Sissy Cuckold Maid Pt 2

Written by Throne / Oct 9, 2008



My wife Terri and her Black lover, Chase, got busy turning me into a demasculinized, wimpy, maid and sex slave, 24/7. My male wardrobe was given away to charity. She made me box it up, all the while reminding me that I would never wear jockey shorts, trousers, or men's shirts again. Then, with my only remaining male clothes on, I was taken to a unisex hair stylist to get a new look. The hairdresser was flagrantly gay and very free with his hands as he worked on me. In a short time he had my hair trimmed, styled and sprayed into girlish waves, dyed from my usual mousey brown to showy gold. It was humiliating to have Terri loudly discuss with him that I was her husband but that this was how I wanted to look. I couldn't contradict her lie, not unless I wanted Chase to smack me around when I got home.

When that was done, my wife put tinted lip gloss on me, a selection called Touch O' Pink. The hairdresser kept me in the chair and insisted on plucking and shaping my eyebrows while I unhappily sat there. When he was done I could have passed for gay in the gayest club in town. Terri insisted that I take small mincing steps as we went back onto the street. Everyone stared at the gorgeous but slutty looking woman and her apparantly homosexual companion. I couldn't stop blushing from shame.

As soon as we got home she made me strip, tossed those clothes out the back door, and gave me a pair of panties to put on. Nearly crying from embarrassment, I got into the lacy red lingerie. The crotch panel was dark enough to hide my tubed penis and Terri instructed me on how to tuck it so it would be almost totally unseen. When she stood me in front of a full length mirror I was horrified to see the femmish, seemingly dickless, figure I made. She sprayed me with some obvious perfume she had bought for that purpose, and handed me my first feather duster. Ahead of time she had written an endless list of places to dust. Miserable, again fighting back tears, I got busy. She said if it wasn't all done when Chase got there that evening I would be in trouble.

Her Bull arrived around dinner time. I had to answer the door, curtsey, and sweetly invite him in, praying no passerby would spot me. After I led him to the livingroom, where she was sitting, I had to tell him his 'bitch piece of ass' was ready to do anything he wanted.

Chase smiled at my wife and asked, "Does She-She mean her or you's gonna do whatever shit I say?"

Terri laughed as if he had said made funniest remark ever. "I told her to say that. She means I'm ready to suck your horsecock and lick your ass or anything else you can think up, as long as it leads to you screwing my brains out."

She sent me to make them drinks, a rum concoction she had written down the ingredients for. As I swished out of the room Chase made a lewd remark about the kind of attention my new walk would attract. When I returned they were sitting close together on the sofa. He went on with that line of thought.

He told her, "Maybe we should drive her downtown and dump her off in front of that he-she club The Main Drag. She could make new friends on the street and earn us a few bucks at the same time."

"You mean we should pimp her fruity ass? Let some gay Johns pick her up and do her in their backseats?" She laughed. "I hear there's a lot of rough trade around there. Straight guys who'd make her do it and then smack her around when they're done. That'd be a nice bonus -- for us."

They chatted about turning me into a cross dressed hooker until I was trembling from fear. Then Chase said that if I was extra good around the house --especially the bedroom -- maybe they wouldn't do it. I wasn't about to risk upsetting him. I meekly offered to untie his shoes. He told me to do it.

I knelt in front of the powerful man and silently undid his laces. Then he had me remove his shoes, take off his socks and fold them, and massage his sweaty feet. Terri kept snickering at what a weak, ridiculous looking loser I was. Then, as I continued to rub his large feet, he kissed her, deep and long. His hands were all over her. He even gave her a few love bites, leaving his mark on her pale neck. From where I was I could see under her short skirt. I was wildly horny but, as ever, denied relief. They stayed there, making out like a couple of teenagers, while I knelt and pampered the feet of the man who had taken away my wife.

Then he kicked me away so my wife could kneel in my place, take out his impressive cock, and give it a long slow blowjob. She only took enough time out to tell me to get alongside her, so I wouldn't miss any of what she was doing.

"And you can pick up pointers," she added. "A sissy like you always wants to know the best ways to please a man."

When I tried to object she slapped my face. Then she made me kneel alongside her with my mouth opened. Terri sucked on him for another minute and then spit a glob of saliva into my mouth. She said she hoped I could taste his pre-cum. I whimpered but didn't make anymore protests. She gave him a sucking that would shame a whore, kissing his balls, deep throating, talking filth everytime she released him so she could breathe. Then she used her mouth and hand at the same time, slowly, working him up to the breaking point. When he blasted his generous load into her mouth she retained it all. Then she leaned toward me, with my lips still parted as ordered, and passed all his thick mess onto my tongue. It was horrid but I had to take it all and let it slide down my throat. I wanted to retch but instead she told me to lick my lips, smile, and thank Chance. And that's just what I did.

They made me more and more femme. The chastity stayed on all the time but now she made no pretext of having lost the key. In fact, she put it into a tiny bottle and then they made a ceremony of lighting a candle and using the wax to seal the cap. She put it on a shelf where I could see it but warned me that if the seal was broken she would know and I would pay dearly, with multiple piercings to my organ to hold a chastity that would NEVER be removed. I shuddered just to hear about such a possibility.

