A Wife's Revenge

Written by Spiccato / Apr 15, 2008



It was Saturday night, and my wife and I had come home from dinner and a movie. The movie was a romantic comedy, and often those get Michelle kind of fired up. And tonight, she'd not been able to keep her hands off me, fondling me to an erection as we watched the show, letting me get soft, then making me hard again. In the parking lot, we couldn't leave right away because she'd pulled my cock out and started going down on me. Just when I'd been about to cum, she'd stopped, promising me more when we got home.

"I'm getting so hot just thinking about last week," she said.

The week before we'd booked a hotel room, and together we'd fulfilled a fantasy I'd had for years - that we have a threesome. I'd wanted to have two girls at the same time ever since I was a teenager with my first girlfriend. Michelle and I were both in our early thirties, and married five years, and it had taken all of those five years to get her on board.

And so the week before I'd had the incredible pleasure of having sex with Michelle and another woman, an escort we'd found off the web. In fact,

Michelle had chosen the girl, a young woman barely out of her teens, a petite brunette with ample, natural breasts. Michelle and I had teamed up on the escort, the two of us undressing her, massaging her with oil, and then each of us taking a breast into our mouths when we turned her over.

Michelle had continued to work on the escort's breasts while I licked the girl to orgasm. Then I'd had the pleasure of watching the escort settle Michelle onto her back, take a breast in each hand, and start to suck on

Michelle's clit. In no time Michelle's hips were bucking up and down as she reached the loudest orgasm I'd ever seen her have, screaming in ecstasy as the escort shoved a finger into her cunt while sucking her clit, another finger snaking up Michelle's ass.

Michelle had agreed I could videotape the whole thing, and every night for the last week I'd masturbated to that video over and over again. Even thinking of the video made me rock hard.

Back at home in the bedroom, Michelle had me put the video on again, and we fast forwarded to the last part of the video, where I slipped on a rubber and fucked the escort, first up the ass and then in the cunt. The fuck went on a long time in various positions, and we finished in the missionary position, the small woman's legs over my shoulders as I pounded into her while my wife taped the whole thing.

As we watched the video, my wife gently stroked my rock-hard cock and tongued my ear.

"I'm so glad we finally fulfilled your fantasy," she said. "Now I feel better about my own fantasies. Will you play along with me tonight?"

Of course I would, and I told her has much. She went down on my, taking all of my six inches down her throat. I was just about to cum when she stopped.

"O.K., dear, but it might get pretty kinky. Promise to do whatever I want?"

I would have promised anything at that point, and I agreed without any hesitation at all. She started to tell me what she wanted, and so in no time I found myself out of bed, sitting on a chair with my legs and hands cuffed.

"I've always, always wanted to do this," Michelle said. "The idea of having you tied up is a huge turn on for me. Lick my pussy, sweetie!"

The chair was right next to the bed, and I had no trouble reaching her clit when she raised herself up before me on her knees. She was getting close to coming when suddenly the doorbell rang. I was surprised when she got off the bed.

"Oh Michelle who cares who it is?"

"I won't be a minute," she replied, throwing on a robe. I was uncomfortable with her answering the door with me tied up - suppose it was some wierdo or something. But I waited patiently, and Michelle was back in no time.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Edwardo," she replied.

"Who's he?" I asked - I'd never heard her mention me before.

"I'll introduce him - Edwardo, come on in and meet my husband."

"Who the FUCK is that?" I shouted, enraged as "Edwardo" strode into the room. He was about my height (just over 6 feet), in his mid-twenties, and obviously very physically fit.

"Now dear, don't make a fuss. Edwardo's here to give me a massage while you watch. It's part of my fantasy, and you did say you'd go along with whatever I wanted."

"Fuck that!" I screamed in a rage. "Get him the fuck out of my house

NOW! And while you're at it, get this goddamn cuffs off!"

