Holly, the Reluctant Sheriff’s Wife

Written by Dr. Bone / Jan 1, 2009



?Well what did you think?? asked the sheriff to his wife Holly.

?Oh my! He made my knees weak! And the way he looked at me?? said Holly who had brought breakfast to the prisoner with the top three buttons of her blouse open, she had seen how he had stared at the top of her milk white boobs, Holly being a lady who did not go out for sun bathing, keeping her skin pale and smooth, the way her mother had taught her; though some of the things she did her mother would surely not have approved of

In her early forties she still turned heads in the small southern town she lived in. She had brown curly hair, a pretty face framed with glasses, and a tight waist, her ass had a little padding but not too much. But what really turned heads were her round, soft, squeezable 36D breasts, which on her petite frame of just five feet looked like a pair of 42?s would have on another woman. Some days she would not wear a bra under her conservative outfits just to see who was looking.

?So do you think he is the one?? said the sheriff pulling her into his arms, she could feel his hard on.

She pulled away giggling calling him by his full name, ?Now you know I will do everything, but my pussy, that is yours by marriage and I am not going to break that vow no matter how much you want me to. But otherwise?.?

The sheriff looked down for a bit but then said he was happy, and even gladder that he had the hidden CCTV installed so he could watch. He had tapped it into his private office in case things got a bit too hot to watch from around the desk. It was Sunday and while the two other deputies were on call, they were not on duty. ?So tonight?? he asked.

His wife nodded saying she was wearing her special panties. Just then a call came in and the sheriff had to leave.

At lunch Holly brought the prisoner his meal and flirted with him again. He was not really a criminal; he had just got drunk and hit a telephone pole on the way through town to the nearby beach. Saturday he had slept it off, but he would have to wait until Monday to see the judge and pay a fine. He was bald with a powerful broad build and judging by the bulge in his pants he might want something more tonight than her peach cobbler and hush puppies. She made a point of bending over to pick up the tray so he could view her rump.

?This food is so good I ought to be locked up here more often.? He joked.

?Well the sheriff gets only so much from the city to feed you all, but then we kick in a bit more, otherwise it would be baloney sandwiches all around.? She said laughing getting closer to the cell door. She saw his eyes dart to her boobs several times, and she knew she had him.

?Then I have to be thankful for that.? He said laughing. She told him she would be back with his dinner later, and she would be there that night as a matron in case of fire or other emergencies. He told her he was looking forward to it.

That night the sheriff and Holly drove up. He gave her a deep kiss and squeezed her tits, she pushed his hand away telling him nothing until afterwards. The sheriff went into his office and turned on the camera.

Holly brought the prisoner his meal. She apologized saying the cable goes off at nine every night and she would be back. An hour later, after checking in with the deputies, more so to ensure her privacy than anything else, Holly went back to the cell, ?So was everything to your liking?? she said. He told her it was, she turned her back as if to get the tray set on the cart as she opened her top, she turned around and walked up to bars spreading her top open so her boobs bounced into view, ?Is there anything more I can do for you?? she said as she boldly reached forward and squeezed his massive cock through his jeans.

?Is this some sort of set up?? the prisoner said now scared someone was going to come in and shoot him.

?No, put it this way, I am into black men, my husband, the sheriff knows this and approves, the people on the outside, my family and friends don?t. So if there is anything else I can get you.? She said pulling away ever so slightly. His hands reached out and squeezed her tits, he had not gotten any in over a week, and was on his way to his girlfriend?s house when he had the accident, and her tits looked so good.

She moved her face towards the bars of the cell and kissed him, he was surprised to feel her tiny pink tongue aggressively pressing for entry into his mouth, which he allowed. She held her tits in her hands allowing him to suck on them, he admired her pink nipples, and the near perfect roundness of her breasts. ?Dam this is the kinkiest time I ever had. Don?t suppose you can open the cell door.?

?I could but it would bring the deputies running and we don?t want that do we?? she said as she undid the snap on his jeans, then the fly, and pulled out his cock. ?We have a winner!? she said as if she was the barker at a carnival game, and she meant it. Out of the scores of black cocks she had held his was the heaviest and biggest by far, several inches past the ?golden-twelve? as she called it. It was thick and solid, so perfect in form it could have been used as a mold for a dildo. There had been times Holly had wanted to break her vows to ?anywhere but the cunt? and this was the strongest temptation to date. But it was the temptation that gave her so much satisfaction.

?Now a proper southern lady does not spit, but as you can see?? she said as she spat into her hand, then her fingers and palm encircled his prick and began to yank it. ?Oh my sir this could split a poor woman in two.? She said as she jacked him off. Now normally he had more control but could be forgiven under the circumstances, and within minutes he shot off a load equal to a week?s worth of her husband?s. The load hit the bottom of her dress and the jail?s floor staining both.

