Wife’s Wicked Vacation Cuckolding

Written by Dr. Bone / Mar 28, 2008



Every year my wife and myself attend a weeklong festival in which costumes are worn and there is all sorts of adult debauchery. Little did I realize this one would be special.

Most of the fair weather tourists had left town after the main parade on Saturday to get home to their boring lives. My wife and I always took an extra week off so we could enjoy the town now that the tourists had left. We stopped in at our favorite caf? and watched as people flagged down cabs and hauled wheeled luggage into their own cars. I was a little bit sad because this would be our last festival for a while, my wife had wanted to start a family and this is the last place you want to take small kids to.

Almost as if she was reading my mind, my wife put her hands on top of mine and said ?Don?t worry we will be back. Figure three or four years then we can leave Jr. with my aunt and we can return.? I told her I understood but I would really miss this place, fearing it would become overdeveloped, to the point they would cancel the festival. My wife told me she had a surprise for me back at the hotel. That was her little phrase for a good hot fuck. And believe me it was hot. At thirty-five she still had it together, red hair, big tits, a nice round ass, and a tight waist. Thanks to her yoga and aerobics she was as flexible and fuckable as when I first met her.

We got back to the hotel and went back to our room. My wife went into the next room and I heard bags being opened and packages ripping. I knew she had planned some sort of special dress up, how special I did not realize. Twenty or so minutes later she came back into the room and my cock started to rise. She was wearing a lace bodysuit with snaps on the crotch, and a low neckline that barely held her big tits in. She had on high heels, her hair was pulled back and she had on slightly heavier make up than usual. She pulled her tits over the top of the body suit and dangled them in front of my face, as I moved forward to kiss her rock hard nipples she pulled them back with a wicked giggle. ?You like?? she said teasingly putting them back in my face again, and pulling them away again when I tried to suck on them. ?Well they are not for you, today.? I asked her what she had meant. ?Well, you know in a few months I am going to be in mommy-mode so I decided to give you your biggest fantasy.? I got dizzy. I did not believe I heard her say what she had said, or what she was about to say to me. ?Tonight, and tonight only, my tits, mouth, and pussy are going to belong to somebody else, somebody who is big.? She said pausing, ?muscular? she said building up the suspense, ?and very, very, black.? I almost passed out. She giggled then said, ?And the rules are simple, you must stay in that chair, and do what I tell you to do. You must not jerk off until I tell you to. Do you understand?? I said yes to all. What else could I do? She told me it had taken her a long while to make up her mind to do this. She had checked swingers magazines for just the right man, a man who would take a test, promise to wear a condom, respect her limits, and of course have a huge cock. ?There is still time to back out.? My wife told me. I told her no.

The door buzzed and she went to let him in. Immediately I felt intimidated. He was over six feet tall, with huge muscles, a bald head, and judging by the huge bulge in his shorts, he was hung like a mule. He said hello to me.

My wife turned to me and said ?Last chance.? I told her no. She went and slipped off her wedding ring and handed it to me. ?I?m his for today, and tonight then.? He took a ring out of his pocket and put it on her finger. Then they kissed, deeply in front of me. My wife made a point of putting her tongue into his mouth as they made out, his hands reached down and squeezed her tits. I thought I?d shoot my load there and then by just watching.

She enthusiastically pulled off his shirt revealing a gym sculpted body of hard muscles. She kissed him holding him tight so her tits flattened against his chest. He kicked off his sneakers, leaving her clear for the big reveal. She pulled the elastic waistband of his shorts forward and peeked in. Her eyes went wide. ?Oh wow!? was all she could say.

They stepped closer to me, then she pulled down his shorts, letting his cock tumble out. Even semi-hard I could see it was a monster. Huge and purple and nearly twice the size of mine. My wife looked me straight in the eye and said, ?Had I known they were this big I might not have made you wait so long.? She reached forward, time seemed to slow down as she reached over and grasped his cock. ?It?s so solid.? She said as she gave it a light tug. ?and big.? She said as she pumped his cock again. ?Still giving myself to another man is a decision I should not take likely. So I am going to have to compare.?

She told me to get up. Then she told me to strip. ?That?s a good boy.? She said. She had me stand side by side with her stud. ?Hmmm a little bit of a paunch there.? She said giving my belly a hard pinch. ?All muscles and six packs here though. Now let?s look at the big measure. She gave my cock a pull. ?A bit on the tiny side.? Then she gave his cock a pull, she looked him straight in the eye and said ?You have to be careful you might hurt somebody with that Mister.? She said making him laugh. ?This is the most important decision. I might like the black one too much, or not at all, you know what? I better do like the soda commercials and have a taste test.? She said getting down on her knees. I could not believe this was my wife doing this.