But things didn't work out quite that way. Instead, Michelle opened a drawer, and pulled out this device - a rubber ball with straps attached. I started to ask her what the fuck she was doing with THAT, when I found out exactly what she was doing - gagging me. She told me to open my mouth for the gag. I refused, violently shaking my head from side to side. She grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it hard, and when I shouted in pain, she shoved the ball into my mouth, and then quickly tied the straps behind my head. Now I could only make incoherent angry noises.

"Dear, please don't be angry. This is my fantasy. We did yours last week, and now we're going to do mine. Edwardo's just going to massage me, that's all. And you're going to videotape it for us."

I wondered how in the hell I'd manage that, with my hands cuffed together, not that I would have voluntarily taped my wife with another man in any event. But Michelle was well-prepared. She pulled something else out of a drawer - a small video camera that she mounted on my head with straps.

"This video camera is meant for people who love sports - they use it while they're skiing and so on. But I think it will do just fine for taping a massage," she said. And in no time, the camera was strapped to my head. I was pretty uncomfortable - my hands cuffed, feet cuffed, incapable of speech. And now my wife wanted me to tape her being massaged by another man?

"Dear, please don't turn your head to the side," said Michelle. "I'd be really disappointed if you weren't properly taping what's going on. After all, I did a great job taping you FUCKING that goddamn WHORE, so you can damn well make sure that YOU tape me. GOT IT?" As she spoke these last few words, she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head backwards to the point where it was painful. She loosened her grip a bit, just enough to allow me to nod my head up and down, showing that I understood. And I did understand - Michelle was very, very angry about our little menage-a-trois the week before. Yes, she'd played along, and had even enjoyed parts of it. But fundamentally, she was jealous as hell that I'd fucked another woman. She was shaking with rage as she stared into my eyes, letting go only when she was quite sure that I understood what I was supposed to do.

Later when I watched the tape (and she often made me watch it), I realized that she'd started the recording as she put the camera on my head, and so when she grabbed my head and screamed at me, that was on tape, too. She looked damn scary.

But she calmed herself down, and asked Edwardo to step out of the room while she got ready for the massage. She undressed, hanging up her clothes neatly. To my relief, she kept her underwear on, although she did take off her bra. She lay face down on the bed and draped a towel over herself, and then called Edwardo to come back into the room.

"Are you ready for your massage," he said, his voice having a slight Spanish accent.

Michelle was ready, and without wasting any time, Edwardo started on her back after first squirting a generous portion of oil onto his strong hands.

He was on the farther side of the bed, and so I had a perfect view of my wife and of him as he moved his hands up and down her back. After a few minutes, he started concentrating on her shoulders and upper back. My wife was facing him, and so I couldn't quite catch what she was muttering, but obviously she was enjoying the rub. Gradually Edwardo moved down to her lower back, my wife moaning appreciatively at his skill. She always had liked being massaged, and I was always happy to oblige her. It bothered me intensely to be watching another man massage her and give her the kind of pleasure that until now had been only mine to give.

Now Edwardo moved down to Michelle's legs, giving her calves a good workout, followed by her feet. Michelle loved having her feet massaged, and told him as much. After a while, Edwardo started moving his hands back up her legs, and reached just under the towel wrapped around her waist.

"Madam is still wearing her underwear. Do you not want me to massage your behind?" he said, as he began to kneed her buttocks.

"No, that's o.k. you needn't ... oh that's soooo good yes Edwardo keep going that's just great!" With this encouragement, Edwardo kept on going.

"Madam will enjoy the experience more if her underwear is removed," he said. "Do not worry - I am a professional. We will leave your towel on and you will not be exposed." Michelle allowed herself to be talked into allow Edwardo to pull down her underwear. His voice had been calm and professional, with no hint of excitement, and indeed I am sure that to

Michelle, all seemed on the up and up. But after Edwardo had gently slid my wife's underwear down her legs and off her body, he turned to me with a smile, and let the panties dangle from his finger. He started laughing at me silently. I began to struggle hard at my cuffs, trying my best to warn

Michelle. But she only turned towards me telling me not to spoil everything and just to stay quiet. And so I had to sit there in silence.

