Safari Wife Pt 4

Written by Sally Tart / Jun 5, 2008



In part three of this story, Brandy was more or less raped again by the Chief Zoomama and three black tribe members. Three of which had cum inside her unprotected womb. In the passed they had given her this drink called kekpa that made her so horny she was ready and willing to fuck a tiger. And that same drink would knock Hank out for the night. But on this day she was tied down and totally sober. As they say, it?s hard to rape the willing! This all happened wail she was left alone in the village as her husband Hank went on a hike with Jameraka the safari guide and a group of his helpers.

Upon returning from his hike Hank found Brandy sitting in a clearing all alone. She then filled him in on what had just happened to her, yet again. Brandy was really surprised how much Hank was enjoying her getting screwed by these black men. In fact he was so overwhelmed that he took her right then and there to their hut and fucked her sloppy wet pussy.

As they were in their hut screwing away Hank had to hear her tell all the details of the day. How many times she came? How good them long black cocks felt inside her? Also if she was going to let him watch her fucking one or more of them?

Then what really blew Bandy out of the water was when Hank went down on her and sucked his and three other men?s cum out of her wet pussy. This was a big turning point in both their lives. Nothing like had ever happened back home in Chicago. She had never even dreamed of getting screwed by four guys in a row. Or even screwing black guys for that matter! She had never looked at blacks in that way. Now on this safari so far the Chief and guide Jameraka took turns screwing her all night long one night. And again today the Chief and three others took turns screwing her. Hank hasn?t seen this happen yet and was begging her to do it for him. Hank had already talked her into walking around the village dressed in just sexy little bras and panties.

So after the great sex they had just had, Hank was now asking her to go topless in front of the tribe.

Brandy was thinking, ?What in the hell have we turned in to??

Now, on with the story, picking up right where it left off.

Now after our hot and humid sex in the hut was over I told Hank, ?lets go down to the river and clean up before dinner.? Having said that I got up and slipped back on my little black lace bikini panties that I had worn down to the river earlier that morning to bath. They had dried out nice hanging in the hot hut all day. Next I took my black lace matching bra off the hook and started putting it on.

Watching as I dressed Hank then said, ?come on Brandy leave the bra here. Please go topless for me! You have no idea how hot that would be for me to see all these villagers checking out your nice tits.?

I started to protest but then just gave in and said, ?Okay it?s your call! If you like guys seeing my bare boobs you got your wish,? as I flung my sexy little bra to at him.

?Mmmmmm that?s my girl? he moaned as he got up and patted me on the ass. I grabbed some towels, soap and shampoo as Hank jumped back in his shorts.

Stepping out of our hut for the first time, totally topless was one hell of a rush for me. And Hank also I?m sure.

We headed down the trail that leads to the river slash waterfall. I felt so strange walking through the village with my boobs bouncing all over my chest as my hard nipples pointed the way we were going. All the tribal men couldn?t keep their eyes off my boobs as we passed through the village.

I said to Hank, ?God these guys act like they?ve never seen boobs before?.

Don?t forget, as I said in part one of this story, I?m only a size 34 B cup. So it?s not like I?m super big busted or anything. For that matter most of the tribal females have boobs that hang down to their waists. So I didn?t see the big deal about my boobs. Other than the fact that my nipples look to be always hard and pocking out!

Hank replied, ?shit Brandy, you have the best looking tits in this place. These guys have never seen good-looking tits before. And they are white, which drives black guys wild. Look at all these black girls, their tits look sick they way they hang on their chest. And your hard nipples are to die for?. Having said that he gave my right breast a little squeeze as we walked on.

I hit him on the arm and said, ?He was terrible for talking like that. They have all been so nice to us. You shouldn?t talk about their boobs like that?.

Laughing Hank said,? well the guys have been a lot nicer to you than the girls have been to me! Maybe I should try to get me a little black pussy??

I hit his arm again and said, ?I?ll give you black pussy. You better stay out of that black pussy!?

Stopping in our tracks Hank looked at me and said, ?so you get to try black cock, lots of black cocks and I can?t have any black pussy? Is that what your saying??

