To Begin With

Written by Storyman 1 / Jan 8, 2009



Late Saturday night, we were lying in bed, I was wearing my favorite black silk boxer shorts, Nic in a short white silk chemise, holding each other, just starting to get into some foreplay when the subject came up again. ?Why? You have never explained to me why. Why would you want me to sleep with some one else, why would you want me to kiss another man? I don?t understand?, her questions came with a slight air of exasperation. Obviously, the erotic movie I had rented, ?Delta of Venus?, with it?s intense interracial scene had made her mind think back to last weeks conversations?. I struggled to express myself to my fianc? without coming across as weird or begging, ?Well, I just think, you deserve to get the most, the maximum satisfaction you can get, sexually, and I think you should try it with someone else.? I paused, about to turn the conversation in a direction not touched on previously, ?Well, I?m not the ?biggest? guy, and you?ve been with bigger guys than me in the past. I?d just like you to try it I guess.? ?Do you want to sleep with someone else, is that the reason you want to do this?? ?No, I absolutely do not want that. This isn?t about me, I don?t want anybody else, I just want to see you happy, or happier. I?. I don?t know, I just want to see you really, truly, pleasured, fucked I guess? We lay there in bed for a while, holding each other kissing, our hands stroking over each others bodies. I could sense she wanted to say something, like she was thinking over what she was going to say next, the nerves of the situation affecting her too. ?Could you honestly handle it? Could you, seeing me with another guy?? ?I think so. I think I could. Do you remember when we first started seeing each other, and we had our first falling out. You kissed another guy in front on me that night. At the time, I couldn?t understand things I was feeling, I was angry but at the same time, I was turned on. You?d been reading your little books, the Penthouse Letters books, and it had kind of put a seed in my head about this. This whole wife watching, voyeur thing started for me then. Reading those books you had it put the thought in my mind. That?s why I?ve been checking those stories out online?

?I never thought of it that way. But could you handle it. If I was to meet someone else, to date someone else, what would you do, what would WE do? How would it change our relationship, you don?t just start adding people to a relationship and expect things to be normal afterwords?

?I?d do whatever you wanted me to do? She asked, ?Could you handle it? Could you handle seeing me with another man??, she kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth as her hand released my cock and moved up to the back of my neck, pulling me closer. ?Could you cope with another set of lips on mine, with another set of hands on me, on my nipples, another tongue licking my nipples? How would you feel when my hands touch another man?? I lay there, kissing her back between her questions, trying to resolve the turmoil in my mind, was she being serious, was I being serious, could I actually go through with this if she acquiesced? Ah, the great agony of the cuckold?. I made up my mind and decided to make the leap for all I was worth. I guided one of her hands down to my cock and closed her hand over it. She moaned into my mouth, squeezing and slowly stroking me. I breathlessly said ?yes, can feel how hard I am?, and we began kissing again. I stroked her hard nipples through the silky fabric before sliding my hand down over her hip, over her legs and between her thighs, quickly spreading her thighs and sliding my hand onto her pussy, spreading her soft pussy lips to reveal her moistness. ?You feel so hard.? she moaned ?would you be harder if it wasn?t your cock I was playing with, but a bigger one? A thicker cock, a longer, thicker cock.? The last sentence was said in an almost imperceptibly different tone of voice, like a change had come over her. I knew at last, that we were about to go into uncharted territory in our relationship, that from now on, things would be different, no matter what the dawn would bring. I mumbled my consent, feeling my cock harden even more. Knowing that my admission had changed the balance of the relationship, I made a move to what would soon become an even more regular position for me. I rolled onto my knees as Nic slid towards the middle of the bed, pulling down her slip, my tongue, circling one nipple then the next, sucking them into my mouth then gently biting. Further I went, kissing over the silk, down over her belly button to between her glorious soft thighs. Here I was, in what I thought was going to be the ultimate position of submission, between my lovers thighs, about to try and give as much pleasure as humanly possible with a tongue to the woman I?d had just permitted to see other men. Men with bigger penises than me, men who would slide their penises into the pussy that had been mine alone for four years, that I had fucked, licked and sucked with all that I could, but that I had now told it could hunt down others to pleasure it. With my arms under her legs, almost lifting her pussy to my mouth, I began to trace her lips with my tongue. The natural arousal Nic was experiencing caused her lips to spread at my touch, allowing me to lick up and down her pussy, over her hard little clit. My mind swam with images of Nic, on her back, some hot stud forcing his cock further inside of her than I had ever been, stretching her open. In my minds eye, he wasn?t wearing a condom, she had given her ultimate consent in my fantasy, allowing her pussy to feel the skin to skin contact of lovers. My tongue danced over her clit as she moaned to me ?yes, lick me, lick me so I can cum on your face baby. Lick me like you never have, GOD YOUR TONGUE IS GOOOOD!? She came then, her back arching off the bed as she moaned loudly. I slowed and softened my licking, moving down from her clit to her pussy, flicking my tongue a little lower down to her forbidden anal opening. I began to crawl up the bed, about to lick my tongue onto my arm in attempt to get rid of some of the taste of the now satisfied pussy when Nic said ?go brush your teeth?. The taste of her own pussy was something that Nic had never liked in all our years together, but brushing my teeth had never really been the done thing in the past after oral sex. I got up from the bed, leaving Nic in her post orgasmic come down and went to the bathroom to rid myself of the smell of her pussy.

