Sissy Cuckold Maid

Written by Throne / Oct 9, 2008



"She-She, come here," my wife Terri said with cold anger. "Look at this mess."

I scurried from the livingroom, where I had been dusting, to the bedroom. Terri was standing by the bed, wearing a filmy nighty top, minus the matching panties, hands on hips, glowering. I couldn't keep from looking at her super-sexy figure, those oversized breasts, wide hips, long full legs. But I also had to look at her normally cute face, normally girlish in contrast to that oh-so-womanly shape, now made over by a nasty scowl. I saw why she was angry. On the bedside table there were beer bottles, a full ashtray, and several used tissues. It was my job to clean up after she had been with her boyfriend Chase overnight, but I wasn't allowed into the room until they were both out of bed. I had pussyfooted by several times, peeking in through the slightly opened door, but her lover had still been asleep, the covers thrown off, his impressively large Black cock on display, larger than one of my erections even though he was soft.

"Well?" my bride said angrily. "Why wasn't this cleaned up?"

I couldn't say anything -- literally. When Terri had gotten up an hour ago she had jammed the fat handle of one of my feather dusters into my mouth, creating a very effective gag, and then buckled it in place with the attached straps. She had also checked to see that I was wearing my maid's uniform correctly. I had on high heels that squeezed my feet tightly, elastic-topped stockings that showed off my hairless legs, a tiny skirt so short that it revealled my chastity-enclosed penis in front and my bare smooth bottom in back. There was also a snug, sleeveless top with an attached, heart-shaped apron, as well as a pink satin choker, and a lacy cap that was perched atop my longish, styled hair. Along with the cosmetics she had taught me to apply daily, a simple base, lipstick, eyeliner and shadow, and a touch of blush on my cheeks, the image was complete. I was the picture of a feminized male maid, an object of derision and disrespect.

Terri shook her head in disgust. "You never learn. All right, girly, over my lap." She sat on the chair kept there for spanking sessions and pointed to her wide attractive thighs.

I sniffled as I laid myself across her warm upper legs. It had been a month since my last ejaculation and I was desperately horny. Seeing her or having any type of physical contact got me hard, or at least as hard as my tight chastity tube allowed, which wasn't very. As I lay there looking helpless, Chase entered the room with a glass of orange juice in his hand. He had slipped out to the kitchen and I had missed him. It would have been so easy for me to clean up the usual mess they left whenever they had sex but now, because I had missed it, I was in for a world of trouble. The tall Black man strode over and stood at my head. He was naked and his long cock dangled in front of my eyes. He leaned down and gave my wife a passionate kiss.

"So," he said, amused. "the stupid bitch earned herself an early morning red bottom."

"Again," my wife told him. "It's always something with this lazy piece of fluff. If it's not hanging the towels wrong, it's missing dirt under the refrigerator."

He chuckled. "Then you'd better really put a hurting on her ass. Maybe she'll finally learn."

"I doubt it... but it's fun trying to teach her."

They both laughed. Then Terri raised her hand. I tensed involuntarily. No matter how often I got my rump swatted it was always as painful and demeaning as the first time. When we got married just two years ago I saw myself as the man of the house. I owned a thriving business and was proud of my accomplishment. Then Terri sold the business out from under me, which she was able to do because I foolishly signed some papers without showing them to a lawyer. The chain that bought my distributing company paid a huge sum, leaving us set for life. Or rather, leaving HER set. Again, I should have read the small type. That was three months into our marriage. We had been having sex regularly until then and I was completely addicted to my bride's stunning body. She had let me have my fun and get hooked on her so that, once she cut me off, I would be so anxious to regain my bedroom privledges that I wouldn't think straight. Just to be allowed in bed with her I had to agree that her needs came first, which meant I had to use my mouth on her pussy whenever she wanted, which was all the time. It also meant that I couldn't pester her with what she called my 'selfishness', by which she meant my need for penetrative sex. Soon I was only allowed inside once a week, and then only if I would go down on her afterwards, being forced to lick up and swallow my own cum.

At the same time, Terri began to dress differently around the house, favoring outfits that showed lots of flesh, wearing heels that would look appropriate on a hooker, highlighting her light brown hair with bright blond streaks, and doubling the amount of makeup she used. Though her new image was trashy it was an extreme turn-on for me which, accompanied by how little sexual relief I was permitted, had me droolingly horny all that time. She said seeing 'that little bitty dick' hard all the time offended her. I was shocked to learn that she considered me undersized down there. I mean, I'm a short and slender guy, so I'd always figured it had the right dimensions for my body type. But Terri revealed that she had slept with many guys before me and that my penis was the tiniest she had ever seen. So that she wouldn't have it getting hard all the time, she bought one of those male chastity devices on-line, and made me wear it. That was bad enough, but then she claimed that she had misplaced the key, assuring me that it would turn up before long.

I was thinking all that while stretched over her lap, my poor dick straining against its confines, Chase smirking down at my girlishness. Then Terri brought her open hand down with punishing force, slapping my backside hard, over and over, making sure to strike both cheeks. I couldn't prevent myself from yelping, whimpering, and then crying. My reaction was so unmasculine. She continued spanking, urged on by Chase, until my sitter was blazing and I was begging for mercy. At last she stopped, stood without warning me, and dumped me onto the floor.

