Written by Tammy Sue / Jun 5, 2008



I never thought that my lovely wife of 10 years would do this to me.

It started at a Halloween costume party for my wife?s work. We were discussing what to wear for the party. My wife, Karen suggested that we go dressed as each other. I should have said no but she really wanted to do it.

The day of the party she announced that she had gotten my costume. I had really hoped she would forget about it and we would just go as Hobos or something we could make up quickly at home. Well she pulled out a large shopping bag and started taking things out. There was a wig, underwear, high heels, pantyhose and a short dress. I started to get cold feet but she dropped to her knees and took my cock out of my pants. She started licking then sucking my cock. She took it in her hand and started to masturbate me while licking the tip. I gave up and agreed to wear the costume. She jerked my cock faster until I emptied into her mouth.

She then led me to the shower and we got in. Karen pulled out shaving cream and a razor. Before I could object she was shaving all the hair from my body. I wanted to stop her but felt like I had to go through with it now. When she was done washing and shaving me we got out and I dried off. It felt strange to be smooth all over. Karen looked at me and smiled ?Not half bad, I can?t wait to give you your surprise.?

?But honey, it?s going to take months for my hair to grow back.?

?I prefer you smooth.? She said, ?You might grow to like it.?

She dressed me putting black pantyhose on my legs pulling them up to the waist. She put a bra on me and then placed fake breast forms into it. This was followed by a slip and a sexy black and white sheath dress. She then made up my face and put the wig on my head. She slipped the shoes on my feet and gave me a small purse.

?I have put all your essentials into the purse.?

I opened the purse and it held a wallet, keys, extra pair of pantyhose and lipstick. I told her I would not need the extra things and she replied ?We will see.? I would never go out without them and since you are me you need them too.?

Karen put her hair up under a short male wig and got dressed. She then looked over at me and said ?time to go?.

We went outside to the car and she jumped in the driver?s seat. I was embarrassed and did not want to make a big deal of it so I got in.

Karen drove to the party and we went in. We went to the bar and she ordered herself a beer and a glass of champagne for me.

?Karen, I would rather have a beer? I started to say but she stopped me and said ?You had better behave or I will make you walk home.?

I decided to shut my mouth. We had a few drinks and I was feeling good. Karen excused herself and went to the restroom. When she returned Karen announced ?It?s time.? And led me to a back room.

When we went into the room Karen shut the door behind us and locked it.

?Surprise? was all she said as I looked around and saw 6 large black men standing in the room. They were all naked and had huge semi hard cocks with the smallest being about 8 inches.

?Karen, what is going on?? I asked.

I have decided that I want to fuck real men. Men that can satisfy me. I am going to turn you into a cuckold. Before I could object someone grabbed me from behind and tied my hands. There were 2 more men in the room that I had not seen.

?I want you to know how to suck a cock now.? Karen said. She called to the men and two came over. She started to suck his cock teasing it with her tongue. Karen then started to deep throat it as far as she could making slurping noises with her mouth. I was tipsy from the alcohol and being restrained I could not do much as a large black man plunged his cock into my mouth. The others came over and soon I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand.

I glanced over at Karen who was now naked. She still had an enormous cock sliding between her lips and had two in her hands. The cocks were huge in her tiny hands. There was a man eating her pussy out as she moved around on his face.

I had men alternating their cocks in my mouth as it seemed all 8 had raging hardons. I looked over at Karen who had a black cock driving into her pussy now as she was screaming in pleasure. The man fucking her was not wearing a condom. I tried to object but a huge load of cum was unloaded in my mouth before I could say anything.

Karen was screaming in pleasure when I heard her say ?Cum inside me.? ?I want all your cum inside me.? The man pumped harder as she wrapped her legs around him. He screamed and unloaded into my wife?s fertile unprotected pussy. She pulled him in close and held his cock inside her until he started to go soft. He was then replaced by another stud that started driving his 10? cock into her.

I felt powerful hands ripping the pantyhose open as I was then laid over a small table. I felt a huge cock at the opening to my ass. Before I could utter a word it slid inside me and started pumping in and out of me. I looked over at Karen who was looking at me and smiling.

She then had another orgasm as the stud who was fucking her exclaimed ?I?m gona cum.? Karen cried out for him to fill her pussy with his cum. She mouthed ?Surprise? and another black stud mounted her.

I finally felt the cock inside me swell slightly as my ass was filled with a man?s seed. It seemed like he came in me for two minutes before he pulled out.

I felt like I passed out as another cock entered my ass. I looked over at Karen who had a cock in her pussy, one in her ass and one in her mouth. She was screaming in pleasure.

I took 3 loads of cum in my mouth and 3 in my ass before the fucking stopped. Karen had taken at least 8 loads probably more. I had lost track somewhere during it all. I had also been untied at some point during the event. The men dressed and left fairly quickly.

Karen made me put the spare pantyhose on and even used a pad to sop up some of the cum that was leaking out of me. She smiled and asked what I had thought.

?Well, I never expected that but I did not hate it. I think we need to talk.? Was all I could say.

Karen smiled and said ?Let?s go home and I?ll let you fuck me.? ?We can talk about this in the morning.?
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