My Brother-in Law

Written by Janet S / May 22, 2008



I kissed Bill deeply and wetly as he exited airport customs. We hadn?t seen each other in a couple of months and we were positively hot for each other. I had dressed as he requested with a short skirt and thin blouse and nothing else but my low black heels. As we kissed I could feel his hardness rise knowing he had kept his part of the bargain and wasn?t wearing underpants. My excitement grew!

Bill and I first got together a few months ago when James, my husband and I visited him in Boston. Bill is James? brother-in-law, the widowed husband of James? sister. While James was off doing his research Bill showed me some of the local sites including a very nice viewing of his cock. In our short stay, we managed to fuck two or three times with great passion and intensity and since that time we have communicated through many a dirty and naughty e-mail, which I dearly love. Bill has turned out to have quite a nasty mind and wonderful imagination, qualities I love in a man and so, over the ensuing months, arranged to meet for a few days.

I led him to the airport garage. As soon as we got off the elevator, Bill stopped me and told me it was time to fulfill my first obligation. I remembered it vividly but didn?t think he would actually require that I do it but he gathered me into his arms and unzipped my skirt dropping it to the garage floor. I was extremely nervous as he helped me step out of it. I stood there a bit rather shaken before realizing I was in the most public and lit area of the garage. I gathered my wits and began walking, naked from the waist down towards the car praying that no one would see me yet hoping, deep inside my private parts that someone would. I was shaken and out of breath when we reached the car. There had been a couple of people about but I was quite certain they were too far away to notice too much.

Bill dropped his suitcase and my dress in the boot and, once inside the car Bill ordered my keep my legs very wide open stating that I was to do that all weekend long. Immediately after leaving the garage, I felt Bill?s large hard hand massaging my inner thighs, rubbing my snatch and teasing my clit. I could scarcely drive as he took liberties by fondling my nipples and breasts and toying with my quim. He brought me to the edge twice before I pulled into the little garage near our house. I told him I had to dress as James would be awake. He understood but first fed me his fingers covered with my juices.

Inside he greeted James and for the next hour or so we conversed about a number of mundane topics before James and I went to bed. The next morning, I slipped on just a short robe and slippers and went about making my men a proper English breakfast. I did manage a quick flash at Bill so that he understood I was naked underneath. Shortly after breakfast, James readied to depart for the office. As soon as the door closed behind him, Bill pulled me to him and undid my robe dropping it to the floor. I kicked off my slippers as he led me to the large chair by the window; however the chair faced the interior of our living quarters. He promptly and very improperly placed my legs over the arms of the chair and knelt before me. With that he took one broad lick of my pussy beginning at the bottom and flatly ran his thick wet tongue deep between my labia and up to my clitoris. With this I almost came immediately. He then deeply licked, nibbled, sucked and ate my love hole until I massively came on his greedy sucking mouth.

We then exchanged positions. I gladly began to perform oral sex on Bill. I licked his balls, first one at a time, then the entire scrotum then took each testicle carefully in my mouth happily gumming it. Bill kept his hands off me, content to watch and enjoy my oral manipulations. I turned my attention to his cock head digging my tongue into his open hole. As precum began to ooze out I cheerfully rubbed it across my lips. I licked the head, over and under and around, then reversed and did the same before moving to the V at the underside of the head where I broadly and forcefully applied my tongue to his great delight. I loved sucking his cock! I moved down and nibbled the shaft and then came back to the head this time sucking it gently while staring at his lustful eyes. I then closed mine and enveloped my lips around his shaft taking his full measure down my throat. I held him there feeling his passion, heat and pulse inside my wet mouth; I enjoyed him before I relinquished my grasp and slid back to his head which remained in my mouth. I sucked, licked and nibbled his entire cock for a few more minutes before Bill eased my away and stood in front of me, his great cock fully erect and dripping saliva. I eased my mouth over him again placing my arms on his thighs. Bill allowed me to sink down on him before gently instructing me to not touch him with my hands. I moved one hand gratefully to my clit and pussy and began rubbing myself ads I sucked his shaft, turning my head at different angles but never removing him from my mouth. After a bit, Bill burrowed his hands into my hair grasping my head firmly. He now assumed total control and pulled my head back and forth on his great tool. He pulled me ??s of the way and held me there before pushing me back for air. At other times he pulled my head all the way down so that my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Still another time his hand moved to the back of my head so that my nose was crushed against him. Thusly he pushed his cock further in my mouth while pushing my head harder against his pubic area. He held my there until my breath was gone.

