My Wife's Second (Hand) Job

Written by Liz Chessy / Mar 28, 2008



My wife Liz works part-time in the morning and in the afternoons, she recently started an unusual at-home business to make extra money. We have a few friends who always complain that they do not get enough sex in their marriages. As a joke one time, my wife asked one of them that if he wanted, she would jack him off in exchange for a small fee to help ease his sexual frustration. He surprisingly agreed and she performed the act and we both thought it would be an isolated incident. But word of mouth spread and soon she had several regular customers each week and a new business was born.

A couple times a week, one our friends or co-workers would come over in the afternoon and my wife would lead them into our rather large bedroom. I would also come into the bedroom but I would sit in the far corner at a desk. My wife would lead the guy over to the bed and ask him to strip down completely and then lie down on the bed. My wife would usually wear some tight panties and usually a snug see-through bra that showed a lot of cleavage to enhance the fantasy. Liz would always close the curtains that are around the bed so I could not see, but I could still hear what was going on. After he handed her the money (the going rate was about $50), she would ask him to put his hands behind his head and she would rub his cock down until he shot his load. During this time they both would casually chat and my wife would even talk dirty if he wanted that. Liz never let it go further than that even though several of the guys may have wanted it.

One day, my wife told me that a co-worker named Steve, from her work was interested in coming over for a session. Normally this is not a big deal but she then informed me that he was not married. I was a bit surprised that a single guy would be interested but I figured maybe he had a hard time getting dates, so I said why not. But she responded, "Um, this guy has no problem getting dates. He is actually pretty hot." I said, "Well, maybe is he is in a dry spell and he is just looking for a little fantasy. Have him come over and give him what he wants." Later that day the doorbell rang to which I answered, and I was shocked at what the guy looked liked. He was 6'2" and jacked as if he worked out every day and he was a pretty good looking guy. I called to my wife that Steve was here and we all went upstairs.

My wife went through the usual routine where she showed him to the bed but just before she closed the curtain, he piped up, "Hey Liz, you can leave it open." My wife and I both looked surprised and she asked, "Are you sure? My husband can see over there." He replied, "I do not care if he looks." I was shocked but kind of turned on a bit. Steve sat down on the bed and removed his shirt, followed by his shorts and then tossed his boxers on the bed. He then laid down, and my wife and I both were stunned at the size of his cock. It must have been 9+ inches and thicker than any I have seen. Liz spoke up with a big smile, "Wow! I am impressed! Are you ready or is that a silly question?"

As my wife was putting some lotion in her hands and started rubbing them together, Steve spoke up with a stunning request, "How about we make another deal? I will give you $500 in cash in exchange for a blowjob. I have it in my pocket." He reached into his shorts pocket and pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to my wife. She looked at it and then looked at me. She said, "Wow, that is a lot of cash!" I spoke up, "Um, I am not sure my wife is comfortable with doing that..." My wife then cut me off, "Wait. Maybe I should try something different for a change. Honey, you don't mind, do you?" I did not know what to say as it looked like my wife was eager to blow this guy, so I agreed to it. My wife turned to Steve and said, "On one condition, I do not want to you to release your load in my mouth. So give me warning when it is coming and I will stroke it out of you, okay?" Steve said, "No problem, but I have one condition. Since I am paying for the extra service, I would like to see all of you. How about getting out of that outfit before you start?" My wife smiled and agreed and then slowly unhooked her bra and he watched as her 34C tits popped out. She then slowly removed her panties, teasing him with the delay. She then said,"Is that better?" He just smiled and nodded.

My wife climbed onto the bed and crouched down by his feet and grabbed his huge cock and starting sucking on the tip. She pulled back her hair and looked him in his eyes and he stared at her tits hanging so close to his cock. I told myself that there was no way she could take much of him in her mouth. She worked it for awhile, slowly putting about half of his dick in her mouth. She could not seem to get much more than that even though she went at it for several minutes.

He then spoke up, "Hey Liz, can I offer you a suggestion? You are doing a great job but how about flipping around and facing the other way. It might help you proceed further." She looked up and smiled and did as he said. She climbed on top of his chest and bent over. Her ass and pussy were about 6 inches from his face and she started sucking on his cock again. She then proceeded to slide a little more of his shaft into her throat each time. He responded, "Oh, that is much better, You are doing fine." His hands moved from the back of his head onto my wife's head and he gently guided her up and down. All of a sudden, her hands let go of his cock and his entire shaft disappeared into her throat. She stayed at the bottom of his cock for a little while before coming up for air. Steve moaned and started thrusting his hips a bit each time she went down the shaft.

I then noticed my wife slowly straightening out her back, moving her hips and legs backward until her cunt was right on top of his mouth. He moved his hands from her head down to her ass and he grabbed her cheeks as his tongue disappeared into her wet pussy. She started taking in less cock to her mouth each time but increased her speed as her hips gyrated on his face. I sat there not knowing if I should stop this. After a couple minutes she stopped sucking and laid down next to his cock and moaned as she orgasmed all over his face.

Steve then stopped tonguing my wife and lifted her hips off his face despite her resistance. He then said, "Liz, this is fucking great, but how about we up the ante?" He reached over and pulled another wad of bills from his other pocket and said. "How about you slide this condom on that bad boy and ride me like a bull for another $1000?" I stood up and said, "Now wait a minute! My wife..." She then cut me off and said, "I''ll fucking do it!" She threw me the cash and grabbed the condom and ripped it open. She climbed off of him and slid the condom on his huge shaft. She then pointed at him and yelled, "You better fucking tell me when you are going to cream!" He again replied softly, "No problem."

She climbed on his legs and placed the tip of his cock into her moist opening as she braced herself on his chest and stared him in the eyes.. She let only a couple inches in before moaning and pulling back. She then retried and got a little more in. Steve spoke up, "Slowly, my dear. You can do it...slowly" She yelled back at him, "I want this fuckin' dick inside of me, now!!!" She closed her eyes and started sliding down his pole. Liz then screamed in pain or delight, as the whole shaft disappeared inside her. She started going up and down the shaft at a rapid pace, moaning louder and louder each time. Steve's face winced with delight as he grabbed my wife's ass and forcing his piece deep inside her. She then told him, "Flip me over!" She fell onto his chest and he rolled on top of her She raised her legs in the air and yelled at him, "Now, fuck me hard!" He started pounding his shaft in her. He was really going fast now, pulling his cock all the way out and then rammed it back in her. My wife started screaming as she orgasmed, "Oh! Fuck me! FUCK ME HARDER!!"

This when on for about ten minutes and then Steve yelled out, " I can't hold it much longer!" My wife broke out of her trance and told him to pull out. He did as instructed and sat up with his red, throbbing cock pointing to the ceiling. Liz then sprung up and ripped the condom off his throbbing dick. I almost fell over at what she said, "This part is on the house!" She grabbed his rock hard cock and jammed it into her mouth. There was no hesitation as it slid completely down her throat when he placed his hands on her head and yelled, "Here it comes!" My wife swallowed his entire load and then kept pumping it for more. Her head then popped up and she fell over onto the other side of the bed and closed her eyes and just lay there. Steve leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and got dressed. As he was walking out the door, he said to me, "Your friends were right. Your wife is fucking great!" I was speechless as I watched him walk out the door. Unfortunately, I have to handed it to this guy. He was able to turn a handjob into a deep throated blow job and he then proceeded bang my wife and get her to swallow his cum all, right in front of me! My wife's business would never be the same.
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