Edwardo's hands were now on my wife's bare ass, she loving the attention. His hands wandered freely over her and after a while, she was practically purring under his touch.

"It is time for Madam to turn over," he said, smiling again at me in an obvious taunt.

Obediently, Michelle turned over, carefully keeping the towel over herself. But as Edwardo began to massage her arms, hands and shoulders, the towel gradually was brushed to one side, Michelle careless of the fact that her body was now fully exposed to another man. And she did have quite a body. She worked out regularly, and her 36C breasts were firm and unsagging. Her ass was tight, her skin flawless. And her nipples - FUCK, I thought to myself. Her nipples were rock-fucking hard. And it wasn't because of the room temperature. The bitch was turned on by what Edwardo was doing to her. Edwardo was now gently massaging her temples with one hand, his other tracing a line between her navel, gently moving up to my wife's neck, and then slowly back down.

Edwardo was wearing a track suit, and I could see his raging hard-on sticking out in front of him. I was glad he was only here to massage Michelle. The thought of him doing any more than that was ... unthinkable.

"Madam, I am getting uncomfortably warm in here. Would you mind if I took off my top?" Michelle did not mind, and Edwardo promptly unzipped the top of his track suit. I (and probably Michelle as well) was expecting he'd have on a t-shirt beneath, but his torso was bare. He was also very muscular. Not just muscular, but sculpted, like someone who made his living posing on the cover of men's health magazines. His abs were all clearly visible, his chest and shoulders equally well developed.

"WOW!" said Michelle. "I've never seen such a build. You're in fabulous shape!"

Edwardo thanked her for the compliment. "I'm glad you appreciate my physique. I work out two hours a day. My biceps are now almost eighteen inches around." Michelle expressed doubt about this. "If Madam tries to get both hands around my biceps, she will see that she cannot do so." He sat next to her on the bed, flexing him arm for her. At his invitation, she turned on her side towards him, and reach out both hands to feel his biceps.

"I can't believe you arms are so big and hard!" she said with open admiration. And indeed, she could not get her hands wrapped around his biceps. "What is this muscle called?" she asked, touching his triceps. He named it for her, and asked her if she would like him to tell her about some of the other muscles. She was interested, but instead of pointing to his muscles and telling her the names, he told her to lie down and he would identify the various muscles on her as he rubbed them. And so again Michelle was flat on her back, naked and moaning underneath the touch of another man.

He rubbed her quadriceps, explaining its function, and then moved on to her calf muscles. Then he began on her pectoral muscles.

"The pecs are used for pushing away from you," he explained. "In women, to some extent they also help to support the breasts. And does Madam mind if I say that your pectorals do a very good job in that regard? Your breasts are ample, and your pecs must be rather strong to support them so well." As he said this, he gently rubbed her chest muscles, coming dangerously close to her breasts as he did so.

"Thanks," said Michelle softly as he worked on her.

"There are muscles in your breasts, too, but they are very small," he explained.

"What do they do?" asked Michelle, her voice now getting rather husky.

"I would easily demonstrate, if you would like." Michelle nodded her head up and down in agreement, her eyes closed. Edwardo's "demonstration" consisted of extending his fingers and gently stroking her nipples with the tips of his fingers. Her nipples responded by growing even harder as Michelle moaned under his touch.

"The muscles surrounding the nipple help bring it to erectness when stimulated," he explained. "They respond even more to oral stimulation."

Michelle said nothing, and taking that as a yes, Edwardo lowered his head, and took into his mouth a juicy mouth-watering nipple, which until that instant, had been my exclusive property for the last five years.

Strangely, as the massage had continued, the rage had been gradually fading, and as it did so, my cock was hardening. As when Edwardo started to work on my wife's nipples, my penis became fully erect, a silent witness to my enjoyment of the pleasure my wife was receiving. I could feel myself blushing with shame. Edwardo looked over and noted my erection, and even though this humiliated me beyond words, my hard-on did not abate in the slightest.

