Conservative Married White Republican Woman

Written by LD / Nov 13, 2008



I know many people start out by saying that ?this is a true story? but let me say that is a true story and what a story.

I had the pleasure of meeting Beth almost 12 years ago. I was attending a meeting in Kansas City which Beth was attending and we hit it off right away. Beth is from the state of Missouri and I was based at the time Washington DC. Beth is 45 years old, married more than twenty years but not to me. Beth is one of the hottest Midwestern women that I?ve ever seen. I knew from our first meeting that I had to get to know this lovely lady.

Beth stands 5?3 130 lbs., long reddish blonde hair that falls down to the small of her back, fair skin that would make any man look more than twice. She has lovely firm breast with large nipples, while her breast are small A/B cup all I can say is that they are sensitive and begging to be played with. Beth is your typical conservative republic women from the Midwest; she can dress to kill but in a nice conservative manner but still very hot. Beth has a three kids which two are out of college and one who is a junior but in my view she is a true MILF (Mother I?d Like to Fuck, and have). J

After a few days chatting and a few nights out with the group for drinks we spent our first night together talking but our next meeting a few months later in Chicago was our first real night together. In short, we had a great time and ended up in my room having a great time. I truly think I was the first person that had the pleasure of Beth besides her husband. Looking back all I can say is that I truly feel that I release a sexual wild animal. Over the course of the next several years Beth and I would meet at various conferences and enjoy each other in a number of ways. If those attending the meeting only new that this hot little conservative republican women love sex more than anything they would have been in shock ? I truly think her husband has no idea nor do I think he has ever caught a glimpse of this side of Beth.

About 10 years ago I took up a new job in Europe and we both thought that would be the end to our relationship. Beth later told me that as she thought we would not have the chance to see each other again she had a one night stands with a guy she met in a hotel while attending a meeting. I told her that it didn?t bother me in fact it turn me on. At that point I didn?t give it much that but it opened another chapter in our lives.

As luck would have it, I soon began returning every few months to the US for meeting and we began arranging for Beth to fly to such places as DC, New York City, St. Louis, San Antonito to meet for fun and in some cases actually attend meeting or conference. I even arrange for her to speak at a meeting in the Caribbean and over the course of two week we had a great time. There is truly nothing like a hot sexual conservative MILF turned loose in the Caribbean. All I can say to her husband is thanks for keeping Beth bottled up because once that Genie (Beth) was out of the bottle, she went totally wild. Thanks Robe J

Over this period we continued to meet and most nights in my room fucking like rabbits and talking about fantasies. During a number of occasions Beth talked about how unadventurous and sheltered live she had lived in the Midwest and that she missed the fact that she didn?t have the crazy sexual life in her 20s and early 30s. This may be partly to do with the place she was raised and the fact her husband was an Army officer at the time. I asker her about her fantasies and one that keep coming up was having sex with a black man. Being a conservative republic wife Beth is a little submissive but she also has a little dominate side that can come out now and then but overall she is submissive or I should say was submissive

About two years ago we were in DC and as usual we spent the first night or two after I returned from work just in the room fucking in all position and in all manners- bed, hallway, living room, show her favorite was me bending her over the table in the living room). During this trip she brought up again her fantasy and I told her that I could help her live out the fantasy and she just laughed.

That night we went to dinner and Beth was dressed to kill, hair down, nice white silk blouse with a white lace bra and matching thong, neutral stocking, conservative skirt which mid thigh and a slit up the back topped off with nice four inch heel. All I could say was wow.

We took a taxi over to Morton?s a nice steak house in DC. During the ride we touched a little slide my hand up her thigh and played a little with her trimmed pussy, boy was she wet. Before dinner we had a martini with the oysters and during dinner a nice French bottle of wine, St Emilion. They say a way to a man?s heart is through their stomach, that?s simply not true. If you want a lovely upscale conservative republic woman such as Beth provide them with drinks and a meal and the fuck you like crazy.

