He made a point of examining the books I had in my book shelves, said he was impressed, and commented on several he had read himself. He tried to make conversation with us. Neither of us felt like saying very much.

After dinner my boss asked my finance to sit on his lap. He held her gently, and kissed her, while telling her how beautiful she was. He slowly removed her clothes, waiting for her shyness and modesty to segue into sexual arousal. When he finally pulled down her panties, he showed me that the inside was dripping with lubrication. I was going to remain in my living room when they walked into my bed room, but my boss asked me to watch, saying, "You should learn how to finesse your wedding night.?

When my boss began to disrobe, I could tell that my finance was becoming more aroused. Although he was in late middle age, he retained movie star good looks. Because he worked out regularly in a health club, he had the body of a twenty year old athlete, if one overlooked the white hairs on his chest. However, when he removed his underpants, my finance gasped, and said, "It's too big. I don't think I can take that.?

"Most women find me uncomfortable at first," my boss warned her, "but they get used to it. Keep in mind that my penis is less big around than the babies you will give birth to." Because my finance had not had time to get prescription birth control pills, we both knew that her first baby might be my boss's baby.

My boss asked me to get a towel to absorb my finance's virginal blood, and put a pillow in the middle of my bed, to position my finance's hips. Then he put the towel over the pillow. When my fianc? was nervously lying on my bed with her thighs spread, my boss opened her labium with his fingers and showed me the maidenhead I would never have the privilege to break. "This is unusually thick," he explained, "and her vaginal opening is small, so this is going to be painful.?

"I'm ready for it," my finance said bravely. However, when my boss began his assault on my finance's virgin fortress, she complained. "This really hurts. It's too big. Can't we do this later??

"I did not build my company by waiting," my boss told her, "and I am too excited to stop. Hold me tightly. This will be over before you know it." When my boss broke my finance's maidenhead she cried his name in pain. He pushed his penis deep into her vagina, pumping vigorously.

After a few minutes of this she complained again, "This still hurts. How much longer will it go on??

"It will continue until I have my orgasm. That might take another ten minutes.?

"Please hurry," she pleaded. Although I love my boss, my instincts screamed at me to pull him out of my finance and kill him.

After he climaxed, the intense expression on my boss's face melted into a satisfied smile. He sank into my fianc?'s magnificent bosom. Pushing himself back up, he told her, "That was fantastic. I have made a woman of you.?

"I am glad you enjoyed it," my fianc? said with a subdued tone of voice. She had given her virginity to my boss to reward him for helping the two men she most loved, the two men who most wanted her to remain a virgin.

My boss stood up, and began to put his clothes back on. His face wore an expression of pride and enjoyment. "You make me feel young again," he told my finance. "When I was young for the first time I would be able to go again fairly soon. Now I don't think I will get another erection until I go home and tell my wife about this. She enjoys hearing about my indiscretions, although she has been faithful to me.?

My fianc? sat on the edge of my bed, holding the towel next to her vagina to absorb the blood, and crying softly. I covered her with my bath robe, and wrapped her in my arms. "I love you very much," I told her, "Do you believe me??

"Yes, oh yes. I love you too. I love you so much. Please don't ever leave me.?

Before leaving my apartment, my boss told us, "I am aware of the absolute value of what you have given me. As long as I live I will think of ways to thank you. I love both of you. When you get married I want you to live happily together.?

That had been a year ago. As the memory of that event aged with the passing of time, I noticed that I became excited thinking about it. My wife told me she felt the same way. When I invited my boss to our anniversary, he said, "I was planning to invite you.?

Our second evening together was much more enjoyable. Gone was the fear, and most of my jealousy. This time my wife was wearing a clinging dress that she had bought for the occasion, one that had a very low neck line. It not only revealed the cleavage of my wife's beautiful breasts, but her nipples as well, in much the fashion followed by the women of ancient Crete. She did not wear panties under her dress.

During a leisurely dinner with an excellent wine we discussed a play that had performed recently in the area, and which my boss and I had each taken our wives to see. We also discussed several books that all three of us had read. My boss is a fascinating conversationalist. He regaled us with interesting facts and original insights about his many interests, and which were drawn from his vast erudition. He never once talked about his career, his possessions, and his many achievements. Instead he drew us out by asking us questions we enjoyed answering, and making us feel good about ourselves. My boss is the kind of man who brightens a room by entering it. He does not brighten it by saying, "Here I am. Look at me." He brightens it by saying, "There you are, and I am so glad to see you again." One feels important to be associated with such a man.

