My Wife's Private Poker Party

Written by Liz Chessy / May 8, 2008



We held our annual summer party at our house last July complete with family and friends and of course plenty of games, food and alcohol. But unlike the previous parties, this one ended a little differently from the rest, especially for my wife Liz. At around midnight, most of our guests had departed with only a couple of stragglers left behind. They happen to be two of my relatives, my brother, Bill, and my uncle, Tom. They were still downstairs in our game room playing poker. They were intense card players who were playing with real money and at this point in the evening, completely drunk. We let them stay as long as they wanted, to make sure they finished up their game. It usually ended when one of them lost all of their money or one of them passed out at the table.

I was up in the den organizing some bills and my wife went downstairs to see if they were almost finished. We have an intercom system in our house, so a few minutes earlier, I had called down to them to see if they needed anything. Bill answered and said that everything was cool. After that response, he accidentally left the speaker in the 'on' position so unfortunately, I could hear them laughing and yelling after every hand. I almost got up to tell them to shut it off when I heard my wife arrive downstairs.

Liz spoke up, "Hey guys, it's getting late. How long does it take for one of you to go broke?" They just laughed and then Uncle Tom said, "Honey, why don't you pull up a chair and we'll deal you in?" My wife answered, "No way. I can't compete with you guys. You'll clean me out. You guys are pros." My brother said, "C'mon Liz. If you want we could change the rules a bit to make it easier for you to beat us." My wife asked, "What kind of rule changes are we talking about?" Bill responded, "Well, if you don't want to lose any money then we could play for something else like for example, your clothing!" My wife just laughed and said, "You're a fucking riot, Bill. Let's be serious." He replied, "I am serious." She then shot back, "Strip poker?" Bill replied, "C'mon, have a little fun with us. We're the last ones here and it would be a great way to wrap up the night!" My wife said, "I'm not sure about this. What if your brother comes down here?" He answered, "He can play too if he wants. C'mon, you'll have a good time. Besides, we're all family here, aren't we?" She finally agreed, "Ok. But only a couple hands then I have to get back to some cleaning." Wow, my wife was going to play strip poker with my uncle and my brother. I had to see this for myself. I bolted out of the den and quietly crept down the stairs and stopped halfway and hid behind the jackets that were on the railing. Fortunately for me, the lights above the staircase were off, so they could not see me spying on their little card party. I got there just in time as the cards being dealt.

My brother Bill was a year older than me, but slightly shorter than me and in pretty good shape. My Uncle Tom was turning 50 this year and was very tall. I am guessing he was somewhere close to 6'4" and he had a bit of a beer gut. Bill and Uncle Tom were both wearing shorts and tee shirts that night. My wife had on a strapless low-cut shirt that showed some cleavage and a very small miniskirt. My wife was a pretty good card player but I knew she was no match for these two card sharks. I feared she could be naked in four hands.

My uncle started off as the dealer and everyone gulped down a shot of vodka before looking at their cards. My brother announced, "Here are the rules. We are playing 5 card draw. If you win, you get to ask someone to remove one piece of clothing. Shoes and socks don't count. If you run out of clothes, then you can either quit or play on with other rules." Everyone agreed and they looked at their cards. My wife took 3 new cards and my uncle and my brother took none. Bill said, "All right, lay your cards down." My wife looked down and yelled, "Yes, I win with 1 pair." That looked suspicious to me as it seemed like they threw the first round to my wife for some reason. She looked right at Bill and said, "Bill, let me have that shirt!" Bill took off his shirt and tossed it to her. Bill's chest was now exposed for everyone to see and he definitely trimmed up a bit since the last time I saw him. He traded his little beer belly for a six pack of abs. My wife seemed very pleased that she won round 1.

They seemed to pull the same stunt on the second hand as my wife won again. She asked my uncle for his shirt. After he took it off, his large beer belly rolled out. It did not look like he had hit the gym in quite sometime. My wife accepted the shirt, smiled and said, "Are you boys getting a little chilly yet?" The cards were then dealt again and this time all three players took cards. After everyone revealed their cards, my brother yelled, "Three of a kind, baby! I win this time. Ok, Liz, let me have your shirt." My wife smiled, stood up and gave them a striptease by slowly took off her shirt. Underneath, she had on a white strapless, push-up bra that accentuated her 34C breasts. Both of the guys clapped and cheered as she twirled the shirt in the air and then threw it over to my brother. They both continued to stare at her chest as the cards were dealt again.

The next round went to my uncle and he turned to my wife and spoke in a southern drawl, "Honey, I want that teenie miniskirt of yours, please." Liz spoke up, "This sucks. You guys are ganging up on me!" She stood up and slowly lowered her skirt. As she bent over, she intentionally gave them a great shot of her cleavage as she removed the skirt to expose her white thong panties. They again clapped as she twirled the skirt in the air and threw it at my uncle.