Needles to say on the way back to the hotel both Beth and I were feeling no pain. We played a little more on the way back and when we got to the hotel we started stripping and the passion began. We started in the living room and ended up on the king-size four poster bed. As I was on top of Beth we started talking and I asked her if she really wanted to have sex with a black man. As I asked her I was fucking her slowly but deep while at the same time kissing her neck. She just moaned softly and said it something she always wished she would have done but hadn?t. As I pushed my dick into her very tight but wet pussy, I said if she wanted it she needed to say to me she wanted to fuck a black guy. Beth quickly responded and she ?I wanted to fuck a black man and I want his big fat cock in me now?.

I shoved my cock in deeper and quickly responded that her wish was my command. I stopped what I was doing and picked up the phone book and called one or two escort services. Needless to say Beth was a little shocked but because of the alcohol didn?t really move or react all that quickly. I just smiled and told her to get ready because tonight her fantasy was about to come true. After a few phone calls and about an hour wait, which allowed Beth time to get ready we heard a knock on our hotel room door. Just to clarify this was a few years ago and we had a suite at the Hilton Embassy Row and security was not at the level it is today. Beth said on the bed and I went to the living room to answer the door, yes I was fully dressed.

The man maybe boy at the door was about 6 foot tall 175 lbs and dark as night. long hair and dress more like a thug, do rag, jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket ? Knowing Beth like I do I know this was not her preferred type but I though we?re at this stage now why turn back. As I?ve said Beth is conservative republic MILF from the Midwest by nature but wild as hell when it comes to sex. I?m 6?1 240 lbs short brown hair, yes white, your typical executive so the contrast was night and day between our guest and myself. I told him of Beth fantasy and said that I would more than like just watch or might join in. It was clear that he had no problem with the situation at hand he took off his jacket and went in bedroom with me right behind

Beth was in the bedroom dressed in a black corset, stocking and heels. At this point due to the alcohol and the time of night looked have asleep but very hot.

I took a seat by the window and watched him walk to the side of the bed and as she looked up he set beside her and started talking to her gently and softly; I really could make out what he said. The next thing I knew was that her corset was off and beside the bed and that they were locked in each other?s arms kissing and touching. He was caressing Beth?s breast and rubbing her inner thigh. It wasn?t long before he had Beth?s legs spread apart and was slowly licking and sucking on her clitoris. I could tell Beth was enjoying herself as she kept massaging his head and pushing closer. This went on for some time and I must say hot as hell seeing his dark face barred between her pale white thighs. It was clear that neither felt my presence in the room at that time. It wasn?t long there after the Beth outwardly showed one of the wildest climaxes I?ve seen her show. All I can say as I seat by the window watching how hot and sexy she looked with his head in her lap as she bucked up and down.

After she came down from her high I heard Beth tell him it was his turn and for him to get off the bed so she could take off his jeans. She quickly unbuckled his belts and pulled down his jean and boxers. The look in her eyes was priceless as she slowly released what she later described as the biggest fats dick she had ever seen, even semi-hard. He stood by the bed with Beth set slowly stroking and sucking his cock, I said ever so softly to her ?are you enjoying yourself baby?, with his cock in her mouth all I could heard her mumble was a soft uha. As she continued to suck his cock she tried to take him deeper and deeper, I could hear her gag a little as she picked up the pace. He held her by the back of the head and tried to help her take his cock down her throat; he was doing this while using his other hand to squeeze and play with her left tit and nipple. I could see by the look on both of their faces that they both were enjoying Beth?s blow job.

Beth final slowed the pace and told him to lie on the bed so she could continue to suck his cock as give him better access to figure her wet pussy he tried to figure her pussy. It was a little hard for me to see but I think he not only had a figure in her cunt but was trying to figure her ass a little. Let me say that I?ve learned that Beth has yet to try anal but from our discussions I know it?s on her list of things to try and I hope to help in the next few months.

Now back to the events in DC, as Beth was given him the blow job of her life and he was fingering her as she set on the bet, he looked over at me and said thanks for sharing the sexy little slut with him and how much he enjoyed fucking other men?s wives as they always give it the extra effort. As he said this I could see Beth picking up the pace and playing with his balls. This went on for some time but I could tell Beth want a cock in her pussy and didn?t want to wait.