I felt her warm mouth encircle my cock. She sucked on it for about half a minute. ?Hmmm, alright in an old fashioned way. Now let?s try this big boy over here.? She held his cock up in her hand and kissed the head loudly before taking it into her mouth. The sight of my wife with that big black monster cock in her mouth right next to me burned itself into my mind. With each bob of her head it grew bigger and bigger, until I could see she was actually having trouble fitting it into her mouth, but that did not keep her from trying. She held his cock, slick with her saliva in her hand. ?Well I guess we have a winner here. You can sit back down honey; I will call you when I need you.?

I sat back down on the chair and watched my wife suck on the man?s cock. She rubbed it across her face and kissed the shaft. ?Mmmm! It tastes so good. So manly.? She said as she nursed on his huge member. ?I think I am going to let him cum in my mouth. Will you kiss me afterwards?? I told her I would, little realizing what she meant.

She sucked and pumped that giant shaft, pulling her tits over the top of her bodysuit so he could play with them. She picked up the pace until his eyes started to roll, then he shot his load into my wife?s mouth. ?Mmm! Yummy!? she said going over to me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. I thought she had swallowed it all but I got some of it in my mouth. It was just a small bit. She looked at me and told me to swallow it or get out. I did as she told me to. ?Good!? she said going over to her stud, they kissed some more as she played with his cock. He got her on the bed and licked her pussy until she was going to pass out. Then my wife told me to go to her purse and get out the box. I wondered what sort of box, until I looked inside and found a box of rubbers, the brand made for more endowed men.

I brought them over to her and she told me to open the box, which I did. I fished out one rubber and she told me to open the package. I did so struggling in my excitement. Then she told me to put it on him. I was seconds away from my dream of watching my wife getting fucked by a black stud. What would you do?

I grabbed his shaft as she watched and rolled the rubber onto it. I myself could not believe how much bigger it was than mine, or how much I was getting off on my wife cuckolding me. ?Is it on good? Now give it a kiss for good luck.? I could not believe what she had said. Was she serious. ?Do it now!? she said. I knew when I was whipped and did so. Having passed her test she opened the crotch of her bodysuit. She spread her legs wide on the bed. I was told to line his cock up with her pussy. I did so, he told me to sit back down and he would take it from there. I watched him push as my wife moaned, he pushed again and slowly his cock disappeared into her, for the entire time I knew her my cock was the only one she had ever known, and now this huge black one was sliding inside of her. With another groan the head slid in. He stopped for a moment then pushed his shaft in. Even half inside of her my wife had more cock meat in her than she ever had had in her life.

He started to thrust into her, her pussy adjusting to take more and more of his mammoth pole inside of her. ?Well you wanted me to try black cock what do you think?? I told her she looked so sexy. She kissed her lover as he fucked her. ?It feels so good. I should have done this years ago. I only wish he could do this bareback. You?d like that honey right? Seeing my pussy full of his cum. Maybe knocked up by this stud? Huh?? It was all I could do not to rip the rubber off of him myself. He sucked on her tits and kissed her deeply. Her eyes squinted as she had orgasm after orgasm. He yelled out and came. When he pulled out of her he ripped off the rubber, throwing it on the floor with a splat, it was full to the point of bursting. She laid in his arms kissing him, and stroking his sweaty shaft, which in minutes was hard again.

After I put another condom on him he put her on all fours and fucked her from behind. She said how much she loved his big black cock and how tiny mine was. Her tits swung back and forth as he pounded her. After he had come again they rested together. She had me dress and go down to the lobby and get them drinks. When I came up with the beers they were fully dressed. ?Where are we going?? I foolishly asked, as they drank their beers. She told me I was staying here, she had another surprise for me. She told me to turn on the laptop and watch for email. As soon as they were downstairs I pulled down my shorts and jerked off a load that would have done a horse proud. Then I heard the beep of an incoming email. It was a picture of my wife and her lover kissing on the corner, in public. It made my cock swell. Then came a text message for me not to jerk off again as I would need it later.

Ten minutes later they were on the tourist trolley that took people all over the town. In came another shot of him squeezing her left tit as they rode the trolley. Oh shit I was more excited than I?d ever been in my life.

Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes went by. Then at the half hour mark I got another picture. My wife was in some sort of dance club. I don?t dance so I don?t know which one it was. She was dancing with a different black guy. Then another, and another still. Each shot made my cock throb more. Finally she was back with her stud. The thought of my own wife dancing in public with these black men was just as much of a turn on as watching her getting fucked.

Then there was another photograph of her coming back to the hotel. One was followed by her in a room, probably his. Fully dressed she was down on his knees sucking his cock. She called me on the cell. ?Listen.? She said and I heard her slurp and lick his cock, followed by his groaning. She said she was going to let him cum on her blouse. A minute later there was another shot of her cotton green blouse with a huge stain on it.

