Written by Holly / Mar 13, 2008


14 (True Story)

I had a really messed up childhood with no supervision and was pretty wild from the age of 12. I did some things that I regretted as I got older, but the story I'm about to tell you was probably the most fucked up. My Dad was a drug addict and deserted us and my Mom couldn't deal with having six kids, so she never really watched us! There was this black guy named Anthony that I had the biggest crush on. He was 23, 6ft tall, good looking and worked at the gas station by my house. I was barely 5ft tall and only 14, but I had an amazing body for 14. I had long legs, with a pretty nice ass and was already a C cup! I would catch all the older black guys checking me out, even though I was just a little 9th grade white girl. Of course I was a tease, which got me in a lot of trouble, because all boys in my high school wanted to fuck the shit out of me! To be honest, I had no problem pulling down pants, spreading my legs and letting them finger fuck me. It was easy to do and made me pretty popular. I only jerked off white boys, and was very nervous to do black boys. Anyway, I use to see Anthony at the gas station all the time and he was always really nice to me. He had his own apartment in back of the garage, and it was actually pretty nice. Well I guess he heard stories from the white boys about me, so he started going out of his way to talk to me. I was so infatuated with him I started going to the gas station everyday. He finally asked me to stop by his place, after the garage closed, since he was pretty sure he would get some. He always made comments about how amazing my ass was and how I had the nicest tits, so I knew he was interested. I really liked him but was very nervous, because I knew he was planning on fucking me and I hadn't done that yet. Well this one night I walked over to Anthony's and he opened the door wearing just his underwear. I walked in and sat on the couch next to him and he handed me a joint and a beer. I decided to smoke it with him and got totally stoned. We were both laughing and having a great time, when he stared at me for like 5 minutes, debating whether or not to make a move. He finally said "Holly, I've been dying to fuck you, ya know. I don't have a rubber, but since I can't just cum inside you, I'll pull out and shoot it on your tits or in your face or something." I was scared, but nodded and said "umhum, I guess that's ok." Anthony pushed me down, pinned my hands back behind my head and started kissing me. I was so in love with him I melted, especially when he'd say how beautiful I was. I admit I was a nervous, but I wanted to make him happy!

