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Written by Gangdog1 / Oct 16, 2008



How could I let this happen? My wife and I had been married for 4 years now and our sex life was great. She has a great body and we fucked like rabbits. But lately things have gotten a little stale. Just between work and our home and schedules, it was becoming harder to find the time to spend with each other. So like most married men, I turned to internet porn..

It is unbelievable what is on the internet, anything and everything you could imagine. Recently, I had started joining chat rooms with people and trading movies, pictures, and having conversations & cyber sex. I was online when I received a message from someone looking to trade pictures. We started going back and forth, and he was mostly interested in amateur stuff. Well, after a few weeks and getting to know each other, when I had mentioned my wife during conversation, he asked me if I had any pictures of her. I still to this day don?t know what made me do it, but I started sending him some pictures of my lovely wife.

She?s 5?6? tall, about 120 pounds, long brown hair, 34-B bust and an unbelievable ass. The pictures I started sending him, didn?t show my wife?s face. They were mostly of her luscious ass and a few from the front with her covering her tits with her hands (but her face blocked). My wife has a tattoo on her back, just above her ass, and after about the 15th picture, this man revealed to me that he recognized her tattoo, and said he knew who my wife is.

Apparently, he went to the local college with her and my wife loved to show off her mid section with belly shirts and he recognized the tattoo. He told me he wanted to get together and meet me and talk about her. I told him no thanks and said that I would appreciate it if he left me & her alone.

Well, it didn?t take him long to track my wife down. Being local and all, he had a friend of a friend that knew where my wife was currently working and how she was doing it. A couple of days later, my wife came home and told me that she ran into Jerry from college at her job. She works in a retail store and he had come in. They started catching up on old times. (Thankfully, he hadn?t mentioned me sending him pictures yet). She thought it was funny that 6 years later, he still remembered her, and was especially fond of when she wore belly shirts at school showing off her tattoo.

A couple of days later, my wife came home very upset at me. My wife said that Jerry came back to her store today and asked her to dinner. When she mentioned to him that she is happily married, he said he knows. He says that your husband had sent me over a dozen pictures of you naked showing off your killer body and how I wanted her to get fucked by another man. (which I never mentioned in our conversations, but he had the photos as evidence). He said that if my wife doesn?t go out with her, that the pictures will be sent to mutual friends, her family, and to her high school reunion. He said he is coming to pick my wife up at 6 and I am to leave the house and not come home until she calls me that evening. I asked her ?what are you going to do?? ?This is all your fault, I am going to do what he said, and spend the evening with him? was her reply. My wife went upstairs, and put on a very short black dress that hugged her ass like you couldn?t believe. She wore a lacey bra on underneath and matching thong that was so small, it looked like a piece of dental floss went up her ass. My wife looked like a knock out. She hadn?t dressed up like that for me in months.

At 6 sharp, the bell rang and my wife answered the door. As she left she yelled to me ?you better leave hun, and I will call you tonight after my date? As I walked out the door past Jerry, he said to me ?I want you to leave so I can have your place all night to fuck your wife in your bed.? I walked out past him with my head hung down.

At about 2:30 AM I got a call on my cell phone that I could come back home. As I pulled in the driveway, I saw that Jerry?s car was still out front. I opened the door not knowing what to expect. But there was Jerry in my living room all dressed and my wife nowhere to be found. ?She?s upstairs in the bed, she will explain what happened tonight I am sure. By the way, I deleted the pictures of your wife off your computer so I have the only copies now, and I am taking your video camera home with me because I shot lots of footage of your wife and me together.? With that, Jerry left.

As I made my way upstairs, my wife was laying on the bed naked.. Her pussy was red and puffy and both her holes were gaped open and I could see Jerry?s cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. As I climbed into bed with my wife, she rolled over and said ?no more Jerry, my holes are completely sore from your cock.? ?Honey it?s me? I said. ?Oh, sorry I thought he was still here. Listen, I am going to see him again later this week, and I think this is going to be a regular thing now. Jerry even mentioned that he has some guys at his job that would love to see my pictures and maybe even join us.?

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