Liz then piped up, "I need a fucking win here. Give me some good cards!" My uncle smiled and dealt the cards and they each took a couple of new ones. When the cards were laid down, my uncle yelled, "I win again! Hmmm, who should I choose?" He pointed at my wife and said, "Darling, I'm going to have to ask you for that little bra of yours, please." My wife hesitated and my uncle held out his hand and said, "Um, rules are rules." She swore and stood up and unhooked her bra and whipped it at him as her tits flopped about. She shook her boobs at them and yelled, "Get a good look, boys!". Both of the guys laughed and stared at my wife's tits as she sat down. My brother said, "Nice rack!" My wife just said, "Let me deal. I think you boys are cheating!" She took the cards and dealt them. After everyone showed their cards, my wife yelled, "Yes! I fucking won. Bill, give me those fucking shorts!" He stood up and took them off and he must have stared at my wife's exposed tits too long because he had a bulge in his boxers. She said, "Little excited there, Bill?" Both Liz and Uncle Tom laughed as my brother sat down seemingly embarrassed by the small tent that appeared in his lap.

The next round of cards was dealt and remarkably, my wife won again. She looked at my brother and yelled, "Time to hand me those boxers, Bill!" He pointed at Uncle Tom and said to her, "Hey, why don't you take his shorts? I'm already down to my boxers!" She quickly yelled back at him, "I get to choose anyone I want. Those are the rules. So hand them over!" My brother seemed a bit pissed but he got up and lowered his boxers and his dick suddenly sprang to attention like a teenager. My wife had a big smile on her face as she stared at his unit, which was about 8 inches in length and probably about an inch thick. She said, "Very nice piece you got there. Too bad you're almost out of the game!" Bill sat back down and took over dealing the cards.

Ironically, Bill ended up winning the next hand and looked over at Liz and said, "Payback is a bitch. Now give me that thong!" My wife's smile disappeared as she reluctantly stood up and slowly lowered her thong and whipped it at him. He caught it and immediately put it to his nose and said, "Very nice scent you got here." Both of the guys erupted in laughter as my wife flipped them the bird and sat back down.

After the cards were dealt, and my brother won again. He looked at my naked wife and said, "Well, Liz. Since you are out of clothing, I will give you two choices. You could either quit like a baby or continue playing." My wife had a confused look on her face and replied, "How can I continue playing if I do not have any clothes?" My brother smiled and said, "This is where the new rules kick in. Do you or do you not want to play some more?" She replied, "I guess. What do I have to do?" He seemed very excited at her response and said, "I would like you to come over here and stroke my cock for 30 seconds." She smiled and said, "Really now. That's it. I think I can do that." I was stunned as she stood up and spit on her hands, knelt down and started stroking his cock up and down. My brother closed his eyes and breathed slowly. My wife stopped after counting to 30 and then sat back down.

It was my uncle's turn to deal and after the cards were laid, he said, "I believe that is a win for the old guy. I'm sorry honey, but I must choose you again." My wife spoke up, "All right, what do I need to do now?" He replied, "I think I will raise Bill's bid a bit. I would like you to come over here and suck on my southern dick for 30 seconds." My wife put her hands on her hips and said, "Wait a minute! You still have boxers on...." My uncle cut her off and said, "Sorry, honey. I believe I won that last hand. Those are the rules. So how about it?" She reluctantly agreed, and my uncle pulled his boxers off and out popped his massive cock. It was easily 9 inches long and incredibly thick. My wife closed her eyes as she inserted the tip into her mouth. She proceeded very slowly, taking in only the tip and maybe an additional inch of that rod, before coming back up for air. She repeated this for 30 seconds and then stopped. My uncle seemed disappointed that the time ended so quickly but softly said, "Much obliged, ma'am."