I had been silent for some time now, and I thought perhaps my wife had almost forgotten about my presence. Certainly she gave no thought to me as she wrapped her hands around Edwardo's head, all pretense at only being massaged now abandoned as she thrust her chest up towards him. She moaned as he gently licked and sucked at each nipple in turn. Gradually her hands left his head as he moved downwards, his tongue tracing a warm, wet path to her navel, through her trimmed pubic hair, and finally, to her clitoris. She sucked in her breath sharply as he took her into his mouth.

"Oh yes that's sooo good yes!" she hissed. I looked over at her, and was shocked to see that her breasts, neck and upper chest were turning a bright red, a sure sign that she was experiencing great sexual pleasure.

Michelle had very pale skin, and the sexual flush when it came was readily apparent on her. Edwardo mouthed her leisurely for some time, letting her get close to orgasm, then letter her down. To my horror, he began to pull down his track pants, Michelle not noticing, as she writhed in ecstasy beneath him. Then he stopped tonguing her, and moved up the bed to lie beside her. Soon their mouths were locked, their arms around each other as they kissed passionately. He took her right hand in his left, and moved her hand down towards him. Her back was to me, but I knew instantly when she'd put her hand on his cock. She broke off their kiss, and exclaimed, "Edwardo! You are so big - let me see it!" There was great excitement in her voice. Edwardo lay on his back as my wife sat up, still blocking my view of him. She spoke admiringly of it - she'd not seen one that size before, and liked how hard it was and how it stayed tuck up against his belly. And now she started to move down the bed, getting into position between his legs. Then I saw him. Yes, it was impressive enough - I estimated it was about 8 inches long? a couple of inches longer than me. But what difference could a couple of inches make, I wondered.

The answer is quite a lot, for without any preamble, Michelle suddenly mounted him, placing the head of Edwardo's cock at her entrance as she straddled him. She fit the head of him inside her, and then gasped sharply as his first few partial thrusts opened her up. And then she plunged down, taking his entire length into her.

"Oh oh OH OH OH god oh god Edwardo you're so big oh fuck me oh god!" she moaned as she bounced up and down happily on his organ. She had never made sounds like this with me - the thrill in her voice as she implored him to fuck her - fuck her harder yes harder! And then Edwardo grabbed her ass and moved himself into a sitting position, her legs wrapped around him. He was in her to the hilt as their lips locked, Michelle struggling to slam herself onto his cock as he thrust back and forth.

Then he stood up off the bed, easily holding her with his hands on her ass, her arms around his neck. He moved his hips back and forth, and pulled her to him in time with his thrusts. Her 120 pounds were nothing to him. After fucking her this way for a while (during which I'm sure she had at least one orgasm), he placed her back on the bed, and started to fuck her in earnest in the missionary position.

I had noticed when Edwardo had first walked in the room that he resembled me somewhat? same height, same hair color, roughly the same build (although he was in far better shape). And now a horrible thought entered my head. My wife and I had been trying to have children for a few years, but no luck. The doctors said I had a low sperm count. Not so low that there was no hope, but low enough that they said it would be difficult for Michelle to get pregnant by me. They'd recommend that during my wife's fertile period, that we fuck repeatedly. The year before my wife had finally become pregnant, but she'd miscarried only a few weeks into the pregnancy. And since then, nothing. This weekend my wife was in her most fertile time, and here she was, flat on her back as another man pounded his rock-hard cock in her.

Michelle was now grunting in time to his thrusts, not able to really speak because her mouth was on Edwardo's shoulder. Then her head fell back onto the bed, and I could see that she'd been biting him in her passion.

Edwardo cared not at all, continuing his piston-like thrusts into her petite frame.

"Michelle are you ready for me? I'm going to fuck you hard, and cum in you!" he said.

