Caught My Wife In A Parked Car

Written by Musicman / Mar 27, 2008



I can't believe this happened 3 nights ago. My wife and I have been married for 16 years now and I thought we had a great marriage. We fight like every couple does and sex is sporadic at best. The planets have to be lined up in precisely the right way for my wife to get in the mood and want to fuck me. Even when that happens, it's once and it lasts for 10 minutes and then it's over until the next time the mood hits her...

Lately I noticed my wife becoming distant whenever I mentioned sex to her. She would complain she was too tired or wasn't in the mood and would constantly put me off until a later time. "We'll do it on the weekend when I'm less tired," she would say to me constantly.

This had been going on for months and I was starting to become frustrated. While all of this was going on, she would also get together with her partners once a week to discuss her business. She owns and operates a chain of enrichment schools with two partners and there is a lot of administration work that has to be done to keep it running. So every Wednesday night she would announce to me that she was meeting the girls and would be back late and not to wait up.

I couldn't tell whether I was picking up some sort of vibe or maybe it was the lack of sex for months that got to my brain, but something inside me told me to follow her on this one particular night. I told her I was going out to meet the guys for a drink and a movie and I'd be home late as well. She said "have fun," and I left the house but I waited down the street and watched the house waiting for the time when she would leave for her weekly meeting.

Soon enough she left the house got into her car and charged up the street. I followed at a discreet distance. So far so good. She took a left and headed out to a main street in the direction of the office but 2 minutes down the road she made a right turn toward an industrial section with secluded units which lined the streets. ANybody could have pulled into the driveway of any of these massive unit complexes, driven to the back and parked unseen behind a dumpster in an industrial complex at night away from prying eyes.

I followed her and saw her right indicator blink as she pulled into one particular industrial complex. She drove around to the back and I saw her pull up along side another car that was already waiting there. I pulled over and put it into park watching from the main road. I turned off my lights and watched. SUddenly a tall handsome, built guy got out of the sports car that was already parked there and walked over to the passenger side of my wife's car.

I couldn't make out what was being said but the next thing I know, he got into the car. Then the car lights were turned off and I could only make out shadows from the street where I was positioned.

My blood ran cold. I couldn't believe my wife was in the car with a strange man when she was supposed to be meeting her partners for a business discussion.

It was driving me crazy not knowing what was going on so I got out of the car and carefully crept up behind the dumpster where she was parked. I suddenly heard talking. They had cracked the window open just enough to get some fresh air and I could hear everything that was being said inside.

"Hmm, you look so hot tonight baby! I love your outfit." My wife replied with a sexy tone, "Do you like my black stockings and garters? I wore them for you!" "God yes baby. I've been going crazy since the last week. I can't wait a week to see you. We have to get together more often," he pleaded. "Well, I think I'm going to tell my husband that my partners and I are going to start a tutoring program once a week and that I'm going to have to be there to supervise. THen we can be together more often. I can't stop thinking about your big beautiful cock baby!" she cooed.

The next sound I heard was them making out. They were moaning and my wife was sighing. My heart was in my throat as I listened to my prudish conservative wife become a slut for a stranger. I was so galled. I practically beg this woman for sex and here she was giving herself to a strange man and acting like the slut I've always wanted her to be with me!

I positioned myself around the dumpster getting more brazen so I could get a better view of the action in the car. They were definitely kissing passionately and he was grabbing her tits and massaging them. SHe was moaning like a wild woman.

"I want to suck on your cock baby. GIve it to me. I've been so hungry for cock I'm going crazy. My husband has been driving me nuts trying to get into my pants all week but I've been saving myself for you!"

That bitch I thought. I can't believe what a dummy I was thinking she was being faithful to me. I played the dutiful husband while she was running around behind my back meeting this guy. Who knows how long it's been going on.

I continued to watch with a morbid fascination. I was devastated but I wanted to see where this was going.

She suddenly bent down over the middle console and engulfed his cock. I couldn't make out his penis but I could see for a moment he had made a motion that indicated he had pulled his pants down to give my wife access to his cock.

"OOh baby you are so big! You are so much more satisfying than my husband. His cock is so small. I am never satisfied when he fucks me. I barely feel his little dick. You fill me up so much. Give me your big 8 inch cock baby!"