Not sure how to reply to that I just said, ?honey it?s like this. I didn?t set out to screw any of these black guys. They gave me something in that kekpa drink that turned me into a, I don?t know what. But in any case I didn?t go to them trying to get myself fucked. They more or less tricked me into having sex with them. So if they do that to you, I?ll be okay with it. But if you just go get yourself a black woman to screw, I wouldn?t like that.?

Smiling at me Hank then said, ?baby I?m just giving you shit. I?m not looking to fuck any of these girls here. Hell I hate saggy tits it totally turns me off. You have all the pussy that I need, and your hot looking with nice tits. Sick as it sounds I love the fact that you?re getting to try some strange cock. Enjoy it baby you?ll not have this opportunity once we get back home.?

Then patting me on my panty cover ass again we kissed and then headed on down to the river.

Once under the waterfall we both washed ourselves up really good. I did a lot of washing inside my panties trying to clean up all the sperm that I had all over myself. It seemed like it was never going to stop leaking out of me.

Now that we were both nice and clean we headed back to our hut to dress for dinner. And the truth is, I was starting to enjoy showing off my breasts to all the tribal men as we made our way back.

Back in the hut Hank took me in his arms and kissed me. He broke the kiss and said, ?Man all them guys loved your tits.? He then tweaked my hard left nipple and said, ?lookie here, you liked showing them as much as they liked seeing them!?

I smiled at him and replied, ?You?re liking this way to much.?

?Liking it, hell I?m loving it. I love the fact that I have something that every guy here would love to sink his cock into, and that would be you! And don?t lie and say your not enjoying showing off in front of all these guys,? Hank replied.

Again I just smiled and said, ?I think you?re enjoying this a lot more than I am.?

Now playing with both my hard nipples Hank said, ?bullshit, these nipples are telling the true story. You like this as much as I do!?

He was right it was turning me on. I still don?t understand what kind of people we had turned into.

Just then Jameraka knocked on the side of out hut and yelled that dinner would be served in about twenty minutes.

Hank put on some clean shorts and a tee shirt. I slipped on a little pair of side-tie white leopard and rose print panties. The front was a little v and the back covered my butt nicely.

As I was tying the right side of my sexy little panties Hank moaned, ?Oh fuck Brandy the guys at dinner are going to like them little panties.?

After getting them tied and in place I turned all the way around modeling them for Hank and said, ?So ya think the guys will like these??

Smiling from ear to ear Hank replied, ?Fuck yes their going to like them. Every guy here is going to wish they could get inside of them tonight. What ya think? Are you going to let someone get inside them sexy little panties??

Looking at him I said, ?You would really and truly like to see that happen? You in fact would like to watch some guy fuck me??

?Oh God yes baby, I would love to see your face as your cumming all over some big black cock deep inside your pussy? Hank replied. ?Will you make that happen tonight for me baby,? as he took me in his arms and kissed me.

Half mad and half turned on by the idea of doing it in front of Hank, I decided to call his hand.

I looked him in the eyes and said, ?Okay, if I?m going to do this we need some kind of a plan!?

My plan was this. When they pass out the kekpa at dinner tonight you take it and some how dump yours on the ground and don?t drink it. It turns me into a wild horny slut so I?ll just drink mine. After you dump two or three cups out start acting like your passing out. Once it looks like you?re totally passed out Chief Zoomama will have two or three of his men haul you back to our hut. By that time I?m sure the kekpa will have me in the mood for anything. So once things get started I?ll not go to their hut, I?ll make them go to ours. You just continue to act like your passed out and watch what ever happens.

?Wow that?s a great plan. You?ll really go through with this,? Hank asked.

Trying to smile I said, ?Yes Hank I will if that is what you want me to do. But you have to know up front that kekpa makes me wild. You wouldn?t be mad at me if I enjoy what?s happening to me will you??

?Hell no I?m not going to be mad at you,? Hank replied.

?Hank I mean I might really, really enjoy what?s happening to me! I might even have a few orgasms! You?ll be okay if that happens,? I asked?

Smiling Hank said, ?Fuck yes I?ll enjoy that. The more they make you cum the happier I?ll be. So you?re going to do it??

?Okay love, I?m going to try,? I said to him as we kissed again. I couldn?t believe that he was so willing to see this happen.

I then picked up a little white lace bra and started putting it on as I continue getting dressed for dinner.

Just then Hank pulled the bra off me before I got it hooked. Looking at me he said, ?No bra baby, just wear what ya go on!?