At that his pace began to pick up and he began running my head up and down his shaft with little regard for me. He began to call me names, something I dearly love. ?You little fucking cheating slut, you like to suck my cock don?t you? You?re a little cocksucking whore; nothing but a cheap cumslut.?

His pace quickened. ?I?m going to cum in your mouth you little bitch. And you are to hold it in there until I give you permission to swallow it. Understand?? I nodded and soon found him holding me head tighter and fucking my mouth. His breathing changed; he inserted his cock ??s of the way in my mouth and stopped. He grasped the back of my head, immobilizing me. I rubbed my clit knowing I was ready to cum. He groaned and stiffened. He unloaded his thick, heavy, hardy, hot sperm in my mouth. I groaned too and began to shake with the beginnings of my second orgasm. My lips clamped about his shaft sealing in his semen that filled my mouth. I was now coming with him as he stopped his ejaculations. He kept my head firmly clamped on him as I groaned still in the throes of my orgasm. With his cock still deep in my mouth, Bill ordered me to swallow his massive load of cum. I gulped and swallowed, having to do it 2 or 3 times to get it all, in part because his cock was still imbedded in my throat. He then ordered my to gently suck it clean which I tried to do before he eased pressure on my head and he began to subside in my mouth. He told me not to let it fall out until he said so. I now gently sucked and nibbled on his soft penis savoring the flavor and texture of it. Finally but regrettably, he pulled it away from me now nothing but a small shriveled shell of a once proud member.

We lay together on the couch sharing dirty stories and Bill tells me all the wonderful things he was going to do with me. I relished the thoughts and totally enjoyed the raunchy language he used and explicit details of things he had planned. But we did have a day planned. Bill told me gather up my stockings, heels, skirt and blouse and bring them into the living room so he could watch me dress.

When I returned, he was sitting on the couch rubbing his cock which exhibited signs of returning to its formal glory. He told me to put on my stockings which I did close to him and placing my foot on his thighs for balance. He rubbed my crotch as I pulled the black hose into position attaching them to my suspenders. Next I put on my heels. Thus attired, he ordered me to dance before him and rub my pussy and pull my lips apart for him. I did as he said and swayed provocatively in front of him before he turned me around and had me bend over from my hips with my legs spread wide open. He had me reach between my legs and spread my lips open exposing my inner pink. After inspecting me thusly, he had me spread my cheeks so he could look at my anus and then finally to pull my pussy apart so he could examine my cunt. What he did to me was obscene and I loved it!

Next he told me to grab my ankles. To do so, I had to spread my legs very wide. I felt his hands on my hips and to my joy, felt his great cockhead rubbing at the entrance of my slit. With little difficulty, the great tool slipped into its wet home. Holding my hips, Bill began to fuck me forcefully. If he hadn?t held me so firmly, I would have been knocked over from his thrusts but within his grasp I received his full measure deep into my pussy. He told me to keep my hands about my ankles as he fucked me. I could feel his shaft deeply and a bit harshly inside me but I succumbed to the great fucking he was giving me. He was some thrashing me stoutly until he burst inside me spewing his sperm in my fuck hole. It was sheer pleasure. He subsided quickly falling back onto the couch where he ordered me to clean him up.

This is one of favorite things to do. I love to lick and taste cum and cunt juice from a man?s cock. To feel its softness and still smell its sex is intoxicating and so with great relish I licked and sucked every bit of his penis until it was squeaky clean.

