Reception BBC

Written by Nancy's hubby / Apr 24, 2008


RECEPTION BBC By Nancy's hubby

My wife and I attended a wedding of a nephew in Miami at the Doral Hotel and Spa. The day of the wedding the guys all played golf and the girls spent the afternoon at the spa. By the time the wedding came around the wife was feeling and looking good from the massage facials and other pampering she received at the spa. The wedding was outside and the reception was at the championship pavilion on the golf course. There was good food, open bar and a great band. Nancy really let loose and by eleven AM she was feeling no pain.

In the band there were two black guys Anthony the horn player and Travis the drummer. During the breaks the two guys were chatting up and flirting with some of the ladies, as they were in line at the bar. Nancy was no exception but in a playful mood and with her inhabitations down from the alcohol she flirted back big time. During one of the breaks we walked outside and several members of the band were smoking pot off in the corner of the patio. Travis offered Nancy some and she took several hits from the blunt. I knew from past experience that pot makes Nancy horny as hell and it wouldn?t take much to have her back at the room being a slut. I tease her as about answering the rsvp for the reception. It asked if the attendees wanted chicken or fish. I asked if she chose chicken and asked for Dark Meat. She elbowed me and said,? you wish.?

About one AM the reception was winding down and as the band was packing up. I said to Nancy that I thought Travis was really in to the white ladies at the reception and went on to say that he seemed to especially like her. I asked if she would like to ask him back to our room for a ?nightcap? and it surprised to me, she said yes. As a matter of fact she said, she would ask him herself. (We had often role played about her and a black guy) She asked that I give her and Travis a little time to get acquainted before I came to the room and I said OK.

Travis was going out the door when she grabbed him. I saw her whisper something to him. He hesitated for a second then a big smile came over his face. You could see he said, ?I?ll be right back?. He walked over to Anthony they had a brief conversation. Then he walked back to Nancy and they walked out together. She glanced over her shoulder and gave me a little wink and a smile.

Since the open bar was closed, I went to the bar in the hotel and ordered another drink. After several minutes Anthony walked into the bar. I bought him and drink and he said he and Travis were riding together, so he was just hanging out waiting for him.

After about fifteen minutes I suggested we go to the room a see what was going on. As we entered the room we could see the light from the bathroom was on and the door was half open. There lying on the bed was Nancy and Travis locked in a deep kiss. Travis had his shirt and shoes off. Nancy?s dress was on the floor and she was wearing a light blue bra and panties set. Her thigh high stockings and heels were still on.

Travis was a big guy, maybe six foot three or so, lean but very muscular and very dark. My wife on the other hand was barely five six, blond and very fair skinned. The sight of them on the bed in an embrace, kissing, their hand exploring each other?s body gave me and instant hard on. Anthony and I still had our drinks in hand so we both took a seat in a sitting area by the bed. We watched as Travis unhooked my wife?s bra, degraded it and began to kiss and suck on her full white breasts. His hands kneaded them like they were bread dough, as he kissed and sucked on them. Her nipples went from large pink silver dollar size to small dark with eraser size tips. His hand then traced down her body until it reached her legs. I could see her spread her legs slightly to allow Travis access to her pussy. He pushed her panties aside and his finger massaged her clit for several seconds, and then disappeared inside the folds of her pussy. As it did my wife drew her legs up and arched he back to meet his hand. Travis finger fucked my wife, as he was kissing her, for several minutes. From the moaning and breathing coming from my wife I knew she was near her first orgasm. Travis was an expert lover and brought her right to the brink several times then let relax back into a state of euphoria.

My wife?s hand was massaging the bulge in Travis?s pants and as he pulled away slightly to allow her to come down, she began tugging at his belt. Travis got up and stood by the side of the bed. He unfastened his belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. My wife was transfixed at the large bulge in the front of his briefs. She was glassy eyed from the alcohol, pot and sexual tension that Travis had provided. Travis hooked his thumb in the waistband of his briefs and slowly pulled them down. As the elastic cleared his cock, a smile was apparent on my wife?s face.

For the first time she saw Travis?s uncut manhood. He kicked the brief aside, stood in front of my wife, pulled his foreskin back as he stroked his cock. A drop of precum formed on the head of his cock and Travis used his finger, to moisten the end of his cock with the precum.