I shock I said, ? no way Hank. I can?t go out wearing just these little panties; they don?t hide much at all! Please let me wear the bra.?

?Nope, you?re going to dinner tonight just like the rest of the females in this village, topless. I don?t see the big deal. Hell most the guys here have seen your tits by now. So when in Africa do like the Africans. Plus baby their not going to be looking at your tits anyway. Your ass looks so sweet clad in them sexy little panties, you?ll be lucky if they don?t rape ya before we get to the table.? He then kissed me again and gave my panty cover ass a squeeze.

I pulled away from him and said,? fine if that?s what you want fine. Maybe tomorrow I?ll just walk around totally nude all day. Will that make you happy??

Smiling Hank said, ?Hmmmm that would make a lot of people happy.?

Running my brush through my hair I gave him one of them looks that only a wife can give and said, ?You?re an asshole. Okay let?s go so I can show everybody my fucking tits an keep your ass happy!?

Holding the door open for me Hank said, ?You got it, and we are going with your little plan tonight right??

Mad as all hell I said, ?Yes we?ll go with the plan. Everybody here is going to see your wife?s tits. And all the men may get to fuck me tonight. That?s the plan, I hope you?re happy with that??

?I?m very happy with that, lets go, ? as we stepped out of our hut and headed to the eating area.

Hank was so proud as we made our way through the village. People were seeing his wife in a way that know one should ever see a man's wife. Topless and wearing a pair of the sexiest little panties that Victoria?s Secret sells. Boobs bounce around on my chest with nipples sticking out as hard as rocks. I was so embarrassed as we walked up to the long table to take our sets. Every eye there was on my breasts, crotch and ass. Chief Zoomama and Jameraka kept eyeing me from head to toe as I sat down. Jameraka welcomed us both to dinner and the Chief said something but who knows what. We just smiled back at him and shook our heads. The last time we sat at this table I was seated next to Chief Zoomama with Hank on my other side. This time they had me sit between Chief Zoomama and Jameraka, with Hank next to the Chief. Once we were all seated and ready to eat it was just like before. Drums started and both male and female tribal people started dancing and jumping around in time with the beat of the drums. Other people started bring out food and drinks to all the other tribal members. They sat our food in front of us along with the cute coconut cups of kekpa. I took a sip of my kekpa and looked to see that Hank was holding his near the edge of the table waiting for just the right time to dump it. I looked away and a minute. When I looked back at him he kind of showed me that his cup was now empty and he had a big smile on his face and shook his head yes.

At that point in time I just said to myself, fuck it and downed my cup of kekpa. Both Hank and my cups were quickly refilled. I again downed mine and looked over to see that Hank had again gotten away with dumping his out. As our cups were being filled the third time I saw the sly look both the Chief and Jameraka gave me. They knew full well that they would soon have me flat on my back filling me with black cocks. And they also knew Hank would be passed out and they could do as they felt with me. Little did they know that Hank was going to get to see what happened to me tonight?

The kekpa seemed to work on me just like before all at once my vision got very blurry. I was trying to focus on the people around me and couldn?t. I started getting very hot and my nipples were hurting. I looked down to see both of them poking straight ahead and need to be touched so bad. And my vagina was also starting to tingle in a way that was making me so very horny. I looked over to see that Hank had his head down on the table as if he was sleeping.

I looked at Jameraka and said, ?something?s wrong with Hank.?

Laughing Jameraka replied, ?The little white man just can?t hold his kekpa.? He then told two men to take Hank back to our hut.

Two men came over and picked up Hank and hauled him off. As soon as he was out of sight I felt Jameraka hand on my thigh. He ran his fingers to the inside of my thigh and started making little circles right below the now wet crotch of my little leopard print panties.

Oh my God I was so horny I didn?t do a thing to stop him. For that matter I was hopping his fingers would move on up to my wet crotch. Then I felt another hand on my other thigh. I looked down to see the Chief was now rubbing the inside of my other thigh. I about came on the spot looking down at my white thighs with two big black hands rubbing them.

Next Jameraka other hand moved up to my breast and started playing with my super hard nipple. I pushed his hand away and told him to stop it that people are watching us. I second later I felt something very slick being rubbed on my hard nipple by Jameraka. He was rubbing that honey like stuff on it that the Chief had used on me the other night. And again just like the other night my nipple turn hot like it was on fire in need of a mouth to suck on it.