Bill then had me get his clothes and again he didn?t wear underwear knowing correctly that this would keep me excited. Only after he finished dressing was I permitted to dress first putting on my blouse; my skirt was to be last on and first off so my cunt would be exposed the longest. He did not permit me to clean up my mouth, which had deposits of sperm around it nor my pussy which still held his sperm inside.

We then left for the train station and a day of excursion. Throughout the day, Bill had me show off my pussy and tits in public situations and continually called me dirty names and shared vulgarities with me making it a thoroughly enjoyable day. By the time we arrived home, James would soon be there. Bill ordered me not to bathe that night but sleep naked next to James with the residue of his sex still on and in me.

Before bed, he whispered that he had even move nasty things in mind for tomorrow. I cannot wait!

Day 2

The second day began just as the first had except that Bill came down early just as I began to prepare breakfast. He immediately undid my robe and fondled my tits and pussy as I tried to prepare breakfast. He told me that when James came down I was to cinch the robe, but only very loosely. He also told me, that as soon as James walked out the door, he was going to fuck my ass. He went on, ?Because you are such a dirty bitch, I?m going to fuck it very hard just as I did your other 2 holes. Do you understand, you fucking slut?? I nodded that I did.

When I heard James begin to descend the stairs, I drew my robe about me but cinched it loosely. As I served breakfast, both men got a peek at my tits but not at the same time. As the robe opened a bit more, James gave a, ?Hurrmph,? and motioned that my robe was opened. I feigned surprise and promptly closed it.

Bill was true to his word. James no sooner left than my robe hit the floor leaving me naked and facing the front window. Through the curtains I could watch James head to the office while Bill once again liberally fondled my body. When he was out of sight, Bill directed me to go into James? and my bedroom. As he followed me up the stairs, he again told me he was about to ravage my ass.

I got on all fours on my husband?s bed and watched as his brother-in-law undressed. He was rock hard when he came up behind me. Then he made a confession that startled me. He told me he had never fucked a woman in the ass before. He told James? sister would never do it and he never had the opportunity since she passed on. He desperately wanted to do it.

It was then that I took charge first by assuring him he was about to get his wish. I reached behind and through my legs and guided his cock into my pussy telling him he needed to get it wet. I told only to stroke me a couple of times which he did. I then laid my chest on the bed with my ass high in the air and pulled my cheeks very far apart and asked Bill to examine my cunt and asshole. After so doing and feeling around it a bit, I guided his cock head to my anus and had him rub it around a bit. He then back away as I commanded and watched as I took a generous amount of lubricant and spread it around and into my anus. I told him I wanted to make sure he got in without hurting either of us but that in the future maybe we won?t use it. I reached back and stroked his balls and head until I could feel some precum ooze out. With that I told Bill to pull my cheeks very far apart and do as I say. When he did, I guided his cock to my anus and rubbed his cock head a bit against it adding his precum to the lubricant. Firmly grasping the shaft, I placed the head directly against the opening and I began to push back explaining he was to push forward. He would feel some resistance but to keep pushing until he got by my sphincter muscle.

He held his breath when I told him to push, gasped in surprise when the head plumped into my ass. ?That was incredible,? he uttered holding his cock head just inside me. ?It?s so fucking tight.?

?Push it in, slow and steady,? I told him. I pushed back as he eased his fucking dick into my ass. The lubricant allowed him to slide in with less resistance. ?Slowly, Bill. Tell me what it feels like??

?This is so fucking incredible. There?s pressure the whole way against the whole shaft, tighter than your fucking cunt but at the opening, right where I go in, it?s like a tight band holding my cock, kind of locking it in you.?

?Fuck me a bit now and tell me how it feels.?

?Shit it?s unbelievable. My head keeps spreading you open and then you squeeze in behind it always with tightness around the bottom of my shaft.?

With that, I told him to put it all the way in me; I pushed back as he pushed forward sliding his cock in me until I felt his balls just touch against me. ?Move your hands and lean forward into me; you can get deeper. I want you all the way in my ass.?

