Soccer Mom

Written by Dariebar / Mar 27, 2008



Soccer moms. You?ve gotta love ?em. Yes, there are those 20-something bimbos with the cute tits, bubble-butts and fake everything, but I?ll take a cute little soccer-mom any day.

You?ve seen them in the malls, at Walmart, at Blockbuster. Little pony-tail, couple of kids perhaps, minivan, wondering about her sexuality and whether she?s still ?desirable,? husband who?s preoccupied and probably doesn?t pay her enough attention.

Maybe she doesn?t have the biggest tits in the world, and worries that her ass is too big, or maybe that it?s not big enough. Any black guy who says he hasn?t wanted some ?soccer mom? pussy is lying through is teeth. She?s the ultimate ?forbidden.? The little suburban white housewife.

I?ll fuck me or eat me some soccer mom pussy any fucking day. If she?s small-breasted, sucking on her nipples will drive her absolutely CRAZY. Standing behind her, I love to slide my hand down over that little tummy (she works out, to keep it flat). Down past the elastic waistband of her panties. Finger over that neatly-trimmed little mound and between those little married white pussy lips. They usually start ?lubing? like crazy, so my fingers are covered in pussy juice in no time, and you can hear them suck in their breath. Yes, maybe she?s pumped out a couple of babies, but that little pussy is still delectable.

Her ?sexual indulgence? consists of maybe masturbating in the shower, or even using that dildo she keeps hidden in a shoebox, on those afternoons when she?s feeling ?naughty,? and has possibly had a glass of wine while hubby?s at work and the kids are at school. Maybe she?s even splurged and bought some ?naughty? panties at Victoria?s Secret. She?s seen those white women who date or marry black athletes or entertainers, and she?s always, well, ?wondered.? Maybe she?s even stumbled across her husband?s collection of porn on the computer. It?s probably mostly white women sucking on big black schlongs or getting hammered by some serious black dick.

They?ve usually had a very chaste (and possibly even racially-prejudiced) upbringing, but all that stuff seems to come tumbling down once they feel a fat black ?stiffie? pressing against their little married white butts or sliding between their thighs. As I had one little suburban ?mommy? leaning over her kitchen counter, as I stood behind her and was peeling her panties off, she asked if I wanted to ?do it? right there or go up to the bedroom, so we could fuck on her marital bed.

Yes, sometimes they get real ?clinical? about stuff. ?You?re going to use a rubber, right?? This, just as I?m easing my big bare black dick into her pussy while she kneels on the living room sofa or on her bed. Or it?s ?please pull out before you cum, OK?? And then the very next moment, they?re telling me it?s OK to go ahead and cum inside their little married pussy, and that they want me to inseminate them so they can possibly have a gorgeous mixed-race baby.

I just LOVE hearing the part about their being afraid of getting pregnant. Having a big black dick in your little married white pussy is one thing, and letting a black guy empty his nuts in you is another thing, but God forbid you should get PREGNANT!

One little soccer-mom (whom I was fucking ?doggie-style, and who knew perfectly well that I wasn?t wearing a condom) told me that it was her ?fertile time,? so could I please ?pull out? before ?squirting.? I think the word ?squirting? did it for me, and grabbing her hips, I pulled her back onto my dick as I ?unloaded? in her with a groan. ?Oh, God! You?re cumming in me! I can feel it!? I swear, the sperm was shooting out of my dick into that little married white puss like a turkey baster shooting gravy. She was in her early forties, with two teen-aged kids, the most beautiful grayish-blue eyes, and an absolutely gorgeous ass. This wasn?t just a nut-draining routine?I really wanted to knock this little ?mommy? up.

I could feel her pussy contracting as she experienced her fourth or fifth orgasm, and that little ?fertile? pussy clung to and milked my dick for all it was worth. She WANTED this sperm. By the time we were finished, we were both covered in sweat. As I pulled my big exhausted, slime-covered dick out of her, she realized what had just happened, and she grabbed a Kleenex from the box on the nightstand, and clutching it over her little muffin, she ran to the bathroom, where I heard her sit down on the toilet and I heard the ?burbling? noises as she ?farted out? as much as she could of the big load of sperm I?d just dumped in her little married pussy.

She told me that her husband would be traveling out of town the following week, and if I came by next Tuesday, we could ?talk about things.? ?Right, baby,? I said. ?What time should I come by??
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