He started touching me and I let him take my top off, then he started sucking my tits and slowly pulled off my shorts. I let him finger me and I remember him saying, "damn that little white pussy is as tight as a fucking vice", but when he tried to fuck me, I got scared and stopped him. I told him I never did that before. He said, "Are fucking kidding me?" I said, "No, I'm a virgin." He was pretty pissed off and said "well now what?" I wanted to please him, so I mumbled "I'll do anything you want, but that, OK?" He said, "Anything?" I said "umhum". He said "You suck cock"? I really liked him, so I said "umhum", even though I never did that before either. He pulled off his underwear and his cock was big, black, fat, and hard as a rock. He grabbed my hand, put it on his cock and so I immediately started to jerk it, while he finger-fucked me. He said, "So I heard you like jerking off of those white boys down at the park?" I said "umhum!" He slowly pushed my head towards his cock and slipped it inside my mouth. He held my head steady and fucked my mouth then told me "The only cock you're going to make cum from now on is the black one you got in your mouth, got it?" With his cock still jammed down my throat I mumbled "umhum!" He just kept moaning and saying "that's it Holly, use that tongue, lick it while you suck on it! I'm gonna fucking shoot my load right in your mouth!' I was giving it my all when he told me he that he was going to cum and wanted me to swallow it. I wasn't ready for that, but all of the sudden he squirted this hot, thick, salty goo in my mouth. I gagged because he grabbed my head and jammed his cock down my throat and blasted these multiple jet-streams that filled my mouth with hot, salty cum. I swear there was so much of it, some shot out my nose.. Of course I almost puked, but I did swallow as much as I could, just liked he asked. He was in heaven, and I'll admit I was nervous, but I knew he loved it and I thought if I did it good enough he'd make me his girlfriend. He made me promise not to tell anyone about us, and I swore I wouldn't. He said, "Listen to me...I'm 23 years old, so my black ass will get thrown in jail if you tell anyone that you sucked my dick." I swore to him I'd never tell and that he could trust me. After that night I was Anthony's girlfriend, at least in my mind, and started hanging out with him all the time. I liked the way he treated me after sucking his cock, so I was willing to do it on demand. He'd snap his fingers and I'd drop to my knees and open up my mouth. I started going to see him at the gas station everyday after school and sucking him off, then I on the weekends I'd go over to his apartment and we would do the same thing...smoke pot, drink beer, do shots, listen to music and I'd suck him off. After about a month, I finally let him pop my cherry. Actually he popped all my cherries! Since I wasn't on the pill he had to use a rubber, but he hated wearing one. He said it was like taking a shower with a raincoat on, so he finally just started fucking my pussy until he was ready to cum, then he would pull it out and shoot his load in my face or all over my tits. One night when I was really wasted, he greased up his cock with Vaseline and pinned my legs back behind my head. I was a cheerleader, and I was pretty flexible, so he use to bend and twist me around in different positions all the time! But this was a different story, because he just shoved his cock right up my ass without any warning. After that night, ass-fucking me became a regular thing, because he didn't have to pull out! He use to tell me to squeeze his cock with my asshole like I was trying to push it out. While I did that, he kept slamming me!" Anthony loved fucking me up the ass more then anything, so I gave it to him whenever he wanted, even though I?d be sore for days. He was my world at that point, so I did anything he wanted! Eventually, my asshole got so loose, he didn't even need Vaseline. He was able to just stick his huge black cock right in me! One night he got me really wasted and shaved my pussy bald, and then since he was into photography, he wanted to take pictures of me naked! That became a regular thing after that first photo shoot. I continued to shave my pussy, because he liked it bald, and I started posing naked for him almost everyday! He was even taking naked pictures of me in public places, which was exciting. He had a friend, Jamal or J, that was also into photography and had a dark room at his place, so Anthony would develop them their. All the pictures were black and white, because I guess it was a lot easier to develop then color film was. Honestly, I enjoyed it just as much as Anthony did. Eventually he started taking me over to his friends J's to party. In the beginning their other friend, this really, really big black guy named Bob, would look at me confused and ask Anthony if he was like baby sitting me or something! Bob got use to me being around, but I think he still wondered what was up with Anthony brining over a 14 year-old white girl to get stoned. J knew what was going on and sort of kept quite, so Bob just stopped asking questions. When Anthony got horny, he would tell the guys we were going to go get cigarettes or something, which meant it was time for me to get in the backseat and suck his cock or bend over for an ass-fucking! Most times I just sucked him off, because I got so good at it even Anthony preferred that. He constantly told me I would be rich if I danced naked at this strip club in Newark! He said, "those nigga's would pay out the ass to get their cock's sucked by a hot ass little white girl like you"! Anyway, he'd park the car, I would suck his cock and we?d go back. It wasn't long before he just started taking me into the bathroom for a quick sucking or ass-fucking. Eventually J told Bob about the pictures, and how Anthony was fucking me, and that's when they asked him to share me. I have to say he never tried to force me to do it, because as weird as it may seem, I think he considered me like a little sister... except for the sex part! Anyway, this one night he took me over to Bob and J's where I started smoking pot, drinking beers and slamming shots, so I got totally wasted. He brought the photo album with all the naked pictures he had taken of me to show Bob and I immediately knew that he wanted me to let them take some pictures too. Anthony made comments about how hot I was and how tight my pussy and asshole were and how well I sucked his dick, so naturally they wanted some! Anthony finally said, "Hey Hol, how about you get those clothes off and let my boys take some pictures." I was so happy hanging out with him and his friends that I said, "sure, I don't mind, just tell me how to pose!" Of course all the vodka, beer, cocaine and pot I consumed might have had something to do with my willingness...but I just stood up and took my clothes off. I mean J helped develop them, so he saw me naked already. Anyway, I let his friends take tons of pictures of me, posing how ever they asked me to. When they were down to the last roll of film, after using like 3 rolls already, they pulled out this humongous dildo. I knew what they wanted, so I just spread my legs and did my best! I fucked myself with it while they snapped away, but that thing was so fucking big it was ridiculous! I could only get about a quarter of it inside my pussy, but they kept cheering for me to push deeper until I had almost all of it up in me. Next thing he told me to do was give them each lap dances, so I did...then I was told to get on all fours and put my ass up in the air, and I did that too. Anthony got behind me and shoved his cock up my ass and started fucking me while his two friends watched. He kept on telling them how tight my little white ass was and that he wanted them to take pictures of us fucking. I remember Bob saying "you better not let anyone see action shots of you banging this little white girl in her asshole or your black ass will be going to jail!" I said "It's OK, just don't get my face in them and I won't tell, so nobody but us will know!" Bob was like, "Holy shit Anthony, you really hit the jackpot with this kid!" It felt so good hearing him say that, I was ready to put on a show for them that they?d never forget. I was pumping and moaning and saying things like "fuck me harder" and... ohhhhh... your cock is so big... unhhhh... shoot that cum up my tiny white ass"? The dirty talk drove them insane! Anthony finally exploded in my ass, and then said, "You guys want to fuck Holly"? They were speechless! Since I really liked them both, I stood up and said "I gotta go to the bathroom real quick, but if you guys have rubbers I let you take turns fucking me when I come back." They looked at me in shock as I walked to the bathroom with my hand cupping my asshole to catch the cum dripping out of it! When I got back Bob said "we don't any rubbers baby, but we got Vaseline!" I said, "There?s no way I could handle anyone else fucking me in the ass tonight, so why don't I just suck your cocks...is that OK"? They just looked at me funny! Anthony said, "I guarantee you this little white girl will suck your cocks better then they have ever been sucked before...trust me!" Bob laughed and told J he could go first. His cock was smaller then Anthony's, so it was much easier for me to go down on all the way. He went nice and slow then asked me if he could cum in mouth and I moaned "umhum!" He squirted these little warm blasts that hit the back of my throat and I swallowed every drop. It didn't taste too bad either. Then, when I did what Anthony taught me...squeeze the last few drops of cum out of J's cock and lick the head clean....that drove them crazy. After I took care of J, Bob was next. Bob was 27, 13 years older than me, and was like a body builder! When he pulled down his pants I got scared! His cock was HUGE! It was at least 14 inches long and as thick as my arm! Anthony said, "Hey Hol, that's a big cock isn't it!" I just nodded yes, and then did my best to suck it. He was thrilled, especially since I was his first white girl. He did choke me unintentionally quite a few times. His cock was so big it kept hitting the back of my throat, since he was basically standing over me, fucking my mouth! It didn't take long before he shot what seemed like a gallon of thick, salty cum in mouth and all over my face!