He shifted his weight more on me until I was supporting him; his cock was now buried in my ass to its full measure. I wiggled a bit and he fucked me a bit but mostly just stayed deep in me marveling at the new found pleasure of his sister-in-law?s asshole enveloping his cock. Bill then took charge and re-shifted his weight back to his hunches. He held my hips and now began to fuck my ass. I reached down and rubbed my clit as he developed a deep slow pace coming almost all the way out before entering me completely. Within a few strokes, he held my hips tightly, ?Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,? he cried out over and over again as he now rapidly fucked my ass. ?Fuck I?m going to cum in your ass. Oh fuck! Now! Shit, I?m cumming in your fucking ass!?

When I felt his hot spray splatter my walls, I too came. ?Fuck I can?t pull out. You?re fucking squeezing my fucking cum right out.? I arched back and took it all inside me. He stayed hard, keeping his cock in me for a while reveling in the new found sensation. He finally pulled out with a wet plop from the semen and lubricant.

Bill collapsed next to me on his back. ?That was unbelievable. I had to agree! I kissed his chest and then his abdomen and while still keeping my ass in the air cradled his spongy dick in my hand and gently kissed the shaft. I kissed each inch of it including the head as Bill silently watched until I till I took it fully into my mouth. He then groaned as I began to suck the semen, ass juice and lubricant from his member. He held my head when he realized I was not about to stop, succumbing fully to the pleasure of my mouth. By the time I finished cleaning him, he was hard again. I asked how he wanted to take me. While he thought, I gave him more head.

He surprised me and asked to stop. We?d go out for the day and then when we came home, we?d do something. With that, he showered as I cleaned up and then joined him in the shower delighting in washing his body all over as he did the same to me.

He then watched me dress; the day was cooler and we were going to the ocean so I put on a sweater and skirt over my stockings and suspenders and nothing else. As we did yesterday, we took the train kissing and fooling around on the journey like some newlyweds. Bill also had me flash and enjoyed seeing my cunt out in the fresh air. He wanted to fuck me outside badly.

In time we found a park that was mostly deserted. Bill sat on the bench and I undid his zipper. Since he didn?t wear underwear, his cock immediately sprang to life. I faced him and straddled his thighs as he pulled my skirt to my waist. I could feel the cold air on my bum as I slide down his shaft. He had me pull up my sweater and exposed my tits as I fucked him. He kissed my nipples and held my tits firmly as I went up and down right in the park. We both got extremely excited very fast and came in a flurry within minutes. I immediately slipped off for fear of getting caught and although I didn?t get the pleasure of cleaning his cock, we were both satisfied at this lustful experience

Days 3 and 4

The weekend had arrived so the 3 of us had decided to do some site seeing. Because my husband would be with us, Bill and I had to curtail our activities with a couple of notable exceptions. First on Saturday, Bill coerced me into wearing a very, very short red dress. I agreed because the weather required that I wear a raincoat; I also wore boots. Bill also wanted to further test James? awareness and asked that I remove my wedding ring, ?As a test to see if he paid any attention to me.? I agreed and thus attired we began Saturday?s site seeing.

We had earlier decided to skip lunch as we had exquisite dinner arrangements but as the morning wore on to the afternoon, we became quite famished and agreed to pop into a sandwich shoppe for a quick bite. The store was quite crowded. Bill and I found a table while James put in the order. Bill began to tease me telling me I needed to really flash my pussy in here and other things that really excited me. I had my coat opened and Bill brusquely opened my legs and locked his ankle around mine so that they would be kept open. He had wanted me to hike my skirt up too but I didn?t agree to that. Still my pussy could feel the cold air and I got a few glances from patrons as they entered. When James excused himself to go to the men?s room, Bill pounced on the idea of me showing, ?My cunt, wide and open, right here, right now.?