Damn, she had humiliated me too that cunt. I can't believe I was sitting there taking it but I was. I guess there was an aspect of it that was turning me on being cuckolded by her but at the same time I wanted to kick her head in for betraying me.

"Baby, I want to taste your sweet pussy," he said to her. "But," my wife replied, "there is no room in this car to stretch out in." "Why don't we be a little dangerous and get out of the car and have some fun on the hood?" "Why not," said my wife. "I love being naughty with you!"

WOw, I had a ring side seat to this and I couldn't believe how slutty my wife was acting.

THey emerged from the car. His pants were off and his underwear. He had a huge erection bobbing up and down as she slid out of the car she ran up to him and dropped to her knees. Lit up by the car's headlights, I could see her grasping his big cock and sucking it with a fever I had never seen in the 16 years with her.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to blow all over your pretty face baby!" "Hmm, do it, I want your cum. Will you get hard again and fuck me really good?" "Sure baby, don't stop that rhythm, keep using your hand. Hmm, that's it hon, milk my big cock and cup my balls. Yes that's it, just pull on that shaft. Uh huh, here it comes oh god...yes...don't stop...I'm going to...

WIth that he blasted a huge load of cum all over my wife's face. Spurt after spurt of hot cum hit her face and she surprised me by sticking her tongue out and trying to catch it on her tongue. She started drinking it down and slurping on his softening cock begging for more.

"God baby, that was so hot. You are one unbelievable cock sucker!" My wife was quick to reply. "Baby you have to fuck me now, I am so wet I can't take it. I have to get back to my husband soon and I want all the cock I can get because I don't know how long it will be until next time because we're going away on a trip for two weeks!"

That was true. We had planned a vacation for a while and we were going to be away the following week. Here she was begging her lover to take her in a strange parking lot.

She sucked on him for another 3 minutes until he started to regain his erection. "Stand up and bend over," he barked at her. She did what she was told and he pulled her skirt up exposing her gorgeous ass which was beautifully encased in a hot thong and garters, framed with a nice pair or black stockings. God was I jealous but so turned on.

He aimed his huge penis at her pussy and it slid in. My wife turned into a wild woman as he took her. "God fuck me baby. I can feel your beautiful shaft filling my pussy in a way my husband can only dream about! That's it, ooh yes, fuck me harder!"

"I'm going to cum baby," he cried out to her. WIth that, he pulled out and she dropped to her knees just in time to catch his second load on her tongue. It almost seemed like he had regained his stores of cum in mere minutes as he blasted her face with what seemed like an even bigger load of hot semen. She was moaning and licking and drinking up his sweet offering like a slut in heat!

"God baby you taste so fucking good. Please eat my pussy, I need to cum too."

With that he lifted her up onto the hood of the car and spread her legs. He dove between her thighs like an olympic diver and as his tongue made contact with her clit she cried out with pleasure. "Oh my god yes, please eat my pussy! Right there on the clit, go up and down the sides with...yes...just like that and...oh I'm going to cum...yyyyyyyyyessssssss!"

She wrapped her legs and squeezed him tight as her legs convulsed as the waves of orgasm coursed through her body.

"Hurry baby, that was fantastic but I have to head home. My husband will be waiting and might become suspicious if I'm out too long."

With that they kissed hotly french kissing each other for about a minute. I quickly ran to my car in the street and took off just in time to see their two cars start to back out of the industrial unit. I made it home with minutes to spare. I ran into the house, stripped off my clothes and hopped into bed seconds before I heard the front door open and close. My heart was racing so hard like I had gotten away with the perfect crime. Eventually she made her way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"Hi hon, how was your night?" I said coyly knowing full well she had fully cheated on me. "Great hon, the girls and I are very organized now. We talked about it and we've decided to start a tutoring program every week so I may have to be out an extra night every week."

"Sure hon, whatever you need to do," I said with a smile to myself.

She kissed me on my cheek and said goodnight. As I rolled over I decided that instead of getting mad at her cheating, I would enjoy being cuckolded. It was always a fantasy to watch my wife with another man and now I had a chance to regularly watch my wife fuck another hot stud. She still won't fuck me but I figure I'll either start masturbating more often or maybe I'll join an online dating site and look for a little on the side too. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a hotter sex life for me!

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