?Oh God please don?t do this to me in front of all these people,? I moaned to Jameraka.

Jameraka big white teeth smiled at me as he said,? Sexy lady I just love the way all of you white girls tits stand right out on your chest like there asking to be played with.? At that time he started rubbing the honey like stuff on my other nipple.

Still rubbing my thigh the Chief was now running his thumb up and down the wet crotch of my little leopard panties. Taking his time to roll my hard clit around right through my panties.

Oh God I was getting so horny so fast. My nipples needed sucked on and my vagina was getting wetter by the second.

Jameraka took a hold of my left boob and was squeezing it and making my hard nipple poke right out. He then said, ?sexy lady I still say you have the best nipples I?ve ever seen.? Having said that he bent over and sucked my hard nipple right into his mouth.

By this time the kekpa that I had drank had me in the slut stage. I didn?t care who was looking at my topless breasts. Or that I had a black man sucking on my nipple and one rubbing my panty covered crotch. All I knew is that I was horny and needed someone to fuck me.

Chief Zoomama stopped rubbing my vagina and dipped his finger into the cup of honey stuff that Jameraka had been rubbing on my nipples. Next he pulled the crotch of my little leopard panties to the side and rubbed that honey stuff all over my wet vagina lips and hard clitoris. I just moaned and worked my hips in time with his rubbing fingers as Jameraka was taking turns on my hard nipples.

In less that two seconds my vagina turn from a horny vagina into a hot wet in need of fucking pussy. Oh my that honey stuff had my pussy on fire. The Chief dipped in the honey cup again and this time sank two honey-covered fingers deep inside me.

I moaned out,? Oh God yes that feels so good.?

I started rocking my hips in time with the finger fucking that I was getting from the Chief. My mind tried to think right but I just couldn?t get it to work right. In the back of my mind I knew that just then two men were pleasuring my body at the same time. I?ve never been with two men at the same time before. One right after the other has happened on this trip so far, but not two at once. What ever was happening to me I didn?t care; I was loving the fact that I was having two men working me over.

The Chief said some to Jameraka in their native tongue that I didn?t under stand. Jameraka replied back to him and smiled at me.

?What did he say,? I asked?

Smiling Jameraka said,? the Chief would like to fuck you right here on the table and let all the tribe watch.?

I started thinking of poor Hank back in the hut waiting for me to perform for him. I said,? no, no we can?t do it here, lets go to my hut. Please lets go to my hut, I?ll let you both have me there.?

Jameraka got a big grin on his face and asked, ?Have you ever sucked a black cock??

I started to reply but just then the Chiefs finger fucking had me at the point of an orgasm.

?OH GOD YESSSSSSS? I moaned out as I came on his fingers.

Jameraka watched as I came with the Chief then asked me if I would suck his cock as the Chief fucked me back in my hut.

Still coming down from my orgasms I moaned, ?Sure baby I?ll suck ya off. I?ll suck you both off as long as you fuck me, God I?m so horny I need to be fucked really bad.?

The kekpa had me so horny by this time I didn?t even care that all the tribe had just seen the Chief make me cum in front of them. Then I think Jameraka told the Chief that I was willing to have sex with both of them at once back in my hut. And that I was also willing to suck them both off.

The Chief shook his head yes as he pulled his sticky fingers out of me and stood up.

They both helped me up as we made our way to my hut.

Once there Jameraka opened the grass door and said, ?Shit Hanky boy is in here, lets go to my hut!?

I reached out and took a hold of his cock through his pants and said, ?No, lets do it here. Hank is out for the night. I need you guys now.?

Smiling from ear to ear Jameraka said, ?I love horny white house wives high on kekpa. They?ll fuck anyone and anything, even right in front of their husbands. Lets go, I can?t wait to get inside them little panties of yours.? Having said that the three of us stepped inside my hut.

Hank was lying on his mat on his side kind of on his side facing my mat on the other side of the hut. So he had a good view of what ever was going to happen to me

Chief Zoomama was standing behind me with his arms around me cupping both my breasts in his hands. His fingers were rolling my honey slick hard nipples around, driving me wild. I could feel his hard cock running up and down my panty-covered ass, as he was dry humping me from behind.

