Movie Night Gets Out Of Control

Written by D / Dec 4, 2008



It was Friday night & after a long work week I decided to go to Happy Hour. I called my wife from the office & told her that I wanted to have some drinks tonight, so I asked her to be ready so I could pick her up & we could go out. She was very excited & happy to be going out as we had not been out in a long time. When I showed up at our house around 6:30 pm, she was ready to go. My lovely 5?3, 115lbs wife had a tight fitting little black dress on that went just above her knees & hugged her curves. It accentuated the sexy cleavage of her big 36C tits & her apple shaped ass. She had her long blonde hair combed down & parted in the middle. Her beautiful green eyes were enhanced by her makeup. She had a sexy pair of high heels on her black stocking covered legs. When she sat in the car, her skirt ran up & I noticed she was wearing her black lace garter belt & thong. I immediately got a hard on. She noticed & with a devilish smile told me that she had all her black lace lingerie on.

We got to the new ?in? place for happy hours. Every few months a new spot would open where everyone would flock to enjoy happy hour, this one was at the bar of the Four Seasons hotel. We walked in & the place was packed, but we eventually found a table. After a couple of hours & few too many drinks, I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her right then & there. She blushed & said that she didn?t want to leave just yet, so we continued to drink & talk with some friends who were at the hotel bar. At around 11:00 PM, my lovely wife was pretty drunk & she told me she wanted to go buy a ?sexy movie? to take back to our house. We watch a lot of porn together & that?s what she calls them -?sexy movies.? I paid our bill, & we said goodbye to our friends. We got to the car & headed out to the adult video store. When we got to the parking lot, she turned to me & said she couldn?t wait to get home & watch the movie. So I asked her what she wanted to do & she responded by saying; ?how about we go to the adult theatre? I was shocked, I had suggested that before, but she had never agreed. Now it was her who was suggesting we go there. I smiled at her & asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. She told me that she was very horny & was just drunk enough to say yes. I said ?alright, let?s do it.? and we headed down to the nearest adult theatre. I reminded her that the closest one was in a pretty bad part of town, & that if she wanted to reconsider I wouldn?t mind. She looked at me & said, ?Even better, that way no one will recognize us.? I then told her that this was in an all black part of town, to which she said, ?It doesn?t matter, you?ll be with me.? I smiled again & said ?ok.?

We got to the theatre & parked in the back. It was a dark & seedy neighborhood, every person in the street was either black or a prostitute. As we parked I asked her one more time if she wanted to do this & she raised her voice & said: ?Yes, I want to watch a movie in that dirty place while you fuck me like a slut, Is that a problem baby?? she said. ?No, not? all, I just, oh, want to be sure your ok with this.? She French kissed me & said ?I?m very sure, now let?s go in!? We walked up to the ticket box & paid for two tickets. Every single person in the sidewalk stared at my sexy wife as we walked into the place. Once inside we went into the actual theatre & on the screen they were showing a beautiful red head getting DP?d by two huge black men. She was screaming like she was getting ripped apart. We stood there for a second looking for a place to sit & letting our eyes adjust to the darkness. Just then I heard my wife breath loudly & whisper in my ear ?Oh my God, I just came? I looked at her & said ?You what??? ?I just came from seeing that girl get fucked.? She told me. ?I haven?t even touched my pussy & I came! OMG!!? I kissed her deeply & told her she would be cumming much more as the night went on. Once our eyes had adjusted, we noticed the theatre was pretty packed. It was all men & all of them were black. My wife was the only woman in there, a beautiful blonde white woman at that. We saw an empty row & walked down the aisle to sit down. As we walked down, I could feel every eyeball staring at my wife & I also head some pretty nasty remarks about her. She walked in front of me & I could smell her delicious perfume in this otherwise disgusting place. She was so out of place here, but who was I to argue. We finally got to the row & walked towards the middle. As we sat down, the movie that was on when we got there was just ending. A new movie came out on the screen, this one started out with a sexy busty blonde & four hung black guys. The actress dropped to her knees & was surrounded by the black men as she took turns sucking all of their cocks. This made my wife extremely horny, she moaned as she lifted her dress up to her waist & exposed her black lace garter belt, stockings & thong. She pulled her thong to the side & started playing with her completely shaved tight pussy. It was so wet it was making squishy sounds that could be heard in the theatre. A few people looked back at us when they heard the sounds.