My brother grabbed the deck and dealt the next hand. He yelled out "Yes!" and pumped his fist when he saw that he won the hand. He pointed directly at Liz and said, "I choose you Liz." She retorted back at him, "Wow, big surprise on that one!" He said, "I, of course must up the ante once again. I would like you to come over here and give me a full blow job till I cream." My wife put her hands on her hips again, but this time I noticed a bit of a smirk on her face. She did not say anything as she got up and knelt down and grabbed a hold of his cock. Her tits were lying comfortably on his lap as she went to work. She started at his balls and slowly tongued her way to his tip and then proceeded to insert about four inches of it into her mouth. Bill started squirming in his chair. She continued to take in more and more of his cock on every downward motion. All of a sudden she managed to throat his entire member and held it there for a second while my brother grabbed the top of her head and said, "Awww, fuck. Awww shit!" She was going really fast now and my brother pushed down on her head to help direct his throbbing cock to the back of her throat. He yelled, "Oh fuck. You'd better stop! Please, stop!" She ignored him and only went faster making his cock disappear and reappear on every cycle. Finally he yelled, "Ahhhh! Fucckkk!" and at that point he must have let it go as she retreated about half way up his shaft to swallow the first wave of his hot load. I then noticed some cum leaking out of her mouth and down the side of his pulsating cock. After my brother stopped spewing, my wife took used her tongue to slurp up the spilled liquid. She then stood up and look at my brother's face and stuck out her tongue which still had some semen on it. She then gulped it down and smiled before returning to her chair. My brother just lay there, collapsed in his chair with his dick now red and limp.

My wife said, "I'm starting to like this game. Deal again, Uncle Tom!" My brother said, "I'm out on this hand." She responded, "You wimp. Ok, Uncle Tom, it's just you and me." As they laid their cards down, my wife raised both of her hands in the air and yelled, "Yes! That's the way you play cards!". I wondered what she was going to make him do to top what I have just seen. She looked at Uncle Tom and to my surprise she said, "Time for me to up the ante. I want to ride that huge cock of yours, cowboy!" He had a stunned look on his face but happily responded, "Honey, it's all yours. You may saddle up at any time!" She walked over to him and grabbed his shoulders and climbed on top of his awaiting staff and then she slowly lowered herself onto it. Her face winced as she slid almost half of it inside before pulling completely out. She smiled at him and said, "I think you are too big for me. I don't believe I can get you completely inside of me." He just smiled and said, "Do your best, honey. You are giving an old man a real treat." She kissed him and smiled as he assisted her down his shaft again. I was pretty sure he hasn't gotten a hot piece of ass like this in quite awhile. She started pumping him faster and pushing herself down further. My brother looked over and watched jealously as his own cock had recovered and was now pointing straight up in the air again. Liz was pounding my uncle hard and then she said, "C'mon big boy, Take me. I love your cock! Jam it in there! Please! Come on, give it to me! I beg you!". He grabbed her hips and pushed downward while pressing his shaft upward and then I noticed my wife's face grimace in pain as her cunt was finally able to swallow up his entire cock. She yelled, "Yes, you did it! I love it! Don't stop! Fuck me! Fill me! I want your cum! I need your cummm!" She continued to pump him hard and just then Uncle Tom grabbed her back and held her down as he released his hot juices deep inside of her cervix. She broke from his grasp and started bouncing up and down again, screaming, "Don't stop! It's so hot! More! I want more! Don't stop!" She finally stopped after taking everything my uncle could give. She laid her head on his shoulders and both of them did not move for several minutes. That was amazing to watch my petite wife ride my uncle like a bucking bronco.

Liz then stood up and intentionally let a large glob of milky white cum drop onto Uncle Tom's softened member. She walked over to my brother and said, "Do you think you can handle seconds?" He replied, "Don't you want to play another hand first?" She yelled back at him, "Do you want to play cards or fuck me?" He quickly chose the latter as my wife climbed onto the card table and laid down on her back spread eagle. My brother jumped to his feet and then slowly guided his rock hard shaft into my wife's cunt. He was able to easily bury his cock deep inside of her in one single thrust as the passage way was cleared by Uncle Tom's girth and moistened by his leftover juices. He started fucking her at a rapid pace as my wife grabbed his ass to pull him in deeper. She yelled, "C'mon, give it to me! Fuck me! Come on!" Bill was pounding her hard and I was not sure if the table was going to break. After several minutes of him jackhammering my wife, he made one final thrust and released his second load of cum into my wife's dark chamber. He just kept pumping away making sure his pipes were completely empty. He then fell on top of her and relaxed.

After a minute or two, my brother got up and started to sit down, but she stopped him by saying, "Wait a minute, buddy. You're not done yet." She sat up and grabbed his head and pulled it toward her crotch. She then commanded him, "I expect you to clean up your mess now." My brother looked whipped at this point as he obediently started licking up his own juices and not too mention any remnants from my uncle. My wife arched her back and added some of her own juices to the mix as she orgasmed at least once. She then let go of his head which seemed to indicate that she had enough. My brother then fell back in the chair and closed his eyes. After about five minutes of complete silence, Liz got up and grabbed her clothes and got dressed while my uncle and brother just sat there quietly. She then turned to them and said, "I guess I am the winner because I am the only one left standing. Maybe next time, we can skip the card game and go right to the part where you both fuck me. I think those should be the new rules of this game!"

Liz Chessy
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