Jameraka dropped down on his knees right in front of me. Looking up at me he smiled and said ? poor little Hank is going to miss seeing his sexy little white wife getting filled with two black cocks tonight?. He then took my hips in his big black hands and buried his face in my panty covered crotch. I just about came when I felt his hot tongue running up and down my slit through my panties.

Jameraka kept licking me through my panties as the Chief was working on my hard nipples. I was just at the point I was about to cum when he stopped and said ?I think I?ll get you all warmed up for the Chief to fuck, wail I give you your first black cock to suck on, what ya think?

I looked down at Hank then back down at Jameraka and moaned, ?I don?t care, all I know is that I need to be fucked really bad?.

Looking back up at me Jameraka smiled and said, ? oh baby your going to get fucked, you can count on that. Some of the other guys around here would like to sink some black meat into this hot little white pussy of yours.? He then reached up and pulled the two little strings that had my panties tied at the hips.

Once my little pair of side-tie white leopard panties hit the ground Jameraka long tongue came out of his mouth and he buried it deep in my hot and wet pussy. He was just giving me a second long lick when I started cumming all over his tongue. I grabbed his head and pulled him tight to my pussy as the Chief was still tweaking my nipples from behind, I moaned out, ?OH GOD YESSSSSSSS, OH YESSSSS I?M CUMMINGGGGG?.

As my orgasm was winding down I looked down to see that Hank had somewhat of a smile on his face. It looks like the ass-hole did enjoy seeing me cum with another man.

Jameraka then said, ?okay, Brandy lay down there on your mat. I?m going to let Chief Zoomama fuck you first as you give me a blowjob?. He then told the Chief what was happening. The Chief said something back to him and smiled and shook his head yes.

I did as I was told and laid out on my back looking up at the both of them. I looked over Hanks way again to see that the smile on his face was even bigger now. Chief Zoomama dropped his loincloth on the ground and moved between my wide-open legs. He was sporting a big hard-on that looked like a big black pipe from where I was. He then dipped his fingers in the little cup of honey stuff and proceeded to rubbing it all over his hard black meat. He then got down on his knees right between my legs. Smiling He was looking at my waiting pussy as he jacked his slick cock off, covered with that hot honey stuff.

Now that his cock was as hard as a rock he wiped the extra honey off his hands and fingers onto my hot little pussy. I moaned out as he was rubbing it all over my wet vagina lips. He then picked up my legs and placed my ankles on each side of his head. He then dropped down over me, holding himself up with his arms.

He started rocking his hips toward me. This made his hot cock poke me all around my welcome vagina. After about five pokes his cock hit a bulls eye. The slick head of his cock was poking right into the entrance of my vagina. I moaned up to him and rocked my hips up to get that hard cock inside me. He knew what I needed and at that time he started giving it to me.

He gave a nice and easy push that let his hard cock start sinking into me. As the big head popped inside me I looked over at Hank and moaned out, ?Oh God Hank, he?s fucking me?.

He was fucking nice and slow, filling me with more and more black cock each time he pushed in. I was going out of my mind it felt so good. Then all at once his cock bottomed out deep inside me. It hurt when he hit bottomed and I moaned, ?ohhh not so hard, it hurts?. He didn?t know what I had just said and just smiles and hit bottom again. Again I pushed up on him and moaned, ?that hurts, please don?t go so hard?.

Jameraka at that time was dropping his shorts down near the head of my mat. He told the Chief what I had just said in his language. The Chief smile and replied something to Jameraka. The Chief then did slow down his hard hits. He started the little hard pushes to get deeper inside me. Then it happened again, I felt his cock slip all the way inside of my uterus. I about came on the spot as I moaned up to him, ?OH FUCK YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD?. Looking over at Hank again I moaned, ?oh honey he?s so deep inside me?.

Hank didn?t reply, he just continued to act like he was passed out as he watched his wife being filled with a big black cock.

There was no acting on my part. With the Chiefs big cock inside my uterus that was all I could take. I started fucking him back like a local slut. I looked down between us to see that I had every inch of the Chiefs cock inside me. At that point I was his. I started fucking up to him and moaning out, ?oh yessss oh God yessss, fuck meeeeeeee?.