?Oh my! I hate it when that happens.? she said looking at the stain on her dress, ?If it was up to my husband he would never let me wash this, you know a trophy to my sluthood and all, but I wind up sending them out of town to be done under a false name. But for now?? she said undoing the dress and letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it as he admired her soft and sexy body. Her milk white skin stood in stark contrast to her high heels and black crotchless panties; which along with her glasses and her wedding ring were the only other items she wore.

She dropped to her knees squeezing his cock and watching as a drop of cum came out. ?One rule.? she said and then interrupted herself to lick that luck drop off his cock, ?I will do anything but it does not go in my pussy or my ass, anything else you want you may have, and I do have a surprise for you if you behave.? She kissed his cock head and took it into her mouth, she sucked it rhythmically like a machine, but one that was designed to take more and more with each pass. She nerved herself and relaxing her throat, she went down on him until her face pressed against the bars and she could feel the heat of his balls.

?Oh shit!? he said, only one other woman, his girl could do that, and it was only after months of practice.

?Did you like that?!? he nodded still stupefied. ?Well then you can show your appreciation, he wanted to know how. And was even more stupefied when she told him what she wanted him to do, he had her repeat it again. ?You are the biggest I have ever had by far. I might not get this chance to have it again. So when I get as far as I can I want you to hold my nose closed with one hand and hold the back of my head with the other, and call me a bitch! Got it!? she said stronger than she had meant to.

?Mphhh!? she said as she took his cock deep into her throat again. His hand held the back of her head, the other clamped over her tiny nose. He called her a bitch and held her for the count of twenty. Towards fifteen she gagged a bit but held on. At twenty he let go, she wiped the spit off her chin as she coughed a bit. He told her that she had topped his girlfriend by a mile. Wiping her mouth she sucked his massive cock some more. She looked up at him with her mouth open telling him she was bit dry, she asked him to spit into her mouth. He spat, catching her in the face a bit, she told him to do it again, but thicker, he cleared his throat and deposited a gooey clam right into her mouth which she then used to lubricate his cock. He held her face at her request tightly against the bars as he face fucked her telling her to play with her tits as he did so. Finally, when her mouth began to hurt and she almost could not take it anymore he blasted a load down her throat that almost left him weak in the knees. Getting up she went to the mini-fridge and offered him a beer, but he declined, the memory of the hangover still fresh in his mind, she drank hers down in nearly one gulp then went back to the bars of the cell again.

He fingered her pussy and she told him it all right to stick a finger in, just not his cock, she moaned and wiggled as he did so, he sucked one of her tits hard asking her to suck on the other one as she did so. And it was a good thing that he asked her to do this because he wet his pointer finger up with her pussy juice and then pushed it into her asshole as the rest of his fingers worked her cunt. Her moans were muffled by her own boob flesh which she sucked on.

After she came, covered with sweat, she said she had a special treat for him. She straddled his cock between her legs and rubbed her pussy all over the top of it coating it with her juice as she reached behind herself to hold his shaft steady.

?Oh my! It is so big and black! If I wasn?t married I?d take your big cock inside of me right now. No rubber, I wouldn?t care. Oh! I love black cock so much.? She said almost crying.

?She turned around facing away from him and resumed sliding back and forth over the top of his cock. For her husband?s watching benefit she held his cock up and spit onto the end. Then she did something she had never done before, she moved away from the bars of the cell slightly and bending it upwards she let his head rest against her pussy lips. Panting she said she wanted to stick it inside of her so bad. She stood still for a moment fighting herself.

?I?m sorry I can?t.? she said and rubbed her cunt up and down across the top of his shaft faster and faster, when she felt the load was about to come she got on her knees and took most of it in her hair and mouth before getting her lips around it.

She cleaned up in the sink in an empty cell. Then kissed him good night.

The next day he paid his fine in court, and left. Over the weeks he could not get her out of his mind, he had to have her pussy at all costs, he drove through that town towards the end of the month hoping they, like many others, set up speed traps to make up their quotas. Once or twice he saw the deputies in their cars and was disappointed. Then he saw him. He made a u-turn a mile or so away and took his car up to ninety. When the sheriff pulled him over they recognized each other instantly. He thought the man might have done this on purpose to get seconds, but Holly never did that in the middle of the week, too much of a chance of getting caught.

?Look man this is about your wife, I will take the ticket but please listen I have an idea.? When the man was done, the sheriff tore up the ticket and walked back to his car, he had to go back to his office and jerk off, knowing at long last he was going to see his wife be black fucked.

To be continued??.

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