School Teacher's Fantasy

Written by Genehink / Aug 14, 2008



I am finally on vacation from school. Every year it seems to take longer to finish with all the paperwork and after school year chores. So now I have a full 30 days off before I have to return to start getting ready for next year. One thing I promised myself I was going to do this year was get me a tattoo. I have always wanted to get one but just have not had the nerve to go through with it. Well my husband goaded me into it. I decided to go into Ft. Worth so as not to be recognized by someone from our local area. When we got to the tattoo shop I was surprised at how nice the place was.

I was expecting to find a real den of iniquity, but it was very clean and professional looking. The gentleman behind the counter was dressed in medical scrubs and was only a couple of years younger than myself. He was a very good looking and well groomed black man. My husband and I looked around at all the different tattoos that were displayed on the walls and he also had a book to look at.

I found one that I really liked and my husband said it would look great against my white skin. It was a beautiful black rose. One large flower and two smaller ones on a thorny stem. In all it was about 2 inches long. We then needed to decide where to put it. I thought a good place was on my upper shoulder; however, my husband pointed out that it might not be a good idea to put one where folks at school might see it. He suggested I put it on my left breast just about the nipple. That made me a little nervous as I had just met this artist and now I was going to let him see my tit. My husband quickly pointed out that this guy was a professional and had seen everything and besides I wasn't going to see him again. So I was talked into it.

So we went off into the back where all the equipment was at. I asked my husband if he was going with me and he said no that he would stay out front and wait. He is not crazy about needles and especially if they are being used on my body. Well we went on back and I told the artist that I did not like to watch the process either. He said no problem that he could put up a cloth shield just high enough that he could still see my face put I could not see my tit. That sounded okay so I dropped my tank top and lay down on his table. He spent a few minutes getting everything ready and then cleaned my tit good with alcohol and then put something on that he said would deaden the area so it would not hurt so much. When he first started it was just a dull feeling and I thought that it was not so bad. He said it would take about an hour and a half as I was getting one color, it was small and simple. After he had be at it for about 30 minutes I heard someone come into the room and thought it was my husband; however, he said no it was his son. He was teaching him the ????? and when he graduated high school next year he would start him full time. Okay so now here I am with two guys looking at and working on my tit, a father and son no less. Now hear is where the FANTASY begins. He introduced me to his son and when he came around where I could see him. OMG it was a student I knew very well and would have him in my class this coming year. He is a very athletic kid over six feet tall and very handsome. It was embarrassing to say the least, but he handled it very well and I thought he was every bit as professional as his father. He went back out and was gone for a while. He came back in just about the time his dad was finishing and I saw a flash go off then a couple more. Then he came around so he could get a picture of my face and tit at the same time. I was told he needed it for their records to go along with the release I signed before his dad started. Okay, I guess I understand. His dad starting putting away his equipment and ask my student to clean up for him. So he removed the screen and let me see the art work. It was beautiful. He then proceeded to clean my tit of all residual liquid. He did an excellent job of rubbing and squeezing my tit and then he bent over and gave my nipple a kiss and said "all better". Then he says he is sorry he just could not resist. Well okay, it did feel good and besides I like young men. So I pull up my tank top, my husband pays the artist and we go home.

A couple day later I get an email from my student asking me to look at the attachment then get back to him. I pull up the attachment and could not believe what I was seeing. It was a photo of me lying on the table with my face and tit in full view and my students dad standing just behind my head with his huge dick hanging out of his pants. Needless to say my husband and I were extremely pissed. So I immediately send back an email asking just what the hell is going on. He came back with "we need you to come back to the shop for some follow on work" or the photo would be sent to my school faculty for their reaction. Needless to say I ask when they wanted to see me. He told me to come in on Sunday about 1 p.m., as they would be closed and I would be their only customer. He also told me to bring my husband if I wanted.

When we arrived at the shop the artist and his son escorted into the back room again; however, now there was a huge mat on the floor. My husband was told to have a seat in the only chair in the room. He was given a video camera to record the action. I was told to take my cloths off and relax. I thought these guys are crazy, but then again I knew why we were there and I was hoping that once they got their fill we would be through with this. So I took my cloths off. The artist and his son soon had theirs off also. I was impressed with both of them. The father was a little more endowed but they both had beautiful black equipment. They spent several minutes feeling and tasting my body. Then I was told to get on my hands and knees and give the young man a good blow job. He did taste good and knew how to use his thing. His father didn't take long to put his rod in my pussy and fucked me with all he had. The son got off first and withdrew. He went to a door behind my husband and opened it up and let five of his buddies in. All of these kids were black students from my school and I knew them well. The took very little time in joining the action and I had one of the best fantasy afternoons I could ever have. These kids, the father and my husband spent several hours working over all my holes and both hands. I was covered in sweat and spunk. I was extremely sore and tired for quit a while after this workout. I also had a smile on my face that just would not go away.

I can tell you that my husband and I have spend many a day enjoying each other because of this fantasy. I would love nothing better than to spend a day once in while just fucking my male students and letting them have me anyway they wanted. Hope you all enjoyed my fantasy and got off on it.
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