I had my eyes now closed as I was humping up to get more of the Chiefs hard cock inside me. I then felt something poking on my mouth. I opened my eyes to find Jameraka trying to slip his hard cock into my mouth.

Once I seen what was happening I just opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked that big black cock right in. It was so long I could just get a little more than the head in my mouth. So I wrapped my fingers around the middle of it and started jacking him off as I sucked and licked the head.

Never in my life had I dreamed of having sex with two black men at the same time! Now I was doing it right in front of my husband, and I loved it.

I pulled Jameraka cock out of my mouth and moaned up to the Chief, ?OH FUCKKKKK I?M GOING TO CUMMMM. OH GOD DON?T STOP, FUCK ME, OH GOD YESSSS FUCK ME?.

I turned to see if Hank was watching me about to cum all over the Chief big cock. Just as I got my head turned Hanks way Jameraka pulled my head back to facing him and slipped his hard cock back in my mouth. Again I started jacking him off in my mouth as I humped up to the Chiefs big cock.

In less than a minute it happened again. My orgasm went through my body like wild fire. Again Jameraka black cock popped out of my mouth as I pushed up to the Chief and yelled out, ?OH YESSSSSSSS, YESSSSSSS, OH YESSSSSS I?M CUMMINGGGGGGGG?.

My orgasm must have set off the Chiefs orgasm as well. As I was cumming he pushed deep inside me an moan, ahhhhhhh, as I then felt his long hard cock pulsating deep inside my uterus. He kept pumping more and more hot sperm deep inside me. I didn?t think his cock was ever going to stop cumming.

I looked over at Hank and moaned, ?Ah baby, he?s cumming in me?.

Hank had just gotten his wish. He got to see me cum with another man. And he got to see another man cum inside me. And I was more than willing to give him a lot more of a show. I was still horny as hell and in need of being fucked again and again.

Jameraka said something to the Chief in their language. The Chief replied back to him laughing and started slowly pulling his still hard cock out of me. Once the head popped out of me I could feel his hot cum running out of me on it?s way down to the mat.

Jameraka and the Chief traded spots. That put Jameraka right between my legs holding his big black cock in his hand. He then dropped his cock and picked up my legs and placed my ankles on each side of his head just as the Chief had done.

Now back to holding his big black cock in his hand again he looking down at my leaking pussy and said, ?wow the Chief sure made a mess out of your cute little white pussy. I think I?ll make it a little messier?. Having said that he lined the head up to my sloppy slit and pushed inside me. I was so wet and sloppy Jameraka sank all of his cock into me in one slow push.

I moaned out, ?Oh God yessss? as he sank deep inside me. My hips came up off the mat trying to get even more of his lovely cock inside me.

Jameraka was looking down at me as he said, ? God your little white pussy feels so good rapped around my cock. To bad Hank isn?t awake to see his little wife getting filled with black cock?. He then started pumping into me at just the right speed to drive me wild.

I looked over at Hank again as I started humping up to Jameraka. I was so wet and sloppy from all of Chiefs Zoomama cum and my juices that the sounds of my wet pussy filled the hut. I knew that Hank was enjoying seeing me getting fucked by these men. I had just started moaning when I felt Jameraka hard cock also sink into my uterus also. Oh God what a feeling this is. Something that Hank had never been able to do to me. Again I say, ? the person that said, size doesn?t matter, had to have been a man?. I moaned out, ?oh yes, yes, yessss, oh God yes, fuck me, God don?t stop?.

Then I felt Chiefs Zoomama wet and still hard cock hit my right on the mouth. It was covered with his cum and my pussy juice. I didn?t even think about it, I just took the big head right in my mouth and started sucking on it. I would say his cock was just about the same size as Jameraka?s. It was also so long I could just get a little more than the head in my mouth. So I did the same thing with him, wrapped my fingers around the middle of it and started jacking him off as I sucked and licked the head. This was the Chiefs first blowjob and I was going to make sure it wasn?t one he would soon forget.

God the feeling of two cocks, two big black cocks in your body at the same time was way too much for me. I started cumming again. Only thing this time I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth and humping up to the one deep in my pussy. Both men moaned out as my pussy was biting on Jameraka cock and my mouth was sucking really hard on Chiefs Zoomama cock.