It was all so surreal, here I was in a porn theatre & my wife was right next to me going to town on her pussy. Just then I felt someone grab me from behind my seat & within seconds there were like 10 black men surrounding us & holding us down. My wife & I were both stunned, what the fuck just happened I thought to myself. Before I knew it, they had gagged my mouth with some sort of cloth & taped it shut; they also duck taped me to the seat. I was completely tied down to my chair, with a gag in my mouth wrapped in duck tape. I had my pants to the ground & my cock was sticking straight up. I looked next to me & saw fear in my wife?s eyes; she was crying & struggling with these black men. One of them screamed out loud. ?Listen up crackers, you two?s came to?s the wrong place at the wrong?s time.? ?You got?s a choice doh, you?s either let?s us fuck dis here white ho, or we kills you both.? We both trembled in fear as those words registered in our minds. ?Whatchewsay ho! We gonna start of by cutting your bitch ass man?s little dick.? ?NO PLEASE!!!!, I?ll do anything you want, just don?t hurt my husband.? My wife pleaded with our captors. ?Aight, that be much betta yous stupid bitch.? I looked at my wife as she sat next to me; her skirt was raised up to her waist showing off her shaved pussy & sexy legs. She still had on her garter & stockings, but her panty was missing. Just then I realized that?s what they had stuffed into my mouth. That?s? when my nightmare really began. I saw as one of the niggers dropped to his knees between her legs & started eating her pussy. Another nigger came from the row behind us, grabbed her head & pulled it back. He shoved his huge cock down her throat & started to fuck her mouth violently. She started gagging on his cock & saliva was pouring out of her mouth allover her beautiful blonde hair. I couldn?t do a thing to help her as I was completely subdued. All I could do was watch as these disgusting niggers raped my wife in front of me. Then I got the shock of my life, I noticed that my wife was bucking her hips & holding the head of the nigger who was eating her out. She then started screaming & cumming on his face, she squirted all over him, & just then the guy got up & slapped her cock stuffed face. ?What the fuck ho, why you be squirting on me!!? Within seconds of being slapped, she started moaning & gushing girl goo again.? She was actually turned on by being slapped. Her seat was drenched in cum & there was a puddle of cum on the floor beneath her feet. The nigger who was behind her fucking her mouth started cumming. He came allover her once beautiful face, now covered in spit & cum. Her make up was mixed with the spit & cum and it was running down her head into her hair. Before she could raise her head back, another nigger shoved his cock into her mouth. Then another nigger stood in front of her lifted her up & slammed his cock into her tiny shaved pussy. She let out a loud scream, but it was muffled by the huge cock in her mouth. Again she started to cum, she started squirting everywhere. After a few minutes the two studs came inside of her. She lay there for a second, her eyes closed, her face a total mess & her body twitching.

Then something disturbing happened, I was so turned on by watching my wife get treated like a dirty slut, that my cock started cumming on its own. I was so embarrassed as these niggers made fun of me. ?Ha ha, white boy got turned on by us pullin a train on yo slut wife huh!!? My wife looked at me with resentment, she looked pissed off. I just stared at her with my gagged mouth & pleaded with my eyes. That?s when things got really out of hand. She screamed to the whole movie theatre, ?If any of you niggers have ever dreamt of fucking a slutty white girl, tonight?s your chance!!!? The rest of the niggers in the theatre, that weren?t already around my wife got up from their seats & walked towards her. I counted at least 45 niggers surrounding us. Some young, some old, but most had huge cocks. The first group approached us. They lifted her out of her seat as a huge nigger sat in the other seat next to her. She mounted him slowly, moaning in pleasure as she lowered herself onto him & adjusted her pussy to wrap around his thick black cock. Then another nigger came from behind & tried to shove his cock in her asshole, it took a while, but he finally got it in. This led to another messy orgasm as she squirted yet again. Another nigger standing in the row behind us shoved his cock in her mouth. Within a few minutes she had all three holes stuffed with big black cock. I was completely shocked, angry & horny beyond belief. How could my wife do this to me? My dick got rock hard when I saw that image next to me. My beautiful blonde wife was sandwiched between two huge niggers & had another fucking her pretty little mouth. She had her skirt up to her waist showing her lacy black garter belt & stockings. The top of her dress was pulled down below her big titties; her black lacy bra was ripped from her, exposing her fat tits for everyone to see. She was a slut in heat, bucking back & forth screaming with a big black cock in her mouth. She continued to fuck & suck every black cock in the theatre, I counted 27 niggers who had either fucked her or been sucked by her. She came so many times I lost count, at one point I saw her eyes roll back & she had a convulsion that led to the biggest orgasm of the night. She was being DP?d & sucking cock when it happened. She just started convulsing & cumming everywhere, her pussy looked like a fire hydrant squirting jizz everywhere, this in turn made the niggers fucking her so horny that they came in & and her also. After they came & got off her, she was so weak that she couldn?t hold on & she dropped from her seat into the disgusting cum splattered floor. Thing is she still had about 20 niggers left to service, & they weren?t about to let her off so easily. I looked down & stared at my wife as she lay on the dirty theatre floor. She was a complete mess, her once beautiful hair & face were disgusting, coated in cum, makeup & spit. Her pussy was bright red, sore looking & as wide open as a half dollar coin. I couldn?t see her asshole from where I was, but I imagined it was destroyed also. She lay there in her crumpled up pretty dress, which was now all fucked up, her body still shivering from all the orgasms. As I sat there helplessly looking at her, I heard the remaining niggers talking, none of them wanted to touch her now. Who could blame them; she was coated in cum & sweat, lying on the dirty floor. My once beautiful head turning wife was so nasty looking that the remaining niggers in the theatre didn?t even want to touch her.