I saw my wife raise her butt off the bed and tug at her underwear. Travis reached down and pealed Nancy?s panties off and tossed them to Anthony. As she relaxed back down on the bed, her feet came up as far as they could on the bed and her with her legs spread farther apart. Nancy?s pussy was now exposed and available to Travis. She reached her hands toward Travis in a gesture welcoming him to her married white body. As he positioned himself between her legs, I saw Nancy?s reach down, take Travis?s black cock in her hand. She skinned back the foreskin and rubbed it up and down the lips of her pussy. Travis placed his arms under my wife legs and raised them over his shoulders. I noticed that my wife?s fingers could not encircle his black cock as she guided the swollen bulbous head into her pussy. As the head pierced past her inner lips, I could hear my wife moan as air escaped her lungs. Travis pushed several inches into her pussy and began to withdraw, allowing my wife?s pussy to adjust to his size. As he withdrew the lips of her pussy was pulled out by the skin-to-skin friction of his large black cock against the walls of her tight white pussy. The sight of their coupling was intoxicating and I unconsciously unzipped my fly and started stroking my cock.

When Travis pushed forward again my wife turned lose of his cock and wrapping her arms around his back pulled him into her. I heard her say?Oh fuck yes? as he stretched her pussy walls again working half of his cock into her. He took several more minutes his back cock exploring new depths of her married white pussy, until he was all the way in. He paused to get a better position. Rising up on his elbows and knees he started a rhythmic assault with his black cock. Thrusting all the way in until his loose balls slapped on my wife?s asshole. Then withdrawing until just the head of his fat cock as in side her.

It wasn?t long before my wife had her first orgasm. Panting and short of breath I heard the unmistakable sounds as the first contractions of her pussy caused her to squirt. She had no time for her usual embarrassment when she squirts as Travis continued his mission to fill my sweet wife with his cum. Each time as he thrust in again there was the sound of wet skin slapping against skin. Travis continued until my wife was about to have a second orgasm. I could see that his balls were no longer hanging loose and there was wet white liquid on the base of Travis?s cock as he withdrew from her pussy. After some time had passed his nut sack had tightened up into a large knot about as big as my closed fist.

As she went over the edge for the second time, and the muscles of her pussy contracted around his black cock, I heard him groan. His nut sack now tight against the base of his cock, he plunged all the way in and I could see his sphincter muscles pulsating as he flooded my wife?s womb with his cum. Her arms were now flung back on the bed as she orgasmed. When she realized that his cum was spilling into her, she thrust her pelvis to meet his and grabbed him by the butt cheeks pulling him into her, her nails digging into his skin. The tip of his black cock was delivering black seed to the opening of her cervix.

At the same time I shot my load on to the carpet in front of my chair. They were frozen in that position for what seemed like a long time. I heard Travis say, ?Damn that?s good pussy? and my wife exclaim, ? Oh shit.? As Travis collapsed and slid off of my wife onto his knees, then out of bed, I could see a large glob of cum oozing out of my wife?s pussy. Her inner lips moist, and red from being fucked. Her clit still engorged with blood.

In my excited state I had lost track of what Anthony was doing and when I looked he was nude except for his socks. He too was stroking his cock, (not as big as Travis?s but still bigger than mine) while smelling my wife?s panties. I heard Travis say, ?next? and Anthony climbed between my wife legs. His cock was cut almost as long but definitely not as fat as Travis?s. He slipped into her with ease and began thrusting into Nancy?s cunt. Before long my wife had her third orgasm and Anthony too emptied his balls into my wife, flooding her pussy for a second time with black seed.

Both Travis and Anthony dressed and gave my wife a kiss goodbye, as she played with her pussy in the after glow. They left the hotel room and as they closed the door my wife called me to the bed. Having had just cum a few minutes ago my dick was limp. I kissed her and told her I loved her, as I sucked her sensitive breasts. I felt the hair above her pussy it was wet and matted with her black lovers cum. As I lay there beside her she was trying to coax a hard on back to my cock with her hand. She swung around and took my cock into her mouth, kissing and caressing it with her lips. Her pussy was now only inches from my face and I could smell to pungent aroma of her couplings with Travis and Anthony. She brought one leg up and I could see her pussy stretched open, her inner lips red, and her clit still half engorged. I bent my head between her legs, kissed her pussy then used my tongue to taste the sweet and salty nectar of the night. After several more minutes passed I was hard again. She flipped around, mounted me and we rode each other to mutual orgasms.

We slept until noon the next day, showered, packed and headed for home, where Nancy is a PTA / soccer mom mother of three, with a black cock memory that brings a smile to her face when she thinks about it.
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