Written by Janet S / Jun 19, 2008



Before I go into the details of my latest dogging event, I should explain a bit about the men in my life. I am most fortunate to have 3 lovers, all of whom love to share me with other men and encourage me to explore my sexuality.

The first of my lovers is Bill, my brother-in-law. You may recall him from the story entitled Cheating Wife. Unfortunately Bill lives in the States so we rarely see each other although he does constantly send me e-mails and pictures that arouse me. (I love getting these from other men too!) The second and main lover is Sam who is also my employer and with whom I have most of my activities either with him or around him.

My third lover is Bob. Bob also is some distance away but this man turns me on like the proverbial faucet! He has the most alluring yet naughty ideas which he provides me along with incentives, pictures and e-mails which excite me to no end. Also he has a way about him to convince me to step out of my comfort zone and not just think and fantasize about these things, but actually do them! As a result of his persuasion, I have done many, many things some of which I never even dreamed of until I met my Bob. He has taught me so much and yet still challenges me to be even more slutty and nasty than ever and in so doing tapped into my innermost desires. He continues to peel back my layers exposing my raw sexual nature and then finds a way to tap into them in an every spiraling wonderful manner.

To illustrate, I will relate the events that happening within the past couple of weeks. Bob began by building on my enthusiasm for anonymous quick sex and encouraged me to go dogging, something I hadn?t done for quite a while because of the weather. Finally it peaked when I received his e-mail with, ?My orders,? to go that very night, no questions asked. He also detailed what I was to do and wear which I will subsequently make known to you. I should point out that I dearly love it when a man takes command and provides me with my instructions. I simply cannot say no!

It was a Monday night and my instructions came through that afternoon. At dinner, I told my husband James that I was going to the cinema that evening and perhaps stay out a bit later for a drink or two with my friends. James gave his usual grunt of approval. When it was time to leave, I went into the loo and removed all of my clothing and just wore my topcoat and shoes as Bob had instructed. I was very nervous to kiss James goodbye in this relative unclothed state but he could not really see that I was entirely nude underneath my coat. Once outside, I unbuttoned my coat and cinched it lightly with the belt as Bob had instructed and walked to the common garage a few blocks away. There I removed my coat and shoes and placed them in the boot, again according to his directions. I was extremely excited! I mean extremely not having anything about me or even close to me with which to cover up as I set the GPS and drove out of London proper arriving about dusk at the park.

I immediately lowered my window and turned on the inside light as a signal that I desired some action and in a few minutes a bloke came over to the car, leaned inside and groped my breast and began his discourse on how he wanted to fuck me. I stopped him quickly and told him that I wanted anal sex first. (This was in accordance with Bob?s instructions) Much to my surprise, he wasn?t interested and walked away! I sat there a few minutes wondering if I had made a mistake when I was startled by another man that came up from the back of the car to my window.

I didn?t hear what he said as I found myself staring at one of the blackest men I?ve ever seen. It was plainly evident through his black mesh T shirt that he was quite muscular. Even though I don?t recall what he said, he said it with a captivating deep English accent that charmed me. I can only remember stammering something about being, ?Fucked in my ass,? and being helped out of the car. Following Bob?s instructions, I moved to the front of the car and leaned over the bonnet as my strange black lover prepared himself. Soon I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my pussy lips and clit and then being inserted into my vagina and hearing him tell me he was just getting us ready. And did he ever! In seconds, his large, make that very large cock was into the hilt and stroking me causing me to stand up on my toes to allow his glorious entry. He stopped after a few strokes and moved his cockhead to my anus. I had previously lubed myself but still it was an effort as he pushed his huge dick past my sphincter and into me. He maintained heavy steady pressure until I could fell his testicles against my perineum. Thus impaled, I felt his two large hands clench my breasts tightly as he began to move his hips in the fucking ritual. With each thrust, I thought he would come out my belly; I?ve never had such a large cock inside me. As I loosened up, I began to more enjoy his penetration and pushed back and rotated against him as he withdrew almost his entire penis before inserting it to its full length up my nether region. As he thrust harder and faster, I found myself moaning with each forceful penetration and found myself grasping at the Jaguar ornament to steady myself. The pace quickened as he abused my rectum. I was however thoroughly enjoying the abuse and when he grunted and shot his massive ejaculation up my ass, I trembled and audibly came with him. He stayed deep in me until he was done then plopped past my sphincter into the cool air.