As I stood in front of the mirror letting the toothpaste do its best, I thought about what just happened in the bedroom. I had taken the first step in my road to my fantasy life, the one where I?m Nic's cuckold, where she is my mistress, where I am her slave. My face beamed red as I stared down at my boxers, the wet spot where my cock had been pressed against them evident even against the black silk material. I quickly washed my face and once again looked into the mirror. I thought to myself, ?and so it begins?. I returned to the bed, looking at Nic?s beautiful body, I assume she?d removed the slip while I was cleaning my teeth. I went to her side of the bed, her dark eyes following every movement I made, eventually concentrating on my erection tenting against my boxers. ?Take them off for me?. I slid them down, feeling them puddle at my feet, before stepping out of them, slightly spreading my feet apart in order to appear manlier in front of her. She sat up, padding her feet lightly down either side of mine, my cock just below her eye level. I wondered what was going to happen next. She?d never really been much into the giving of oral sex; I could count the blow-jobs through our relationship on my hands. She took my cock in her left hand, the engagement ring apparent even in the soft candle light of the bedroom. She slowly pulled my foreskin back and forth, eventually revealing the pink cockhead. ?How big is it?? she asked while stroking. I?d measured it many times and new the answer without having to think. With a fantasy like mine, and with the size of penis I had, it was something you did, simple as that.

?I don?t know, average maybe? I said, not sure where this was going. ?No, it?s not average, it?s smaller than average, probably thinner average too. Go get the ruler from the desk and we?ll measure it length wise? she told me. I went to pick my boxers up but she told me no, that I had to walk through the cold house naked to get the ruler. I almost jogged through the cold rooms to get the ruler from her working desk, aware of the effect the cold would have on me. When I returned to the bedroom, I noticed Mr Purple was sitting on the bed next to her. Mr Purple being an 8? long purple, waterproof toy I?d bought her a few months previously which she enjoyed incorporating into our sex life. I started to stroke my cock harder as she took the ruler from my hand, but was quickly tutted to stop, meaning I wasn?t going to be measured at full strength.

She switched on the bedside lamp, then placed the ruler at the base of my cock, against my pubic bone.

?Hmmm, five inches, not enormous eh?? She looked up at me, a slightly wicked smile on her lips. ?If memory serves, isn?t just under seven more like the average sized penis, looks like you?re quite a bit shorter than average.