"Get up, you good-for-nothing. Clean that mess on the table. In fact, here, let me help you."

She unfastened the straps behind my head and pulled free the duster's handle. I took a deep breath but, just that quickly, she scooped up the tissues and pushed them between my bright red lips. Then the handle went back in and the strap was re-buckled. I knew the tissues had been used to wipe off Chase's dirty cock right after sex. His cum and her juices were dried all over them. I could taste it all as soon as they touched my tongue. Then, the handle was back in place, holding them there so I would have to keep tasting the results of their lovemaking until Terri decided I'd had enough.

With my bottom sore and my mouth defiled, I gathered up the beer bottles and hurried off to the recycle bin with them. Then I rushed back, as fast as I could on those towering heels, and fetched the ashtray. I had learned to clean those thoroughly. After I had to lick one of them clean for doing a hasty incomplete job, I never failed at that chore again. As soon as the bedroom work was done I returned to my dusting without taking a break. I never took breaks unless I was told too. There were always lists of jobs for me to complete. Sometimes they were old lists and other times new ones. That made it easier for me to accidentally perform a chore that wasn't listed or neglect one that was, which would earn me additional punishments.

Chase finally announced that he had to leave. He had bought a gym with my money and catered to upscale Blacks. At the front door my wife threw her arms around him and they shared a deep wet kiss. It still tortured me to see the woman I loved giving herself to someone else, and doing it with such abandon. During the first year of our marriage, after she took my money and cut me off sexually, after she put me in a chastity and declared that the key was missing, she met Chase. I still looked like a man then and she liked to have me take her to bars, where she could drink and ogle all the men, to give her something to fantasize about and talk about while I was eating her pussy at home. She would even act flirtatious and, with her figure and with that trampish image she had adopted, there were plenty of interested guys. Terri made no secret that I was her husband, but explained that I didn't mind her being with other men. Once they heard that, guys always treated me with no respect, especially not after she made me pay for their drinks. She was also very free with her hands, touching them on the knees as they sat next to her at the bar, putting her fingers on theirs, even unbuttoning the top button of their shirt after telling them she liked their hairy chest, and always making sure to mention that my chest was bare.

When Chase appeared one night she sent him every signal in the book: crossing her legs until her skirt rode all the way up, bending forward to reveal the maximum of cleavage, and licking her lips suggestively. I had to sit alongside her with my dick crushed against the inside of that hated chastity tube, my testicles aching. The broad-chested Black man didn't miss what she was broadcasting. He went straight to her and sat on the next stool. When he offered to buy her a drink she made a counter-offer. How about if her husband -- she referred to me that night as The Wallet, I remember -- bought them both drinks. When he accepted with a knowing smile, she went on to tell him that was all I was good for, and that she wished she could meet someone who could take care of her 'other needs'. Chase boldly put his big hand high up on her thigh and told her that was her lucky night, because he was going to take care of ALL her 'other needs', as often and for as long as she liked. Terri was thrilled.

It turned out that his apartment was nearby. She made me buy a bottle at the bar's package goods section and the three of us went to his place. As soon as we were inside she grabbed him and they enjoyed their first kiss. I stood there like a fence post while he explored her body with his hands. Then he turned to glare at me.

"There's glasses in the kitchen, boy, and ice in the fridge. Make us two 7 and 7s. You're not too stupid to do that, are you, boy?"

"Uh, umm, no Sir," I said, automatically deferring to him.

My wife snickered at how weakly I reacted. She told him he could do anything he pleased to me, and added that him acting so rough was turning her on. He said that was good because she needed to be plenty wet to take everything he had. As I went to make their drinks I heard Terri telling him she had cut me off because my dick was so puny.

When I returned they were in his bedroom. I followed and handed them their drinks she said, "I was telling Chase about that dingus I bought, that little cage for your mini-dick. Your dingus." She laughed. "I put your dingus into a dingus." She took a swallow of her drink. "He wants to see it."

I froze. How could I show myself that way to another man? I was still trying to come up with a response to the way my wife had seduced him and what was obviously going to happen soon. He stood beside her and put his arm across her back so his hand could cup the side of one of her large breasts.

Chase told me, in a no-nonsense tone, "Yeah, little man, let's see what she makes you wear on your itty bitty."

My hands shook as I undid my belt and pants, then unzipped my fly. With my lower lips trembling I dropped my trousers and then, quivering all over, tugged down my shorts and stood there, my shamefully contained penis on display. The intimidating man laughed loudly at my inadequate member and how Terri had forced me to wear a chastity. He sipped his drink.

He asked Terri, "How often do you let him out of that?"

"It used to be once a week or every ten days. But right now I can't find the key. That's no big loss because he's worthless between the sheets. In fact, I might just never bother to find that key." She put her hand on the back of his and pressed his long fingers into the softness of her breast. "You said I had to be really wet. Well, I am."

They set their drinks on the nightstand and he began to unbutton her blouse. She lowered her hand to rub his crotch.