I heard one of them say they had an idea of what to do with her next. They picked up my wife by her hands & feet and dragged her to the front of the theatre. She was so weak that she didn?t even fight them or protest. They then released me from my restraints, when I tried to fight back I was punched like 5 times. I gave up quickly as I realized I had no hope against this mob of niggers. They took me to the front row so I had a perfect view of my wife, they sat me down & tied me again, but this time they left my arms alone. There was some sort of platform in the front of the theatre. It had what looked like hand & leg cuffs. They put my wife on the platform & tied her spread eagle. She barely resisted, & with her eyes half opened kept saying ?what are you guys doing to me?where?s my husband?.I can?t take it anymore?.? I should have been more supportive, tried to help her. I should have done something, but instead I was hornier than ever. I looked down at my wife & noticed all these men surround her. I then realized what was about to happen, they were going to do a bukakke on my wife! I heard one nigger say to hold on, that he had to put a new disc in the camera. ?What the fuck? I though to myself. ?They recorded this whole rape & now they?re going to finish it off with a bukakke!! The cameraman put a new DVD in the camera & said to GO! The group got around her, but left an opening where I was so I could watch this debauchery. One by one, every nigger started jacking off & cumming allover my wife. She just lay there helpless, squirming in her restraints, unable to move as shot after shot of nigger cum was dumped on her. If she looked like a filthy mess before, now she looked simply disgusting. She was covered from head to toe in jizz. She was literally in a puddle of nigger goo. Her entire body looked like a glazed donut. There was a couple of niggers left to cum on her when it got even more degrading. The niggers who had already cum on her, now started to piss on her. I couldn?t take it anymore & started to jack off; I came within seconds at the site of my slut wife lying on the floor of this dirty place covered in piss & cum. Her dress had been ripped off completely & she just lay there in her garter belt & stockings, her body twitching. After the last nigger had pissed on her, I thought it was finally over. Boy was I wrong. It was Saturday morning around 5:00am. My wife had been thoroughly raped & degraded all night while I watched. I don?t know what was worse. My wife getting raped by a mob of niggers & enjoying it or me enjoying watching my wife get raped by a mob of niggers. When I asked them if we could leave, the main nigger told me that they were going to keep her there for the weekend. His friend owned the theatre so there was no chance of anyone finding out. He finally let me go & told me to come pick her up on Monday morning. He also said that if I told the police they would kill her. I went home & took a shower, when I got out I cried hysterically. What had I done, how could I leave my wife at that place, how could I not fight for her. But I knew I couldn?t do a thing, I couldn?t risk them killing her, even if she was ruined forever.

Monday morning came around, it felt like an eternity. I got in my car & drove to the theatre. As I drove I saw all the people around me living their normal everyday lives, & here I was about to pick up my used & abused wife at a porno theatre. I got to the theatre & went to the main entrance. There I saw the nigger who was ?in charge? of this whole debacle. ?You?s just in time cracka, we?s just finished wit your ho.? He went on to tell me that my wife was kept on that platform the entire weekend; she was never let loose until just now. He told me that she was not given anything to eat other than ?nigga cum,? & that she pissed & shit on herself multiple times. Then he told me the most shocking news, he said, ?Damn cracka yo bitch fucked & sucked 178 niggas over de weekend & we recorded de whole ting! That white girl is a major freak!? I was shocked. ?Where?s my wife!? I demanded. ?Follow me cracka.? He took me to a room, & I saw my beautiful wife curled up in a fetal position on a dirty mattress. She was completely naked except for her ripped stockings. She had all kinds of fluids on her; the room smelled like ass & she looked so fucking gross. Pictures of her ran through my head as I looked at her. I remembered how pretty & sexy she looked on Friday night before we went out. I remembered how sweet she smelled; now she smelled like a public restroom. I went up to pick her up & take her home, when I grabbed her, she instinctively spread her legs. ?Ha ha, that ho is assimilated nigga; all she know now is being a BBC Slut! Stupid ho.? Said the head nigger. I draped a sheet around her & was on my way out when the nigger said, ?Aight cracka, I?ll see you & you?s ho next weekend while he flashed her driver?s license card at me.

A month later my wife divorced my & became a prostitute. She only worked out of that theatre & only serviced niggers. I heard awhile back that her pussy got so big that she could take an entire baseball bat down her fuck hole. Eventually she became way too lose, even for 12 inch black cocks. She was kicked out of the theatre & became a fulltime streetwalker.
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