I could feel the deep crimson on embarrassment crawl over my face, reddening me to the point I thought Nic would be able to feel the heat against my face. I looked down, my humiliation, and the arousal I was experiencing from it had caused my cock to harden somewhat, pushing me closer to the 6? mark. ?That?s a little better, but? she said as she picked up her toy and began to measure, ?how does Mr Purple compare?.

The ruler told the story I knew from measuring the toy myself. 8? of solid vibrating fun. It was bought to replace another toy, Mr Blue (I admit, the imagination was not running strong during the naming of the toys!), and was slightly longer and thicker than the toy it replaced. It had been my sneaky intention, to gradually work up to a longer thicker fake cock, even though Nic was only ever comfortable with about two thirds of the toy in her.

?Looks like Mr Purple is the new man about the house then judging by this. Ok, I?ll give you a chance to make your dick bigger, stroke it for me, and show me how big you really can be.? I had no idea where this humiliating talk was coming from. Sure, the stories I had printed out for her to read when I was going down on her always had some form of hot wife / interracial / cuckold theme, but they were never as strong as the ones I read myself or the groups I subscribed to, the ones that if she read, would reveal the extent of my fantasy.

I stroked myself, the full impact of what was happening in the bedroom making me as hard as I could be, as blood filled and engorged as my cock would ever get. Yet I looked down at the ruler she held next to me and saw that I was still below six inches, still shy of being the ?man of the house?.

I looked down to her face as she looked up, ?don?t worry John, this will make it all better?, and with that her mouth closed on my cock, the hot tongue sliding over my cock slit and around the head. She dropped the ruler and picked up Mr Purple, rotating the base until the buzzing of the motors within could be heard. I jumped as she placed the head of the cold plastic toy against my perineum, the vibrations sending a shiver through me as the sensations, combined with the tongue on my dick head quickly sent me over the top as images of Nic being pleasured by other men filled my mind.

Nic had just enough warning from the moan to pull her mouth from me and aim the cum about to pump out of my cock away from her face. My cock erupted over her shoulder and onto the bed behind her. I almost sagged if it wasn?t for her moving the vibrator around and between my butt cheeks until the vibrating shaft of the toy was against my ass hole. Along with her hand squeezing me a little more than I liked, I wasn?t allowed to slip into my usual post cum stupor. After 10 seconds of being buzzed, the toy was removed and Nic let go of my hand. Our eyes had never looked away since she pulled her mouth off me. ?Get in bed John, I think its sleepy time?. The next morning, after what I can only describe as a restless fantasy dream filled night, I woke up before Nic, pulled on my boxers from the floor and my dressing gown and headed through to the kitchen to prep some breakfast for the two of us.

Our usual Sunday routine was for me to rise early, get some breakfast together, eat, shower then head out to a mall for some browsing and shopping. As I mixed the scrambled eggs on the stove, Nic appeared behind me, wearing her black silk dressing gown open showing her white short slip beneath. She stood behind me as I added the pepper to the eggs and slid her hand around into my robe and took hold of my now stiffening cock, ?morning Big Boy, sleep well??, her question and the tone meant that last nights discussion and ensuing fun was not going to be forgotten or put on the back burner until a later date. ?Morning sexy, yes, I slept well.? Her hand slipped under the waistband of my silk shorts as she grasped me in her hand, stroking down my foreskin so the sensitive head rubbed against the soft, smooth material. ?Mmmm, that?s nice? ?Just checking you still get turned on by just my hands. Don?t want you getting used to last nights methods do we now?? We finished breakfast with the usual small talk of a Sunday morning, talk of NASCAR and Football on TV, shopping for the week, what?s on at the cinema, what Mall we?re going to later. We both finished quickly, showered dressed and got ready to head to Pentagon City Mall?.

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story, please feel free to email any and all comments or critiscism to I?d say that 60% of my stories will be based on actual real events, with 40% from the fantasies in my mind.
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