They both told me it was amazing and thanked me for doing it, but they were very nervous because I was so young. Anthony assured them I wouldn't tell? and I promised I wouldn't! I remember Anthony taking me to the bathroom to clean me up. He hugged me tight and said, "That was awesome, wasn't it?" I nodded my head yes and laughed "umhum". He said, "I'd never force you to do anything you didn't want to do, so don't feel like you can't say no! You're my girl and I would never want you to feel you couldn't trust me. I love you, so it's only fun, if I know your cool with it!" At that point I melted and told him how much I loved him and that I didn't mind doing stuff like this at all, if it really made him happy! Those were the magic words he wanted to hear me say. He smiled and said "So you'll fuck a room full of nigga's just to make me happy?" I just nodded yes and said, "umhum, I'll fuck as many guys as you want me too?! About a week later I saw my oldest sister?s diaphragm in the bathroom, because she started taking the pill, so I took it. Anthony was now in heaven because I let him cum in me everyday, and then every weekend I would do little sex parties with him, J and Bob. Bob loved to fuck me with that big black cock, but to be honest it felt like he was splitting in half every time he did it. I mean, I was 14...barely 5ft tall and weighed maybe 90lbs. Bob was 27... about 6'5... 250lbs with a gigantic 14" cock! Bob had to cover my mouth all the time, because I'd start screaming so loud from the pounding, they thought the neighbors were going to call the police. Scary!

Before long Anthony had me satisfying his other friends too. It started out one night with me giving blow-jobs to him, J, Bob and 3 of his other black friends at the apartment. After that, every time one it was one of his friends had a birthday, he'd give them me to use as their gift! He would put a bow on me with a sign saying something like "Little White Birthday Slut". That eventually turned into parties where Anthony would get me extremely wasted and make me dance naked for his friends, then he'd just pass me around for everybody to use! I'd say it was usually between 5 to 10 black guys, between 21 and 30 years old, that would take turns fucking my mouth, one after the other while they took pictures...and yes, I swallowed every load! I'd usually throw-up afterward, between the pot, coke, alcohol and cum, but I did swallow! There was very few of those parties, thank God! The typical weekend consisted of Anthony, Bob & J getting porno movies and I would get wasted and attempt to do what we watched. It was pretty much me being fucked wearing blindfolds or handcuffs, or stockings...kinky stuff! I already told you that Anthony bought this humongous dildo and they would fuck the shit out of me with it... and I mean it was HUGE! I even let Anthony and J sandwich me, which hurt a lot, but I was willing to take a cock in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time for their amusement. They had to use tons of Vaseline on my ass and pussy, but they made sure they squeezed both cocks inside me. They tried to make me suck Bob's cock at the same time, but I couldn't handle doing all 3 things at once.

