The Blacking Of Pauline Pt 4

Written by Northern boy / May 29, 2008



Leon who was now firmly entrenched as my wife?s black master made sure at every opportunity that I was shown to be the inferior male. As I told you previously my wife now in the house wears nothing other than stockings, garter belt and heels. I have become accustomed to see her huge bare tits bobbing and swaying as she walks around the house quite content to be on show to her black master. In the last month Leon had insisted that whenever I was allowed to see him fucking my wife I had to have my balls strapped tight. Pauline had taken delight in strapping my balls knowing that this would make it so difficult for me to cum into the black condom which I also had to wear. It was now the custom for my wife to answer the door to the mailman whenever he rang still showing her big tits and black bush. Leon had informed us both that he considered all white wives should show themselves to any blackman and that any whore he owned would always do this. Pauline had readily accepted this and our mailman had been the first to benefit.

One day Leon told her to get dressed as it was now time to show she was black owned to the world. He told me to get the car ready and he would give me instructions as to where to drive them. Soon we were driving into the area of town with a heavy black population and I was told to turn stop outside a shop which was clearly marked as a tattoo parlour. Leaving the car I followed both of them into the shop where Leon was greeted by a fat old black man. I listened intently as Leon told him he wanted Pauline tattooed and pierced as a black cock whore who was his property. The old man nodded and turning to her said ? strip of all your clothes white bitch?.

I watched as my wife stripped down to only heels and sat in the chair the old blackman held out to her. The old man peered at her tits and said ? well there is plenty tit on her to have as big a tat as you want?. Leon pointed to one of the designs on his wall and soon one black hand was overflowing with white tit as he prepared to put a black spade shaped tattoo on her right tit. On finishing with her tits he told to relax as he operated the chair and it started to lower down backwards. In no time at all Pauline was lying flat on her back in the chair as he started to work on her cunt. Within minutes her huge bush was trimmed in the middle and a bare strip appeared. I watched fascinated as he tattooed the words ?Owned by Blacks? into the bare strip above her cunt. Turning to Leon he said ? once the hair grows over it you?ll only just be able to see it but it will be there for all to see each time her cunt is shaved bare.? Leon nodded in approval and then told him to pierce her as they had previously discussed.

My wife was told to open her legs wider as the old black man reached between them to pull open her cunt lips. Turning to me he grinned and said ? glad to see your wife has nice big lips as it makes them easier to pierce?. Soon he had both of her cunt lips pierced and I watched in awe as he inserted gold rings into both of them. Next raising the chair he started on Pauline?s tits. I watched intently as he inserted a needle through both of my wife?s nipples and within seconds each had a gold nipple ring inserted in them. Telling her to get off the chair we were all treated to the sight of her standing before us now tattooed and pierced. The old man turned to Leon and told him to bring her back in a week or two and he would finish the job with gold chain being fitted to link her cunt to her tits.

When we arrived home Leon told my wife that she was to stay naked for a few days to let things settle down and heal correctly. Without a minutes hesitation Pauline stepped out of her dress and was once again naked but for high heels.

The following day when the postman called he was treated to the new sight of my now tattooed and pierced wife opening the door to him. That is better he told her as he ogled her naked body , now you are a true black cock slut. My wife thanked him and told him she was pleased he was happy with her new look. It?s the way all white wives should be made to look he told her as she took the mail and closed the door. That evening I was treated to the sight of my middle aged wife only in heels serving drinks to Leon and a couple of his friends.. He had her show off her new look to them and to spread her legs so they could see her cunt rings. They kept remarking on how her big tits bounced as she hurried to get more drinks to which Leon said once their chained they?ll not bounce so much. At the end of the evening Leon had Pauline kneel in front of each of his friends and suck them off telling her to not spill a drop. As his friends put their black hands onto her big white tits my wife avidly sucked each to finish and swallowed as each black cock spurted its load of cum deep into her throat. Leon beamed smugly as they told him what a great cock sucker he had and that if her cunt was as good as her mouth they envied him. Leon laughed and replied that her cunt was made for big black cocks and was being stretched daily but that her ass still needed more training. After they were gone I was banished to the spare room and listened to my wife being fucked for most of the night as Leon kept up her training.

In the following week Pauline remained naked and it was a frequent sight for me to come home to find her bent over a chair or a table being ploughed from behind by Leon?s huge black cock.

I loved seeing her in this position as he made her huge tits jump and swing wildly as he pounded into her big hairy cunt.

Usually he would finish by cumming deep into her but other times he would pull out and I was treated to the sight of my wife being told to turn around and bending down take his cock into her mouth as he face fucked her. He would cum deep in her throat making her gulp it down so as not to anger him by spilling any.

Once or twice she had let some spill from her lips and had payed the price for her carelessness. Leon had dragged her to a chair and bending her over it had taken the his belt off and started to thrash her ass until both cheeks were rosy red and my wife was crying.Then he would move to the front of the chair and proceed to whip her big dangling tits until they to were red and lashed. His belt was of a soft leather but although it did not cut her it did leave a welt which took a few days to clear afterwards. Needless to say it wasn?t often that she let spill any of his cum as she became better and more experienced at gulping it all down.

This was just another reminder to me of how she had changed as never in our married life had she ever swallowed my cum.

Towards the end of the week he informed us that she would be going back to the tattoo parlor in the next week to have for the time being the final touches done. Pauline had taken time off from work and still had another weeks holiday before she returned, which was just as well as she was going to have to get used to having clothes on over her piercings. Both the piercings and tattoos were healing quite nicely and indeed her cunt hair had started to grow back where it had been shaved.

As the old black tattooist had predicted it was still easy to see the tattoo and I had no doubt when her hair had grown thicker it would still be visible if looked for. Leon had made sure that now any black man seeing Pauline bare would know immediately that she was there for black cock only. In reality just the tattoo he had put on her tit would indicate that my wife had been blacked and was a black property white wife. Leon had commanded us to tell our friends and family that Pauline was now black property and further that we were to encourage any white wives of friends or relatives to go black.

This was something I dreaded and yet it did not seem to faze my wife in the least As she readily agreed to his demands. I was left wondering what was in store for us when we returned to the tattoo parlor.
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