As my orgasm came winding down Jameraka started picking up speed. He was now hammering me full off black cock. I then started sucking and jacking off Chiefs Zoomama cock in time with the fucking I was getting. I couldn?t see if Hank watching this or not, but knew in the back of my mind he was. He was about to see for the first time his wife getting filled with sperm from two men at the same time. And I too couldn?t wait for this to happen.

This didn?t take long at all. Both men started moaning about the same time as they worked their cocks in my body. I too was going out of my mind with two cocks inside me that I was trying to make cum at the same time.

Jameraka was the first to start. He pushed deep inside me and moaned, ah yes, here comes the baby juice. I felt his cock start pulsating deep inside me as I was being filled with his hot sperm. He pulled my hips tight to his body as his cumming cock sank even deeper into my uterus. Then it happened, Chiefs Zoomama moaned and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth that was soon followed by a blast of hot sperm. Most times I?m not a swallower, I spit. The Chief was holding my head in place as he filled my mouth with cum. All I could do was start drinking it down. And I must say, my first time at swallowing wasn?t at all that bad. For that matter I liked it and started sucking his cock harder to get more of his cum out.

As soon as both men drained all their sperm inside me they both fell down on the mat on each side of me. Chiefs Zoomama said something to Jameraka in their language. Jameraka then said, ?The Chief said to tell you thank you for the blowjob. He may have you teach his wife how to suck cock.?

I looked over Hanks way and smiled as I felt a drop of Chiefs Zoomama cum running down my cheek.

Chiefs Zoomama and Jameraka soon got up on their feet talking and laughing to each other in their language. Jameraka looked down at me and said, ?Stay put right there sexy. Some of the other guys would like to try some white pussy. I?ll send them right in.? Then laughing they both walked out the door.

As soon as the door shut behind them Hank crawled over next to me and placed a big kiss right on my sperm covered mouth. His right hand went right between my legs and he sank two or three fingers inside my sloppy wet pussy. Breaking the kiss Hank said, ?Oh my God Bandy, that was so hot. I came in my pants watching you fuck them. God I can?t wait to fuck you and eat your pussy myself.?

He then moved quickly back over to his side of the hut when he heard footsteps coming our way. He went right back to acting like he was passed so he could watch my next show.

I second later a big black man stepped through the door and into our hut. He stood there smiling, as he looked down at me, a naked white woman at his feet.

At that point in time I felt like the biggest slut in Africa, and didn?t care. I smiled back up at him and slowly opened my legs as wide as I could to show him the prize he was about to receive.

Smiling from ear to ear this new man quickly dropped his loincloth on the ground and moved between my wide-open legs. Now on his knees I saw that he also had a very nice big black cock in his hand that he was lining up to slip inside me.

I was so wet and slick my pussy just swallowed his cock once he started pushing it inside me. I locked my legs around his back and was ready to give him his first white woman ride. Right there and then I turned into the fucker, not the fuckey. I was humping up to this man like I?m sure no other woman ever had. I was going to make sure that his first white pussy was going to be the best fuck he ever had.

He bent way over and was taking turns kissing and sucking on my long hard nipples as his meat was pumping in me at just the right speed. The kekpa and this nice cock inside me made me forget all about Hank as I concentrating on having another orgasm. I dug my nails into his back as I worked my hips in time with him. My ass was raised about five inches up off the mat as I worked my vagina muscles on his nice cock.

In just a few short seconds I felt my third black cock of the night slip deep into my uterus. As soon has I felt the head sinking in I started cumming again. I pushed up hard to him taking everything he had to offer deep inside my wet pussy. I then grabbed his ass and pulled him tight as I yelled out, ?OH GOD YESSSSSS, YESSSSSSS, OH I?M CUMMINGGGGGG.?

As this orgasm was winding down Hank came back to mind. I looked over at him and smiled. I knew that he had just enjoyed watching me cum all over yet another hard black cock.

My new black man was now fucking me at full speed. I felt his cock growing bigger and bigger deep inside me. And then it happened, he pushed deeper inside me a grunted as his cock started unload hot sperm deep inside my welcome uterus. I did my best to milk his cock dry as he filled me up. Looking back over at Hank again I moaned, ?mmmmm baby I?m getting more cum pumped in my pussy for ya?.