"Yes oh yes Edwardo fuck me, cum in me cum in me oh YES YES like that oh YES!!!" Michelle's body began to spasm as his cock stabbed repeatedly at her G-spot, and now she screamed with the joy of him. I could tell he was cumming, lingering inside her a bit longer at the end of each thrust, his pace gradually slowing. Eventually he stopped, and they lay together, him on top of her, gently touching each other's faces. I knew by then that

Michelle had not planned that this would be just a massage. She'd gone out of her way to choose a man who looked like me, so that when she became pregnant by him, the child would resemble me enough to be accepted by others as my own. I suppose I should have been grateful for that much at least, but instead I felt desolated. Yes, she had a right to a child. But we could have gone to a sperm donor clinic instead. We'd even talked about this, but that was before I'd stupidly fucked an escort while my wife watched. I realized that she'd gone along with my fantasy just so that she'd feel justified in fucking another man and trying to become pregnant by him. The realization was painful to me, and my erection had disappeared. As Edwardo had been reaching the pinnacle, firing off repeated blasts of sperm into my wife, my own cock had shrunk to the point where it looked like a toy compared to his.

Finally the two separated. They whispered a few words to each other, and then headed to the bathroom, and then I heard the sound of the shower running. I think they showered together, and I heard them laughing at times. I heard other things as well, including the unmistakable sound of Michelle having another orgasm. Eventually the water stopped running. I was relieved - it was finally over. Edwardo could leave, Michelle could undo the cuffs, and I could head for the basement to cry myself to sleep.

The two of them headed back into the bedroom, drying themselves off.

"Honey," said Michelle, "I'll take the camera off you now, and undo the gag too, but you've got to promise not to start saying things or anything - be nice, o.k.?" I nodded my head meekly. I had been cowed by the experience, too unmanned to experience anger. And so Michelle removed the camera, and undid the ball gag. It was a relief to get it out of my mouth at last.

Michelle went to the dresser drawer, and put the gag away. But instead of putting the camera away, I was very surprised to see her put it on her own head. I supposed she wanted to make some more video of her and Edwardo.

"Your husband was very excited by watching us," said Edwardo.

"I know," Michelle replied. "He was hard as a rock - not as hard as you, but as hard as he gets. But he's soft, now. I wonder if we can get him hard again?" she asked...

Edwardo approached me, and with easy lifted me from the chair and lay me on the bed. I hated being moved around like this by him, helpless, but it seemed that Michelle was going to go to work on me, and perhaps her fucking me in Edwardo's presence would restore something of my shattered ego - if I could make her orgasm as he did, at least I wouldn't feel like such a loser.

Michelle got onto the bed beside me, and started to kiss me.

"We're going to make you really happy now, sweetie. Let's finish that blow job that was interrupted when Edwardo arrived, shall we?" I nodded in agreement.

"O.K.," said my wife to Edwardo. "You can get started." And Edwardo lay down between my legs, and to my shock took my limp cock into his waiting mouth.

I tried to tell my wife I didn't want this, but she smother my cries with her lips, kissing me passionately. She stopped the kiss, only to place an eager nipple to my mouth, ordering me to suckle her. I complied, not wanting to anger her, but I was sure that Edwardo could not make me erect. I knew my own sexuality pretty well - I'd never been interested in guys, and had never been bi-curious.

But my cock had a different view of things, and as Michelle moved off of me, I had a clear view of my flaccid penis starting gradually to harden under Edwardo's touch as he slowly bobbed his head up and down. Some months later Michelle confessed to me that earlier that evening, she'd put a ground-up Cialis pill in my drink at dinner, thinking correctly that this might help me respond when Edwardo started to work on me. Now such things are unnecessary, and my wife has trained me to accept pleasure from a man, but for this first time, it was a sensible thing for her to do, for when Edwardo's tongue and mouth made me rock-hard, I assumed that it was my own body betraying me, and not the effects of an erection-inducing chemical in my bloodstream. And so blood rushed to my cock, engorging it, and at the same time, my face turned beet-red with shame - I saw this clearly later on the video my wife showed me.

Edwardo continued to fellate me for a while, until my wife touched his shoulder and asked him to stop. She left the room for a while, leaving me with Edwardo.