Beth reached over and put a condom on him, you could tell she hadn?t done that in mostly like quite some time. I could see by her smile she was rather impressed with the length and girth of her new black toy. Once she final stretched the condom on her toy, he flipped her over on her back, spread her legs and started sliding his cock into her wet pussy. First at a very slow pace but soon he started pushing in deeper and deeper and leaving it in longer. As the pace continued to quicken, Beth arched her back, tilted her head back and wrapped her legs around her new found lover, I could see by her actions that the little pale white red head conservative republic women from Missouri was enjoying her first black lover. At one point, he placed her legs up on his shoulders and drove his cock as deep as he could; all I can say is you should have seen the look on her face as she grabbed his ass.

They continued at a frantic pace for about ten minute ? he would change the tempo and drive it deep in order to get her to react ? and all I can say is boy did she react to her new lover. He then stopped and stood to the side of the bed and grabbed Beth by the legs and forcefully flipped her over on her stomach and I could tell be her reaction she was loving how he was taking total control of her. Her legs where now handing off the side of the bed and he was standing behind her on his knees.

At first I thought to myself that he was about to take Beth?s sweet pale virgin ass but rather he slide is cock up and down the crack of her ass and by the look on Beth face as she was facing me I think she thought the same thing. The look was truly priceless. After what I?m sure was only a few second but felt like several minutes he shoved his cock back in Beth?s pussy in a very forceful manner. I saw her eyes go wide open then slowly close with pleasure as she relaxed but I could tell she was in heaven as he pounded her from behind. As he got more into it he was pounding so hard that the bed was shaking and Beth was grabbing the quilt with both hands.

They continued like this for several minutes and then he grabbed her again like a little sex doll and placed her back on the bed; he then jump on his back and told her to get on top. At this point I think he could have made Beth do anything he wanted, she was truly under the spell of his large dark black cock. She fucked cowgirl style as her rubbed and pinched her nipples. He ask her how she like being with a black man and she just keep saying how nice his cock was and to fuck her hard. At one point it told her to say how much she liked black cock and Beth was quick in her confirmation. Telling him how good he was and how much she enjoy how he used it.

Beth?s response was driving me wild as I watched. I was rubbing my cock on the outside of my jeans and finally decided I couldn?t take it anymore and I wanted a taste of this beautiful pal white conservative woman. At this point, he had flipped her over on her back and was pounding her again from the top. I walked over to the bed and pulled my cock out of my jeans and on my knees put it towards her lips. Beth?s eyes opened and she quickly swallowed my cock deep in her throat.

We continued like this with his cock pounding Beth?s pussy and my cock shoved down her throat. It wasn?t long before Beth took my load deep in her throat. As she sucked me dry and I then backed away it was clear her new black toy was about to explode. He pounded her harder than came to a quick and abrupt stop, pulled off his condom, startled d Beth?s chest one knee down and one up and then proceed to dumped his massive load all over Beth?s chest with some squirting on her face. From her reaction I could tell Beth was truly having massive orgasm after massive orgasm. He then began kissing her as she played with the massive warm load that was deposit on her chest rubbing it on her nipples face and even on the outside of her very swollen red cunt.

After they finished kissing on the bed he walked into the bathroom cleaned up and dress. Beth just look up and smiled and said thank you as she continued to play with herself. As he was ready to leave Beth then walked him to the door stood with the door open, total naked and door open, she gave him a kiss and a squeezed his cock and told him that she would call him again when we came back to town.

As she closed the door she ran back to the bed room and kissed me saying how much she enjoyed her gift. We then spent most of the night fucking and talking about her new addiction to black cock and sex in general. If her husband only knew what a wild animal he had kept caged up for all of this years.

I?ve know Beth for years and I?ve always known how much she loved sex but based on what took place that night, I?d say the cat is truly out of the bag for Beth. This event took place in DC a little more than two years ago and was quickly followed up with a few other events.

We?ve been discussing writing about them and I told Beth I?d write about the first if she would then write about her friend the attorney from New York as well as her first and second time with Asian women and myself so keep your eyes open for the posting.

I truly love the idea that the door to the life style has swung wide open for Beth ? the conservative married white republic red head woman from Missouri. If you like what you have read drop us a line. We are always looking for new people to play with.

Dave and Beth
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