I had to behave in an exaggeratedly feminine manner all the time. She even made me stare at Chance's crotch every opportunity I got, as if I wanted what was in his pants. It was shameful beyond imagining. When I wasn't in maid's clothing, she made sure whatever I wore was equally, if not even more, shameful. One day all I might be allowed was heels, pink legwarmers, a lace choker, and a strawberry beret. The next my wardrobe could be just high-heeled boots, a knee strap to restrict my walking, a high leather collar to keep my chin elevated, and a rubber mask with a zippered mouth. Always my chastity-locked penis was on show.

And there was the sex. The deeper they have forced me into my new role, the more abandoned Terri and Chance have become in bed. They make me watch, of course, and sometimes participate. Usually I have to go down on my wife to get her wet so she can accommodate all of her lover's considerable organ. Sometimes I have to hold apart her pussy lips as he enters her, all the time thanking him in a femmish voice for doing what I'm not allowed to. Once they did it doggy style, with me lying on my back, my face below her pubic mound, looking upward. I had to watch him piston in and out of her from that viewpoint. When he at last came, they made me catch any cum that overflowed. After he withdrew she sat solidly on my face, making sure to land her messy slit over my lipsticked mouth, so I could lick her clean of all the rest.

Then Chase bought her a long, thick, chocolate brown dildo. At first she just used it on herself when he wasn't around, and made me lick it clean. But when she started to make me suck it to remove her sexual juices, and urged me to take in as many inches as I could, my worries began. My wife even had me use elaborate techniques on it, flicking the tip of my tongue, running my lips up and down it, and worse. When I got proficient at those tricks she wore it in a harness, strap-on style, and made me serve her while she reclined in bed. Because several inches of it penetrated her, she could get aroused from having me give head to the artificial cock.

At the same time, my shameful household duties continued. Often when Chase was over for a night of partying, I had to clean while they had fun. Imagine how I felt in one of my maid outfits, perhaps just a tiny skirt, see-through lace bodice, and a big floppy bow in my hair, balancing on sky high heels, wielding a dust rag, wiping the baseboards, while they chatted, watched movies, sipped wine, and necked. Whenever they felt like it they would comment on my appearance, work habits, and what other jobs they might assign me. It was unendurably humiliating to have to be treated that way by my wife and her lover.

Soon Terri had me demonstrating my new oral skills on the dildo while Chase watched. He was intrigued and even got aroused. That's when they revealed that he had served time in prison years before and reduced his white cellmate to a sissy sex slave, even selling him to other Black inmates. I felt sick at that revelation. The more he talked about it the greater his obvious lust grew. Then, unbelievably, my wife told him he was welcome to do anything he pleased to me. The three of us went to the bedroom.

It was unthinkably awful. First I had to use my mouth on both of them to get them ready for sex. Then I had to guide his rigid cock into her. After they had screwed for a while he pulled out and made me lick him clean. Terri was fascinated and amused. She kept up a stream of insults about my sissy look and performance, calling me queer bait and other insulting names. Then they resumed their wild lovemaking until the inevitable climaxes exploded. My final duties were to eat my wife clean and then suck every inch of Chase's huge rod spotless. He got hard again and I had to suck him almost to completion. Because of my frequent practice with the dildo I was able to take him all the way down my throat, just as my wife had learned to do. When he was very close to finishing, she took over for me, holding the bulging knob in her mouth and making me stroke him to completion. Then she had me kneel alongside the bed so she could 'drop a kiss'. That means she slobbered all his cum, mixed with her spit, into my waiting mouth.

My life was an endless round of housework and sex. Some nights I had to suck Chase until he shot his load into my mouth. Afternoons, Terri invited new female friends she had made to visit. I had to work while they were there, serving them drinks and snacks, along with doing my usual chores. The added work always put me behind schedule, which led to spankings from my wife, with the other women grinning at my helplessness. One of them even gifted her with a hairbrush to use on my backside, which Terri was only too happy to demonstrate while the giver watched.

Sometimes we would go out to kinky clubs. I was a showpiece, the unwilling feminized husband who had been turned into a maid and sex slave. All the other club-goers were fascinated. Everyone was allowed to touch me and I had to display my chastity on command. Seeing how much public humiliation hurt me, my wife and her lover got another wicked idea.

The next day I had to accompany them to the gym Chase had bought with MY money. In full maid drag I was made to flitter about with an oversized pink feather duster, cleaning as I went. The Black male and female patrons were convulsed with laughter. Chase announced that Terri was my wife and that he had taken her away from me. That elicited cheers. From then on I spent several afternoons each week as the gym's sissy maid. The members tried to outdo each other, snapping orders at me, making me perform ridiculous and demeaning jobs.

The most recent disgrace enacted on me, however, was the worst. We attended a Halloween party. Terri dressed as a hooker, which she loved. Chase was a prison guard. My costume was a cut down convict outfit that barely covered anything, showing off my hairless body. At the height of the party Chance bent me over the back of a low chair and yanked down the short pants of my costume. He rubbed himself against my bottom, still marked from an earlier session with a riding crop, until he had a raging hard-on. My wife made a show of guiding the head of his battering ram between my quivering buttocks. She even used a tube of lube to get me ready for penetration.

Then it happened. In front of a roomful of hooting watchers, I had my backdoor virginity taken. Terri was right there, urging him on as he raped me. Someone said that what was happening didn't make Chase queer, it made me queer. The nightmare went on and on until he tensed and shot his load deep into my body. My transformation from man into sissy cuckold maid was completed. That was two nights ago and I'm still in shock, though not allowed to shirk my usual housework.

And now my wife and her lover are dropping hints that they have more in store for me. More and worse. I can only wait to learn what that will be.

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