"Why is she doing this to me," I asked, although by this point I knew the answer.

"When she hired me she told me how angry she was with you about the escort you fucked. And she was also unhappy that the girl was able to make her cum - it caused your wife to question her own sexuality - she was very comfortable That's why she's paying me to suck your cock - so that things are even between you two."

I thought this over for a minute. My wife had been gone for a while, and I asked whether he knew why.

"She's putting the video onto your computer, and then uploading it to a secure web location."

"What the fuck for?" I asked.

"Well, it's like this. She figures you'll be more co-operative if you know that a video of you enjoying a blowjob from a guy is out there ready to be posted to the web."

My wife had figured right. There was no fucking way I would allow such a video to be posted, if there was any way I could prevent it. Damn.

Michelle walked back into the room.

"I heard Edwardo explaining that I was saving the video, and why," she said, as she reattached the video camera to her head using straps. "You understand that I would like you to be just as co-operative with me as I was with you?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Good. Edwardo, stand by the bed. My husband is going to suck your cock." Edwardo helped me up into a sitting position, and as my wife undid my handcuffs, he got up. "I assume this is the first blowjob you will give. Please be careful not to use your teeth."

There was no question of non-compliance, and with my handcuffs off I settled back onto the bed. Edwardo took hold of my hair, none to gently, and moved me forwards towards his cock.

"You have to open your mouth, dear, if you're going to suck his cock," said my wife. I did as ordered, and Edwardo placed the head of his cock on my lower lip. Closing my eyes, I bowed to the inevitable, and took the tip of his penis into my mouth. He immediately moved forward slightly, and all of the head of his penis was inside me, nestled on my tongue. Soon he began to swell, and my mouth began to swell for the first time with hard cock. He continued to hold my head still by clutching my hair, gently moving the tip of his cock in and out of my mouth. I was lying on my side, Edwardo standing in front of me fucking my face. With his right hand, he began gently to stroke me, and soon I too was hard. I couldn't believe that I was getting turned on by this - it just wasn't possible. And yet my cock was really enjoying his attention, and Edwardo took advantage of the distraction and the rising lust in me to begin giving me more of his cock.

I wasn't able to take more than a few inches without gagging. Edwardo gasped when I accidentally nipped him.

"No teeth - be careful!" he reminded me. He removed himself for a bit to give my mouth a rest, instructing me to lick him instead. I tongued his cock like a lollipop, and I was surprised to find that I was enjoying the experience. After a while, Edwardo told me to lie across the bed on my back, with my hand off the side. So now I was looking at him with my head upside down. He told me that I'd find it easier to suck him in this position - and he was right. He wasn't able to get anything like his full length into me, but I was taking at least half of it. And now Michelle was sucking on my cock while I sucked Edwardo's.

"You're doing so well, honey - I'm really proud of you!" she said when she came up for air. Strangely, I was pleased with the compliment, and started moving my head back and forth more vigorously on Edwardo. He obviously was enjoying it, judging by his moans. After a while, he pulled himself from my mouth, and told me to kneel upright on the bed. My feet were still cuffed, and so I needed a bit of help. Once I was in position, Edwardo got onto the bed, standing before me, and now I really went to work on him. Suddenly, his body went rigid.

"Get ready - I'm going to cum!"

Now I had not thought he would do this to me, and I tried to pull back. But he grabbed my hair again, and there was Michelle right beside me.

"I really want to get this cumshot, so please - just go with it," she said. I knew I had no choice, and so I remained motionless as Edwardo's mouthfucking of me continued - but only for a few seconds before the first blast of cum shot straight down my throat. Another quickly followed, and then he pulled my head off of him, shooting more cum on my face. He then started fucking my mouth again, making me swallow still more of his cum.