I was still in my orgasm when he exited and immediately spun around, dropped to a squat and took his still hard, but softening cock into my mouth. He screamed due to the sensitivity and grunted and groaned as I gently sucked my ass juice, semen and lubricant from his cock. As my mouth and tongue worked him over, he realized I wasn?t gong to stop and his sensitivity eased. Much to my delight, he grew hard again and as he did I bobbed up and down his shaft with increased speed and depth until I locked his cockhead in my lips and mouth massaged the tender underside of the head. This drove him insane and I felt his large hands encircle my head and felt him fold over me locking my mouth onto his cock. He now assumed control and began to actively and deeply fuck my mouth. He held me so tight and deep I could hardly breathe however, it so excited me, I found myself rubbing my clit harshly as he now abused my mouth. He began to call me names and tell me dirty things about being a cocksucker and such. Grasping me still harder and fucking me deeper, I found his cock swell and he again cried out as his second load spewed down my throat. I was amazed he had so much the second time and I also came the second time with him. It was fucking glorious!

Grunting he withdrew and moved back to regain his composure and, as he did a second man approached me directly with his exposed cock pointed right at my mouth. Immediately he was upon me, and, placing his hand behind my head, drew me onto his hard cock. Eagerly I began to perform fellatio as best I could with him dictating both the pace and penetration. It didn?t take long before he shot a very healthy thick load into my mouth which I swallowed with great enjoyment. He wiped some of his residue across my face before stepping away and allowing me a moment to regain my composure. I can tell you that this second sudden cocksucking excited me once again!

Still squatting, I turned and for the first time noticed an audience had gathered. From the shadows, a man emerged with 3 others following a bit behind. ?How?s about letting us have a go?? he queried tossing his thumb over his shoulder to indicate the men behind him. I didn?t have a chance or failed to answer thus indicating it was acceptable. They led me to the grass and placed me on all 4?s. The first no sooner began to fuck me royally when a second man replaced him and another took his position at my mouth followed by the third and the fourth rotating between my mouth and my cunt.

Somewhere around this time it began to rain. I remember feeling the cold drops on my back as I had a cock in my cunt, one in my mouth and another in each hand as the men took their quick turns with me. The rain quickly began to fall harder as they laid me on my back. I wrapped my legs around one bloke?s buttocks as he fucked me and I held another in each hand. About this time I lost track of who was where doing what and entered into a complete orgasmic state. At 1 point I was suspended being held up by my arms and legs and being fucked in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I know at least one creamed inside me and another 1 in my mouth. Plus I could feel hot sperm splatter across my chest washed away by the cold hard rain. By the time they were finished, I was soaking wet from their cum and the rain plus I had the most explosive series of orgasms I had ever felt.

Weakened I made my way back to the car. The harsh rain had ended and, in the dim light of the interior I could see bits of grass and streams of mud on my knees and body. My hair was dripping and I was shivering from the cold. I was still very cold when I arrived back at the garage but the rain had subsided. I gathered my coat about me and slipped on my shoes and dashed home and into the shower to quickly wash off the mud. No sooner had I stepped from the shower into the warm tub to soak when James wrapped on the door and entered my bath. I was quite surprised to see him.

He began to wash my back and I asked if wanted to make love. He told me he was not feeling well which it was why he was awake but that he was glad I was home. I was glad he hadn?t popped in 5 minutes earlier or I would have had some explaining to do!

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