The phone rang again. ?Honey I know this was your fantasy but it has turned me on so much. I want? I want him to come inside of me. I might get pregnant. I don?t care. I want him to come inside of me so bad. I want him to own me totally? She said with a lust in her voice I had never heard before. ?But I will only do it if you say yes.? I knew what could happen. I knew this could ruin my life. But I had to say yes to her.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. They came in, she kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear ?Are you sure?? I told her yes. She had me take off her clothes, followed by his. ?I want you to get him hard.? She said looking at me. ?When he sticks it in me naked I want to know you got him up. Grab his cock and jerk it off. Come on!? I grabbed his dick and did so. ?Do a good job.? He said mockingly. ?I am going to come in your wife real deep.? He said. My wife got out her camera phone and snapped a picture of me obediently jerking off his cock. ?You want to see me take his naked cock in me? I want you to show your lack of manhood and suck on his first.? She said in a bitchy, slutty tone. ?Come on get on your knees and suck on it. Hmm! Maybe you need some motivation.? She said going to her purse. She got out her red lipstick and put it on my lips. Then she stood in front of him and let his cock come through between her legs so it looked like she had grown one of her own. She held it in her hand and told me to suck her cock.

I moved forward looking up at my wife, her nipples hard her face commanding. I kissed his cock, then stretching my mouth to its limits I took his cock into my mouth. ?That?s a good little slave, suck mommy?s cock deep.? She said as she snapped another picture with her camera phone. Then she held up his cock and had me lick the shaft. When it was rock hard she pushed me away saying I had liked it a bit too much, then she told him to lay down on the bed. He did so holding his cock high in the air.

Was she really going to do it? I wondered. It was too late now, and to my shame I did not want her to stop, despite the risks. I watched her get on the bed and squat down on that big black pole. It slid into her pussy with no rubber on. ?Shit that feels so much better.? She said to which he gave a contented moan. ?Oh yeah! Oh fuck!? my wife yelled as she slammed up and down on his shaft. ?I?m giving myself to the black man totally. Maybe he will knock me up with his cum!? She squealed. He reached up to play with her boobs and she in turn leaned down to kiss him. ?I?m coming. Ugh!? he yelled out and my wife?s pussy was flooded by his seed. She stood on top of him letting her pussy muscles milk every last drop out of him. When he was limp at last she got off of him and I watched his spunk drip out of her pussy. My wife was now truly his. They stood on the bed kissing. She reached over and grabbed his shaft in her hands and gave it a few pumps, then she ran her tits up and down the length of his cock, and it started to get hard again. I could not believe it.

Before I knew it, she was on her back with him on top pounding her. I could not believe her pussy was now easily taking that big shaft of his. They kissed deeply. ?Oh fuck this could be the load that knocks me up. I?m sorry honey I did not want to do this but you encouraged me.? After he shot his next load in her they kissed for a while, then he said he had to get dressed, before leaving he gave her his cell phone number.

After he had left my wife told me to get on the bed with her. My cock was feeling like it was going to burst. She told me to fuck her black used pussy. ?Does it feel bigger now? This is what you wanted right. And I still have a few surprises for you.? I stuck my cock in and it did feel looser and funky from all the other cum in it. She told me to hold still for a moment, she told me after I came I was going to lick her cunt clean.

To my shame after less than a minute of fucking I came in her harder than I ever had in my life. She got onto my face and I licked her nasty pussy as she told me things like; ?I wonder if he knocked me up.? And that she was going to have more black dick in the future.?

After we went home she could get me hard by just talking about the fact that this black stud might have knocked her up. Then came the pregnancy test, she was pregnant. But by whom? She did not want to know. I knew we had sex a few times before her interracial liaison but did he knock her up, or was it me?

During the first few months the sex was more wicked than ever, with her tormenting me. During the second and third trimester when sex might not be so safe she gave me blow jobs and hand jobs. Then she took out her surprise. On the camera phone she went to a picture showing her making out with two black men, she was topless, one was her stud, but who was the other one. The pictures must have been taken when she was out that afternoon. The next shot showed them both sucking her tits. I came like a horse as she teased me about what had gone on.

A few weeks later she decided to spice things up some more, mind you no woman had a hornier or more attentive husband during their third trimester. She showed me a picture of her jerking both studs off. And just when I thought it could not get any nastier she had yet another picture of her taking the unidentified stud?s cock in her all too willing mouth, while she jerked off her lover. She took such wicked delight in her new found power over me.

Well when the baby was born it was mine. For a few months we got used to being parents, then one night she asked me if I would like to see her give her black lover a treat. I asked what sort of treat and she squeezed some milk from her tits. ?Who knows, our son might have a black brother, from mommy?s bigger lover.? She said going back to sleep leaving me with a raging hard on.

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