Once this man had pumped his last drop of sperm inside me he fell down kind of next to me and went back to sucking on my still very hard nipples. I could feel his big cock that was still deep inside me starting to shrink.

All at once the door opened and a young black skinny kid was standing in the doorway looking down at us. He said something to the man inside me in their language. The man replied back to him, and then he pulled out of me. His cock made a loud suction sound as it left my wet vagina. He then stood up and was talking to this kid as he was putting his loincloth back on. At the same time the skinny kid dropped his to the ground exposing to me the next nice long black cock I was about to get.

As the one guy walked out the door the skinny kid dropped down on his knees between my still open legs. He was slowly stroking his cock as he was looking at my leaking vagina. I had a steady stream of white-hot sperm running out of me.

As he climbed over the top of me lining his cock up to my welcome pussy I gave a fast look over at Hank. Then just as fast I looked up at this kid that was now slipping his hard cock inside me. I moaned out, ?Oh God yesssssssssss fuck me?, as I pushed up to him.

After this kid filled me with his hot cum I lost count of who screwed me next. I remember having a great orgasm with him, and then I must have half way passed out. I recall others fucking me, but that?s about it. How many others I had no idea.

I woke the next morning with Hank on top of me filling me with his hard cock. Right at that time he moaned, ?Oh God I love you? as his cock started squirting more sperm into me.

I could feel Hanks cock pulsating as he unloaded inside me. Once he emptied his last drop of cum inside me he rolled off me onto his back next to me.

As I started waking up more I could feel the fire in my vagina. Not a good fire, a hurting fire. It felt like I had had a sand paper cock stuck up inside me. I was so sore I didn?t think I would ever feel like having sex again.

Just then Hank kissed me and said, ?mother fucker Brandy, I can?t believe all them guys fucked you last night. That was the hottest thing I?ve ever seen. I don?t have to ask if you liked it or not, I?ve never seen you cum so much in my life!?

Kissing him back I replied, ?Oh God my pussy is so sore. How many guys fucked me??

?Shit I don?t know for sure. I think after the tenth guy Jameraka made them stop before they fucked you to death.?

I looked at him surprised, ?ten guys? Are you kidding me? Oh fuck I?m nothing but a whore in their eyes.?

Hank kissed me again then smiled and said, ?your not a whore. You?re my wife and I love you. Plus you had eleven guys last night if you count me. After they got done I fucked your passed out body two times. Your pussy was so hot and wet I couldn?t help myself. Then again as soon as I woke up, I had to have you again.?

I kissed Hank and said, ? thank goodness this trip is about over. I don?t think I can take much more cock.? Then looking at him right in the eyes I asked, ?are you sure your okay with what happened? This is not going to hurt us after we get back home is it??

Hugging and kissing me Hank said, ? Hurt us, hell no. This was the best vacation we have ever had. We may have to come back again next year. The only bad thing is, we can?t tell all of our friends and family all the real fun we had down here.?


I had to take the next few days off, having no sex at all. I didn?t have any more gangbangs or whatever ya call it when you have one guy after another. I did have sex with Chiefs Zoomama and Jameraka a few more times. And the rest of the stay I didn?t have any more kekpa to drink Also with Hanks blessing I spent to full nights in Chiefs Zoomama hut getting fucked all night long. Hank really loved having me the next morning as I told him what the Chief had done to me.

As much as I hated to leave we had a safe trip back home. Once back home Hank went out and got me a nice big black dildo that he uses on me each time we have sex. We play it out that we are back in Africa and I?m getting fuck by one of the many men. The real thing is a lot better, but what can ya do.

Two months after returning home I made a Doctor appointment due to the fact that I had the flu and couldn?t get over it. Turns out the flu was morning sickness, I was two months pregnant.

Crying and in shock I had to tell Hank that evening that I was pregnant. The bad thing is I don?t know whose black baby I have inside me. Hank came up with a good story to tell all of our friends and family. The story is that I got raped wail on our trip and we were trying to keep it to ourselves until the Doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.

It just goes to show that sometimes when you play, you pay. I?ll now have to go through life with a black child. People will know that I screwed a black man. The only thing they will not know is that I screw a tribe of black men, and loved it.


Thanks for reading my story. I hope you liked it and I?m sorry it was so long in coming.

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