The Blacking Of My Middle Aged Wife

Written by Northern boy / Apr 30, 2008



Leon was now my wife?s black master and spent most of his free time at our home servicing her in the way only a black man can service a white woman.

I was now becoming accustomed to coming home and hearing the cries of passion and screams coming from our bedroom. I knew as I climbed the stairs that they were coming from my wife Pauline. Sometimes she was spread legs wide open on our bed and other times she was bent over it her big heavy tits swinging as Leon pumped hard into her. I walked slowly across the room and sat on the chair in the corner of our bedroom. I never tired of watching her trying to open her legs wider and wider to accommodate Leon?s huge black cock into her now well stretched cunt. Leon would talk to her saying ?open your legs wider slut, I want to go deeper?. My wife would respond by attempting to spread more as he slowly sank deeper into her depths, bringing more gasps and cries from her.

Usually he would finish by cumming deep into her but other times he would pull out and I was treated to the sight of my wife being tit fucked. Leon said he loved to fuck her big white tits and he did so vigorously making his big black cock almost disappear into the huge valley between them.

I would watch in awe as he stopped tit fucking her and putting his hands behind her head would pull her into him so he could face fuck my wife.

My wife tried as best as she could to swallow his black cock deeper.

I felt so proud of her as it was now noticeable that she was starting to be able to suck him deeper into her throat. A far cry from the first time when she had gagged so much with only 5 inches of his black cock in her throat.

Her cock sucking skills were not the only noticeable change about her. Since that first night she now no longer wore bras, Leon had told her to get rid of them as he wanted her tits free at all times. I could see her big tits were now hanging a little lower and had no doubts that they would go lower still in the months to come.

She was now wearing stockings and garter belts all the time with a variety of high heels depending on where she was at the time. At her work she would wear 3? heels but at home or if out with Leon they varied from 4? to 5? in height.

Her work attire was sensible , a just below the knee skirt and a blouse and jacket. Whilst it was noticeable when she took the jacket of how her large tits swayed and bobbled as she walked, no one could have guessed what was underneath the sensible skirt. Indeed there were days when she was even pantiless beneath it.

Leon has banned her from shaving or trimming her cunt hair so now she has an even bigger bush than she had before. When she wears panties it noticeably pushes out against them and shows a deep black shadow.

At home he has commanded that she now rarely wears anything other than stockings, garter belt and heels so as to be ready for him at all times to slip into. On one occasion he told her to answer the doorbell and to my surprise with no protest she walked over and opened the door. Stood there was our local postman who incidentally is black. He had a letter to be signed for and whilst she was doing this Leon got up and went to the door. They greeted each other like old friends and I saw the postie smile at him and wink, whilst all the time my wife was standing there bared before them. The postman commented to Leon that he had always thought she had big tits and it was good to see now for himself just how big they were. ?She certainly has go ahead and have a feel? said Leon and I looked on as he reached in and took one of my wife?s tits into his hands.? Jesus their big and heavy , just made to be tit fucked ? he told Leon. ? She is built for black cock . That brought a laugh from both of them and a smile to my wife?s face. I knew then that she had become his black cock whore and life as they say would never be the same again.

My wife had completely changed from the quiet middle aged wife and mother into this white woman who not only wanted but needed black cock at every opportunity. Pauline appeared to now be very contented with her body and was happy to show it to whoever her new black master told her to.

At night whenever he was here I had to sleep in the little bed room and was often awoken during the night to the sounds of my wife?s cries of passion as she was ridden hard.

Pauline had told me that I would no longer be allowed to fuck her, which to be honest was no surprise. Further more I doubted she would even feel me in her now she had been stretched by black cock. However provided I wore at all times a black condom she would from time to time toss my cock off if I had behaved myself. I had hoped to be allowed to tit fuck her as I had enjoyed seeing my cock getting lost between her huge tits . My wife smiled and informed me her tits as the rest of her body was now only for black use and so it was not to be.

I had often wondered if the things I?d read about white women never going back after taking black were true. Fact is I thought they were probably exaggerated and untrue. How wrong I was as here now before my own eyes I was seeing what a black man could do to a white wife. Just how she would not only change but would willingly do so and was prepared to do anything to please him.
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