Michelle was right next to me as this happened, the camera strapped to her head catching every detail. When Edwardo finally finished, he went to the bathroom, returning with a warm, wet towel to clean both of us off. During this interval, my wife disappeared for a while. I knew what she was doing, and when she returned, it really wasn't necessary for Michelle to tell me that she had just uploaded the video of my receiving a facial. "So you see, dear, the situation is very simple. The first video showed you receiving a blowjob. The second is far worse - if that goes on the web, everyone will know you're a cum swallower. I think you'll agree that it's safe to take off the cuffs on your ankles now - there's no way you'll fail to co-operate, is there?"

No, there was not. I was pretty discouraged by this point. My wife had me by the balls, no question about it. But that was ok, because she explained that all I had to do at this point was enjoy a nice massage on camera from both her and Edwardo. And so I lay down on the bed, almost contentedly, and let the two of them give me a wonderful massage that seemed to go on forever. One of them - I'm not sure which because I was on my stomach - poured a generous amount of oil onto my ass, and worked a finger or two up my ass. I'd never had that done to me before, and I was surprised at how wonderful it felt. After a while, my wife got off the bed and opened her dresser drawer again.

"Dear, I think a butt plug is just the thing for you. What do you think?"

"What ever you say, Michelle."

That's exactly what my wife wanted to hear, and soon I found my back passage filled with a well-oiled butt plug, the first of many objects she has since inserted in me. It remained firmly in place while the message continued for a long time.

"OK," said my wife. "That's enough - I know you're ready, and I think

Edwardo's ready too - are you, Edwardo?"

"Yes, I'm getting hard again," he replied. "You can turn over now," he said to me. I was afraid of what was coming, but any thought of resistance was long gone, and I meekly complied, turning over onto my back. Edwardo was on his knees at the foot of the bed, his penis rock-hard yet again. And he was moving my legs apart. Shit! He was going to fuck me!

"Michelle, please don't let him do this to me - I beg you. Please. I don't want this."

"I know you don't, dear, but I didn't want to have sex with that goddamn prostitute that you invited into our marriage bed, after nagging me about it for years. So, DEAR, you're going to do me a favor and let Edwardo fuck you up the ass. Unless you'd rather fuck him up the ass. Do you think you could do that?"

The truth was that I didn't think I could. The idea of fucking Edwardo didn't do a thing for me - I didn't think I could remain hard. I shook my head to indicate no, and remained mute and meek as Edward moved closer to me and pulled out the butt plug. It was quickly replaced by his cock. The butt plug had felt huge, but it was nothing compared to the real thing.

Edwardo told me how to take his cock - to squeeze tight, and then to relax, and as I relaxed, he got the head into me. A few more squeezes and relaxations, and he was deep inside me, fucking me with quick, short strokes.

I learned later that the prostate gland loves the sensation of a hard cock rubbing it, but at the time I had no idea why I loved being fuck so much. In no time I had raised my legs, pulling my heels level with my ass to open myself further, luxuriating in the feeling of being fucked. Yes, my first fuck hurt, but it was also wonderful, and my cock too got hard as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fuck.

"You like that, dear, don't you?" asked Michelle. "Tell me what it feels like!"

"It's so good, being fucked!" I replied, not giving a damn that what I said was being recorded on video.

Fortunately, Edwardo didn't go on too long - he must have known that it would be too painful for me. So he quickened his pace, and at the same time, started to jack me off. Now I'd been in a state of sexual tension the entire night, and I was by now desperate to cum. It was a great relief to feel his well-oiled hand sliding up and down my pole, while at the same time his well-oiled cock thrust in and out of my ass. Suddenly I started to cum in great spurts, and this was the signal for Edwardo to pull out of my ass, holding his cock against mine as he now used both his hands to jack us both off, the cum streaming out of us in unison, mingling in a pool on my stomach.

That was eight months ago. My wife is now heavily pregnant with Edwardo's child. I have learned to accept this, and also that I am, for all intents and purposes, my wife's sex slave. It kind of sucks sometimes - I hate having always to do her bidding. But sometimes it's great, when she invites Edwardo over just to watch him fuck me - I've learned to like it and I look forward to it now.
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