He grabbed the camera and stood by the door commanding me to do it and do it fast. I had only seconds to make up my mind. It was now or never! I quickly reached under the table and pulled my skirt up to my waist, placed one boot on a ring at the base of the table for support, spun around opening my other leg very wide away from the table so that wide bare, naked, fully exposed pussy was directly facing Bill and the open door way. My heart raced and my mind went numb in those few seconds as Bill snapped a few pictures. I remember the door opening and I think someone stopped and stared. (Bill later confirmed this was correct,) I had just enough time to gather my wits when James came back; Bill and I hurried him out and onto our journey. What a thrilling experience that was!

When Sunday night rolled around, we were all quite tired. I showered and joined the boys I my robe. Bill asked if we could download the photos onto my PC and cut a CD for him. Bill and I went into the other room and sat side-by-side as he loaded the software and began the transfer. I the intervening moments, he opened my legs and robe and toyed with me even as James sat in the very next room. In no time, did he fully undo my robe and pulled it quite open.

Bill told me once again that he was going to select a picture and post it on the Internet. I told him he couldn?t do that but he insisted that he was going to. He was rubbing my clit when we looked at the picture from the sandwich shoppe. He only had time to take 3 pictures. In the first, he was so shocked it was badly blurred. The second wasn?t much better but on the third one, he exclaimed, ?That?s the one! I?m going to post that one.? I told him he couldn?t do that but he was relentless and, as he rubbed my pussy and talked dirty to me, I finally agreed but only if he blotted out my face. He edited it, sadly I might add. He also agreed that he would not tell me when and where it was posted, only that it was done.

I heard James? papers rustle and quickly gathered my robe about me. I had no chance to even cinch it when James stood at the doorway and announced he was going to bed, being very tired and had to work the next morning. As he ascended the stairs, Bill, now quite aroused, threw off my robe and kissed me passionately. He was going to fuck me and I wasn?t about to stop him.

He immediately lead me to the couch, opened my legs and went down on me. He licked and ate my pussy wonderfully and completely until I came. After that, he told me to go upstairs, naked but carrying my robe. I was to go into the bathroom and leave my robe there and come back downstairs fully naked; I would have no clothes to hide under in the event James came back down. That was a possibility especially if James couldn?t sleep. He would often come back down for a glass of milk. Bill was, however, talking directly to my pussy. In fact his head was still down there licking and teasing it so it agreed that I should do so.

Bill met me at the bottom of the stairs with his cock hanging straight out. I got on my knees and began to suck him knowing that if James even walked out the bedroom door, he would see me sucking Bill?s cock. Bill was thoroughly engorged and I was thoroughly excited and gave him fast delicious head. Bill came in my mouth quickly.

In the next couple of hours, we visited some porn sites and played with each other. By now James was dead to the world and Bill was hard again. He took me to the couch and got me on all fours and fucked me from behind exploding in my pussy. With his wet sperm still in me, Bill told me to go to bed naked next to James which I did.

Day 5

James left for work bidding fond ado to his brother-in-law and stating that he had a jolly good time and should see each other more often. Bill thanked him for his generosity and hospitality. Closing the door Bill raced to me stripping my robe off again. In the next few minutes Bill fucked me passionately in our bed moving from my pussy to my mouth and back and forth again. He could stay hard a long time having cum twice the night before. As he was getting close, he told me he wanted my ass again. This time, though, I was to stay on my back. He took the lubricant himself and applied it to my anus getting some inside me. He then pulled my legs over his shoulders and guided, with some help from me, his hardened tool into my ass a glorious second time. This time we watched each other?s face; we kissed and exchanged saliva; he rolled me back some that just my shoulders were on the bed and he held my ass as he repeatedly fucked my back door. We didn?t talk. He just fucked my ass until he came. He held me in his arms for a long time before we said anything.

He thanked me profusely and I thanked him as he gave me the raw sex I needed and never would get from my husband. We agreed that we would continue to exchange dirty e-mails and pictures and find away to again meet.

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Love- Janet
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