After dinner my wife and my boss danced slowly to several melodic dance tunes. My boss held my wife gently, and kissed her several times. Finally, my wife said, "Let's do it. I can't wait any more." As soon as we got into our bed room, my wife pulled off her dress and shoes, and nakedly began to remove my boss's clothes. When she held his hard penis, which was half again as long and as thick as mine, she said, "I have wanted this for so long.?

When my wife and my boss began to make love I enjoyed the expression of pleasure and delight on her face. Although she occasionally has an orgasm when making love to me, I could tell that she climaxed almost as soon as he entered her, and had multiple orgasms after that. I had loosened my wife's vagina during the course of the year, so love making was comfortable for both of them.

They began with the missionary position. Then my wife lifted her legs, and rested them against my boss's broad shoulders as he pumped his manhood deep into her. Then he turned her around, and entered her from behind as she clutched our pillows. Then my boss sat on the chair where I had been sitting. My wife sat facing him with her thighs spread, moving up and down, and saying, "This is so wonderful," as she looked at him with the most beautiful expression of love and desire. Then, my boss lay on his back, and my wife got on top of him, with her beautiful breasts hanging over his face and bouncing. Finally, they returned to the missionary position.

After what must have been nearly an hour my boss said, "I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it ... Yes! Yes! Yes!" he nearly shouted in triumph as he squirted his semen against my wife's cervix. My wife laughed softly, musically, and rapturously.

My boss slowly withdrew from my wife. She put her hands around his neck, kissed him, and said, "Thank you. Thank you so much." She rarely said that to me. "Did you enjoy this more than your first time with me?" my wife asked.

"Nothing is as satisfying for a man as his first time with a virgin," my boss replied. "That is important to a man's pride. But this gave me more pleasure.?

"I'm so glad. I certainly enjoyed it more the second time," my wife said. "I lost count of all the orgasms you gave me. Please visit us again for this.?

"With your husband's permission, I will come back again and again.?

My wife squealed with delight. For my wife and my boss no one else and nothing else in the universe existed. They lay, looking at each other, lost in post-coital afterglow. Because I could tell that my wife and my boss wanted privacy, I quietly began to pack a small suit case, so that I could spend the night in a hotel.

I told myself that my wife was taking birth control pills, so she could not get pregnant. I told myself that my wife loved me, and that my boss loved his wife, so my marriage was secure. I told myself that I loved my wife, so I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure and happiness my boss could give her.

I also realized that from then on I would be sharing my wife with my boss on a regular basis. Perhaps I would also be sharing her with his prominent friends and business associates. When one of my boss's friends visited the city where we lived he would enjoy a night on the town with my wife, and an evening of love making with her. A threesome with my wife would be a delightful way to celebrate an important business agreement. The thought of that made me jealous. It also excited me, while filling me with pride. I have learned to live with ambivalence.

Of course, my wife would have to want this. Nevertheless, she seemed to be acquiring a taste for sexual variety and for pleasures I could not give her. My wife would need to ask my permission before making love to a man my boss introduced her to. I would grant it. Once, my wife admitted to me that she is attracted to older men. Although I am two years older than she is, she told me that I remind her of her younger brother, the one killed by an American artillery shell that missed its target.

As for me, my wife is the only woman I have ever made love to. She is the only woman I ever want to make love to. What matters is that she remains my wife. She gave me her first kiss. How many men can say that of their wives? No man can take that away from me.

When my boss noticed I was packing to leave, he told me that I could take the next day off from work. Because the next day was Friday, I said, "I'll return Sunday evening.?

"Then I'll take Friday off too," my boss said.

I opened the door, and stepped outside to leave. My wife walked outside with me, heedless of the fact that anyone out there could see that she was completely naked. She held me, and kissed me, saying, "Thank you so much for understanding. I love you. Please be good this weekend.?

The jealousy I feel for my wife is painful to me. I enjoy being reminded that she is jealous of me. She does not need to be. "You know you are the only woman I have ever loved," I told my beautiful, naked wife. "You are the only woman who could possibly arouse me.?

"Yes I know. And that is so wonderful.?

"Good night Darling," I said.

"Good night," my wife replied, and went back inside, eager to rejoin my boss. After I heard her lock the door from the inside, I stood looking at the door for the longest time, thinking about how much I love my wife, and how fortunate I am to have found her. Then I turned and walked away.
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