The only problem we ever had was the very last time I got sandwiched because Bob wanted Anthony's spot.. Bob wanted to stick his big black 14" cock up my ass, which he hadn't done yet, because in all honesty, I didn't think I could take it. Unfortunately we were all really drunk and really horny, so I gave in. Wow, did I get an extremely rough pounding that night. They were going wild, fucking me hard, pulling my hair and forcing me to tell them I was a dirty little whore, while Anthony took pictures. I remember being so drunk and being slammed so hard it felt like they were ripping apart, so my dirty talk sounded something like; "I'mmma-a-a... ouchhhh... oh GOD... I'm a dirty little? ohhhhhh.... whore... easy... easy... oh-oh... ouchhhh.... hurrrrry up and cummmmmm in meeeee! "

Once Bob felt J's cock ramming in and out of my pussy hard, he couldn't hold out. I guess between J screaming "Oh my God, her little white pussy is so tight I can't hold it, I'm fucking gonna cum in her" and me screaming "oouuuuccchhh", Bob started plowing deeper up my ass. J already shot his load in my pussy, but now Bob started ramming inside me like an animal! I cried "Nooooooo, that hurts, it's way to big for my ass... stop!

Anthony kept saying, "calm down babe, relax, let big bad Bob get a piece of that tight little white ass tonight," but I was in pain and kept begging him to stop. Bob rammed me and screamed "Shut the fuck up and keep pumping that little white ass you stupid cunt, I ain't finished using you yet!" Anthony actually got mad, but J just covered my mouth, so Bob could plow me until he came deep inside my asshole. When he stood up, all their cum started pouring out of my ass and my pussy. I looked over at Bob's cock and it was covered in shit, cum and blood! Bob was really drunk and said he was sorry a million times afterwards, but it HURT! I was really in pain and couldn't move. I lay motionless, in tears, for like 20 minutes, begging them not to touch me. All the black guys Anthony had me fuck always treated me nice, and stopped when I asked, so I never really worried before. Bob felt awful for calling me names and hurting me. I know he was scared, maybe even more then he was sorry! Let's face it, Bob was 27 and a huge black guy... I was a 14 year old little white girl, so after he realized he hurt me he panicked! That was the first and last time Bob fucked me up the ass. Of course, I still gave him blow-jobs and let him fuck me all the time. Actually I think he liked fucking my pussy better anyway, since I got the diaphragm, and to be honest, so did I! Anthony knew how to make me feel like no matter what crazy-perverted thing he wanted me to do, it was no big deal. He was able to use me to the max. I guess that's why I agreed to do a huge blow-job party for him.

The very last party he had 15 guys over to play cards. All of them were black. He begged me to hang out with them naked and give all the guys blow-jobs. I really didn't want to, but as always, I caved in and said "alright, but NO fucking, just sucking"? Anthony said "Deal! I just want you to suck them off, no fucking, but I want you naked and you have to suck every single guy as many times as they ask you too, OK?" Naturally, I did whatever he wanted me too, so I spent the night on my knees naked, sucking his friends cocks. I sucked off all 15 of them, 16 including him, but as soon as I thought it was over, Anthony pulled out a box of rubbers, tossed them at my feet and said, "Hey babes, I assume you brought your diaphragm, so we won't need to use these, right?" Of course he made sure I was completely wasted before he made the request, so naturally I didn't refuse. All of them fucked me that night too, but I made every one of them use a rubber! I wasn't going to risk getting pregnant!

The guys were amazed that I was such a willing participant, but were worried about me being so young. I promised them they could trust me to keep it a secret, since I didn't want anybody to find out either. When it was over Anthony made all the guys kick in $10 so he could give me a little something for taking care of their cocks and that was the first time I felt cheap, used and dirty. Anthony handed me $150 dollars like I was a prostitute! That night I finally realized he was making me do things that no girl should do! At 14 years old I had already been drunk, snorted coke, smoked pot, been fucked, sucked cock, taken it up the ass and been gang banged repeatedly. In less then 10 months, I went from being a little white virgin to fucking and sucking 39 different black men. A week after that night he moved to New York, so I guess that party was sort of his last hurrah. He never really said good-bye, which hurt me, but I was glad that craziness ended. It was risky, because I was so young, if my Grandfather found out what was going on he would have killed him.. The very last thing Anthony ever said to me was "Holly, I think you should start charging guys! You could make a lot of money!" Then he told me Bob and J still wanted to fuck me, and would pay me, but I was NOT doing that! I finally smartened up! I think the whole town would have flipped if they knew he was sneaking me around so all his black friends could use me as their little white fuck-doll! I recently heard he was in jail, and the first thing that crossed my mind was "where are all those pictures?" I have some, J and Bob had some, but there were hundreds more. I bet Anthony still has them somewhere, even though it was many years ago. I was young, naive and needed to feel loved and accepted. Anthony knew that and knew if said the magic words enough times.."I love you Holly"...he could get me to do anything he wanted. He was right! I let him use and abuse me. I was his tiny white fuck-toy!
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