Fantasy Come True

Written by Gregory / Jul 31, 2008



The kids were asleep, and it was time for my wife and I to go to bed. I was in bed, reading a book when my wife Vickie came out of the bathroom. She had on a white see threw nightie. I almost dropped my book when I saw her. Her tan breast looked great, and her pink nipples were hard as rocks. She turned around to show me her beautiful hart shaped ass. She was so sexy that I almost forgot why I was mad at her. She came to the bed and I couldn't help but welcome her in. She kissed me deeply, and rubbed her big breast on my chest. She pushed me down on the bed and started kissing me from the neck down to my very hard cock. I felt her lips on my cock, and then that warm feeling of my cock going into her mouth. She sucked my cock for awhile and then kissed her way back up to my lips before she grabbed my cock to put it in her wet pussy. She was wild as she fucked my Cock.

"Is this what you want me to do", she asked? "Yes, it feels very good", I replied. "Would you want me to this to another man's cock", she asked? "Yes! I know you would like to have two cocks right now, wouldn't you", I ask? " YES, I want two cocks. One in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time", she said.

She reached under the pillow and pulled out one of her dildos and handed it to me. I put the dildo to her ass and pushed til I felt it go in. I slowly fucked her ass til she was comfortable with it. "Yes, that's what I want. Two cocks fucking me at the same time. I wish I had another for my mouth, too", she said. I felt her tighten up and she started to cum. She shook all over. She laid on me for a few moments, and then said, " I want you to cum in my mouth, as she kissed her way back down my chest to my cock.

She loves to suck my cock, and is a very good cocksucker. She kissed my shaft and then made her way to the head of my cock. It didn't take long before I filled her mouth with my cum. "MMMMM", she said as she swallowed my cum. "I love cum so much", she said with a smile. We soon fell asleep, and thank god it's Friday.

At work the next day, my wife called to ask me if I would like to go to the casino's for the weekend. I said sure why not. She said she knew I would say yes, and she had already took care of everything. After she hung up the phone I thought to myself. Yesterday I was mad at her because she spent A lot of money at the mall, and today I agreed to go to Mississippi casino's for the week end. Wow, she is good at smoothing things over. She called once more at 4:30 before I got off at 5, and asked me to stop and pickup a few bottles of wine on the way home. She added that the kids where at her mom's and she had already packed and was ready to go. I stopped and got the wine, and when I got home, Vickie was waiting for me at the door. She had on a white cut off shirt that barely covered her big round breast, and some black biking pants, that really fit her ass good. For a forty four year old woman she was very sexy. I changed and put the bags in my BMW, and Vickie asked me to let the top down. I did, and off we went.

The casinos were two hours away, and when we got on hwy 55, I set the cruse on 80mph. I noticed Vickie's shirt was blowing in the wind and every now and then her nipples would pop out. We were almost to Memphis when a trucker blew his horn at us. I looked at Vickie and saw her shirt had blown over her titties. She pulled it down and said,"OOPS". I just smiled. We got on hwy 61, and it was kinda bad looking part of town. Vickie ask me to stop at a store, and when I pointed out I didn't think it looked safe, she said it'll be OK. So, I stopped at a BP and we went inside, and there were only black people in the store. Vickie got us a drink and I noticed all the black men were staring at my blond wife. She noticed too, and her nipples were pointing out as we paid for our drinks. As we walked out the door one man said to me, "she is a fine woman". I smiled, and said," yes, I'm lucky to have her".

When we got on the hwy again, I ask Vickie if she liked all those men looking at her? "Yes, can't you tell", she said as she raised up her shirt to show me how hard her nipples were. We were coming up on a 18 wheeler, and Vickie ask " pull up beside him, I want to show him my titties" As we were pulling up to him I could see in his mirror, he was black. I slowed down when we were beside him, and Vickie laid back in her seat, and looked up at him and smiled as she slowly pulled up her shirt. I thought the trucker was going to run off the road. When he got control of his rig, we road beside him for a few miles, and Vickie played with her titties, and her nipples. She was having a good time. The trucker was enjoying the show too, because I could tell he was jacking off to my wife's show.

It was 8:20 when we got to our room and unpacked. Vickie pulled off her shirt and pants, and said she was going to take a bath. I called room service for a bucket of ice, and soon there was a knock on the door. I went to it, and as I opened the door, my wife stepped out of the bathroom. She had on her robe, but it was hanging open. Her big round breast were exposed. It was an older black man, in his 50's, and I saw the look on his face, and turned to see my wife walking toward the bed. Vickie then noticed the black man walking toward the table, and at first she tried to cover up, but she saw me smiling. As I was getting his tip, I looked at my wife. She looked so beautiful sitting on the bed, and she looked me dead in the eyes and licked her full lips. My biggest fantasy was to watch her suck off another man, and I could see in her eyes that she was going to make my fantasy come true. So, I faked it like I didn't have any cash, and I turn to the older black man, and said," I guess I'll have to catch you later on the tip".

My blonde wife stood up and walked over and let the rob fall open, but her titties held it closed. He could not only see the out line of her titties,but he could see her pussy. He looked her up and down, and smiled. She said," I might can give you a tip, if you want". He just stood there and had a nerves look on his face. " I've always wanted to suck a big black cock", she said. He didn't say a word. My wife put her hand on his cock and rubbed it. "Oh my god, it's big",she moaned. I could tell she was turned on by this, too. "Please let me suck your black cock, I won't let any cum get on your pants", she said. She dropped to her knees, and started to unbuckle his belt. When his pants were undone they fell to the floor, and his cock sprang ed out. "OOOHH YYEESS", I heard her moan. His cock was very black, and my wife didn't waste anytime. She put his black cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. I went behind her and pulled off her robe. I couldn't believe my beautiful blonde haired wife was sucking a big black cock. My cock was hard as a rock and I got behind her, and put my cock in her pussy. Man, it was wet. I fucked her as she was enjoying sucking the black cock in her mouth. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, "I want you to cum for me. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum". He started to fuck her mouth and soon came. She held his cock in her mouth and sucked till all of his cum was out. She kelp sucking, and I couldn't last any longer and I came too. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and pulled up his pants, and left. We didn't hear him say a word, as he left. I turned Vickie over and fucked her on the floor. She had cum on both side of her mouth. I ask her if she liked sucking his cock, and drinking his cum. She moaned, "YYEESS, I love sucking his big black cock. His cum tasted ssooo good. I want to suck more black cocks for you". We both came again.

We stayed in our room and fucked for the rest of the night, but I will write about rest of weekend later.
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