"Oh my..." she blurted. "They really grow them big where you come from, lover."

"Yeah, baby," he told her. "That's Grade-A African meat."

My wife sank to her knees, got his pants opened, and let his cock spring free. It was a monster, over seven inches and alarmingly thick. She gave it a few pumps, her delicate pale hands against that dark shaft, and it grew another two inches, the head swelling to enormous fullness. I stood there, wringing my hands, shorts still hugging my thighs, as she fitted her lips around the massive knob and sucked happily at it. He let her experiment but she could only swallow another two inches before she reached her limit. Then he bent forward, put his hands under her arms, and effortlessly raised her to her feet. All at once they were undressing each other. Terri had worn her sluttiest lingerie, with cut-outs that left her nipples and shaved pussy uncovered. Chase was delighted. He took her hand and led her to the bed. She glanced back and sneered.

Terri told me, "I want you to see me get thumped by a real man, with a real cock. Or should I say, a real cock-and-a-half."

He pushed her onto her back and knelt between her thighs, his oversized cock aimed at her glisteningly moist slit. Tears were forming in my eyes. She was going to have sex with that macho Black man and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

My wife's eyes locked with his. "Stick it in me, please, lover. Jam all that meat up my pussy and make me feel like a woman again. Screw me so hard I won't be able to walk straight. Make me holler."

Chase returned her fervid gaze. "Baby, I'm going to make you my bitch. I'm going to do you so hard and so long that you won't never want your husband's shrimpy dick anywhere near your hot pussy." He pushed the swollen head of his battering ram against her wanting nether lips. "Say it, slutty girl. Say you'll be my ho, do anything I want, and never -- and I mean NEVER -- let your worth-nothing husband put that pinky finger of a dick inside you."

"Pleeease, you big bastard. Make me your bitch. Your slut. I want to be your ho. I'll give you anything if you'll just slam me with that killer cock. And I will never -- NEVER EVER -- let my idiot wimp husband put his baby-sized dick into me."

"That's what I wanted to hear." He immediately shoved his entire length all the way into her, provoking a wild cry of passion from my wife.

She moaned as he pistoned in and out tirelessly, burying himself to his heavy balls with every stroke. Soon she was meeting his downthrusts with her own upthrusts. They had primitive sex for over a half hour while I could only watch, knees shaking, until they raced each other into twin orgasms that left them both panting.

When they had separated and were lying side by side he asked her, "How much better is that than is ever was with him?"

"About a million times better." She sighed deeply. "The best. It's funny but, when I used to let him have his fun, he always shot off so soon that I had to make him go down on me if I wanted any satisfaction. Not only is his dick too small but it has a hair trigger."

"So you made him go down on you and eat up all his cum?"

"What little bit there was of it, yeah."

"Then how about I make him do it now, so he can taste the real thing and have a full three-course meal?"

Terri gasped in delight. "You would? That would be incredible. And after that the little shit wouldn't even be able to look me in the eyes. He wouldn't even be able to THINK about having any sexual privileges. Do it, Chase. Make my lick-up boy clean all your thick salty cum out of my used pussy. Make him get his tongue into my stretched out box, that he's never going to have his dick in again. Do it, Chase. Make him swallow all of your paste."

"You heard the lady," he said jovially. "Get your sissy mouth down there and do the one job you're good at. Damn, you're such a pantywaist she ought to just put you in panties. You're like one of those male lesbians you hear about, one of those guys stuck on eating the box lunch."

With my pants still at half mast I knelt between my wife's desirable thighs and put my face directly in front of her oozing snatch. After watching him ravish her and seeing how spiritedly she responded, after hearing everything they said to each other, I knew my sex life had ended. There was no hope. This final humiliation would complete the picture. My will was broken. The strong scent of sex filled my nostrils. I lowered my head and lapped a thick dollop of his cum from between her slightly swollen lips. My stomach turned over. I was licking up and swallowing another man's spend from my own wife's body and she wanted me to do it. I was doomed.

Terri kept me down there longer than necessary, reveling in my misery. While I tended to her pussy she turned her face toward Chase so he could kiss her. They locked lips and his dark hand squeezed her ripe breast. I felt her pussy muscles twitch.

"What you have to do now," he told her decisively, "is turn him into a complete pansy. Make him such a sis that he'll never, not ever, even think of questioning you about anything. You've got to make him live in panties, sleep in sweet frilly babydolls, get his hair done up all faggy, and wear lots of lipstick and eye make-up. You have to make him forget what it's like look like a man. I'd say you have to make him forget what it feels like to BE a man, but you've already done that, baby."

"I'll do all of it, Chase, and lots more. I want to turn him into a total queerboy. It's going to be fun. And he and I have enough money -- I mean I have it -- to keep him home and do the job right."

"Great. We work real good together. I'm going to have you in bed, under me, all the time from now on. And girly-girly there is always going to be around to do whatever either one of us tells her."

"Yes she is. Our own little she-thing. Isn't that right, She-She?"

I took my mouth off her pussy only long enough to say, "Yes, dear."

With deepening dread I knew that they would fulfill every threat they had made. My new life had begun.
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